Reconciliation and the Search for a Shared Moral Landscape

The “ conflict triangle " and the " moral landscape ” . . . . . . . . 3 . 1 . 2 . Peace ,
violence and reconciliation . . . . . . . . 3 . 2 . A “ moral landscape " in a context of
conflict . . . . . . . . . . 3 . 2 . 1 . Experiences in the course of past and present
conflicts .

Author: Maria Ericson

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated

ISBN: 9783631377093

Category: Social Science

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This book focuses on reconciliation in Northern Ireland and South Africa. The overarching aim is to identify «formal and material conditions», or prerequisites, for reconciliation and moral community (or more precisely a «shared moral landscape»). In both countries obstacles to reconciliation can be found in the following elements of a «moral landscape»: Experiences of trauma, separation and inequalities; divergent views of the conflict and of «the other»; opposing identifications and loyalties; certain norms for interaction and contestant interpretations of values such as «peace» and «justice». This book describes how these obstacles have been addressed in: 1) Efforts, particularly by ecumenical groups, to bridge the Catholic/Protestant divide in Northern Ireland. 2) The work of, and debates surrounding, the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission. On the basis of these dialogues in adverse circumstances, this study then suggests some prerequisites for «emancipatory conversations» - a central question in the search for a global ethics.

Mining the Moral Landscape

In his book, "The Moral Landscape," Sam Harris attempts to show how science can determine human values.In this book, I argue that Harris's view is false (even though I wish it were true).

Author: Steve Isaacson


ISBN: 9781480292680


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In his book, "The Moral Landscape," Sam Harris attempts to show how science can determine human values.In this book, I argue that Harris's view is false (even though I wish it were true). He gets the facts right, but his conclusions are wrong. Science does rule, but not in the Moral Landscape.

The Moral Landscape

Judgment and Decision Making, 2(2), 79–95. Smeltzer, M. D., Curtis, J. T.,
Aragona, B. J., & Wang, Z. (2006). Dopamine, oxytocin, and vasopressin receptor
binding in the medial prefrontal cortex of monogamous and promiscuous voles.

Author: Sam Harris

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 143917122X

Category: Religion

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Calls for an end to religion's role in dictating morality, demonstrating how the scientific community's understandings about the human brain may enable the establishment of secular codes of behavior.

Toward a Moral Horizon

Will the lessons of recent history - for example , the Sinclair Inquiry in Winnipeg (
see Chapter 2 and Chapter 5 ) -- ever be ... Such engagement involves
understanding the background ( the moral landscape ) , the environment ( the
moral ...

Author: Patricia Anne Rodney

Publisher: Brady


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"A Canadian nursing ethics book written specifically for study at an advanced level"--Back cover.

Virtue Rediscovered

In Virtue Rediscovered: Deontology, Consequentialism, and Virtue Ethics in the Contemporary Moral Landscape, Nathan Wood argues that this discrepancy requires us to rethink how we understand the function and purpose of normative ethical ...

Author: Nathan Wood

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 1498585337

Category: Philosophy

Page: 178

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Virtue ethics occupies the strange position of being one of the oldest and most prominently discussed ethical theories throughout history, and yet many contemporary moral philosophers do not recognize it as a genuine alternative to currently prominent normative theories, such as utilitarianism or Kantian ethics. In Virtue Rediscovered: Deontology, Consequentialism, and Virtue Ethics in the Contemporary Moral Landscape, Nathan Wood argues that this discrepancy requires us to rethink how we understand the function and purpose of normative ethical theories, especially insofar as such theories are expected to be action guiding. All ethical theories guide action, but they do so in two different ways. One way is through stipulating criteria for what we ought to do, but another way is setting a core concern that represents an account of what lies at the heart of morality and determines the moral salience of features in the world. This framework not only clarifies the nature of deontology, consequentialism, and virtue ethics, but also recasts the debate among them.

Growth in Agreement II

These and other biblical images suggest pathways which bring definition and
coherence to the moral landscape . Moral virtues are desirable traits of a person's
moral character , such as integrity , humility and patience , compassion and ...

Author: Jeffrey Gros

Publisher: Eerdmans Publishing Company


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The last fifteen years or so have witnessed significant progress in the theological consensus of the world's Christian communities. Although still separated along denominational lines, the principal Christian churches have engaged in ongoing discussions in an effort to understand and reconcile their differences.

