The Gift of Rain

The recipient of extraordinary acclaim from critics and the bookselling community, Tan Twan Eng's debut novel casts a powerful spell and has garnered comparisons to celebrated wartime storytellers Somerset Maugham and Graham Greene.

Author: Tan Twan Eng

Publisher: Weinstein Books

ISBN: 9781602860742

Category: Fiction

Page: 450

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The recipient of extraordinary acclaim from critics and the bookselling community, Tan Twan Eng's debut novel casts a powerful spell and has garnered comparisons to celebrated wartime storytellers Somerset Maugham and Graham Greene. Set during the tumult of World War II, on the lush Malayan island of Penang, The Gift of Rain tells a riveting and poignant tale about a young man caught in the tangle of wartime loyalties and deceits. In 1939, sixteen-year-old Philip Hutton-the half-Chinese, half-English youngest child of the head of one of Penang's great trading families-feels alienated from both the Chinese and British communities. He at last discovers a sense of belonging in his unexpected friendship with Hayato Endo, a Japanese diplomat. Philip proudly shows his new friend around his adored island, and in return Endo teaches him about Japanese language and culture and trains him in the art and discipline of aikido. But such knowledge comes at a terrible price. When the Japanese savagely invade Malaya, Philip realizes that his mentor and sensei-to whom he owes absolute loyalty-is a Japanese spy. Young Philip has been an unwitting traitor, and must now work in secret to save as many lives as possible, even as his own family is brought to its knees.

The Gift of Rain


Author: Tan Twan Eng

Publisher: Canongate Books

ISBN: 1838858350

Category: Fiction

Page: 512

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LONGLISTED FOR THE MAN BOOKER PRIZE Penang, 1939. Being half Chinese and half English, Philip Hutton always felt like he never belonged. That is until he befriends Hayato Endo, a mysterious Japanese diplomat and master in the art of aikido. But when Japan invades Malaya, Philip realises Endo bears a secret, one powerful enough to jeopardise everything he loves. This masterful début conjures an unforgettable tale of courage, brutality, loyalty, deceit and love.

On Zion

The Jerusalem version of our treatise summarizes the divine reasons for the gift of rain in the following words : ' The rain falls for the sake of three things : for the sake of the land , for the sake of the Hesed and for the sake of ...

Author: Martin Buber

Publisher: Syracuse University Press

ISBN: 9780815604822

Category: Political Science

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Martin Buber's writings on Zion and Zionism go back to the early years of this century. To him, Zion was not primarily a political issue. Zionism implies a reorientation of the entire being, an overcoming of a Diaspora mentality, a catharsis, and a readiness to build in the land of Israel a new, just, free, and creative community.

The Bible Knowledge Commentary Old Testament

The gift of rain and abundant harvests ( 26 : 3-5 ) 26 : 3-5 . Unlike the repeated conditional clauses about disobedience ( vv . 14 , 18 , 21 , 23 , 27 ) , the condition of obedience is introduced only once for the entire blessings ...

Author: John F. Walvoord

Publisher: David C Cook

ISBN: 9780882078137

Category: Religion

Page: 1589

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HELP FROM EXPERT SCHOLARS IN UNDERSTANDING THE SCRIPTURES • What does That verse mean? • How should I interpret this passage? • What is the significance of this word or phrase in Hebrew or Aramaic? • How do Bible-time customs help me understand the meaning of this passage? • How does the information on the author, historical background, and features of a Bible book help interpret that book? The Bible Knowledge Commentary answers these and other questions about the Scriptures, discussing all the Bible verse by verse and often phrase by phrase. In addition, maps, charts, and diagrams help you grasp the meanings of the biblical text. Unlike most others this commentary is by authors from one school - Dallas Theological Seminary. The Bible Knowledge Commentary - popular in style and scholarly in content - will deepen your understanding of God's written Word

All Mine

But now Heaven has not abandoned these common folk, first with a drought but then granting them the gift of rain; and the fact that you and I have been able to get together to take our ease and find happiness in this pavilion is ...

Author: Stephen Owen

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231554877

Category: History

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Under the Song Dynasty, China experienced rapid commercial growth and monetization of the economy. In the same period, the austere ethical turn that led to neo-Confucianism was becoming increasingly prevalent in the imperial bureaucracy and literati culture. Tracing the influences of these trends in Chinese intellectual history, All Mine! explores the varied ways in which eleventh-century writers worked through the conflicting values of this new world. Stephen Owen contends that in the new money economy of the Song, writers became preoccupied with the question of whether material things can bring happiness. Key thinkers returned to this problem, weighing the conflicting influences of worldly possessions and material comfort against Confucian ideology, which locates true contentment in the Way and disdains attachment to things. In a series of essays, Owen examines the works of writers such as the prose master Ouyang Xiu, who asked whether tranquility could be found in the backwater to which he had been exiled; the poet and essayist Su Dongpo, who was put on trial for slandering the emperor; and the historian Sima Guang, whose private garden elicited reflections on private ownership. Through strikingly original readings of major eleventh-century figures, All Mine! inquires not only into the material conditions of happiness but also the broader conditions of knowledge.

Malaysian Literature in English

(The Gift of Rain 117) In The Gift of Rain, the protagonist Philip Khoo-Hutton, who is of mixed blood, hovers between the different worlds of Malaya, China and England. Although he is half-Chinese, he has never felt a sense of kinship ...

