The Inner Voice of Love

This is Henri Nouwen's "secret journal.

Author: Henri Nouwen

Publisher: Image

ISBN: 9780307768773

Category: Religion

Page: 144

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This is Henri Nouwen's "secret journal." It was written during the most difficult period of his life, when he suddenly lost his self-esteem, his energy to live and work, his sense of being loved, even his hope in God. Although he experienced excruciating anguish and despair, he was still able to keep a journal in which he wrote a spiritual imperative to himself each day that emerged from his conversations with friends and supporters. For more than eight years, Henri Nouwen felt that what he wrote was too raw and private to share with others. Instead, he published The Return of the Prodigal Son, in which he expressed some of the insights gained during his mental and spiritual crisis. But then friends asked him, "Why keep your anguish hidden from the many people who have been nurtured by your writing? Wouldn't it be of consolation for many to know about the fierce inner battle that lies underneath so many of your spiritual insights?" For the countless men and women who have to live through the pain of broken relationships, or who suffer from the loss of a loved one, this book about the inner voice of love offers new courage, new hope, even new life. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Voice for Love

" Diane Youngs, Director of the Shanti Christo Foundation, Publisher of The Way of Mastery "I've shared with our church congregation that this is the best book I have read on HOW to be in communication with God.

Author: DavidPaul Doyle

Publisher: Foundation for Right-Mindedness

ISBN: 9780976661344

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 336

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Deep within your soul, you've yearned for the ability to clearly hear God's Voice. The Voice for Love is the answer to your prayer. Tapping into this Source of Loving Guidance and Wisdom is your God-given birthright. The secret of connecting to what many have called the Holy Spirit has long been shrouded in mystery. For the first time, The Voice for Love reveals the step-by-step keys to unlocking this Presence of God within you as a distinct and clear Inner Voice. The Voice for Love will empower you to uncover and develop your greatest potential, experience true healing and peace, receive answers to your life-long questions, discover your unique purpose in the world, and access the inner guidance, comfort, and connection you truly seek. "At a time when many of the 'spiritual' books coming forth are really spiritual fantasy and fiction, The Voice for Love arrives as a true educative manual for the student devoted to hearing the Voice of God within. DavidPaul and Candace are emerging as two of the best educators in the spiritual community." Diane Youngs, Director of the Shanti Christo Foundation, Publisher of The Way of Mastery "I've shared with our church congregation that this is the best book I have read on HOW to be in communication with God. I couldn't put the book down because it was so easy to understand and such joyful reading. Not only did I receive communication within, but the concepts are the way to live a joyous life. I will be practicing daily to be in dialogue with Spirit. Thank you for helping me to discover my Divine Voice!" Rev. Susan EngPoole, Unity Church of Louisville, KY "Filled with Truth and inspiration throughout, this wonderful book brings insight and clarity to hearing God's Voice within!" James Twyman, Peace Troubadour and author of Emissary of Light DavidPaul and Candace Doyle have taught tens of thousands of people how to access the Voice of God within them. Regardless of what you call this Inner Wisdom, God's Voice, Holy Spirit, still small voice within, joining with and using this Voice in your life creates the power to give you everything you truly seek. DavidPaul and Candace live in Ashland, Oregon with their daughter, Hannah. What Readers Are Saying "I purchased your book several weeks ago. It arrived in the mail. I unwrapped it, looked at it, and thought, "Why did I ever buy this?" It sat on the bookshelf and sat on the bookshelf, until one day, I picked it up and could not put it down. It's incredible! Thank You. Thank You. Thank You!" Wanda Anderson, Salem, WA "The Voice for Love has become my inspiration, comforter, and goal ... my inspiration for counseling sessions with others, my comforter when I doubt and judge myself, and my daily goal in print. I have one copy in the kitchen and one in the car to be with me everywhere I go!" Rita Hoegel, NSW, Australia "For anyone wishing to hear or strengthen their connection with that still small voice within, this book is a "MUST READ." DavidPaul and Candace expertly and lovingly coach the reader inward to their own endless font of knowledge and guidance. It is a beautiful, kind, gentle, and very wise book. Just the reading of it brought me to such a quiet and peaceful place." Audrey Lloyd, Port Orange, Florida "I thoroughly enjoyed The Voice for Love. It is a delightful book that not only illuminates Truth, but does so with a rare simplicity and ease. An excellent guide on the journey of the soul." Jayem, scribe for The Way of Mastery

