Love Letters to the Dead

And only when Laurel has begun to see her sister as the person she was -- lovely and amazing and deeply flawed -- can she begin to discover her own path in this stunning debut from Ava Dellaira, Love Letters to the Dead.

Author: Ava Dellaira

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)

ISBN: 0374346682

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 336

View: 851

It begins as an assignment for English class: Write a letter to a dead person. Laurel chooses Kurt Cobain because her sister, May, loved him. And he died young, just like May did. Soon, Laurel has a notebook full of letters to people like Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, Amelia Earhart, Heath Ledger, and more -- though she never gives a single one of them to her teacher. She writes about starting high school, navigating new friendships, falling in love for the first time, learning to live with her splintering family. And, finally, about the abuse she suffered while May was supposed to be looking out for her. Only then, once Laurel has written down the truth about what happened to herself, can she truly begin to accept what happened to May. And only when Laurel has begun to see her sister as the person she was -- lovely and amazing and deeply flawed -- can she begin to discover her own path in this stunning debut from Ava Dellaira, Love Letters to the Dead.

Love in the Time of the Dead

LANEY FOUND SOLACE in the routine of daily life at Dead Run River. The heaviest part of that routine, unfortunately, was Mitchell ignoring and avoiding her.

Author: Tera Shanley

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1623420598

Category: Fiction

Page: 229

View: 139

Laney Landry has been fighting Deads alongside her brother and friends for three years. But she has a secret. She's immune to Dead bites and has to find the right people to trust with the information. Her team rallies around her to find a doctor who can extract a vaccine from Laney which could fight the virus that ended the world. Sean Daniels leads a colony that provides her team with much needed shelter and supplies. He is obviously interested in Laney. The question is whether he's only intrigued by her as a source for the possible vaccine, or for something more. Tests for the cure might push her body beyond what it can endure, and just as she faces a ghost from her past, her longtime teammate Derek Mitchell hints at an interest in more than just her Dead slaying abilities. Two honorable and alluring men -- one colossal decision to make. Despite historically bad taste in men, can she rise above the chaos of the apocalypse and choose the one who deserves her heart? The right choice could mean the difference between surviving...and just living

The Dead Woman in Love

I threw you a glance in which I put all the love I had, which I had and ... me, who you have resurrected from the dead with a kiss, Clarimonde the dead, ...

Author: ThŽophile Gauthier


ISBN: 0244241562


Page: 64

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First published in 1836, Théophile Gautier's 'The Dead Woman in Love' is a supernatural tale, recounting the life of the priest named Romuald who falls in love with the beautiful and enigmatic Clarimonde, who the reader later learns to be a vampire. At the beginning of the tale, Romuald is asked whether he has ever loved and to which he responds, "yes." On the day of his Ordination, when he was a young man, he sees a beautiful woman whose hypnotic voice promises to love him and to make him happier than he would be in heaven. Torn between his amorous attraction to her and his Christian beliefs, he finishes the ceremony despite her appeals. However, he is captured by her beauty and he is taken away from his life as a priest to live in Venice with the alluring vampire, who subsists by drinking his blood while he sleeps.

Love Letters to the Dead

You won't see her fall in love for the first time. And if her heart gets broken and she curls under the flannel sheets she just washed and cries, ...

Author: Ava Dellaira

Publisher: Hot Key Books

ISBN: 1471402894

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 288

View: 210

Sometimes the best letters are the ones that go unanswered It begins as an assignment for English class: write a letter to a dead person - any dead person. Laurel chooses Kurt Cobain - he died young, and so did Laurel's sister May - so maybe he'll understand a bit of what Laurel is going through. Soon Laurel is writing letters to lots of dead people - Janis Joplin, Heath Ledger, River Phoenix, Amelia Earhart... it's like she can't stop. And she'd certainly never dream of handing them in to her teacher. She writes about what it's like going to a new high school, meeting new friends, falling in love for the first time - and how her family has shattered since May died. But much as Laurel might find writing the letters cathartic, she can't keep real life out forever. The ghosts of her past won't be contained between the lines of a page, and she will have to come to terms with growing up, the agony of losing a beloved sister, and the realisation that only you can shape your destiny. A lyrical, haunting and stunning debut from the protégé of Stephen Chbosky (THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER).

