The Global Lives of German Migrants

By providing an empirically founded prism of the global lives of German migrants, this book is a valuable resource for students and researchers of migration, social inequality, and the life course and provides practitioners with insights ...

Author: Marcel Erlinghagen

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 3030674983

Category: Emigration and immigration

Page: 322

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Based on the German case, this open access book highlights the increasing flows of migration and the internationalisation of individual life courses. It analyses the experiences of migration across four central domains - employment and income, partners and families, health and wellbeing, as well as friends and social participation - which potentially have far-reaching consequences for social inequalities and life chances. The book showcases results from an innovative probability sample that is representative of German emigrants who recently moved abroad and remigrants who recently returned from abroad and compares their international experiences with the sedentary population in Germany. Stays abroad, whether temporary or permanently, have become the new normal for increasing numbers of people from highly developed welfare states. Unnoticed from mainstream migration studies, these countries are today not only major immigration countries but also important sources of international mobility. By providing an empirically founded prism of the global lives of German migrants, this book is a valuable resource for students and researchers of migration, social inequality, and the life course and provides practitioners with insights into these regularly overlooked aspects of international migration.

Status and Ethnic Identity

A Study on First- and Second-Generation Migrants in Germany Andreas Genoni. Castles, S. 1984: Here for Good: Western ... In: Consequences of International Migration Across the Life Course: The Global Lives of German Migrants, IMISCOE.

Author: Andreas Genoni

Publisher: Verlag Barbara Budrich

ISBN: 3847417320

Category: Social Science

Page: 182

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Die Identität von Migrant*innen und ihre Zugehörigkeit zu einer Minderheit oder zur Mehrheitsgesellschaft ist ein kontroverses politisches Thema, das Einblicke in die Herausforderungen der Integration und des sozialen Zusammenhalts bietet. Ausgehend von einem zweidimensionalen Modell der ethnischen Identität fragt das Buch nach der Rolle des sozialen Status für die Identifikation von Migrant*innen mit ihrer Herkunftsgruppe und der Mehrheitsbevölkerung. Der Schwerpunkt liegt dabei auf Unterschieden zwischen den Generationen, der Sichtbarkeit von Migrant*innen, der Diskrepanz zwischen den Status und der Situation im Aufnahmeland. Die Ergebnisse zeigen Formen ethnischer Identität, die über die klassische Annahme der gegenseitigen Ausschließlichkeit hinausgehen, was auf eine Minderheitenidentität bei Migrant*innen mit niedrigem Status und eine Mehrheitsidentität bei Migranten mit hohem Status hindeutet.

Ethnologia Europaea Vol 33 1

Katja's life - world confronts this national model of a two - way integration between Germans and non - Germans . She has come to Germany claiming the special status of ethnic German immigrants ( Aussiedler ) that is only granted to ...

Author: Bjarne Stoklund

Publisher: Museum Tusculanum Press

ISBN: 9788772898995


Page: 100

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Since its start in 1967 Ethnologia Europaea has acquired a central position in the international cooperation between ethnologists in the different European countries. It is, however, a journal of topical interest not only for ethnologists but also for anthropologists, social historians and others studying the social and cultural forms of everyday life in recent and historical European societies. This journal appears twice a year, sometimes as a thematic issue.

Remembering African Labor Migration to the Second World

Socialist Mobilities between Angola, Mozambique, and East Germany Marcia C. Schenck. Prestholdt, Jeremy. “Africa and the Global Lives of Things.” In The Oxford Handbook of the History of Consumption, edited by Frank Trentmann, 85–110.