Author: Mohammad A. Quayum

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1527551989

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 293

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This collection of essays brings together work by some of the most internationally acclaimed critics of Malaysian literature in English from different parts of the world, including Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and the US. It investigates the works of major writers of the tradition in the genres of drama, fiction and poetry, from its beginnings to the present, focusing mainly on thematic and stylistic trends. The book pays particular attention to issues such as gender, ethnicity, nationalism, multiculturalism, diaspora, hybridity and transnationalism, which are central to the creativity and imagination of these writers. The chapters collectively address the challenges and achievements of writers in the English language in a country where English, first introduced by the colonisers, has experienced a mixed fate of ups and downs in the post-independence period, due to the changing, and sometimes strikingly different, policies adopted by the government. The book will be of interest to readers and researchers of Malaysian literature, Southeast Asian studies and postcolonial literatures.

Sacra Pagina James

“And the earth produced its fruit” is the consequence of God's gift of rain. While the narrative in 1 Kings does not describe the consequences of the gift of rain, James deliberately draws it out because it illustrates a number of his ...

Author: Patrick T. Hartin

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 0814682839

Category: Religion

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In his commentary on the letter of James, Hartin offers a unique approach toward understanding a much-neglected writing. Refusing to read the letter of James through the lens ofPaul, Hartin approaches the letter in its own right. He takes seriously the address to the twelve tribes in the Dispersion" (1:1) as directed to Jews who had embraced the message of Jesus and were living outside their homeland, Israel. At the same time, Hartin shows how this letter remains true to Jesus' heritage. Using recent studies on rhetorical culture, Hartin illustrates how James takes Jesus ' sayings and performs them again in his own way to speak to the hearers/readers of his own world. Hartin examines the text, passage by passage, while providing essential notes and an extensive explanation of the theological meaning of each passage. The value of this commentary lies in its breadth of scholarship and its empathic approach to this writing. The reader will discover new and refreshing insights into the world of early Christianity as well as a teaching that is of perennial significance. Patrick J. Hartin was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. He studied at the Gregorian University in Rome and is an ordained priest of the Diocese of Spokane, Washington. He holds two doctorates in Theology: in Ethics and in the New Testament, both from the University of South Africa. Presently he teaches courses in the New Testament and in Classical Civilizations at Gonzaga University. He is the author of eleven books, including: Apollos (Paul's Social Network series), James of Jerusalem (Interfaces series), andJames, First Peter, Jude, Second Peter (New Collegeville Bible Commentary series), al published by Liturgical Press. "

Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament

This “ tumult of nature ” 67 manifests itself in downpours or rainlessness . ... Just as the gift of rain reflects Yahweh's love , so also does the absence of rain reflect divine anger . Yahweh's love toward his people also colors those ...

Author: G. Johannes Botterweck

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 9780802823328

Category: Religion

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This multivolume work is still proving to be as fundamental to Old Testament studies as its companion set, the Kittel-Friedrich Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, has been to New Testament studies. Beginning with father, and continuing through the alphabet, the TDOT volumes present in-depth discussions of the key Hebrew and Aramaic words in the Old Testament. Leading scholars of various religious traditions (including Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Reformed, Anglican, Greek Orthodox, and Jewish) and from many parts of the world (Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States) have been carefully selected for each article by editors Botterweck, Ringgren, and Fabry and their consultants, George W. Anderson, Henri Cazelles, David Noel Freedman, Shemaryahu Talmon, and Gerhard Wallis. The intention of the writers is to concentrate on meaning, starting from the more general, everyday senses and building to an understanding of theologically significant concepts. To avoid artificially restricting the focus of the articles, TDOT considers under each keyword the larger groups of words that are related linguistically or semantically. The lexical work includes detailed surveys of a word s occurrences, not only in biblical material but also in other ancient Near Eastern writings. Sumerian, Akkadian, Egyptian, Ethiopic, Ugaritic, and Northwest Semitic sources are surveyed, among others, as well as the Qumran texts and the Septuagint; and in cultures where no cognate word exists, the authors often consider cognate ideas. TDOT s emphasis, though, is on Hebrew terminology and on biblical usage. The contributors employ philology as well as form-critical and traditio-historical methods, with the aim of understanding the religious statements in the Old Testament. Extensive bibliographical information adds to the value of this reference work. This English edition attempts to serve the needs of Old Testament students without the linguistic background of more advanced scholars; it does so, however, without sacrificing the needs of the latter. Ancient scripts (Hebrew, Greek, etc.) are regularly transliterated in a readable way, and meanings of foreign words are given in many cases where the meanings might be obvious to advanced scholars. Where the Hebrew text versification differs from that of English Bibles, the English verse appears in parentheses. Such features will help all earnest students of the Bible to avail themselves of the manifold theological insights contained in this monumental work.

Passage to the Center

In " The Rain Stick , " which opens the volume , Heaney asks , " Who cares if the music that transpires / Is the fall of grit or dry seeds through a cactus ? " The rain stick , like a poem , is a marvel of seeming simplicity that in ...

Author: Daniel Eugene Tobin

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 9780813133423

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 1010

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The Book of Our Heritage

Through rain everything is blessed ... the conduct of business ... the merchants profit ... even those who suffer from ... ( Ta'anis 7b - 8a ) records a number of our Sages ' statements attesting to the enormity of the gift of rain .

Author: Eliyahu Ki Ṭov

Publisher: Feldheim Publishers

ISBN: 9780873067638

Category: Religion

Page: 1050

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Explores the Jewish year with great depth, sensitivity, and insight. Laws, customs and practices are all noted and explained, along with the words of our Sages in a wealth of Midrashic commentary.