The Great Big Book of Feelings

The book opens with the question: "How are you feeling today?

Author: Mary Hoffman

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Bks

ISBN: 9781847807588

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 40

View: 450

The book opens with the question: "How are you feeling today?" And this leads on to a spread by spread presentation of a wide range of feelings, including: *Happy * Sad * Excited * Bored * Interested * Angry * Upset * Calm * Silly * Lonely * Scared * Safe *Embarrassed * Shy * Confident * Worried * Jealous * Satisfied The final spread is about Feeling Better because sharing and talking about feelings helps us to feel better. The approach and design follows The Great Big Book of Families, with lots of different children in lots of different situations, brief text captions and questions and plenty of humour to make sure the book is fun. Mary Hoffman and Ros Asquith look at feelings in family life, at school and everywhere with the same warmth, wit and sensitivity that they brought to their award- winning The Great Big Book of Families.

The Great Big Brain Book

Collect more of the books in this brilliant series: The Great Big Book of Families Winner of the SLA Information Book Award The Great Big Book of Feelings "A terrific book—essential for schools and perfect for families" Marilyn ...

Author: Mary Hoffman

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books

ISBN: 0711241546

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 41

View: 598

You're brain is absolutely amazing! They are responsible for absolutely every single thing we do. Every time we breath, or walk or talk or eat, it’s all because of our brilliant brains! When we feel happy or sad, when we drop something, when we run or draw - none of this would be possible without our fantastic brains. Find out how our brains work, how they control the rest of the body and how they change over time. From how they create our memories, to how they help us learn new things and what happens to them when we are asleep, great ready to uncover lots of fascinating facts about the brain. And don’t forget to look out for the friendly cat on every page, helping us learn all about our wonderful brains!

Reading Power Revised Expanded Edition

Choose from the following books to create a collection of Connect books for your classroom or library. ... The Pain and the Great One (I) Browne, Anthony. ... The Great Big Book of Feelings (P) Heide, Florence Parry.

Author: Adrienne Gear

Publisher: Pembroke Publishers Limited

ISBN: 1551389134

Category: Education

Page: 192

View: 739

Ten years ago, Reading Power was launched in an elementary school in Vancouver. It has since evolved into a recognized approach to comprehension instruction being implemented across Canada, in the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, and China. This ground-breaking approach showed teachers how to help students think while they read — connect, question, visualize, infer, and transform. Since the publication of the first edition of Reading Power, Adrienne Gear has continued to reflect on and refine her ideas about metacognition, comprehension instruction, and the Reading Power strategies. This revised and expanded edition shares these new understandings, and offers teachers new ideas, new lessons, and, of course, new anchor books to support the Reading Power principles. An ideal resource for teachers familiar to this strategic approach to teaching reading, or for those looking for new ways to connect thinking with reading.

Big Book of Blob Feelings

The perfect companion to this book is The Big Book of Blob Feelings 2, which provides a huge range of new material while following the same structure and approach.

Author: Pip Wilson

Publisher: Blobs

ISBN: 9780815353690


Page: 128

View: 150

The Big Book of Blob Feelings uses questions linked to specially selected, photocopiable pictures to help you explore feelings with those who struggle to communicate about their emotions. Tried, tested and loved internationally, this inspirational resource includes a wealth of material around: Blob Theory - the feelosophy, our open-question approach and the importance of allowing people to express their choices freely; Emotions - every day we all experience a wide range of feelings, a broad selection of which have been illustrated to kick-start discussions; Developmental issues - the objective of each of the sheets is to see people of all ages grow in their awareness of who they are, their uniqueness, and how they can develop those gifts further as they share with others. Each picture is accompanied by ideas and questions to kick-start class, group or one-to-one discussion so that everything in the book is relevant to your needs in your setting. The complete book is also included electronically on the accompanying CD Rom so that you can print and re-use resources as often as you need to. The perfect companion to this book is The Big Book of Blob Feelings 2, which provides a huge range of new material while following the same structure and approach.

Powerful Understanding

These books deal with feelings. Some titles explore a range of both positive and negative feelings, while others focus on a character experiencing a “feeling Garcia, ... The Great Big Book of Feelings (P, I) Kachenmeister, Cherryl.

Author: Adrienne Gear

Publisher: Pembroke Publishers Limited

ISBN: 1551389290


Page: 176

View: 810

Powerful Understanding explores effective ways to build social-emotional skills and help students make connections, question what they read, and reflect on their learning as they develop into stronger readers and learners. Lessons based in both strategic and critical thinking revolve around core anchor books that help integrate inquiry into everything you teach — from social responsibility, to immigration, to life cycles. This highly readable book includes a wealth of classroom examples and extensive hands-on activities designed to help students to think more deeply, learn more widely, and develop a more powerful understanding of what it means to be a responsible and compassionate person.