The Practical Stylist with Readings and Handbook

2 . See what you can do to cite instances of the " threecenturies - old decoupling "
of the physical from the moral landscape ( 2 ) . What historic figures come to mind
? 3 . How is religious fundamentalism warring with technology ? 4 . What is the ...

Author: Sheridan Baker

Publisher: Longman Publishing Group


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The Practical Stylist with Readings and Handbook has served for many years as a comprehensive guide to and model of solid, eloquent, and persuasive writing. This version of the text retains the finest features of the previous edition, while also including several exciting new readings from contemporary writers, expanded coverage of using electronic resources in research and writing, and an updated brief handbook of grammar, punctuation, and usage.

Reason Papers

Mack seems committed to what Den Uyl in The Virtue of Prudence labels “ moral
dualism . ... There is no reason , so the story goes , that the moral landscape
cannot have two quite independent , but equally necessary , sources of moral ...




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Rethinking the Human Person

Lacking Tools of Self-Transformation and Self-Realisation: The Incoherence of the Notion of the Self as Defined by Descartes, Hume and Freud -- In Search for a Holistic Model of the Self: Situating the Moral Perfection of the Self within ...

Author: Nahal Jafroudi

Publisher: Peter Lang Limited, International Academic Publishers

ISBN: 9781906165802

Category: Education

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Recent developments in the natural and social sciences have brought great benefits to humanity, both in terms of our material wellbeing and our intellectual and conceptual capacities. Yet, despite a broad ethical consensus and highly developed innate faculties of reason and conscience, there seems to be a significant discrepancy between how we ought to behave and how we actually behave, leading to a disregard for the dignity of human persons across the globe. This book suggests that the problem arises from various misunderstandings of the nature of the self and that the solution could lie in adopting a holistic concept of the human person within the context of a carefully cultivated ethical literacy. It argues that the ideas of the Iranian philosopher Ostad Elahi (1895-1974) provide a powerful and compelling alternative to the dominant post-Enlightenment understanding of selfhood, education and morality.

The Elizabethan Theatre II

An acute apologist for Marston as a dramatist with a serious ethical intention in
Antonio's Revenge has noticed two features of the ... 14Citing respectively G. K.
Hunter, “English Folly and Italian Vice: The Moral Landscape of John Marston,” in

Author: David D. Galloway



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The Paradigm Exchange II

The Biblical preacher's moral teaching of human vanity on earth— " under the
sun " ( to cite the text ) -materializes in ... mountains " as dry as bones " - creates a
moral landscape of death whose signposts are animal carcasses and human ...




Category: Arts

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Making a Middle Landscape

Bailey argued , for example , that land - economic surveys would exercise a "
powerful moral influence " that would be ... But its vision of a moral landscape ,
conceived by experts and built through the 2 2 2 aggregated efforts of individuals

Author: James Reade Kates




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Language Forum

With a good deal of concentration , he produced this long poem abounding in self
- projection as Tiresias , photographic realism , and in a coherent moral
landscape . Chapter II of this book deals with Eliot's aesthetics . The mind of Eliot
as ...




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The University of Virginia Record

L AR 714 - ( 4 ) ( Y ) Construction II Through lectures and field trips , this course
focuses on a more in - depth investigation of landscape construction materials
and principles which are applied to small - scale , studiobased design projects .

Author: University of Virginia





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Philosophical Entr es

Disagreement and difference are standard features of the moral landscape . We
need a moral theory that recognizes this fact and provides an appropriate
interpretation of it . Two interpretations seem to me to be unsuitable : ( 1 ) those
which ...

Author: Dale Jacquette

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities, Social Sciences & World Languages


Category: Philosophy

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The essays in this volume, selections from important classical and contemporary philosophical writings, are organized into six central topics in philosophy, the meaning of life, epistemology or theory of knowledge, the concept of mind and problem of free will and determinism, the existence and nature of God, ethical theory and moral decision making, and metaphilosophy or the philosophy of philosophy. Entrées can be used as a stand-alone collection or as supplementary readings to accompany Jacquette’s introductory text, Six Philosophical Appetizers, also published by McGraw-Hill. The Appetizers and Entrées complement one another. The six sections of readings in the Entrées correspond to the six philosophical topics of the Appetizers. The readings chosen are entrées in both senses of the word. They are main courses, philosophical food for thought, for which the appetizers in the companion text are table starters. They are also points of entry into the vast philosophical literature surrounding each of the six topics. By investigating the topics presented in these Entrées, it is possible to get a clear view of the issues that divide philosophers, and the variety of philosophical methods that have characterized philosophy’s remarkable history.


