The Opposite of Worry

Intended for parents of children ages 3 to 15, this book offers anecdotes and fun anti-anxiety games.”—Publishers Weekly “Here’s the help parents of anxious children have been looking for!

Author: Lawrence J. Cohen

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 034553932X

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 304

View: 424

“The most helpful book on childhood anxiety I have ever read.”—Michael Thompson, Ph.D. Whether it’s the monster in the closet or the fear that arises from new social situations, school, or sports, anxiety can be especially challenging and maddening for children. And since anxiety has a mind of its own, logic and reassurance often fail, leaving parents increasingly frustrated about how to help. Now Lawrence J. Cohen, Ph.D., the author of Playful Parenting, provides a special set of tools to handle childhood anxiety. Offering simple, effective strategies that build connection through fun, play, and empathy, Dr. Cohen helps parents • start from a place of warmth, compassion, and understanding • teach children the basics of the body’s “security system”: alert, alarm, assessment, and all clear. • promote tolerance of uncertainty and discomfort by finding the balance between outright avoidance and “white-knuckling” through a fear • find lighthearted ways to release tension in the moment, labeling stressful emotions on a child-friendly scale • tackle their own anxieties so they can stay calm when a child is distressed • bring children out of their anxious thoughts and into their bodies by using relaxation, breathing, writing, drawing, and playful roughhousing With this insightful resource of easy-to-implement solutions and strategies, you and your child can experience the opposite of worry, anxiety, and fear and embrace connection, trust, and joy. Praise for The Opposite of Worry “The Opposite of Worry is an informative resource for parents and other family members. The book is easy to read, comprehensive and notable for its many practical suggestions.”—New England Psychologist “Good advice for parents making daily calls to the pediatrician . . . Anxiety is a full-body sport, and Cohen’s main advice is not to treat it with words but with actions. . . . Physicality is about living in the present, and for anxious people, the present is a powerful place of healing. Intended for parents of children ages 3 to 15, this book offers anecdotes and fun anti-anxiety games.”—Publishers Weekly “Here’s the help parents of anxious children have been looking for! Dr. Cohen’s genius is in the warm and generous spirit of the strategies he outlines for parents. He grounds his playful approach in a sound explanation of how anxiety affects children, and how they heal. Parents will come away with plenty of ideas to help them develop their children’s confidence. While reading, I found myself thinking, ‘I’d like to try that for myself!’”—Patty Wipfler, founder and program director, Hand in Hand Parenting “If you want to understand your child’s anxiety—and your own parental worries—you must read Larry Cohen’s brilliant book, The Opposite of Worry. Dr. Cohen is one of the most imaginative and thoughtful psychologists you will ever encounter. He explains how and why children become anxious and then shows how we can use empathy and play to help them escape from the terrifying dark corners of childhood.”—Michael Thompson, Ph.D. “The Opposite of Worry offers a treasure trove of ideas to help children feel confident and secure. Lawrence Cohen has written a book that will help every parent of an anxious child.”—Aletha Solter, Ph.D., founder, Aware Parenting, and author of Attachment Play

The End of Worry

Worry rules are the opposite of God's grace to us: they are always absolutes; they are harsh and judgmental in tone and completely inflexible.

Author: Will van der Hart

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451682816

Category: Self-Help

Page: 240

View: 744

Easy to understand and practical, a psychiatrist and an Anglican vicar show us how to diffuse worry by offering practical solutions and long-term hope. Do you find yourself worrying and unable to stop? Does worry consume your days and keep you up at night? Do you know that worry doesn’t help, but you keep worrying anyway? If you are holding this book, it’s likely that you or someone you know has a problem with worry. Within these pages, you will find an understanding of what worry is, why we worry, and how to worry less. This easy-to-read mix of cutting-edge psychology, biblical teaching, personal experience, plentiful anecdotes, and practical exercises will help anxious readers overcome the troubling problem of worry and find new joy in every day.