The Dead Camel and Others Stories of Love

Jehanara was impressed with how easily Moon Bordoloi slipped into college and acquired a presence, and she understood this to mean she was in love.

Author: Parvati Sharma

Publisher: Zubaan

ISBN: 938101745X

Category: Fiction

Page: 148

View: 375

In which an uncast ballot precipitates social embarrassment and recalls a past love, a young housewife finds her kitchen plagued by unabashed canoodling in the flat next door, an aspiring novelist tries to forget near-manslaughter, a schoolgirl discovers the travails of depilation, and, in a locked room, two medieval noblewomen recount the amorous avowals of a young soldier. There’s also the small matter of a dead camel lying unattended on the streets of Delhi. These twelve stories explore the unsaid, the unfinished and the misunderstood, the shocks and nuances of love and sexuality, responsibility and ambition, and our tentative attempts to peel away the layers of stories that make up our lives. “Beautifully precise writing. These stories capture people with such exactitude that you know they must come from a serious student of life. But this is one of those serious books at which you never stop laughing, for Parvati Sharma’s sense of the world is lively, generous and wickedly original.” — Rana Dasgupta, author of Solo Published by Zubaan.

Drawing the Dead Portraits of Love

Our lives intertwine in a love story of eternal never ending love. Michael died of cancer in the early 1960's, a few years after I had crossed.

Author: Sheri Hawk


ISBN: 0557104920

Category: Religion

Page: 124

View: 820

A must read for those curious about the spirits that watch over them as well as those on their own spiritual path of discovery. Sheri Hawk shares portraits of spirits and their stories. Learn how to create your own spirit art.

Love You Dead

From Romero with Love or (The One Where Everyone Dies) The tombs were also opened and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised.

Author: Max Houdek

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 1684090822

Category: Fiction


View: 397

Nuzzled deep in the backwoods of Maine, the town of Loganville has existed in relative peace and quiet since America’s inception. But like every small town, there are secrets that lie buried just beneath the surface—things most people have chosen to forget or ignore. One day, Gwen Sinais hopes, this includes her and her mother—a crazed zealot that most people refer to as the Prophet of Loganville. Gwen has carried her mother’s reputation with her for her entire life. The other kids shun her; their parents give her weird looks, and Gwen wants nothing more than to run away and never see another person again for the rest of her life. That is until, of course, she meets the mysterious boy who hangs out by the graveyard. She may even be attracted to him. But stranger things are happening around town . . . The town seems quieter than normal, except for the odd sounds people have been reporting. Bodies have been disappearing from the cemetery. A meteor has even fallen from the sky. As a steady mist starts to roll into town, and the prophet’s fictions start sounding more and more like fact, the town begins to teeter on the edge of chaos . . . And that’s when the zombies show up . . .

Love Makes the Dead Alive

Journey to a Gothic Romance Dinesh Singh. ESH SINC, H. C. Q * - Y Love Makes the Dead Alive Journey to a Gothic Romance. Front Cover.

Author: Dinesh Singh

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 1643241567

Category: Fiction

Page: 160

View: 176

An ominous accident puts Karan, a skeptical boy, in between the Demon and the Divine. A series of mind numbing haunts sets him on a perilous journey to battle an evil power. Vasuki’s tormented soul finds Karan to quash virulent Pishach. Karan sets her soul free, but at a heavy price. He doesn’t know that Fate has unanticipated plans for him.

Love Letters to the Dead Chapters 1 5

Love letters to the dead / Ava Dellaira. — First edition. pages cm Summary:WhenLaurelstarts writing letters to dead people for a school assignment, ...

