Health and Humanitarianism

Exhibitions, television series and the film Testament of Youth (2014) have highlighted the work of Red Cross volunteers. The History of the British Red Cross, 1870-2020 tells the broader story of the BRC within politics and society.

Author: Rosemary Cresswell

Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic

ISBN: 9781350027961

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The British Red Cross (BRC) has played a pivotal role in the history of war, international relations, humanitarianism and health in modern Britain, and interest in the charity has been piqued by the centenary of the First World War. Exhibitions, television series and the film Testament of Youth (2014) have highlighted the work of Red Cross volunteers. The History of the British Red Cross, 1870-2020 tells the broader story of the BRC within politics and society. Major episodes in modern British political and military history are integral to the story of the BRC, from the second wave of European colonialism and the South African War, to the two World Wars. Following the Second World War, the BRC provided vital support for the new National Health Service, organised civil defence activities during the Cold War, and responded to the suffering resulting from the actions of terrorists from the IRA to Al-Qaida. As Britain's representative to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the charity plays a key role in international relations and disaster relief. The 150th anniversary of the establishment of the National Society for Aid to the Sick and Wounded in War, founded in 1870 as the United Kingdom's member of the ICRC, provides a ripe opportunity for the publication of the first fully-contextualised account of the history of the BRC.

1870 2020 History Debunked

That neither the February 1945 Yalta Conference (the summit of the three leaders of Russia, US, and Britain), nor the Vatican, nor even the International Red Cross, spoke of any “Holocaust” or “the six Million” legend, and none of them ...

Author: Rowald Holt

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This book is dedicated to all the victims of wars that a small minority of evil and soulless monsters have started and supported for power and profit. Their hubris and contempt for human lives and their perfidious and nefarious use of propaganda against those who refuse to submit to their agenda are the biggest threat to our freedom and liberty. My support also goes to all those, Jews and Gentiles alike, who have the courage to expose the evil of Word Zionism. May their efforts and perseverance enlighten the peoples of the world and prevent the cataclysm that looms over all of us. This book is not meant to spread hatred against anybody. It is lies that promote hatred, because they can be manipulated to suit the liars. Truth cannot be altered and also serves to promote reconciliation and peace.

Southern Irish Loyalism 1912 1949

4, 1870 to the Present (Cambridge, 2018), p. 231; Keith Jeffery, 1916: A Global History (London, 2016), pp. 110–11. More than 13,000 Irish women served under the joint committee of the British Red Cross and St John Ambulance Association ...

Author: Brian Hughes


ISBN: 1789621844

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This book brings together new research on loyalism in the 26 counties that would become the Irish Free State. It covers a range of topics and experiences, including the Third Home Rule crisis in 1912, the revolutionary period, partition, independence and Irish participation in the British armed and colonial service up to the declaration of the Republic in 1949. The essays gathered here examine who southern Irish loyalists were, what loyalism meant to them, how they expressed their loyalism, their responses to Irish independence and their experiences afterwards. The collection offers fresh insights and new perspectives on the Irish Revolution and the early years of southern independence, based on original archival research. It addresses issues of particular historiographical and political interest during the ongoing 'Decade of Centenaries', including revolutionary violence, sectarianism, political allegiance and identity and the Irish border, but, rather than ceasing its coverage in 1922 or 1923, this book - like the lives with which it is concerned - continues into the first decades of southern Irish independence. CONTRIBUTORS: Frank Barry, Elaine Callinan, Jonathan Cherry, Seamus Cullen, Ian d'Alton, Sean Gannon, Katherine Magee, Alan McCarthy, Pat McCarthy, Daniel Purcell, Joseph Quinn, Brian M. Walker, Fionnuala Walsh, Donald Wood

Sleuthing Miss Marple

Van Dine, S. S. ([1926] 2020), The Benson Murder Case, Flame Tree Publishing: London. ... British Red Cross (2018), 'First World War: ... Graves, Robert and Alan Hodge ([1940] 1985), The Long Weekend: A Social History ...

Author: Desirée Prideaux

Publisher: Liverpool University Press

ISBN: 1800854455

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Sleuthing Miss Marple mirrors the structure and playful analytic style of a detective novel. Beginning at the ‘scene of the crime’, this investigation places Agatha Christie and the clue-puzzle in historical context, casting light on the methods, the motives, and, in a sense, the alibis that underpin Christie’s crime fiction. In keeping with the clue-puzzle analytical method devised for this book, each chapter builds towards a conclusion that delivers a surprising intellectual payoff. This enquiry is unapologetically textual in approach. It constructs a rigorous evidence base drawn from the Marple short stories and novels, and presents a useful interpretation of crime fiction scholarship. This provides a foundation for original literary analyses that reveal Christie’s engagements with gender roles and genre rules, and the sleights of hand that they conceal. Christie’s modus operandi is uncovered, as are the narrative strategies and literary devices that she deployed to ambush unwary readers. Crucially, this investigation shows how Christie’s ingenious methods made it possible for an elderly spinster to get away with solving murder. Sleuthing Miss Marple will be invaluable for students and researchers of crime fiction, twentieth-century literature, and creative writing.

Above the Fray

Red Cross Decorations,” British Medical Journal, August 17, 1872, 200. Clara Barton, The Red Cross: A History of This Remarkable International Movement in the Interest of Humanity (Washington, DC: American National Red Cross, 1898), ...