The Opposite of Ordinary

I tear my eyes off the message, wiping my expression clean of worry. “Yeah, everything's great.” He searches my eyes. “No, it's not.

Author: Jessica Sorensen

Publisher: Jessica Sorensen


Category: Young Adult Fiction


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In one day, I went from being one of the most popular girls in school, to the girl who spends lunchtime hiding out in Mr. Chester’s classroom and watching Maxon Harter, Clove Capperson, Huntley Porrterson, and their science obsessed friends mess around with experiments. All because Queeny Harlington, my ex-best friend, thinks I made out with her crush. Being a friendless, social outcast has its downsides. So, when Maxon and Clove invite me to hang out with them and their mad scientist friends, I accept their offer, even though they all seem to despise me, especially Huntley. Which is fine. Sort of… The truth is I’ve always thought Maxon is cute, Clove is adorable, and Huntley is gorgeous in a weirdly unordinary way. And the more I get to know Maxon and Clove, the more I find myself liking them. Huntley, though, won’t give me the time of day. But Queeny deciding to tell everyone my darkest secret of all might not be my only problem. Someone else is also threatening me. I need to figure out who it is and fast. A slow burn RH series.

The Practical Handbook for Christian Living

What's the big deal anyway? Worry, which is a type of fear, is the opposite of faith. In the English language, we have words that have opposite meanings.

Author: Larry Ollison

Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

ISBN: 1606833790

Category: Religion

Page: 510

View: 311

A Powerful Reference Guide for the Believer Who Wants Deeper Understanding and Direction in the Quest for Victorious Daily Living People rarely anticipate the dramatic changes and challenges that are just out of sight over the horizon. A Christian must be prepared, not just mentally, but deep within, so that when the storms of life threaten, they are anchored in the Word of God and prevail. This book has a threefold purpose. First, it is a book that you can read through from beginning to end that will guide you in understanding the life principles of God’s Word. Secondly, it can be used as a daily devotional. This book is divided into detailed bites of information that can be taken daily and systematically digested to bring a higher level of spiritual health. Lastly, it can be used as a reference guide. Through the topical table of contents, you can find the subject quickly that addresses the area of your interest or study.

The Opposite of Fate

She was a held-together ball of worry. “I'm so sorry, William T.,” Trish said. Trish was unflinching, tough with her husband and her kids, who were grown ...

Author: Alison McGhee

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 1328518310

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 846

Who gets to choose? When a young woman emerges from a lengthy coma-like state she must face the decisions that were made about her body—without her consent—in this powerful novel of reclamation and hope. Twenty-one-year-old Mallie Williams—scrappy, headstrong, and wise beyond her years—has just landed on her feet following a tumultuous youth when the unthinkable happens: she is violently assaulted. The crime leaves her comatose, surrounded by friends and family who are hoping against hopes for a full recovery. But soon Mallie's small community finds themselves divided. The rape has left Mallie pregnant, and while some friends are convinced that she would never keep the pregnancy, others are sure that a baby would be the only good thing to come out of all of this pain. Who gets to decide? How much power, in the end, do we have over our own bodies? Mallie, her family, and her town find themselves at the center of a media storm, confronting questions nobody should have to face. And when Mallie emerges from the fog, what will she think of the choices that were made on her behalf? The Opposite of Fate is an intense and moving exploration of the decisions we make—and don’t make—that forever change the course of our lives.

Living without Worry

How to replace anxiety with peace Timothy Lane. thing) is usurping the rightful place ... It is the opposite of worry, not the antidote or cure for worry.

Author: Timothy Lane

Publisher: The Good Book Company

ISBN: 1909919381

Category: Religion

Page: 144

View: 710

The world tells single women that they most need to find a guy, at least for a night. The church often seems to suggest they most need a husband. Is it really possible to be a single Christian woman and be satisfied? Andrea Trevenna takes readers to the heart of singleness-to what our hearts need, how they feel, and the ways they can be deceived. She shows that there is a way for singleness not to be at best a quiet regret, and at worst a personal tragedy. She points to the ultimate, and only, place where anyone, single or married, finds true satisfaction-knowing, and enjoying knowing, Christ. If you are a single woman, whatever your experience of life so far, or if you are a friend of someone who is single, then this short, warm, realistic book is for you.

