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IF YOU DON'T KNOW SIMON SCARROW, YOU DON'T KNOW ROME! THE LEGION is the action-packed tenth novel in Simon Scarrow's bestselling Eagles of the Empire series. Perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell and Conn Iggulden.

Author: Simon Scarrow

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0755357205

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

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IF YOU DON'T KNOW SIMON SCARROW, YOU DON'T KNOW ROME! THE LEGION is the action-packed tenth novel in Simon Scarrow's bestselling Eagles of the Empire series. Perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell and Conn Iggulden.'Scarrow's [novels] rank with the best' Independent Egypt, AD 49. Cato, one of the youngest Prefects of the Roman army, and Centurion Macro have a tough posting: to track down and destroy a gang of former gladiators who have turned to piracy. Driven by vengeance, these hardened brutes have been defiling temples, sinking Roman ships, and slaughtering men, women and children. What's worse is that they are doing it all under the name of Macro and Cato, in an attempt to stir up a rebellion against the occupying forces. And it's working. If Macro and Cato don't stop the pirates in time, it could be the beginning of the end for the Roman Empire...

Eagles of the Empire I II and III

Readers love Simon Scarrow's Eagles of the Empire novels: 'Absolutely fantastic series' 'What an amazing book, honestly cannot recommend this enough' 'I have read the whole series, and am now starting to re-read them.

Author: Simon Scarrow

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1472277627

Category: Fiction

Page: 1344

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Available together in one ebook volume for the first time, three of Simon Scarrow's action-packed novels of the mighty Roman army. Introducing heroes Macro and Cato - for everyone who loves tales of courage and camaraderie from the days of the Roman Empire IF YOU DON'T KNOW SIMON SCARROW, YOU DON'T KNOW ROME Praise for the Eagles of the Empire novels: 'I really don't need this kind of competition... It's a great read' Bernard Cornwell 'Rollicking good fun' Mail on Sunday 'It's Spartacus meets Master and Commander in this rip-roaring, thoroughly entertaining tale of swashbuckling adventure from one of the most exciting writers of historical fiction' Scottish Daily Record UNDER THE EAGLE (Eagles of the Empire I) AD 42, Germany. New recruit Cato is finding life in the Roman Second Legion brutal. Promoted above his comrades thanks to his connections, he's resented by the other men. He could really use a friend amongst his fellow soldiers right now. A brave and determined soldier, Cato quickly earns the respect of his Centurion, Macro, a battle-hardened veteran. On a campaign to Britannia - a land of utter barbarity - an enduring friendship begins. But as they battle to thwart a conspiracy against the Emperor the men find themselves in a desperate fight to survive... THE EAGLE'S CONQUEST (Eagles of the Empire II) Britannia, AD 43. Britannia is bleak, rainy and full of vicious savages. As right-hand man to Centurion Macro, young soldier Cato battles alongside his commander in bloodier combat than he could ever have imagined. But the Britons are fighting back with Roman weapons - which means someone in their own ranks is supplying arms to the enemy. Cato and Macro are about to discover even deadlier adversaries than the British barbarians... WHEN THE EAGLE HUNTS (Eagles of the Empire III) Britannia, AD 44. Cato and Macro are pawns in Rome's lust to conquer Britain. During the freezing winter, the two men and their legion fight the bloodthirsty natives in hand-to-hand battles that haunt Cato for days afterwards. But in a place full of enemies, the most vicious are the Druids of the Dark Moon; brutal men who have captured the wife and children of General Plautius. Macro and Cato must travel deep into enemy territory and recover the hostages. The fate of the Roman army depends on the outcome... Readers love Simon Scarrow's Eagles of the Empire novels: 'Absolutely fantastic series' 'What an amazing book, honestly cannot recommend this enough' 'I have read the whole series, and am now starting to re-read them. Thoroughly enjoyable' 'Simon Scarrow's characters are superb and realistic'

Britannia Eagles of the Empire 14

Legate Valens Commander of XX Legion and Acting Commander of XIV Legion ! ... men on foot – normally 10 squadrons at full strength) Optios (1 per squadron) ...