Author: Ava Dellaira

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)

ISBN: 1466860332

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 32

View: 993

Download the first five chapters of LOVE LETTERS TO THE DEAD by Ava Dellaira. It begins as an assignment for English class: Write a letter to a dead person. Laurel chooses Kurt Cobain because her sister, May, loved him. And he died young, just like May did. Soon, Laurel has a notebook full of letters to people like Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, Amelia Earhart, Heath Ledger, and more-though she never gives a single one of them to her teacher. She writes about starting high school, navigating new friendships, falling in love for the first time, learning to live with her splintering family. And, finally, about the abuse she suffered while May was supposed to be looking out for her. This luminous debut novel has garnered exhuberant pre-publication praise from Laurie Halse Anderson, Jay Asher, Gayle Forman, and Lauren Myracle, and foreign rights have sold to six countries.

When Dead Men Love

through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life (Romans 6:34).

Author: Nonye Pearl Mike-Nnaji

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1491760311

Category: Religion

Page: 176

View: 964

Are you gazing at life through a keyhole? Does the life you see and yearn for seem unreachable? Are there possibilities in life you cannot access? Do you feel trapped in your imperfections and shortcomings? Is every day a grind? What if we could step out and be part of life, thrive in life, and be more than ordinary? What if we could really lose sight of our selfish ambitions and unselfishly give ourselves to people around us? What if we could have peace and give peace, look happy and really be happy? Author Nonye Pearl Mike-Nnaji’s When Dead Men Love reveals the only unity, harmony, and oneness that aligns our lives to their greatest purposes. The author provides an insight to the joy and the incredible exploits that will come through our love of and absolute surrender to Christ. Nonye shows you a simple but powerful lifestyle that brings us to a point where we can exhale at last and embrace a profound transformation. We can really live our lives amazed and truly enchanted by the wonders that come our way each day. And we can be happy and at peace. As the author shows, infinite possibilities that once seemed unachievable can be within our reach when we let Christ live through us. We will step into the realm of the incredible because of our love and devotion to God.

Dead Love

This was the second time I'd been to a love hotel with Ryu. He liked the drama of the surroundings. He liked the privacy, and I liked anything that involved ...

Author: Linda McFerrin

Publisher: Stone Bridge Press

ISBN: 1611725011

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 599

Zombies, ghouls, vampires, gangsters; pursuit, betrayal, death—it's a globalized manga turned literature. Dead Love is Twilight with teeth.

Wisconsin Reports

The living heart eludes the bonds of its own clay ; and goes forth , into the dark
infinite , after the undying soul of the dead , with a yearning and undying love ,
which is nature's prophecy of immortality - nature's instinct that the soul does not
die ...

Author: Wisconsin. Supreme Court



Category: Law reports, digests, etc


View: 519

A Dead Man Can t Love U

If Shardaé was to be free she had to forgive the Dead Man! As she stood there gripping tightly to the memorial of pain, she could sense God wrapping his ...

Author: Minister Constance Butler-Holland

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1456877348

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 127

View: 760

As Shardaé sat quietly looking into his lifeless heart he takes his last breath. With tears running down her face she started to scream, no! Somebody do something! I can’t lose him; he’s all I have left! Resuscitate him! Please somebody help me! This can’t be happening to us; we vowed to love each other forever! How could this be happening? Other people’s relationships end not ours; other men are unfaithful not him; other men continuously beat their women, not him. Not him, not us and not now! This is the man I was supposed to marry. What am I going to do with my wedding dress and the invitations? How do I explain the sudden death of the relationship to my friends and family? Somebody, tell me how am I suppose to live without him after I’ve been in love with him for so long.

No Love Is Not Dead

An Anthology of Love Poetry from Around the World Chris McCabe ... a narrative which is also present in James Joyce's story 'The Dead'.