The God who Speaks

voice that shows the way. You know that inner voice. You turn to it often.12 There
are two realities to which you must cling. First, God has promised that you will
receive the love for which you have been searching. And, second, God is faithful
to ...

Author: Ben Campbell Johnson

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 9780802827548

Category: Religion

Page: 215

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As Christians we believe that God speaks -- that God has spoken to people down through the centuries and still speaks to us today. But just how does God speak to us? Has his speech changed over time? And how do we bhearb the voice of God? In this insightful book Ben Campbell Johnson explores the subject of divine speech, highlighting its importance to faith and leading Christian believers into the practice of listening for Godbs voice in daily life. Johnson first explores the biblical foundations of divine communication, tracing the ways that God has spoken to humankind from the calling of Abraham, to the appearance of Jesus, to the continuing work of the Spirit in the early church. He then gleans important lessons about Godbs language from a wide range of Christian figures throughout history -- Polycarp, Julian of Norwich, Teresa of Cvila, Henri Nouwen, and others. As this historical record shows, God communicates with us in a variety of ways. In exploring these different modes of bGodSpeech, b Johnson deftly guides readers into the practice of bintensive listening, b a way of posing issues to God and discerning his response. Numerous anecdotes illuminate Johnsonbs discussion, and each chapter ends with questions for reflection and discussion as well as suggestions for journaling. Johnson concludes the book by recounting a number of personal experiences that vividly illustrate the value of learning to listen to Godbs voice. At a time when many Christians hunger for a more personal, meaningful connection with God, this book shows readers how to discern divine language and forge a closer, richer relationship with bthe God who speaks.b

Seeds of Hope

Author: Henri J. M. Nouwen

Publisher: Image


Category: Religion

Page: 296

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A revised and updated collection of the Catholic theologian's most compelling works conveys powerful messages of hope and includes reflections from such works as The Return of the Prodigal Son, The Road to Daybreak, The Way of the Heart, and The Inner Voice of Love. Reprint.

The Inner Voice of the Heart

To cherish means to respect and to hold someone dear, To appreciate their
essence and to honor and revere Part of love's true devotion is you appreciate
and you care, Like a child needs their blanket or their tattered teddy bear With
affection ...

Author: James P. Robson

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781477255643

Category: Poetry

Page: 114

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“The Inner Voice of the Heart” is a collection of poems written during late 2008 through mid-2012. Each of them resulted from personal thoughts and experiences and from reading God’s Word. Before writing down these words I processed them through my heart to be blessed by the Holy Spirit. Listening to the inner voice of the heart opens up the Truth of being. It takes practice, patience and faith to hear and understand as the Holy Spirit responds, conveys and directs the Truth through the magic of the heart. My hope is that each reader will use these poems as a guide and a catalyst to gain insight into the power and love of the Holy Spirit, who was sent as a Comforter by the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

You are the Beloved

139, 141–142; NOVEMBER 5, Love, Henri, p. 144; NOVEMBER 6, The Inner
Voice of Love, p. 63; NOVEMBER 7, Gracias!, pp. 74– 75; NOVEMBER 8, Love,
Henri, p. 95; NOVEMBER 9, Finding My Way Home, pp. 136–137; NOVEMBER
10, ...