Author: Simon Scarrow

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1472213297

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

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IF YOU DON'T KNOW SIMON SCARROW, YOU DON'T KNOW ROME! A Sunday Times bestseller. Shortlisted for the Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prize. Simon Scarrow's veteran Roman soldier heroes face a cunning and relentless enemy in BRITANNIA, the unforgettable fourteenth novel in the bestselling Eagles of the Empire series. Roman Britain, AD 52. The western tribes prepare to make a stand. But can they match the discipline and courage of the legionaries? Wounded Centurion Macro remains behind in charge of the fort as Prefect Cato leads an invasion deep into the hills. Cato's mission: to cement Rome's triumph over the natives by crushing the Druid stronghold. But with winter drawing in, the terrain is barely passable through icy rain and snowstorms. When Macro's patrols report that the natives in the vicinity of the garrison are thinning out, a terrible suspicion takes shape in the battle-scarred soldier's mind. Has the acting Governor, Legate Quintatus, underestimated the enemy? If there is a sophisticated and deadly plan afoot, it's Cato and his men who will pay the price... Includes maps, chart and author Q&A.

Eagles and Empire

They were recruited into the Legión Extranjera (Foreign Legion), later renamed ... Taylor's quartermaster, Colonel Trueman Cross, disappeared on April 10.

Author: David A. Clary

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 0553906763

Category: History

Page: 624

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A war that started under questionable pretexts. A president who is convinced of his country’s might and right. A military and political stalemate with United States troops occupying a foreign land against a stubborn and deadly insurgency. The time is the 1840s. The enemy is Mexico. And the war is one of the least known and most important in both Mexican and United States history—a war that really began much earlier and whose consequences still echo today. Acclaimed historian David A. Clary presents this epic struggle for a continent for the first time from both sides, using original Mexican and North American sources. To Mexico, the yanqui illegals pouring into her territories of Texas and California threatened Mexican sovereignty and security. To North Americans, they manifested their destiny to rule the continent. Two nations, each raising an eagle as her standard, blustered and blundered into a war because no one on either side was brave enough to resist the march into it. In Eagles and Empire, Clary draws vivid portraits of the period’s most fascinating characters, from the cold-eyed, stubborn United States president James K. Polk to Mexico’s flamboyant and corrupt general-president-dictator Antonio López de Santa Anna; from the legendary and ruthless explorer John Charles Frémont and his guide Kit Carson to the “Angel of Monterey” and the “Boy Heroes” of Chapultepec; from future presidents such as Benito Juárez and Zachary Taylor to soldiers who became famous in both the Mexican and North American civil wars that soon followed. Here also are the Irish Soldiers of Mexico and the Yankee sailors of two squadrons, hero-bandits and fighting Indians of both nations, guerrilleros and Texas Rangers, and some amazing women soldiers. From the fall of the Alamo and harrowing marches of thousands of miles in the wilderness to the bloody, dramatic conquest of Mexico City and the insurgency that continued to resist, this is a riveting narrative history that weaves together events on the front lines—where Indian raids, guerrilla attacks, and atrocities were matched by stunning acts of heroism and sacrifice—with battles on two home fronts—political backstabbing, civil uprisings, and battle lines between Union and Confederacy and Mexican Federalists and Centralists already being drawn. The definitive account of a defining war, Eagles and Empire is page-turning history—a book not to be missed.

Empire s Eagles

Ney made his appearance the next day, November 10. ... with the epaulets of his rank, the ribband of St. Louis, and the plate of the Legion of Honour; ...

