The Gods Themselves

pidity, the gods themselves contend in vain.' I'm no god and I'll contend no longer. Let it go, Pete, and go your way. Maybe the world will last our time and, if not, there's nothing that can be done anyway. I'm sorry, Pete.

Author: Isaac Asimov

Publisher: Spectra

ISBN: 0307792382

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In the twenty-second century Earth obtains limitless, free energy from a source science little understands: an exchange between Earth and a parallel universe, using a process devised by the aliens. But even free energy has a price. The transference process itself will eventually lead to the destruction of the Earth's Sun—and of Earth itself. Only a few know the terrifying truth—an outcast Earth scientist, a rebellious alien inhabitant of a dying planet, a lunar-born human intuitionist who senses the imminent annihilation of the Sun. They know the truth—but who will listen? They have foreseen the cost of abundant energy—but who will believe? These few beings, human and alien, hold the key to Earth's survival.

The Gods Themselves

The invention of the Inter-Universe Electron Pump has threatened the rate of hydrogen fusion in the sun, leading, inevitably, to the possibility of a vast explosion - and the vapourisation of the Earth exactly eight minutes later.

Author: Isaac Asimov

Publisher: Gollancz

ISBN: 9780575129054

Category: Humanity

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In the year 2100, the invention of the Electron Pump - an apparently inexhaustible supply of free energy - has enabled humanity to devote its time and energies to more than the struggle for survival, finally breaking free of the Earth. But the Electron Pump works by exchanging materials with a parallel universe, and such unbalancing of the cosmos has consequences. Humans and aliens alike must race to prevent a vast nuclear explosion in the heart of the Sun - and the vaporisation of the Earth exactly eight minutes later ...

The Osage Tribe the Rite of Vigil

Even the gods themselves 65. Make way for me as I approach . 66. When the little ones make of me their bodies , 67. Even the gods themselves 68. Shall make way for the little ones , as they travel the path of life . 69.

Author: Francis La Flesche



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A Human Shaped God

5 The Greeks believed the gods themselves (at least most of them) were inherently upright. Otherwise, you would have to say that goodness and justice exist apart from the gods. This, in turn, presents a host of philosophical problems.

Author: Charles Halton

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 1646982215

Category: Religion

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A Human-Shaped God approaches the humanlike accounts of God in the Old Testament as the starting places for theology and uses them to build a picture of the divine. This understanding of God is then brought into conversation with traditional conceptions that depict God as a being who knows everything that happens, is at every place at the same time, is constant and unchanging, and does not ultimately have material form. But instead of pitting the Old Testament's humanlike view of God against traditional theology and assuming that only one of these understandings is correct, A Human-Shaped God posits that theologians should embrace both of these constructions simultaneously. This is a new way of theological inquiry that embraces both the humanlike characteristics of God and the transcendence of God in traditional theology. By seeing and understanding the humanlike depictions of God in the Old Testament and by using the rich language of traditional theology together in tandem, the reader acquires a much deeper and meaningful understanding of God.

The Fortnightly Review

There is no room in “ Shinto " for idols , the gods themselves being ever present in their embodiments or their works ... Nor is there any need of a written revelation where nature herself , “ without , within , above us and around ...






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Nature the Utility of Religion and Theism

The Gods were not supposed to concern themselves much with men's conduct to one another , except when men had contrived to make the Gods themselves an interested party , by placing an assertion or an engagement under the sanction of a ...

Author: John Stuart Mill



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Church Review and Ecclesiasiastical Register

Our mythology does not conceal that they are dependent and transitory beings , and the deep consciousness of this which pervades it no less pervades the gods themselves , who anticipate their own imminent destruction in and with the ...

Author: Nathaniel Smith Richardson




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The Principles of Sociology

... the bride must give up her clan and its gods for those of her husband : reminding us of the representation made by ... will some of them desert him and attach themselves to a neighbouring chief ( § 452 ) ; so , among a polytheistic ...

Author: Herbert Spencer



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The Social Results of Early Christianity

The sight of the loves of the gods was sure to produce licentiousness ; whilst that of their wars was not ... the gods given as an excuse for that of men , but where this is represented as inspired by the gods themselves.10 When the man ...

Author: Charles Schmidt



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