Author: Henri J. M. Nouwen

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1473632544

Category: Religion

Page: 400

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'We are the Beloved. We are intimately loved long before our parents, teachers, spouses, children and friends loved or wounded us. That's the truth of our lives. That's the truth I want you to claim for yourself. That's the truth spoken by the voice that says, "You are my Beloved."' - Henri Nouwen, Life of the Beloved Henri Nouwen, priest, professor and writer, devoted much of his later ministry to emphasising the singular concept of our identity as the Beloved of God. In an interview, he said that he believed the central moment in Jesus' public ministry to be his baptism in the Jordan, when Jesus heard the affirmation, 'You are my beloved son on whom my favour rests.' 'That is the core experience of Jesus,' Nouwen writes. 'He is reminded in a deep, deep way of who he is ... I think his whole life is continually claiming that identity in the midst of everything.' You Are Beloved is a daily devotional created from the very best of Nouwen's writings, paired with daily Scripture readings, that reveals our identity as children of God, and which encourages us to live out that truth in our daily lives. Nouwen is at once refreshingly accessible, unafraid to wrestle with challenging questions, and above all an encouraging and sympathetic voice along the way.

The Face of the Inner Voice

What if your Inner Conscious take a human form as your twin?

Author: Sahaj Ravindra Balgunde


ISBN: 9781521704424


Page: 56

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What if your Inner Conscious take a human form as your twin? Saket is a lone son of his parents. But what happens when his Inner Consciousness take a human form as his twin? A Fiction Story which Revealing the Mysteries of the Four Conscious Minds and Stonehenge with the twist of the Cosmic Consciousness and love between Saket and his crush.

Messy Spirituality

God's Annoying Love for Imperfect People Mike Yaconelli ... Your insecurity, your
self-doubt, and your great need for affirmation make you lose trust in your inner
voice and run away from yourself. But you know that God speaks to you through ...

Author: Mike Yaconelli

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310867878

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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I Guess I’m Not a Very Good Christian . . .Do you feel like:I don’t pray enoughI don’t read my Bible enoughI don’t share my faith enoughI don’t love God enoughI’m not committed enoughI’m not spiritual enoughThen this book is for you. Messy Spirituality was written for the silent majority of us who have been convinced that we just don’t do Christianity right. We spend most of our lives worried about what we don’t do instead of what we have done, focused on our imperfections instead of God’s fondness for the imperfect. Why? Because we’ve been bombarded with books, tapes, talks, seminars, and movies convincing us that real Christianity is all about perfection.Michael Yaconelli dares to suggest that imperfection, infiniteness, and messiness are, in fact, the earmarks of true Christianity; that real Christianity is messy, erratic, lopsided . . . and gloriously liberating. What if genuine faith begins with admitting we will never have our act completely together? Maybe messy disciples are exactly the kind of imperfect people Jesus came to earth for and whose company he actually enjoyed--and still enjoys. If you want to find Jesus today, look for him in the midst of burned-out believers, moral misfits, religious incompetents . . . men and women whose lives are, well, messy. Messy Spirituality is a strong antidote for the spiritual perfectionism in us all. Here are truths that can cut you loose from the tyranny of ought-to’s and open your eyes to the deep spirituality of being loved, shortcomings and all, by the God who meets you and transforms you in the midst of a messy and unpredictable life.

Journey to Love

In "Journey to Love," Gloria discovers the inner voice that continually beckons her further through an unknown forest preserve, a trek to Europe in search of truth, and an unexpected move to Florida.

Author: Gloria Ponziano

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 160247754X

Category: Religion

Page: 142

View: 717

Her quest for fulfillment may be much like yours. In "Journey to Love," Gloria discovers the inner voice that continually beckons her further through an unknown forest preserve, a trek to Europe in search of truth, and an unexpected move to Florida. Join Gloria as she battles through the confusion, frustration, and despair that ultimately lead to a season of breakthrough where she surrenders to a life of trust and hope.

Into God s Presence

Pamphlet published by the Divine Healing Mission, East Sussex. 2. Learning the
Language of Prayer © Joyce Huggett. 3. John Stott, quoted in OC Team
Newsletter (spring 2002). 4. Henri Nouwen, The Inner Voice of Love, published
and ...