The Burnout Cure

Our rambling Default Mode Network opens up the throttle for worry and stress to go full blast. ... What's the opposite of worry and evaluation?

Author: Chase Mielke

Publisher: ASCD

ISBN: 1416627278

Category: Education

Page: 230

View: 773

How can you energize yourself to maintain or regain a positive outlook and love of teaching? What specific, immediate actions can you take to enhance your well-being and thrive both on and off the job? Award-winning teacher Chase Mielke draws from his own research, lesson plans, and experiences with burnout to help you change your outlook, strengthen your determination to be a terrific teacher, and reignite your core passion for teaching. Often lighthearted, yet thoroughly grounded in research on social-emotional learning and positive psychology, The Burnout Cure explains how shifts in awareness, attitudes, and actions can be transformational for you and for your students. The book describes specific steps related to mindfulness, empathy, gratitude, and altruism that you can use on your own and with students via classroom lessons and activities. Equipped with these tools, teachers can be their best, so they can give their best to the learners in their care.

Quit your Worrying

HOLY WRIT, THE SAGES, AND WORRY Our civilization is called a Christian civilization. ... The opposite of worry is rest, faith, trust, peace.

Author: George Wharton James

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3732695948

Category: Fiction

Page: 148

View: 612

Reproduction of the original: Quit your Worrying! by George Wharton James

Always Balanced and Connected

aware of the times you find yourself worrying and what it is that you worry ... February 28 Affirmation: The opposite of worry is faith ... faith in all ...

Author: Maggie Davis-Jelly LCSW

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1504335813

Category: Self-Help

Page: 394

View: 682

Peace in your heart begins with a smile! The ABCs of Always Balanced and Connected: Accept who you are in the moment. Be comfortable in your own skin and know that you are amazing. Consistency is the most important factor in maintaining good physical, mental, and spiritual health. Bravo! Nina Bravman, Ed.S., Center for Human Potential, Denville, New Jersey Maggie guides us through the path to our authentic selves with ease and flow of wonderful, gentle passages. She takes us on the self-evolution journey in a brilliant, safe way. A perfect accompaniment to anyone who dares to seek more in life. Dory Rachel, RMT Insightful, inspiring, and succinct. Diane Carroll, LCSW Show up and be inspired! Peggy Fitzpatrick, PCS No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Aesop

Overcoming Anxiety Worry and Fear

The opposite of worry and anxiety—assurance, calm, composure, confidence, contentment, ease, happiness, peace, security, tranquility—is foreign.

Author: Gregory L. PhD Jantz

Publisher: Revell

ISBN: 1441232672

Category: Self-Help

Page: 240

View: 932

Fretting over seemingly inconsequential daily headaches. Constantly worrying about family members' health or safety. Being weighed down by negativity from the 24-hour news cycle. It's a wonder anyone can escape anxiety. Unchecked, anxiety can swiftly rob us of our sense of safety, well-being, and peace. Overcoming Anxiety, Worry, and Fear offers a whole-person approach to coping with and eliminating anxiety. This compassionate combination of common sense, biblical wisdom, and therapeutic advice will help readers unchain themselves from constant worry so that they can "be anxious about nothing" (Phil. 4:6). Trusted author Dr. Gregory L. Jantz helps readers identify the causes for their anxiety, assess the severity of their symptoms, and start down avenues for positive change.

If you Ask Me

Do you think that worrying about a situation indicates that you are a better person precisely because you worry? Is the opposite of worry total indifference ...