Author: Thomas E Crocker


ISBN: 1633886557


Page: 488

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The never-before told story of how Napoleon's top brass escaped to America after Waterloo. Empire's Eagles is colorful, new, and an effectively unknown chapter in American history. In its center is the mystery of whether Napoleon's "Bravest of the brave," Marshal Ney, cheated a firing squad to escape under an alias and reinvent himself in America. At sunset on June 18, 1815 Napoleon Bonaparte was in desperate flight from the battlefield at Waterloo. Racing to reach Paris, he abandoned on the road his armored coach and Imperial necessaire containing a fortune in precious gems and cash. Would he stand and fight again or flee to the United States of America? On the run and with his options dwindling by the day, Napoleon came within one hour of secretly slipping to America on a Baltimore privateer with the active collusion of the United States consul in Bordeaux. Empire's Eagles tells the details of this story for the first time ever.

The Irish Quarterly Review

When a legion was encamped , they placed the eagle in the centre of that quarter
, and if it bappened that two legions were ... For our part we give no credit to this
legend , and for many these eagle . ple on its empire which h reasons 10 THE ...




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The Emperor and the Army in the Later Roman Empire AD 235 395

4 10 11 12 14 15 16 17 19 20 21 22 23 25 26 CTh. ... Ambrose talks of Gratian's army being led not by military eagles but by the name of Christ (de.fide.

Author: Mark Hebblewhite

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1317034309

Category: History

Page: 240

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With The Emperor and the Army in the Later Roman Empire, AD 235–395 Mark Hebblewhite offers the first study solely dedicated to examining the nature of the relationship between the emperor and his army in the politically and militarily volatile later Roman Empire. Bringing together a wide range of available literary, epigraphic and numismatic evidence he demonstrates that emperors of the period considered the army to be the key institution they had to mollify in order to retain power and consequently employed a range of strategies to keep the troops loyal to their cause. Key to these efforts were imperial attempts to project the emperor as a worthy general (imperator) and a generous provider of military pay and benefits. Also important were the honorific and symbolic gestures each emperor made to the army in order to convince them that they and the empire could only prosper under his rule.

Blockbusters and the Ancient World

16 Philip French, 'The Eagle – Review', Observer, 27 March 2011, ... 'Review: The Last Legion', Variety, 17 August 2007, accessed 10 May 2015, ...

Author: Chris Davies

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1350105023

Category: History

Page: 256

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Following the release of Ridley Scott's Gladiator in 2000 the ancient world epic has experienced a revival in studio and audience interest. Building on existing scholarship on the Cold War epics of the 1950s-60s, including Ben-Hur, Spartacus and The Robe, this original study explores the current cycle of ancient world epics in cinema within the social and political climate created by September 11th 2001. Examining films produced against the backdrop of the War on Terror and subsequent invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, this book assesses the relationship between mainstream cinema and American society through depictions of the ancient world, conflict and faith. Davies explores how these films evoke depictions of the Second World War, the Vietnam War and the Western in portraying warfare in the ancient world, as well as discussing the influence of genre hybridisation, narration and reception theory. He questions the extent to which ancient world epics utilise allegory, analogy and allusion to parallel past and present in an industry often dictated by market forces. Featuring analysis of Alexander, Troy, 300, Centurion, The Eagle, The Passion of the Christ and more, this book offers new insight on the continued evolution of the ancient world epic in cinema.

Sea Eagles of Empire

... built structure north of the Alps (Hall and Merrifield, 1986, 10). ... the legionaries and auxilia of the army or the milites of the regional fleets.

Author: Simon Elliott

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 0750969318

Category: History

Page: 256

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The Roman war machine comprised land and naval forces. Although the former has been studied extensively, less has been written and understood about the naval forces of the Roman Empire. Britain’s navy, known as Classis Britannica until the mid-third century, was a strong fighting force in its own right. Its vessel types, personnel, tactics, roles and technology have never been studied in depth. Here in Sea Eagles of Empire Simon Elliott explores the story of this famed naval force, through the reigns of several Roman emperors, discussing the important role it played in military campaigns all across Europe and in policing the waters of the Roman Empire in Britain. Military History Monthly Book of the Year Gold Award winner 2017.