Author: Chris McCabe

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1529338549

Category: Poetry

Page: 352

View: 448

A powerful new anthology depicting how love over the past two-and-a-half millennia has found its expression in the words of the world's greatest poets. No, Love Is Not Dead is a timely affirmation of the great linguistic diversity of poetry and its ability to express passionate love, the most extreme of human emotions. With influential, award-winning poets including Kim Hyesoon, Laura Tohe and Warsan Shire, and languages ranging from Amharic, Akkadian and Ancient Greek to Yankunytjatjara, Yiddish and Yoruba, this unique anthology engages the reader in reflective tales of unlikely love stories and impossible love, love in a time of politics, surrealist love, visual love and free love, offering an intuitive insight into both historical and present-day perceptions of love across cultures. Including over 50 poets, writing on each of the world's continents, this new anthology of poems about love features a diverse range of original poems written in a variety of languages - modern, ancient, endangered and constructed -, accompanied by English translations and commentaries. Poets included in the book: Apollinaire; Nicole Brossard; Augusto de Campos; Catullus; Chaucer; Dante; Robert Desnos; Ali Cobby Eckermann; Goethe; Kim Hyesoon; Louise Labé; Federico Garcia Lorca; Vladimir Mayakovsky; Miklós Radnóti; Kutti Ravathi; Sappho; Warsan Shire; Laura Tohe; Marina Tsvetaeva. Languages included in the book: Akkadian; Amharic; Ancient Greek; Faroese; French; German; Hungarian; Italian; Japanese; Latvian; Maori; Persian; Polari; Portuguese; Russian; Sanskrit; Scots; Scottish Gaelic; Serbian; Spanish; Urdu; Welsh; Yoruba. Foreword by Laura Tohe, the current Navajo Nation Poet Laureate and Professor Emeritus with Distinction at Arizona State University, who has won awards including the 2020 Academy of American Poetry Fellowship, the 2019 American Indian Festival of Writers Award, and the Arizona Book Association's Glyph Award for Best Poetry.

Dead Man s Love

"You mean that he was dead?" she whispered. I nodded. "For what reason I know not, although I can guess; but Gregory Pennington had hanged himself.

Author: Tom Gallon

Publisher: Litres

ISBN: 5040836368

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 342

"Dead Man's Love" by Tom Gallon. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Two Times Dead Not Really a Love Story

Two Times Dead Not Really A Love Story A simple meeting in a dark alley is the last thing that Gladys expects. It is also the last thing she will do for the ...

Author: John Hunt


ISBN: 1105445607

Category: Fiction

Page: 148

View: 708

Death catches the attention of those close to it. Death has a way of opening closed doors, meant to stay that way; but what happens when the dead are already dead. Our Newly appointed Chief of detectives, Justone Steele just off a case that has shattered his life tries to sit back and understand the reasons that he has seen so much personal tragedy, but before he is able to mourn his loss, Eric, his partner, drags him struggling into what is supposed to be a simple suicide or Murder. It starts out straight forward but before the sun has set this case has started to draw unusual attention. The team now working hard to solve the case finds that for some this death is just part of doing business. Many are ready to walk away in the name of national security; but what has national security got to do with a simple murder? Well the body is cold and everything seems simple until it is determined that this dead person died some years back. Well! Nothing is ever really simple as Eric is about to learn.

The Living and the Dead

whether it is simply a construction, just as the beauty of the night world may be
illusion, just as "the knowledge of our love" may be an illusion, so that there is
nothing meaningful in any circumstance, except the impulse to "offer" a meaning

Author: Ann L. Hayes




Page: 71

View: 629

Lord Love a Zombie Dead Inside Welcome

Luke's knees buckle as he collapses permanently dead. Blackish-blood leaks from holes where both his eyes used to be – presenting the outward semblance of ...

Author: Nina Hobson

Publisher: Nina Hobson


Category: Fiction

Page: 99

View: 167

Welcome to the Zombie New World Order! …and nobody human is going to benefit. Conner, Marshall, Henry, Cynthia, Jules, and Jeff are humans trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic, dystopian world where socialized zombies are the norm and humans are a scarce food source and actively hunted. On the run and constantly looking over their shoulders, their only hope…a Human Survivor Camp rumored to be in Tennessee. With the walking dead hot and heavy on their heels, will this scared and exhausted group of six make it to safety with their minds – and bodies – intact? Lord Love A Zombie: Dead Inside: Welcome is the first installment in a set of post-apocalyptic/dystopian world novellas and companion pieces. If you enjoy your zombie horror/paranormal fiction interwoven with fast-paced action and edge-of-your-seat suspense, then you’ll love Nina Hobson’s daunting take on life under the living dead’s rule as she brings a fresh view to this popular, classic, post-apocalyptic genre.