Author: William P. Kalosieh

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1483686132

Category: Self-Help

Page: 306

View: 362

Over the course of 30+ years Dr. William P. Kalosieh has counseled numerous individuals, families and couples in the throes of a crisis whether part of normal human development or unexpected and causing the normal balance of routine daily life to falter. Counseling sessions typically favor the emotional over the rational and often preclude the therapist from educating the client about the issue, problem, concern that brought him/her to therapy. In this compendium of articles Dr. Kalosieh writes about not only the issues and concerns he frequently encountered in his practice but also about some notions that have fascinated him for many years. The articles range from personal, emotional development to interpersonal dynamics both normal and abnormal or healthy and unhealthy. The sequence is merely conventional and the reader is at liberty to select a topic or concern he/she wishes to explore. The author does not present a system to interventions based upon his own theory of personality and marriage, rather he utilizes the techniques, strategies and theories of highly regarded experts in various fields of psychotherapy. The articles are intended to be above all helpful to individuals, couples and families as they face the challenge of maturity, communication and raising a family. Promoting a peaceful, harmonious village requires peace of mind and heart in the individuals.

How to Beat Worry and Generalised Anxiety Disorder One Step at a Time

... not to think about your worry) isn't helpful and only distracts you temporarily and may actually have the opposite effect of giving you more worries!

Author: Paul Farrand

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1472113446

Category: Medical

Page: 256

View: 631

How to Beat Worry and Generalised Anxiety Disorder One Step at a Time is specifically addressed to low-intensity patients and follows an evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) approach. This book is the perfect resource for helping you to beat worry or Generalised Anxiety Disorder, either by yourself or in conjunction with the support of an IAPT service. The book is written in a friendly, engaging (and jargon-free!) style and encourages interactive reading through tables, illustrations and worksheets. Real-life case studies illustrate the use of each intervention and demonstrate how you can work through your anxiety. The book teaches you effective CBT techniques for managing your worry more effectively and releasing tension through Progressive Muscle Relaxation.

Worry Less So You Can Live More

Isn't this the opposite of worry? Worry imagines withdreadwhat's ahead, predictingthe worst. But anticipation allows for thepossibility of goodness.

Author: Jane Rubietta

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1441265341

Category: Religion

Page: 208

View: 245

Exchange Your Worries for Delight in God . . . and God's Delight in You Weary of worry and its tagalongs: anxiety, discouragement, and exhaustion? Jane Rubietta invites you to leave behind your heavy heart and learn to truly live again. To experience joy and rest in the moment-by-moment pleasure of a God who delights in you--and has all your tomorrows under his control. Jane's picturesque prose offers enduring encouragement and practical tools for change. Discussion questions and journaling prompts make this the perfect book to read on your own or share with your small group and discover how to worry less and live more. "A luminous journey from worry to its surprising antidote . . . delight. A book laden with richness, humor, honesty, and hope. We can worry less and live more. Both practical and delightful. Start reading. Stop worrying. Start living."--Anita Lustrea, co-host of Midday Connection, speaker, author of What Women Tell Me "Jane's book is a poetic, beautiful reminder that more rests on God's shoulders than on mine, and it pleases Him when I nurture a heart at rest so I can actually live by faith."--Susie Larson, national radio host and speaker, and author of Your Beautiful Purpose "Jane weaves a journey against the worry that separates us from ourselves and from the good God who made us."--Nancy Ortberg, author of Looking for God: An Unexpected Journey Through Tattoos, Tofu and Pronouns "With piercing honesty and gentle humor, Jane Rubietta takes aim at one of the biggest enemies of our joy--worry."--Lynn Austin, Christy Award-winning author "God wants us to live more and worry less, but worry is stealing the pleasure from our lives. Jane Rubietta has masterfully written a book that is a soothing balm to the worry-worn soul. She will take you on an exciting discovery of the delight of God--the secret to defeating worry--enabling you to embrace the worry-free life again."--Shelly Esser, editor, Just Between Us "Vintage Jane! Telling stories. Being real. Giving practical biblical wisdom--about the worry that stalks us all. If you want handholds to grab as you scale your own walls of anxiety, let Jane hand you her own tools. Tools of play, self-nurture, memory, spontaneity, trust, and more."--Adele Ahlberg Calhoun, co-lead pastor at Redeemer Community Church, spiritual director, and author "Join the healing journey to slow down, savor, and thrive in wholeness. Jane is our expert guide providing practical tools for the worry-wrinkled soul toward breakthrough, healing, and encountering God's love and delight."--Dr. Catherine Hart Weber, therapist and author, Flourish: Discover the Daily Joy of Abundant, Vibrant Living "Who doesn't want to Worry Less So You Can Live More? Jane Rubietta masterfully provides amazing, insightful 'Tools' wrapped in stories from the heart of a worrier, taking the reader from being weighed down with worry to the realization that 'living more' is just around the corner when we intentionally and consistently reposition our souls to focus and delight in Jesus! Challenging and inspiring read!"--Edna Mapstone, national director, Great Commission Women of the Christian and Missionary Alliance


