Moorfield Storey and the Abolitionist Tradition

112 – 30 ; Blodgett , The Gentle Reformers , pp . 1 - 11 ; Allan Nevins , Grover
Cleveland , A Study in Courage ( New York , 1932 ) , p . 161 ; [ Storey ) , Mr .
Blaine ' s Record : The Investigation of 1876 and the Mulligan Letters ( Boston ,
1884 ) ...

Author: William B. Hixson

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


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Juvenile Reform in the Progressive Era

It would be misleading , however , to conclude that George's reform activity was
entirely a product of his material ambition . By the end of the nineteenth century ,
urbanization , industrialization , and immigration had profoundly altered the fabric

Author: Jack M. Holl




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The Necessity of Organization

10 , 1894 ; see also : Arthur Mann , Yankee Reformers in the Urban Age (
Cambridge : Belknap Press , 1954 ) , p . 194 ; Geoffrey Blodgett , The Gentle
Reformers : Massachusetts Democrats in the Cleveland Era ( Cambridge :
Harvard ...

Author: Kathleen Banks Nutter



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William Lloyd Garrison and the Humanitarian Reformers

and aggressive spirit than it had had under the gentle Collier , and its list of
subscribers grew . As a full - fledged editor in the city of Boston ( albeit of a very
minor journal ) Garrison felt he had made a good beginning . He attended every
public ...

Author: Russel Blaine Nye



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Rebels and Reformers

Yet he did not on first meeting give the impression of being either a rebel or
reformer . Quietly spoken and of a gentle disposition , he led the ordered life of a
monk , spending many hours every day in prayer and deriving inspiration and ...

Author: Trevor Beeson

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Pen-portraits of people who have made a significant contribution to reform and renewal over the past century. Includes painters, politicians, writers, musicians and social reformers as well as famous theological and ecclesiastical figures.

The Oxford Reformers

cest by the great printer of Basle _ a letter in which CHAP . he expresses his delight in their companionship , and reminds them how gentle and tender a ...

Author: Frederic Seebohm


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Gentleman Boss

As George William Curtis put it : " In plain words and in general , civil service
reform means filling the subordinate offices of ... For the thesis in its most
sophisticated form , see Geoffrey Blodgett's brilliant The Gentle Reformers :
Massachusetts ...

Author: Thomas C. Reeves

Publisher: Amer Political Biography Press


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" 'Chet' Arthur President of the United States. Good God!" was perhaps the most pithy contemporary reaction to the accession of the twenty-first Chief Executive. It has certainly been the most enduring, even though Arthur himself has remained an enigma--in large part because this shrewd, secretive New Yorker saw to it that many of his private papers were destroyed shortly before he died. Drawing on a wealth of newly discovered documents, Thomas Reeves has no written the definitive, full-scale biography of Arthur, revising our inconsistent assumptions about both him and his era. He gives us, for the first time, the unknown facts about Arthur's early life: how, before he entered the boss-dominated Republican Party under the tutelage of men like the notorious Roscoe Conkling, this son of an itinerant minister was a model of nineteenth-century youthful idealism, first as a beloved schoolteacher, then as a young lawyer directly involved in the abolitionist struggle, and finally, as a conscientious and honest Quartermaster General for New York during the Civil War. Reeves assiduously plots Arthur's consistently successful career as a master dealer in patronage and electioneering as a survivor among connivers--a career that culminated in his nomination as James Garfield's Vice-President and, when Garfield was assassinated, his own White House inauguration, in spite of the great scandal attending his removal from the directorship of the New York Customhouse and the revelation that Garfield's assassin claimed to be an Arthur supporter. As Reeves makes abundantly clear, this spoilsman supreme, who personified the worst gaudy excesses of the Gilded Age, administered the laws of the land honorably and even disinterestedly--to the chagrin of his fellow bosses and henchmen. Attacked by both Republican friends (the Stalwarts) and Republican foes (the Half-Breeds) and weakened by the fatal Bright's disease (a fact that was only made public by Reeves himself in 1972), Arthur worked to eliminate extravagant government expenditures, enacted and enforced civil service reform (thus undermining the basis of his own public life), assisted in the birth of a modern navy, and initiated an aggressive, expansionist foreign policy that set precedents for later administrations. --

The Reformers Gazette

And , what is of equal importance , they have in the Commons ample power to act justly If there be a Reformer in the kingdom who fears that the slightest ...