Author: Shai M. Dromi


ISBN: 022668024X

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"We now take humanitarian nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) such as the Red Cross or Oxfam for granted, but as sociologist Shai Dromi shows us, these social organizations are a relatively recent invention. In fact, when the Red Cross movement, which arose from the efforts of orthodox Calvinists, first began to advocate for impartial humanitarian work in the mid-1800s, it was met with incredulity, suspicion, and ethical objections. But within two decades the idea that humanitarian organizations are an absolute social necessity swept North Atlantic civil societies, giving rise to a growing humanitarian sector that spanned three continents and appealed to aristocrats, professionals, clergy, and working classes alike. The genesis of the humanitarian field from the religious convictions of its founders provides an exceptionally revealing historical case that demonstrates how abstract moral beliefs create new social institutions that, in turn, preserve and replicate them through history"--

Sounds of War

Music in the British Armed Forces during the Great War Emma Hanna ... Media History, 1998, 4:1, 61–76 Hornsby, Stephen J., 'Patterns of Scottish Emigration to Canada, 1750–1870', Journal of Historical Geography, October 1992, 18:4, ...

Author: Emma Hanna

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 110848008X

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Music in all its forms was an indispensable part of everyday life in Britain's armed forces during the Great War.

The Fourth Geneva Convention for Civilians

The History of International Humanitarian Law Gilad Ben-Nun ... 6 On the ICRC's confrontations with the UK government and the British Red Cross over torture, summary execution and the Kenyan system of concentration camps, ...

Author: Gilad Ben-Nun

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1838604324

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The Fourth Geneva Convention, signed on 12th August 1949, defines necessary humanitarian protections for civilians during armed conflict and occupation. One-hundred-and-ninety-six countries are signatories to the Geneva Conventions, and this particular facet has laid the foundations for all subsequent humanitarian global law. How did the world – against seemingly insurmountable odds – draft and legislate this landmark in humanitarian international law? The Fourth Geneva Convention for Civilians draws on archival research across seven countries to bring together the Cold War interventions, founding motives and global idealisms that shaped its conception. Gilad Ben-Nun draws on the three key principles that the convention brought about to consider the recent events where its application has either been successfully applied or circumvented, from the 2009 Gaza War, the war crimes tribunal in the former Yugoslavia and Nicaragua vs. the United States to the contemporary conflict in Syria. Weaving historical archival research, a grounding in the concepts of international law, and insightful analysis of recent events, this book will appeal to a broad range of students, academics and legal practitioners.

Accidents in History

84 Sir Thomas Longmore , who appears in the records of the Order in 1870 , was then Deputy Inspector - General in the ... with six other members of the Order of St John , who pressed for the organization of a British Red Cross in 1868 ...


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Scant attention has been paid to perceptions of risk and danger in the past — in particular, to the history of accidents and the meanings of the accidental. This collection of interdisciplinary essays addresses this lacuna providing a theoretically informed historical sociology of the accident and risk. It explores the social and cultural contexts in which ‘acts of God', calamities, catastrophes, disasters, injuries, casualties, and other category of ‘mishaps' were experienced, conceptualized and responded to.

One Hundred Years History Of The Chinese In Singapore The Annotated Edition

Mr Cheng Gum left considerable property to his son, Lee Keng Hee, who was born in 1870 and was educated at the High ... the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in 1918 for her charity work and contributions to the British Red Cross during ...

Author: Ong Siang Song

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9811217645

Category: History

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Since its publication in 1923, Sir Song Ong Siang's One Hundred Years' History of the Chinese in Singapore has become the standard biographical reference of prominent Chinese in early Singapore, at least in the English language. This fact would have surprised Song who saw himself primarily as a compiler of historical and biographical snippets. The original was not referenced in academic fashion and contained a number of errors. This annotation by the Singapore Heritage Society takes Song's classic text and updates it with detailed annotations of sources that Song himself might have consulted, and includes more recent scholarship on the lives and times of various personalities who are mentioned in the original book. This annotated edition is commissioned by the National Library Board, Singapore and co-published with World Scientific Publishing.

The Oxford Handbook of Gender War and the Western World since 1600

Geoffrey Best, Humanity in Warfare: The Modern History of the International Law of Armed Conflict London (London: Weidenfeld ... Buckingham Palace, July 11, 1905, D/Wan/16/1/22, British Red Cross Archives (hereafter cited as 36. BRCA).

Author: Karen Hagemann

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0197513123

Category: Social Science

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To date, the history of military and war has focused predominantly on men as historical agents, disregarding gender and its complex interrelationships with war and the military. The Oxford Handbook of Gender, War, and the Western World since 1600 investigates how conceptions of gender have contributed to the shaping of war and the military and were transformed by them. Covering the major periods in warfare since the seventeenth century, the Handbook focuses on Europe and the long-term processes of colonization and empire-building in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Australia. Thirty-two essays written by leading international scholars exploreÂthe cultural representations of war and the military, war mobilization, and war experiences at home and on the battle front. Essays address the gendered aftermath and memories of war, as well as gendered war violence. Essays also examineÂmovements to regulate and prevent warfare, the consequences of participation in the military for citizenship, and challenges to ideals of Western military masculinity posed by female, gay, and lesbian soldiers and colonial soldiers of color. The Oxford Handbook of Gender, War, and the Western World since 1600 offers an authoritative account of the intricate relationships between gender, warfare, and military culture across time and space.