ourselves for worry—as T. S. Eliot joined his name and the sound of worrying as ... Mr Ramsay, at his most unsympathetic, is the opposite of a lighthouse.

Author: Francis O'Gorman

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 1441181288

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 176

View: 182

Worrying: A Literary and Cultural History suggests a unique approach to the inner life and its ordinary pains. Francis O'Gorman charts the emergence of our contemporary idea of worry in the Victorian era and its establishment, after the First World War, as a feature of modernity. For some writers between the Wars, worry was the “disease of the age.” Worrying examines the everyday kind of worry-the fearful, non-pathological, and usually hidden questioning about uncertain futures. It shows worry to be a natural companion in a world where we try to live by reason and believe we have the right to choose, finding in the worrier a peculiarly contemporary sufferer whose mental life is not only exceptionally familiar, but also deeply strange. Offering an intimately personal account of an all-too-common human experience, and of a word that slips in and out of ordinary conversation so often that it has become invisible in its familiarity, Worrying explores how the modern world has shaped our everyday anxieties.

Joy for the Journey A Prescription for Worry

The word true is the common Greek word for true and is the opposite of that which is false. In the world of religion it is imperative that our thinking be ...

Author: Larry Hamblen

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1602664080

Category: Religion

Page: 188

View: 746

Philippians has been called The Epistle of Joy, but when Paul wrote to the Christians in Philippi, they were going through difficult times. Opposition to the Gospel confronted these first-century Christians daily. His letter is one of encouragement and gentle proddings. Again and again Paul implores them to rejoice. The Christian life is a journey of faith. Paul reminds God's people that we have something to rejoice about, in spite of adverse and worrisome circumstances. Joy for the Journey presents an absolutely wonderful possibility for the Christian who worries. It presents a prescription for worry that works! It is possible for you to exchange your doubts, fears, and worries for joy in the Lord! Because our journey home is filled with trials and tribulations, our faith in God must be an active, dynamic reality for us. Our profession of faith must equate to active trust in our heavenly Father. In prayer we give Him our worries. He gives us His peace. It turn, this peace beyond description gives us Joy for the Journey! Larry Hamblen serves as pastor of the First Baptist Church, Coronado, California. He holds a degree in Bible and Pastoral Ministries from California Christian College. He has served as a full-time pastor for over thirty-six years. In his leisure time, he writes Christian praise music and researches his family's history. He is the author of Our Hamblen Heritage (1990). He and his wife, Leigh, have six children.

Scripture Commentary Sampler

The opposite of anxiety is peace. Not numbness nor unconcern, not the absence of inner and outward struggle, but God's peace, the peace that is from Him, ...

Author: Dave Martin

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 197366898X

Category: Religion

Page: 478

View: 916

This book provides a brief introduction to the literature of Bible commentaries. Its purpose is to present some of the best thoughts from Bible scholars and inspire readers to further explore this rich genre.This Sampler aims to whet the appetite of people who may not have seminary degrees but who nevertheless desire a deep dive into God’s Word.