Author: Marcia C. Schenck

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 3031067762

Category: History

Page: 398

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This open access book is about Mozambicans and Angolans who migrated in state-sponsored schemes to East Germany in the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s. They went to work and to be trained as a vanguard labor force for the intended African industrial revolutions. While they were there, they contributed their labor power to the East German economy. This book draws on more than 260 life history interviews and uncovers complex and contradictory experiences and transnational encounters. What emerges is a series of dualities that exist side by side in the memories of the former migrants: the state and the individual, work and consumption, integration and exclusion, loss and gain, and the past in the past and the past in the present and future. By uncovering these dualities, the book explores the lives of African migrants moving between the Third and Second worlds. Devoted to the memories of worker-trainees, this transnational study comes at a time when historians are uncovering the many varied, complicated, and important connections within the global socialist world.

Migration global processes caught in national answers

Asfar as I can follow, Turks living in German neighborhoods and with Germans adapt to the life standards ofGermans. Theysocialize very well. They respect each other. Living in an immigrant district prevents many social and economic ...

Author: Mehmet Okyayuz

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3944690087

Category: Political Science

Page: 233

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The volume brings together contributions that reflect on issues about migration in terms of the countries of immigration: ways of “reception“. It is underlined in all contributions that effective humanitarian legislation can only be implemented together with a deep understanding of the problems faced by refugees/asylum seekers and the social relations that determine their position in society. Mehmet Okyayuz, grown up in Gemany, studied political science, philosophy and sociology in Paris, Berlin and Heidelberg. MA from Heidelberg and Doctorate in Marburg. Since 1995 he is teaching at ODTU in Ankara, focusing on political theory, history of labour movement, policy analysis and migration. Peter Herrmann, Dr. phil (Bremen, Germany), Studies in Sociology (Bielefeld, Germany), Economics (Hamburg, Germany), Political Science (Leipzig, Germany) and Social Policy and Philosophy (Bremen, Germany), is currently academic director at the European Observatory on Social Quality (EOSQ at EURISPES), Rome, Italy, adjunct professor at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Department of Social Sciences (Kuopio, Finland) and associate honorary professor at Corvinus University (Budapest, Hungary). Claire Dorrity comes from a background in Nursing and Social Care. She completed her Bachelor of Social Science degree at University College Cork (UCC) in 2001. She is currently working as a lecturer in School of Applied Social Studies, UCC where she is also undertaking her PhD. Claire is also the Nursing Studies Co-ordinator in the School of Applied Social Studies and also contributes to teaching on the BSW programme.

Crossing Boundaries and Weaving Intercultural Work Life and Scholarship in Globalizing Universities

Her current project analyzes the everyday experience of migrant academics. She has published on the history and methodological framework of her discipline, on the narrative accounts of German migrants in New Zealand, and on academic ...

Author: Adam Komisarof

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317578813

Category: Education

Page: 206

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This book generates a fresh, complex view of the process of globalization by examining how work, scholarship, and life inform each other among intercultural scholars as they navigate their interpersonal relationships and cross boundaries physically and metaphorically. Divided into three parts, the book examines: (1) the socio-psychological process of crossing boundaries constructed around nations and work organizations; (2) the negotiation of multiple aspects of identities; and (3) the role of language in intercultural encounters, in particular, adjustment taking place at linguistic and interactional levels. The authors reflect upon and give meaning and structure to their own intercultural experiences through theoretical frameworks and concepts—many of which they themselves have proposed and developed in their own research. They also provide invaluable advice for transnational scholars and those who aspire to work and live abroad to improve organizational participation and mutual intercultural engagement when working in a globalizing workplace. Researchers and practitioners of applied linguistics, communication studies, and higher education in many regions of the world will find this book an insightful resource.

Migration in World History

International Migration Systems: A Global Approach. Oxford. Lesger, Clé, Leo Lucassen, and Marlou Schrover. 2002. “Is there life outside the migrant network? German immigrants in XIXth century Netherlands and the need for a more ...