Author: Liz Babbs

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310300002

Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 702

For the heart that longs for communion with Christ... For the soul that thirsts for intimacy with its Creator... For the man or woman in search of a living relationship with the Living God... Meditation and contemplative prayer have been described as the best-kept secrets in the church. Introducing this ancient spiritual discipline and applying it to the needs of busy contemporary people, Into God’s Presence helps readers bring the gentle rhythms of grace into a twenty-four/seven world. From one-minute meditations for hectic days to contemplating Scripture for spiritual insight, readers will discover a wide range of practices for creating a deeper intimacy with God in their daily prayer life. Into God’s Presence offers simple and accessible ways to communicate with God in prayer every day, encouraging readers to integrate the timeless practice of meditative prayer into modern life. This delightful book on meditation is a timely reminder of our need to be still before God, in order to hear from him. – Fiona Castle Liz Babbs book gives a friendly and approachable introduction to Christian meditation, and will stimulate many to venture into an enriching and rewarding new journey with Jesus Christ. -- Rev Dr Rob Frost I’ve enjoyed all Liz’s books, but this one beats them all! She manages to make the mysterious and complex subjects of contemplative prayer, Christian meditation and knowing God intimately seem easy and possible even for a busy ‘Martha’ like me! – Jennifer Rees Larcombe

The Passion of Reverend Nash A Novel

In the dank stairwell above the undercroft, Fredpretended toprimphisnonexistent
hair. “No,” she said, “better than ... She needed to center in, to draw God close, to
hear what Henri Nouwen called “the inner voice of love.” The inner voice of love ...

Author: Rachel Basch

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393350940

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 952

In the vein of Gail Godwin's Evensong, a powerful novel that explores faith and sisterhood in small-town New England. Reverend Jordanna Nash is the "dangerously tall," bicycle-riding, female minister who commands the pulpit of Hutchinson Congregational Church. She came to this Connecticut town where her sister and four nephews live in an attempt to escape the loss of her own two babies, as well as to distance herself from her faltering marriage. If Jordanna's personal life is cursed, her professional life is, seemingly, blessed—her congregation cherishes her dynamic presence in their community. But when a depressed young mother she's been counseling suddenly disappears and a member of the church youth group gets pregnant, Jordanna's faith in God and in herself is profoundly shaken. A novel about the role of faith in contemporary life, The Passion of Reverend Nash tells the story of a wounded healer who must make sense of her own grief if she is to continue caring for her flock. As Jordanna struggles to render meaning from loss, readers of her story will be taken on an unforgettable spiritual journey.

The Voice of the New Year

as rich and refreshing cordials ; as lights in the perpetual darkness of her solitary
life . ... She spoke of Christian friends who visited her occasionally , to read to her
the precious word of truth , and regarded their visits as tokens of a Father's love .
... she did not enjoy , which she never had enjoyed , even in the excitement of
festive dances , alternated , as they were , with the reproaches of the inner voice .

Author: Sidney O'MOORE




Page: 137

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The Inner Voice

This book, The Inner Voice: God is Calling You, would not be possible without the
love and support of my loving Father which art in heaven. Theinner voice” that
resides within me has helped me understand the power behind what I possess ...

Author: Cherie Jones

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595393721

Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 968

It's time to start living the life God purposely created just for you! You were divinely created with natural characteristics, gifts, and summons from God which is the "inner voice" that lives in us. The obedience of the "inner voice" will make the difference between living a life of fulfillment, or being the victim of enslavement that will soon squeeze your soul to the limit of feeling no escape from the busy lifestyle of stress. How often do you feel your life has no direction, routine, unimportant, or trapped? The Inner Voice: God is Calling You gives guidance on how to escape this mentality. This book teaches you how to live a more simple and peaceful life. It helps give guidance about God's simple purpose for human creation. Many people believe that God only calls certain people to be disciples of his work, but God has a calling on any and everyone that wishes to accept His gift. Unfortunately, many will never witness their true purpose because they will never grow spiritually mature enough to hear God's call. If we are going to be all we are meant to be, this is where we must begin. Hear his call!

