The Girl on the Cliff

Settle into the beautiful family drama from the international bestselling author of Richard & Judy pick The Butterfly Room and The Seven Sisters series Why has a secret from 1914 caused a century of heartache?

Author: Lucinda Riley

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141970618

Category: Fiction

Page: 576

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A beautiful drama spanning decades, from the international Number One bestselling author of The Pearl Sister and The Olive Tree Why has a secret from 1914 caused a century of heartache? Troubled by recent loss, Grania Ryan has returned to Ireland and the arms of her loving family. And it is here, on a cliff edge, that she first meets a young girl, Aurora, who will profoundly change her life. Mysteriously drawn to Aurora, Grania discovers that the histories of their families are strangely and deeply entwined . . . From a bittersweet romance in wartime London to a troubled relationship in contemporary New York, from devotion to a foundling child to forgotten memories of a lost brother, the Ryans and the Lisles, past and present, have been entangled for a century. Ultimately, it will be Aurora whose intuition and remarkable spirit help break the spell and unlock the chains of the past. Haunting, uplifting and deeply moving, Aurora's story tells of the triumph of hope over loss. Praise for Lucinda Riley 'Thoroughly addictive storytelling with a moving, emotional heart' Dinah Jefferies 'A brilliant page-turner' Daily Mail 'An absolutely fantastic storyteller' Katherine Webb 'Brilliant escapism' Red

The Girl on the Shore

There was no-one else on the beach. Out to sea, all she could see and hear were
the white, breaking, rolling waves. She turned and looked behind her. The cliff-
face was practically sheer. There must surely be a path down to the beach but ...

Author: F.M. Hughes

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781846423604

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 112

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'This enjoyable novel captures "communal living". Everyday difficulties experienced by residents due to their age and health are more meaningful to the reader than a diagnostic inventory would be.' - Dementia: The International Journal of Social Research and Practice 'Uniquely for our library, a work of fiction focusing on older people who need care. This book tells the story of a young girl who begins work as a care worker in a residential home for older people many of whom have dementia. Aimed at teenagers and care workers of all ages, it creatively explores the problems of dementia.' - Ageing Matters When Gemma gets the job as a support worker at The Beacon, a residential unit with a difference, little does she realize how much impact she is to have on the lives of its residents and how they, in turn, will shape her own. Dividing her time between sailing in her boat Periwinkle, a parting gift from her boyfriend Adam, and her work at The Beacon, Gemma gets to know all the residents and their stories. But as winter arrives a dramatic storm and uncertainty over the future of the home threaten to disrupt the peace - can The Beacon survive? Showing how a caring community can be much more than a place where people wait to die, The Girl on the Shore is not just an absorbing tale - it's a `must read' for teenagers, adults of all ages, carers and all those with an older person in their life.

The Girl on the Beach

'What can you see out of the window?' Tom rolled to the edge of the bed and
jumped over to the window. 'It's a sheer drop down to the beach. It's like this
house is built into the side of the cliff.' Maybe not such an odd place to keep

Author: Morton S. Gray

Publisher: Choc Lit Limited

ISBN: 1781893144

Category: Fiction

Page: 244

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After starting over in an English coastal village, a woman encounters a startling vision of love from her past in this “delightful contemporary romance” (Long and Short Reviews). Ellie Golden has come to the seaside village of Borteen to pursue her artistic ambitions and leave her troubled past behind. Yet memories are stirred when she meets Harry Dixon, the handsome new headmaster at her son’s school. Ellie knows in her heart that Harry is her former love, Ben Rivers. What they shared on the beach that one night is unforgettable. But she also knows that Ben died in a surfing accident years ago. Harry’s arrival in town is more than a little unsettling for Ellie. Seeing him brings back intense memories of young romance, yet he insists he’s never met her before. But Ellie has other reasons to be unsettled. Someone else from her past is lurking in the shadows of her new life, and the only person she can turn to is the man who calls himself Harry Dixon.

The Cliff Dwellers

“Yes, she's a mighty pretty girl,” he repeated, thoughtfully. “Where have they gone
?” “Oh, not far. There's been a good deal of traveling done already.They just went
up to Milwaukee; Eugene had something to see about there.They'll be back ...

Author: Henry Fuller

Publisher: Broadview Press

ISBN: 9781770480995

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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The Cliff-Dwellers was the first American realist novel to use the rapidly developing city of Chicago as its setting. Henry Blake Fuller’s depiction of social climbing and human depravity among the “cliff-dwelling” residents and workers in the new Chicago skyscrapers shocked readers of the time, and influenced many American writers that followed. With its frenetic pace and many interrelated stories, it remains a compelling document of Chicago’s social history, as well as a searing indictment of modern American life at the close of the nineteenth century. The extensive appendices to this edition include Fuller’s literary criticism and his correspondence about the novel, reviews, and visual and historical materials on turn-of-the-century Chicago and literary realism.