The national encyclop dia Libr ed

... and fifty Of the French orders those belonging to the LEGION OF for the civil
service , unless it should become desirable to HONOUR will be found ... The
Order of the Iron Cross was instituted on 10th sume centre as the grand - crosses
, but without a gold March , 1813 , by Frederick ... The star shows of an oral form
ornamented with shamrocks , within which in the centre the double eagle of the
empire ...

Author: National cyclopaedia





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Religion and Belief

Once again the existence of the standards in the pre-centuriate legions cannot ... Empire and the eagle is often used as a royal symbol within it.66 Also, ...

Author: Malcolm Heath

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443860069

Category: History

Page: 196

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Religion and Belief: A Moral Landscape is a collection of essays from the 4th Annual Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Conference at the Department of Classics, University of Leeds. The book collates a wide range of issues and initiates a discussion on the nuances and multifaceted concepts of religion and belief. The topics range from ancient Greek religion and philosophy, through the Roman world and early Judeo-Christian beliefs, to modern burial practices and 21st century ‘New-Atheism’. By presenting religion and belief in this macrocosmic landscape, simple conceptions and caricatures of religion and belief are shown to be mis-leading and ultimately redundant. This book engages with the complex and multi-faceted nature of religion and belief across time.

Matthew and Empire

Josephus calls these eagle - standards ( aquilae ) “ sacred emblems , ” which “ precede every legion , because it is the king and the bravest of all the ...

Author: Warren Carter

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781563383427

Category: Religion

Page: 249

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"In Matthew and Empire, Warren Carter argues that Matthew's Gospel protests Roman imperialism by asserting that God's purposes and will are performed not by the empire and emperor but by Jesus and his community of disciples. Carter makes the claim for reading Matthew this way against the almost exclusive emphasis on the relationship with the synagogue that has long characterized Matthean scholarship. He established Matthew's imperial context by examining Roman imperial ideology and material presence in Anitoch, the traditional provenance for Matthew. Carter argues that Matthean Christology, which presents Jesus as God's agent, is shaped by claims - and protests against those claims - that the emperor and the empire are God's agents. He pays particular attention to the Gospel's central irony, namely that in depicting God's ways and purposes, the Gospel employs the very imperial framework that it resists. Matthew and Empire challenges traditional readings of Matthew and encourage fresh perspectives in Matthean scholarship."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

A Companion to Latin Studies

legionaries and 12 years for the guards ($728). ... Under the Empire the normal size of the legion was 5600 men in 10 cohorts.

Author: John Edwyn Sandys

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107497590

Category: History

Page: 932

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First published in 1921, this book aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to the study of ancient Rome and the Romans. The topics covered include Italian flora and fauna, state religion, typical clothing, medicine, art, literature and law, all written by authors with academic experience in their particular field.

Napoleon s Satellite Kingdoms

Joseph was simultaneously king of Naples and grand elector of the empire.10 He
was styled JosephNapoleon ( Giuseppe - Napoleone ) . The bees of the empire
and the eagle of the Legion of Honor appeared on the royal arms . Six imperial ...

Author: Owen Connelly



Category: Europe

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The Eagle

The Ninth Legion marched into the mists of Northern Britain—and they were never seen again. Thousands of men disappeared and their eagle standard was lost. It's a mystery that's never been solved, until now . . .

Author: Rosemary Sutcliff

Publisher: Square Fish

ISBN: 9780312564346

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 240

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The Ninth Legion marched into the mists of Northern Britain--and they were never seen again. Thousands of men disappeared and their eagle standard was lost. It's a mystery that's never been solved, until now . . . Marcus has to find out what happened to his father, who led the legion. So he sets out into the unknown, on a quest so dangerous that nobody expects him to return.

Brothers in Blood

The Roman Empire's conquest of Britannia is under threat from within.