Teach Only Love

The Twelve Principles of Attitudinal Healing Gerald G. Jampolsky ... our only
function is forgiveness. Rather than making decisions based on the fearful past, it
states that we can learn to make decisions by listening to the inner voice of love.

Author: Gerald G. Jampolsky

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 145166303X

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 224

View: 576

Dr. Jampolsky believes there is another way of looking at life that makes it possible for us to walk through this world in love, at peace and without fear. This other way requires no external battles, but only that we heal ourselves. It is a process he calls “attitudinal healing,” because it is an internal and primarily mental process. Jampolsky believes that attitudinal healing, when properly practiced, will allow anyone, regardless of her circumstances, to begin experiencing the joy and harmony that each moment holds, and to start her journey on a path of love and hope. The mind can be retrained. Within this fact lies our freedom. Our attitudes determine whether we experience peace or fear, whether we are well or sick, free or imprisoned. Love, in its true meaning, is the attitude that this book is about. Love is total acceptance and total giving—with no boundaries and no exceptions. Love, being the only reality, cannot be transformed. It can only extend and expand. It unfolds endlessly and beautifully upon itself. Love sees everyone as blameless, for it recognizes the light within each one of us is. Love is the total absence of fear and the basis for all attitudinal healing. The principles of attitudinal healing have been expanded since Teach Only Love was first published in 1983. There are now twelve principles, which are used in the 150 Centers for Attitudinal Healing around the world. Dr. Jampolsky believes that these principles have a universal appeal that crosses cultural and religious barriers. He has repeatedly seen how people’s lives have transformed when these principles became their heartbeat and their way of communicating with others.


Listen has the answers, and Lynn Robinson, M.Ed., delivers them with clarity and style. Intuition, says Robinson, is vitally important, particularly when personal crises meet global, economic ones.

Author: Lynn Robinson

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0762761865

Category: Self-Help

Page: 224

View: 586

A powerful, practical guide to using intuition during stressful life transitions * Intuition has become widely recognized as a sixth sense that we all have. But just how do we routinely access this remarkable inner guide—especially in times of crisis? And how do we use it not only to survive but actually to thrive? Listen has the answers, and Lynn Robinson, M.Ed., delivers them with clarity and style. Intuition, says Robinson, is vitally important, particularly when personal crises meet global, economic ones. It's our inner compass that points us in the direction of success—in love, finances, career choices, and everyday decisions. Written in the engaging style that has made her a popular speaker, this deep, wise, and spiritual book demystifies intuition and reveals the secrets of how to listen to one's inner voice and interpret intuitive signs such as feelings, symbols, words, dreams, and physical sensations. Ultimately, readers learn how to move safely through the inevitable crises of life, and steadily toward their hopes and dreams. Features: * Quizzes, tips, exercises, and journal questions that suggest creative soluitions to problems and help readers identify the ways intuition communicates with them * Words of wisdom from people who have successfully used intuition in their lives

Reaching for the Invisible God Study Guide

As a temple of the living God, what business have I rooting around in what I know
God disapproves of? Henri Nouwen calls this new identity “the inner voice of love
,” an indwelling reminder that frees me to act as God's beloved, beyond the ...