The Cliff End

How he ran to the edge of the cliff, and looked over, and saw the two drenched
figures sticking to the side of it like wet flies ... And how, for an age, while he
swore at them from above, the girl would not come up before the man ; and the
man ...

Author: E. Ch.Booth

Publisher: Рипол Классик

ISBN: 5874977147

Category: History


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Village on the cliff

The girl's anger and sorrow had gradually reached a hysterical and almost
uncontrollable point . The things Madame de Tracy had glibly explained ,
meaning no harm , poor lady , had nearly maddened her . Her allusion to
Catherine was the ...

Author: Anne Thackeray Ritchie





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The Village on the Cliff

Here was a tragedy . ings , witnessed by a little wakeful The poor little girl sank
down in a girl . On this night , alas , no one was heap on the stairs all insensible .
The waking ; the house was dim with little Prince , never looking once be -
silence ...

Author: Anne Thackeray Ritchie




Page: 277

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The Cliff dwellers

Come , come , don ' t block the way — sev - en ! ” he cried , in his professional
tone , and the boy at once slammed his door to and started roofwards . The man
retired into himself with a resumption of his air of idle dignity . The girl , at a short

Author: Henry Blake Fuller



Category: Big business

Page: 324

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On the cliff or Alick s neighbours

from that which the little maid had considered perfect when she left it that morning
, “ I disagree with you entirely , Alick , about even the crust of girls . ” “ As how ,
Miss Cousin ? " “ Partly about looking pretty . Of course , that must depend on
how ...

Author: Catharine Shaw




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The Cliff Dwellers

Preparation for, death began at birth for the cliff people. It was the price they paid
for living in a place of relative security and indescribable beauty. They lived on
the brink, four-hundred feet above the canyon floor. A few years earlier, the girl's

Author: Will La Page

Publisher: Sunstone Press

ISBN: 0865348367

Category: Fiction

Page: 270

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In this trilogy of connected stories and linked characters that collide with each other's lives over 600 years of America's history, a permanently damaged amnesiac from the Vietnam War, living as a hermit in the bluffs of the Buffalo National River in Arkansas, profoundly influences numerous people whose lives he never really touches. The first is Sarah Pingree, an artist who falls to her death from the bluffs. Her brother, Corey, an undercover wildlife agent from up-State New York, arrives to investigate the mysterious circumstances, and discovers Zach. Their connection is fleeting but compelling for both. Zach leaves his cave after years of solitude to hitchhike across the country in search of something he doesn't understand, while Corey ends up in the American Southwest searching for looters of Anasazi ruins. Then Zach's tragic death on the road becomes a national news story thanks to investigative reporter Amanda Cousins who is able to resurrect the final year of his life by contacting some of the people he met during his journey. Her connection with Corey Pingree becomes a pivotal event in both of their lives, giving a special meaning to the tragedy of Zach. WILL La PAGE is the author of three collections of poetry, "A Park is a Poem on the Land," "Along the Buffalo," and "Voices from the Park," and two collections of essays, "Parks for Life" and "The Ecology of Belief and The Paradox of Public Parks." "Cliff Dwellers" is his first novel. His work as a park system administrator, consultant, lecturer, and scientist, has taken him to South Africa, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, and across North and Central America to a place where parks are truly universal: the heart.

The Italian Girl

Praise for The Girl on the Cliff '[Lucinda Riley] manipulates the strands of her plot
with skill' Independent on Sunday 'An emotionally charged saga . . . Riley is a
writer to watch' Sunday Express 'Lucinda Riley knows how to write a captivating ...

Author: Lucinda Riley

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 1447257081

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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Nothing sings as sweetly as love, or burns quite like betrayal Rosanna Menici is just a girl when she meets Roberto Rossini, the man who will change her life. In the years to come, their destinies are bound together by their extraordinary talents as opera singers and by their enduring but obsessive love for each other - a love that will ultimately affect the lives of all those closest to them. For, as Rosanna slowly discovers, their union is haunted by irreversible events from the past . . . Rosanna's journey takes her from humble beginnings in the back streets of Naples to the glittering stages of the world's most prestigious opera houses. Set against a memorable backdrop of Lucinda Riley's trademark evocative locations, The Italian Girl unfolds into a poignant and unforgettable tale of love, betrayal and self-discovery. *First published as Aria under the name Lucinda Edmonds, now extensively rewritten*

The Cliff Scenery of South Western Donegal By Kinnfaela

During his stay at Hamilton's he noticed that one member of the family , a young
woman , was always kept out of his way , as if ... He politely inquired the cause ,
and was informed that the girl was so much disfigured with the king's evil that she





Page: 156

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Hardy Boys 02 The House on the Cliff

That means you boys may have uncovered the fact that there is a whole gang of
smugglers around here.” The brothers were ... Callie, a blond, vivacious, brown-
eyed girl, was Frank's favorite among all the girls in his class. “How are the ghost

Author: Franklin W. Dixon

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1440673160

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 192

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Frank and Joe Hardy are investigating a mysterious old house high on the cliffs above Barmet Bay when they are frightened off by a scream. The boys return to the apparently haunted house when they make a connection between the place and a smuggling case their father is working on. When their father goes missing, they have to investigate the caves beneath the house and confront the smugglers.

