Author: James L. Lowther, PhD

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469162296

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THE GROUP By Dr. James Lowther Danny Carter has won a scholarship to attend Enlightenment University in New England. Since Danny wants to be a Christian philosopher, he accepts the challenge of going to a completely and unabashedly humanistic university in order to learn philosophy. Shortly after matriculating to the school he is annoyed by a classmate's ridiculing of his faith, so Danny challenges this student, Peter Grayson, just to listen to a complete Christian apologetic without ridicule or interruption before he makes such scathing judgments. Peter takes him up on his challenge and invites Danny to a philosophy club meeting to present his case and undergo due scrutiny. Danny accepts and six sessions are set up to discuss the Bible, origins, morality, and evidences of faith. The book is honest about criticisms of the Bible and faith and answers to them. In the meantime Danny tries to find a good church home near campus that is somewhat akin to his home church in northeast Georgia, runs into the pastor's daughter of a local church who is working at a local coffee shop. He discovers the church through a flyer on the counter of the shop that is advertising the church's fall festival. He walks the five miles to the church in a driving rain storm and for his troubles begins a romantic relationship with the pastor's daughter, finds a loving supporting church that spiritually and tangibly backs his efforts to be a missionary on the secular campus of EU, and finds some trouble when the leading church member's daughter is attracted to Danny. The stream of tension runs furious in three tributaries of Danny's life. First, the attacks on his Christian beliefs and value system are relentless. Second, Danny's hedonistic roommate, an art major, mocks his moral values, but then ends up being hit by a truck after a drinking binge. Third, Danny's romantic interest in the pastor's daughter of the church he started attending is complicated by the blonde daughter of the lead deacon in the church, a rich lawyer, aggressively pursuing Danny. Though the book has its light moments it is a serious work to arm Christian students to defend their faith in school and guard them against attacks on that faith. The book does not soft peddle the criticisms against the Bible, but instead tries to answer those criticisms forthrightly. It is the author's long held believe that that Bible and the Christian faith will stand firm against the strongest arguments thrown at them. It is with this aim that the book is written.

Literary Memory Consciousness and the Group Oulipo

Author: Brill Academic Pub

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9789042014381

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The question of memory intrigues us more and more as industrialized societies move further and further away from the written word. In the past the role of memory was integral to literary history, precise mnemonics served as the support systems for erudition, and Mnemosyne was mother of the Muses. The group Oulipo, born in reaction to the Surrealists, proposes, invents, and applies novel literary constraints. Using memory, and best of all conscious memory, as a theoretical starting point, the implications of writing under constraint are analyzed. First, writing under constraint is viewed as a new mnemonics; second, the spiritual component of such a practice is shown to redefine a notion of inspiration; third, constraints and their relationship with games and society is highlighted; finally the manner in which they build a literary consciousness is studied through the lenspiece of contemporary neurobiological research. For the first time the work of the group Oulipo, and the member's emphasis on the function of literature, is placed in historical, cultural, and philosophical context.

The Anti Group

Destructive Forces in the Group and their Creative Potential Morris Nitsun. example highlights the vital importance of selection and group composition, ...

Author: Morris Nitsun

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 131759553X

Category: Psychology

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The 'anti-group' is a major conceptual addition to the theory and practice of group psychotherapy. It comprises the negative, disruptive elements, which threaten to undermine and even destroy the group, but when contained, have the potential to mobilise the group's creative processes. Understanding the 'anti-group' gives therapists new perspectives on the nature of relationships and alternative strategies for managing destructive behaviour.

The Oxford Handbook of Group and Organizational Learning

For this reason, the impact of personnel turnover can be an indicator of group and organizational learning—to the extent that turnover harms productivity, ...

Author: Linda Argote

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0190263369

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