Author: Philip Yancey

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310867916

Category: Religion

Page: 176

View: 419

"How do I relate to a God who is invisible when I’m never quite sure he’s there?"--Philip YanceyLife with God doesn’t always work like we thought. High expectations slam against the reality of personal weaknesses and unwelcome surprises. And the God who we’ve been told longs for our company may seem remote, emotionally unavailable. Is God playing games? What can we count on him for? This relationship with a God we can’t see, hear, or touch--how does it really work?The Reaching for the Invisible God Study Guide gives you a path in your personal quest for answers. Dovetailing with Philip Yancey’s book Reaching for the Invisible God, the twelve sessions are your opportunity to journey toward insights that affirm and dignify your most pressing questions--even the ones you may have found it hard to ask. Get ready to experience the challenges and rewards of relating to God as he is, not as you’ve thought he is. Yancey shifts your focus from questions to the One who offers himself in answer: the God who invites you to reach for him--and find.Includes:* Bible readings * Discussion questions* Personal reflections and applications* Tips for group leaders* Summary excerpts from Reaching for the Invisible God

Living Loved

Henri Nouwen, The Inner Voice of Love (New York: Doubleday, 1996), 47—48.
Used by permission of Doubleday, a division of Random House. 11. Thomas R.
Hatina, '“That They May Be One': Love in St. John and Vladimir Soloviev,” The ...

Author: Peter M. Wallace

Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 1596270659

Category: Religion

Page: 165

View: 852

A devotional book of meditations based on specific verses or passages from the Gospel of John. It uses the highly acclaimed and popular translation, The Message, by Eugene Peterson. Like Wallace's earlier book, Out of the Quiet, it consists of short and very accessible meditations, approaching Jesus through the eyes of the disciple whom Jesus loved,- so that men and women can begin to see themselves in John's place as the beloved one, and, as a result, take up the responsibilities of discipleship in a world that needs Jesus' loving touch.

Following Jesus

Drawn from those talks, this new work reveals what sustained Nouwen to remain faithful to the teachings of Jesus and led him to become an icon of compassion and vulnerability.

Author: Henri J. M. Nouwen

Publisher: Convergent Books

ISBN: 1101906405

Category: Religion

Page: 144

View: 491

“Timeless wisdom for life from one of the great spiritual masters of our age.”—James Martin, S.J., author of Jesus: A Pilgrimage In this never-before-published work of inspiration, the bestselling author of The Return of the Prodigal Son offers a compelling case for why Christianity is still relevant, beautiful, intelligent, and necessary in the modern world. At one of the lowest points in Henri Nouwen’s life, he gave a series of lectures on the importance of following Jesus in an age of anxiety. Drawn from those talks, this new work reveals what sustained Nouwen to remain faithful to the teachings of Jesus and led him to become an icon of compassion and vulnerability. Here he writes eloquently about calling and purpose, fear and hope. And he explains why—with so many choices available to the twenty-first-century seeker—the greatest reward for those looking for spiritual direction is rediscovering Jesus’s teaching on love. Along the way, Nouwen offers warm, insightful, practical habits to help readers navigate the narrow, sometimes arduous, but ultimately fulfilling road of conviction and faith. Praise for Following Jesus “Few writers have influenced me more than Henri Nouwen. These newly published lectures offer fresh and timely insights amid the familiar cadences of Nouwen’s prose, written from a place of deep anxiety but even deeper hope.”—John Inazu, professor of political science, Washington University in St. Louis, author of Confident Pluralism “In Following Jesus, beloved pastor and spiritual mentor Henri Nouwen guides the reader on the journey he has traveled as a follower of Jesus. Without minimizing the anxieties, fears, and brokenness that touch down in every reader’s story, Nouwen gently leads the way into a life that centers on Jesus and engulfs the follower with God’s love, a sense of belonging, and a purpose that endures. Truly a wise and welcome word for anyone in this age of anxiety.”—Carolyn Custis James, author of Half the Church: Recapturing God’s Global Vision for Women and Finding God in the Margins

All is Well

A good general healing affirmation is “ I now learn to trust my higher self . I
release all ideas that are unlike the voice of love . I listen with love to my inner
voice . ” Deafness is related to isolation and stubbornness and what you don't
want to ...

Author: Louise L. Hay

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 140193501X

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 249

View: 331

In a book that divides the body into seven "emotion centers," the author asserts that emotions have a tremendous effect on how the various areas of the body manifest themselves.