The Midnight Rose

Praise for The Girl on the Cliff '[Lucinda Riley] manipulates the strands of her plot
with skill' Independent on Sunday 'An emotionally charged saga . . . Riley is a
writer to watch' Sunday Express 'Lucinda Riley knows how to write a captivating ...

Author: Lucinda Riley

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 1447261623

Category: Fiction

Page: 672

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Shortlisted for the Epic Novel award in the Romantic Novelists Association Books Awards. Spanning four generations, The Midnight Rose by Lucinda Riley sweeps from the glittering palaces of the great maharajas of India to the majestic stately homes of England, following the extraordinary life of a girl, Anahita Chavan, from 1911 to the present day . . . A lifelong passion. An endless search. In the heyday of the British Raj, eleven-year-old Anahita, from a noble but impoverished family, forms a lifelong friendship with the headstrong Princess Indira, the privileged daughter of rich Indian royalty. Becoming the princess's official companion, Anahita accompanies her friend to England just before the outbreak of the Great War. There, she meets the young Donald Astbury – reluctant heir to the magnificent, remote Astbury Estate – and his scheming mother. Eighty years later, Rebecca Bradley, a young American film star, has the world at her feet. But when her turbulent relationship with her equally famous boyfriend takes an unexpected turn, she's relieved that her latest role, playing a 1920s debutante, will take her away from the glare of publicity to the wilds of Dartmoor in England. Shortly after filming begins at the now-crumbling Astbury Hall, Ari Malik, Anahita's great-grandson, arrives unexpectedly, on a quest for his family's past. What he and Rebecca discover begins to unravel the dark secrets that haunt the Astbury dynasty . . .

The Cliff House Strangler

Indeed, the man appeared distinctly uncomfort- able in Frederick and Henrietta's
overcrowded parlor. Somewhere in his early ... “I see you found your comb, my
dear,” Henrietta said, fairly fawning over the girl. “I am so relieved.” “Yes, silly me,
I ...

Author: Shirley Tallman

Publisher: Minotaur Books

ISBN: 9781429969048

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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Nineteenth-century attorney Sarah Woolson is still trying to get her life together. Against her family's wishes, she opens her own San Francisco law firm, only to find that clients---paying clients, that is---are wary of allowing a woman to manage their legal affairs. Just when her patience, as well as her money, are about to run out, Sarah and her friend and former colleague, Robert Campbell, attend a séance at San Francisco's Cliff House. Making their way through the worst storm of the season, they arrive at their destination to find themselves in for much more than, in Robert's words, "silly parlor tricks." After a dramatic display of spirit apparitions, flying trumpets, and phantom music, Madame Olga Karpova---a renowned Russian clairvoyant---and her guests make a grisly discovery: One of the twelve people seated at the table has been brutally strangled. Later, when two more séance participants are found slain, Sarah is pressed into defending the accused murderer. Working on her client's case, she quickly finds herself at the center of a complicated murder plot involving ghosts, gypsies, and City Hall, all the while facing off with Robert in a volatile legal battle and investigating her brother Frederick's shady political dealings. Hardly proper behavior for a nineteenth-century woman, but Sarah wouldn't have it any other way. Feisty and determined, Sarah continues to flout the notions of "proper" femininity in this series that is a turn-of-the-century answer to Legally Blonde.

Duffy s Hibernian Magazine

Annie was a young girl of fifteen , a distant relation of Hannah's , with whom she
stayed for some time back both in quality of servant and companion . Having got
home from the cliff , the girl at once kindled a large turf fire , on either side of ...






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The Legend of the Girl from the Shadows

sun bed and despair of them was that the boys were Jon and shots by the
authorities but they saw them enter the ... took advantage and picked up the most
valuable things and light, as now they had the coach and the cliff path was

Author: MCR El Pensador

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781479708932

Category: Fiction

Page: 172

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Within the limits of tolerance could porch martyrdom or maybe the pain, but the mind could tolerate what is beyond it to the underworld’s macabre or perhaps more of the mysteries of the world of shadows, as it is a legend of the reunion with the death of a girl, who saw her father and his lover kill her mother, and after her death dumping her body into toward the sea. And the girl had to witness this and she could not endure the torment, and she went to the reunion with the death of her mother. Awesome! !Oh wow! Since this is the story of the girl in the shadows in each chapter, it makes me shudder, and even some sentences will cause feelings of nostalgia, just knowing that the lost soul of this child cried in search of her mother, wandering in the darkness as witness to this legend. The Thinker

The Girl s Own Annual

cried Daisy , for suddenly valley , ” said the Queen . “ It has worn away more
quickly it can do this . I must tell you , the heavy mass toppled over with a loud as
much of the cliff as it could , but every too , that the rain is not content merely to
noise ...




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