Powerful Writing Structures

Alma and How She Got Her Name FEELInGS Cain, Janan. The Way I Feel Hoffman, Mary. The Great Big Book of Feelings Miller, Pat Zietlow. When You Are Brave Parr, Todd. The Feelings Book (P) Poulin, Andrée. When You're Scared WorrIES Black, ...

Author: Adrienne Gear

Publisher: Pembroke Publishers Limited

ISBN: 1551389436

Category: Education

Page: 198

View: 384

This timely book uses thinking structures to deepen student writing. It revolves around “brain pockets” to help students appreciate the qualities of different writing forms. Some powerful examples include memory pockets for personal narrative writing, fact pockets for nonfiction, and imagination pockets for story writing. Detailed lesson plans are featured along with sample anchor books and book lists. Based on extensive classroom testing, student samples throughout the book illustrate this unique approach to teaching writing. Suggestions for setting up an effective writing program and assessment tips for guiding instruction complete this comprehensive approach to developing a year-long writing program.

Teaching Primary Humanities

You Choose (Goodhart, 2018), You Choose in Space (Goodhart, 2017), The Great Big Book of Feelings (Hoffma, 2016), How Are You Feeling Today? (Potter, 2014). • Chris Riddell's (2017) My Little Book of Big Freedoms use 16 sketches to ...

Author: Russell Grigg

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351797093

Category: Education

Page: 302

View: 983

The second edition of Teaching Primary Humanities, which focuses on history, geography and religious education, has been fully updated to reflect policy developments and recent curriculum changes throughout the United Kingdom. The authors reaffirm the importance of teaching the humanities in a fast-changing world. This is a book packed full of practical ideas to make learning enjoyable, challenging and relevant. This revised edition features: An extended critique of fundamental British values and how these could be taught The role of the humanities in teaching critical literacy skills in an era of 'fake news' A focus on the key concepts of time, place and community in the Early Years New suggestions for professional learning and development Guidance on realistic planning and assessment for busy teachers Links to the most useful, updated websites and resources Chapters include tasks, research briefings and points for reflection to stimulate further thinking. Teaching Primary Humanities should be essential reading for trainee teachers and experienced practitioners looking for support and inspiration to showcase the contribution of the humanities to children’s all-round education.

Coping with Divorce and Separation

Books The Great Big Book of Feelings, Mary Hoffman (Lincoln Children's Books, 2016) When Parents Separate (Questions and Feelings about...), Dawn Hewitt (Franklin Watts, 2017) Websites ...

Author: Jilly Hunt


ISBN: 147477315X

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 33

View: 907

Are you trying to cope with your parents' separation or divorce? Maybe a friend of yours is going through this and you want to help him or her. This useful book gives lots of information about how to cope with your parents' separation or divorce. Characters Ali and Annie will guide you through the issues and give you advice and 'top tips', while Charlie the dog shows that he understands how you might feel.

The Oxford Companion to Children s Literature

The book was widely praised in its early days (admirers from the beginning included Richard *Hughes and Naomi ... story of a young Somalian refugee, and The Great Big Book of Feelings and The Great Big Book of Families with Ros Asquith.

Author: Daniel Hahn

Publisher: Oxford Quick Reference

ISBN: 0199695148

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 678

View: 228

The last thirty years have witnessed one of the most fertile periods in the history of children's books. A fascinating reference guide to the world of children's literature, this volume covers every genre from fairy tales to chapbooks; school stories to science fiction; comics to children's hymns

Promoting Young Children s Emotional Health and Wellbeing

I have Inside Outsmall dolls which I often use to help children explore and talk about feelings and emotions. ... are How are You Feeling Today by Molly Potter (2014), All Kinds of Feelings by Emma Brownjohn (2003), The Great Big Book ...

Author: Sonia Mainstone-Cotton

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 1784503118

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 168

View: 158

Positive emotional health in a child's earliest years can be a critical factor in their future development. Offering practical suggestions for games, activities and exercises designed to promote emotional wellbeing in young children, this essential guide showcases a wide range of approaches such as mindfulness and meditation, Forest School and Reggio Emilia to provide a hands-on reference for teachers and parents. Drawing on over 25 years' experience as an early years professional, the author explores topics including playfulness, stillness, sensory play, creativity and staff wellbeing. Each topic references current best practices and international examples, and also includes a comprehensive list of further resources and activities. Providing an informative introduction to both theory and practice, this book demonstrates easy-to-implement ideas for any professional or parent engaging with young children.