Author: Patrick Manning

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351256661

Category: History

Page: 284

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In this third edition of Migration in World History, Patrick Manning presents an expanded and newly coherent view of migratory processes, conveying new research and interpretation. The engaging narrative shows the continuity of migratory processes from the time of foragers who settled the earth to farmers opening new fields and merchants linking purchasers everywhere. In the last thousand years, accumulation of wealth brought capitalism, industry, and the travels of free and slave migrants. In a contest of civilizational hierarchy and movements of emancipation, nations arose to replace empires, although conflicts within nations expelled refugees. The future of migration is now a serious concern. The new edition includes: An introduction to the migration theories that explain the shifting patterns of migration in early and recent times Quantification of changes in migration, including international migration, domestic urbanization, and growing refugee movements A new chapter tracing twenty-first-century migration and population from 2000 to 2050, showing how migrants escaping climate change will steadily outnumber refugees from other social conflicts While migration is often stressful, it contributes to diversity, exchanges, new perspectives, and innovations. This comprehensive and up-to-date view of migration will stimulate readers with interests in many fields.

Retirement Migration to the Global South

8 turns to U.S. “expats” who have long viewed migration to Mexico as a means to enhance their quality of life. ... German retirees who migrate to Thailand tend to be a vulnerable group already in Germany, given the large proportion of ...

Author: Cornelia Schweppe

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9811669996

Category: Age distribution (Demography)

Page: 251

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This book examines the increasing evidence of international retirement migration (IRM) to countries of the Global South. IRM to countries of the Global South points to the increasing global interconnectedness of aging in relatively affluent countries and raises critical questions about its interrelations with global inequalities. This book provides a critical analysis of these global interrelations and their intertwinements with global inequalities and addresses the complex and multi-layered dimensions and implications of this development. It highlights the (ambiguous) everyday lives of retirement migrants in the countries of destination, and the severe impacts on the destination countries that are marked by processes of recolonization, and the reproduction, enhancement and reconfiguration of social inequalities. The growing retirement industry that capitalizes on retirement migration exploiting global differences and structural disadvantages of countries in the Global South is another integral part of this book.

Global Migrants Local Lives Travel and Transformation in Rural Bangladesh

When he looks back on the early days of migration, Abdul Mahmud explains that: 'When I was young I felt myself to be strong. I thought I could do anything. I had real guts.' His life has been one of continual movement and change, ...

Author: Katy Gardner

Publisher: Clarendon Press

ISBN: 0191590835


Page: 316

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Long-term migration is one of the most important factors in the formation of cultural identities in the modern world. Immigrant communities are usually studied in the context of the country people have migrated to; Katy Gardner, however, looks at the neglected `sending' side of the equation. In the sending communities, out-migration has become a central economic and social resource - the route to social, as well as physical, mobility, transforming those who gain access to it. Dr Gardner examines the cultural context and effects of the long-term migration from Bangladesh to Britain and the Middle East, drawing on her fieldwork in the Sylhet district,an area of exceptional migration. Major aspects of Bangledeshi life such as land, family structure, marriage and religion - all of which have been affected by the heavy out-migration - are covered in detail, and the transformation of the social structure is mapped. In focusing on local ideology, this book shows how local cultural meanings are constantly negotiated and contested by different groups in the context of rapid economic change. At the heart of this important contribution to the anthropology of migration is a presentation of the dynamic nature of migration and the concomitant possibility of self-transformation it holds for migrant cultures.

Women and Violence Global Lives in Focus

societies of the Middle East, but, notably, they do not occur in Indonesia, which has the largest Muslim population in the world. Honor killing is illegal in every country, but, unfortunately, it has not disappeared.

Author: Kathleen M. Nadeau

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1440862249

Category: Social Science

Page: 301

View: 255

This important and timely reference work examines violence against women and gender-based discrimination around the world, providing a global perspective on why this kind of oppression is still occurring in the 21st century. • Enables a fuller comprehension of how contemporary ideas about gender and power are being debated, reinforced, and challenged • Offers a repository of key concepts used by local scholars and country specialists who study gender-based violence • Sheds light on gender-based violence and women's advocacy against discrimination that is occurring around the world • Lists major events that have occurred in relation to women and violence around the world through history in a chronology • Offers insightful information related to the chapters in sidebars throughout the text