Social & Moral Issues in the Computer Age Robert M. Baird, Reagan Mays
Ramsower, Stuart E. Rosenbaum ... 69 TABLE 2 : APPUED SUBSUMPTION
ETHICS ACTIONS Issue Subsumption Part One : The Moral Landscape in

Author: Robert M. Baird

Publisher: Contemporary Issues (Prometheu


Category: Computers

Page: 355

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Following an opening section that defines cyberethics, this anthology of 26 essays explores anonymity, personal identity, and the moral dimensions of creating new personalities; privacy; ownership of intellectual property and copyright law; and the impact of computers on democracy and community. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Religion and Belief

This book engages with the complex and multi-faceted nature of religion and belief across time.

Author: Malcolm Heath

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Pub

ISBN: 9781443856539

Category: Philosophy

Page: 184

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Religion and Belief: A Moral Landscape is a collection of essays from the 4th Annual Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Conference at the Department of Classics, University of Leeds. The book collates a wide range of issues and initiates a discussion on the nuances and multifaceted concepts of religion and belief. The topics range from ancient Greek religion and philosophy, through the Roman world and early Judeo-Christian beliefs, to modern burial practices and 21st century 'New-Atheism'. By presenting religion and belief in this macrocosmic landscape, simple conceptions and caricatures of religion and belief are shown to be mis-leading and ultimately redundant. This book engages with the complex and multi-faceted nature of religion and belief across time.

The Moral Component of Cross domain Conflict

Theorists generally agree that there is no particular moral barrier to responding to a non-kinetic attack -- once confirmed as constituting an 'armed attack' -- with kinetic force if this is considered the most appropriate course of action ...

Author: Lucia Retter



Category: Just war doctrine

Page: 56

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This study was commissioned to examine the academic debate pertaining to the moral landscape of cross-domain conflict (i.e. a conflict that spans two or more military domains (land, maritime, air, cyber, space)). The study: considers the body of work on morality and armed conflict in the future operating environment; provides insights on the ways in which new ways of fighting may challenge traditional moral principles; and identifies areas that may be underexplored in the body of work on morality or may merit further analysis. The study considered two emerging technologies (cyber and autonomous systems) to derive practical insights on the ways in which new technologies could challenge traditional thinking about morality. The work involved a systematic review of relevant literature, a programme of interviews and a one-day workshop with academic experts. The study finds that: the majority view among consulted experts was that existing moral frameworks and principles continue to apply; there is a considerable disparity in the legal interpretations applied to the term ‘armed attack’ and in deliberations regarding what constitutes ‘harm’ (including both physical and non-physical effects). Theorists generally agree that there is no particular moral barrier to responding to a non-kinetic attack – once confirmed as constituting an ‘armed attack’ – with kinetic force if this is considered the most appropriate course of action under the specific circumstances. Revisionist approaches to just war theory challenge the legal distinction between combatants and non-combatants since it does not account for the moral intentions of individuals party to a conflict. Under this line of thinking, non-combatants may render themselves liable to harm if their actions infer their support for an ‘unjust war’. Both cyber and autonomous systems were considered to present challenges to a number of the principles underpinning traditional moral and legal frameworks.

Nature and Society

[ 2 : 1 – 5 ] But if the moral landscape of " Heroism ” includes the vision of the
wilderness , it is centered , nevertheless , in the little picture of the cultivated
country , the emblem of civilization . Cowper never begins with the intention of
judging ...

Author: John Dyer



Category: Country life in literature

Page: 209

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Worldly Wisdom

For it showed him not only the moral landscape of hell , it also revealed to him the
moral landscape of the human ... On the Moral Psychology of Evil and Good 1.
Hell is a landscape of moral evil descending from the least evils to the worst . 2.

Author: James Sloan Allen

Publisher: Frederic C Beil


Category: Philosophy

Page: 554

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"Worldly Wisdom" leads readers through some fifty classic works of philosophy, social thought, and literature to elucidate their contents and draw out ideas valuable for understanding human life in this world and for living that life well.