Author: Simon Scarrow


ISBN: 9780755393930

Category: Cato, Quintus Licinius (Fictitious character)

Page: 384

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The Sunday Times bestselling author of THE GLADIATOR and CENTURION returns with another unputdownable, thrilling and action-packed novel of the Roman army in Britannia. The Roman Empire's conquest of Britannia is under threat from within. A messenger on the streets of Rome has been intercepted and tortured, revealing a plot to sabotage the Roman army's campaign against Caratacus, commander of Britannia's native tribes. A treacherous agent's mission is to open a second front of attack against them and eliminate the two Roman soldiers who could stand in the way. Unwarned, the Prefect Cato and the Centurion Macro are with the Roman army pursuing Caratacus and his men through the mountains of Britannia. Defeating Caratacus seems within their grasp. But the plot against the two heroes threatens not only their military goals but also their lives. Includes 2 maps and Roman army organisation chart.

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Volume I

10 Cæsar formedhis legion Alauda of Gauls and strangers; but it was during the licence ofcivilwar; ... 12 Tacitus calls the Roman Eagles, Bellorum Deos.

Author: Edward Gibbon

Publisher: Modern Library

ISBN: 0679641467

Category: History

Page: 928

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'It was at Rome, on the 15th of October 1764, as I sat musing amid the ruins of the capitol, while the barefooted friars were singing vespers in the temple of Jupiter, that the idea of writing the decline and fall of the city first started to my mind,' recorded Edward Gibbon with characteristic exactitude. Over a period of some twenty years, the luminous eighteenth-century historian--a precise, dapper, idiosyncratic little gentleman famous for rapping his snuff-box--devoted his considerable genius to writing an epic chronicle of the entire Roman Empire's decline. His single flash of inspiration produced what is arguably the greatest historical work in any language--and surely the most magnificent narrative history ever written in English. 'Gibbon is one of those few who hold as high a place in the history of literature as in the roll of great historians,' noted Professor J.B. Bury, his most celebrated editor. This three-volume Modern Library edition of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire--with Gibbon's notes--is edited with a general introduction and index by Bury, along with an introduction by Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Daniel J. Boorstin. The Volumes are illstrated with reproductions of etchings by Gian Battista Piranesi. The first volume contains chapters one through twenty-six of The Decline and fall of the Roman Empire.

National Directory of Nonprofit Organizations

... ( 7 ) Services of the Inland Lighthouse for the Associates ( 10 ) Alternative Gift
Markets America ( 7 ) Spring Valley Lake Empire Inc ( 7 ) ... Club of 92408 Inc ( 9
) American Legion ( 10 ) Church ( 10 ) Redlands Inc ( 9 ) 92415 Arrowhead
Christian Heritage Rancho The Kilns ... ( 9 ) Maud Foundation Neighborly
Service ( 8 ) Eagles ( 10 ) Laborers International Association for Childrens Center
of Inc ( 10 ) City ...




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Religious Rivalries and the Struggle for Success in Caesarea Maritima

... everywhere in the empire . Each legion had its own standard , which bore the
images of the particular animals associated with the legion , 10 topped by the
image of an eagle in gold . As we know , besides being the bird of Jupiter , the
eagle ...

Author: Canadian Corporation for Studies in Religion

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press


Category: History

Page: 398

View: 424

Contains 16 contributions representing work drawn from a multi-year seminar conducted through the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies. North American and European contributors, primarily associated with religiously affiliated universities, address literary, inscriptional, and archaeological evidence on Pagans, Samaritans, Jews, and Christians, including how each group interacted with the religious 'other', as well as studies exploring the Caesarea centurion Cornelius and Roman army religion, pagan-Jewish revelries in Caesarea and Alexandria, and other topics.

The Roman Empire Augustus to Hadrian

H. ILS 2284 , Veleia in Italy [ TO ---- , soldier of the Legion | Fourth ... of Juristic Papyrology 9-10 ( 1955–6 ) 117ff .; Chalon , op . cit . passim .

Author: Sherk

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521338875

Category: History

Page: 302

View: 981

A collection of Greek and Latin inscriptions and papyri in English translation. Supplements such major literary sources as Tacitus, Suetonius, and Dio in the study of Roman imperial history.