The Gilbert Variations

A collection of previously published short stories.

Author: Bari Gilbert

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A collection of previously published short stories.

The Gilbert and Sullivan Concordance

A Word Index to W.S. Gilbert's Libretti for the Fourteen Savoy Operas Geoffrey Dixon ... An example of the former variation is Little Buttercup's " that's for you little man " , spoken to the Midshipmite as she hands him a stick of rock ...

Author: Geoffrey Dixon

Publisher: New York : Garland Pub.


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NOAA Technical Report NMFS SSRF

24 20 CHARLES K GILBERT CRUISE 11 - APRIL 1953 1 16 D , who sighted the least on GILBERT 11 in Areas I and II , sighted the most on GILBERT 13 in Area I. We believe that the variations in the total number sighted indicate no difference ...




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Special Scientific Report

24 20 CHARLES H GILBERT CRUISE 11 - APRIL 1953 1 16 - D , who sighted the least on GILBERT 11 in Areas I and II , sighted the most on GILBERT 13 in Area I. We believe that the variations in the total number sighted indicate no ...




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Evolution of Marine Coastal Ecosystems under the Pressure of Global Changes

Its measurements provide very valuable data on the relationships between ecosystems and fisheries management (Friedrichs et al. 2009; Chassot et al. 2011) including model variations over time and space (Chiba et al. 2013).

Author: Hubert-Jean Ceccaldi

Publisher: Springer Nature

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Coastal and estuarine environments at the interface of terrestrial and marine areas are among the most productive in the world. However, since the beginning of the industrial era, these ecosystems have been subjected to strong anthropogenic pressures intensified from the second half of the 20th century, when there was a marked acceleration in the warming (climate change) of the continents, particularly at high latitudes. Coastal ecosystems are highly vulnerable to alteration of their physical, chemical and biological characteristics (marine intrusion, acidification of marine environments, changes in ecosystems, evolution and artificialization of the coastline, etc.).In contact with heavily populated areas, these environments are often the receptacle of a lot of chemical and biological pollution sources that significantly diminish their resilience. In this context of accelerated evolution and degradation of these areas important for food security of many populations around the world, it is necessary to better identify the factors of pressure and understand, at different scales of observation, their effects and impacts on the biodiversity and on the socio-eco-systems, in order to determine the degree of vulnerability of these coastal ecosystems and the risks they face. A transdisciplinary and integrated approach is required to prevent risks. Within this framework, operational coastal oceanography occupies an important place but also the implementation of a true socio-eco-system approach in order to set up an environmentally friendly development.

Language Variation and Contact Induced Change

Journal of Biblical Literature 113:3.439–461. doi:10.2307/3266781 Din, Gilbert C. 1988. The Canary Islanders of Louisiana. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press. Din, Gilbert C. 1996. “Spain's Immigration Policy in Louisiana and ...

Author: Jeremy King

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This collection of original contributions dealing with Hispanic contact linguistics covers an array of Spanish dialects distributed across North, South, and Central America, the Caribbean, the Iberian Peninsula, and the Bosporus. It deals with both native and non-native varieties of the language, and includes both synchronic and diachronic studies. The volume addresses, and challenges, current theoretical assumptions on the nature of language variation and contact-induced change through empirically-based linguistic research. The sustained contact between Spanish and other languages in different parts of the world has given rise to a wide number of changes in the language, which are driven by a concomitance of different linguistic and social processes. This collection of articles provides new insight into such phenomena across the Spanish-speaking world.

Distributed Multimedia Retrieval Strategies for Large Scale Networked Systems

The sine model, a variation of the Bernoulli model, where the loss probability oscillates with a 24-hour long period between a minimum and maximum value, has been also described by Arai et al. to provide better accuracy than the Gilbert ...

Author: Bharadwaj Veeravalli

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Several works on multimedia storage appear in literature today, but very little if any, have been devoted to handling long duration video retrieval, over large scale networks. Distributed retrieval of multimedia documents, especially the long duration documents, is an imperative step in rendering high-quality, high-fidelity, and cost-effective services for network service providers. Distributed Multimedia Retrieval Strategies for Large Scale Networked Systems presents an up-to-date research status in the domain of distributed video retrieval. This professional book will include several different techniques that are in place for long duration video retrieval. An experimentally tested technology under the JINI platform, demonstrates a practical working system which serves as a feasibility study, as well as the first step in realizing such a technology.

Physico Theology The eighth edition

281 2 : Use of the Magnet ( 2 ) , Printing ( x ) , Clocks ( ) , Telescopes ( w ) Dr. Gilbert , the most learned and accurate Writer on ... As to the Magnetick Variation , Dr. Gilbert attributes the Discovery of it to Sebastian Cabott .

Author: William Derham




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Essentials of Paleomagnetism

According to Needham (1962), changes in magnetic declination were discovered in China around 720 C.E., ... Gilbert (1600) noted variations in field strength with latitude based on the sluggishness or rapidity with which a compass ...

Author: Lisa Tauxe

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520260317

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"This book by Lisa Tauxe and others is a marvelous tool for education and research in Paleomagnetism. Many students in the U.S. and around the world will welcome this publication, which was previously only available via the Internet. Professor Tauxe has performed a service for teaching and research that is utterly unique."—Neil D. Opdyke, University of Florida