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Puritan Legacies

His goals as a reformer were perhaps best summarized in the definition of the
true scholar he quoted approvingly from ... 368 , 385 ; Geoffrey Blodgett , The
Gentle Reformers : Massachusetts Democrats in the Cleveland Era ( Cambridge

Author: Keith W. F. Stavely



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Examines cases of Puritan radicalism in New England, discusses New England's evolution in terms of Milton's epic poem, and analyzes the Puritan influence

The Lives of Reformers

--A gentlewoman came to me , and told me , that a certain great man keepeth some lands of hers from her ; and that in a whole year she could but get one day ...

Author: William Gilpin



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The Lives of the British Reformers

... he took him to the archbishop at Croydon , and stated the particulars of his
conduct . Cranmer dismissed him with a gentle rebuke , bidding him to do so no
more . Underhill remonstrated at this lenity , as encouraging the opposers of the
truth ...

Author: George Stokes



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The Development of an American Culture

Civil service reform tended to attract that portion of the middle class most imbued
with evangelical notions of ... 7 ; the foundation of the reputation in fact can be
seen in Geoffrey Blodgett , The Gentle Reformers ( Cambridge , Mass . , 1966 ) .

Author: Stanley Coben

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The Reformer

... Letitia opted for a gentle prod. “Would you like to talk about it?” He glanced up, startled. “Hey, I'm the resident psychologist around here.

Author: Diana Whitney

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THE BLACKTHORN BROTHERHOOD HEY, KIDDO— I suppose you know I'm crazy about your mom. What man wouldn't be? Especially since she has such a great kid. But I want to talk to you man-to-man and tell you what my intentions are. Even though your mom is the most beautiful, wonderful woman in the world, I just don't see myself saying, "I do." Makes me sound like a typical confirmed bachelor, huh? Maybe one who needs to learn a lesson or two about love…. Love, Larkin THE BLACKTHORN BROTHERHOOD. Three men bound by a childhood secret are freed through family, friendship…and love.

Social Reformers in Urban China

The Tientsin university had inaugurated a course in military drill . Lyon , a gentle
and scholarly man , went there once a week to teach the course . While his ability
to teach this subject was not surprising , since most American schools provided ...

Author: Shirley S. Garrett

Publisher: Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press


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During the years before the advent of the Nationalist regime in China, a public concern for social welfare took shape. The cry for reform and the need for energies with which to meet the new demands of urban life opened the way for the Y.M.C.A. and other Western institutions to influence the course of change. In this volume Garrett presents the impressive early history of the Y.M.C.A. in China, an organization which, during the first quarter of the twentieth century, became that country's most prominent private agency of social planning. The men who went to China as Y.M.C.A. personnel were a new breed, infused not only with a sense of service but also with qualities of practicality and flexibility that enabled them to appreciate another culture. The author interviewed many ex-Y.M.C.A. China hands and combed a variety of archives to complete this inside account of the missionary origins of, and Chinese participation and leadership in, the Chinese Y.M.C.A. In describing its many constructive measures of reform, she covers the Y's formation of the first youth association in the country, its pioneer work in education, health, and welfare programs, and its promotion of community-wide urban action. What emerges is a portrait of a reform-minded institution, eager to respond to the needs of students and workers, but fearful that revolutionary change might alter its identity beyond recognition.

National Reformer

And child - like the young leaf stands , After the transaction of some other
business , the And eatches the drops of the gentle shower members agreed to
meet again on Sunday evening , In its small and velvety hands ! May 30th , at 6 o'
clock ...






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