Ride the Waves

The opposite of fear is faith. The opposite of hate is love. The opposite of worry is calm. When you do learn to master your emotions, you will experience a ...

Author: Tracy Friesen

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 1460204387



View: 149

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to become aware of your thoughts, record them daily for an entire year and then use them for life lessons in learning to live your life with purpose? "Ride the Waves" takes you through an amazing year long journey of a woman who lets you know that we are not alone. We all have thoughts both good and bad that lead us to our daily actions. Tracy's gift to us is the direct "How's that working for you?" wake up call to how we can choose to be more aware of our daily thoughts and make better life choices based on discernment of our daily thoughts. In taking the journey with Tracy, we learn together that we have each created our current existence through our own choices. Life is choice - and every choice is a conscious decision. Tracy shines a light to the fact that you are responsible for your own life. It's up to you where you want your life to take you! Isn't it about time you learn to "Ride the Waves"?

Anxiety Free Kids

ere are a few different ways to "worry" during worry time. ... but when it comes to the effectiveness of worry tapes, I will do the opposite of the ...

Author: Bonnie Zucker

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000503569

Category: Education

Page: 332

View: 882

Anxiety-Free Kids (2nd ed.) offers parents strategies that help children become happy and worry-free, methods that relieve a child's excessive anxieties and phobias, and tools for fostering interaction and family-oriented solutions. Using a unique companion approach that offers two books in one—a practical, reader-friendly book for parents and a fun workbook for kids—this solutions-oriented guide utilizes the cognitive-behavioral approach to therapy and integrates the parent in the child's self-help process. Research has shown that if left untreated, children with anxiety disorders are at higher risk to perform poorly in school, to have less-developed social skills, and to be more vulnerable to substance abuse. Covering the six most commonly occurring anxiety disorders—generalized anxiety, separation anxiety, specific phobias, social phobias, panic disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder—this book gives kids and parents successful strategies for achieving relaxation, conquering worries, challenging faulty thinking patterns, developing positive self-talk, and facing one's fears. Educational Resource

The World Could Be Otherwise

Worry and guilt are the opposite of joyful effort. Once you get used to taking care of yourself—making a strong, slow, steady effort to do so, ...

Author: Norman Fischer

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 0834842149

Category: Religion

Page: 224

View: 125

An imaginative approach to spiritual practice in difficult times, through the Buddhist teaching of the six paramitas or "perfections"--qualities that lead to kindness, wisdom, and an awakened life. In frightening times, we wish the world could be otherwise. With a touch of imagination, it can be. Imagination helps us see what’s hidden, and it shape-shifts reality’s roiling twisting waves. In this inspiring reframe of a classic Buddhist teaching, Zen teacher Norman Fischer writes that the paramitas, or “six perfections”—generosity, ethical conduct, patience, joyful effort, meditation, and understanding—can help us reconfigure the world we live in. Ranging from our everyday concerns about relationships, ethics, and consumption to our artistic inspirations and broadest human yearnings, Fischer depicts imaginative spiritual practice as a necessary resource for our troubled times.

Encyclopedia of Women s Health

... stomach ulcers, autoimmune diseases, cancer, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. The opposite of the flight-or-fight response is the relaxation response.

Author: Sana Loue

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0306480735

Category: Medical

Page: 710

View: 703

Designated a Reference Reviews Top Ten Print Reference Source 2005 The Encyclopedia of Women's Health meets this challenge by bringing together an impressive array of experts on topics from reproductive issues to gastrointestinal illnesses. This skilfully edited volume, informed by current health issues and health-care realities, offers readers practical information, historical aspects, and future directions, all meticulously researched and conveniently presented. Key features include: -Accessible A-to-Z coverage, including AIDS, birth control, hormone replacement therapy, teen pregnancy, sexual harassment, violence, body image, access to health care and more. -Entries spanning the medical, psychological, sociocultural, spiritual, and legal arenas. -Medical topics explored from both conventional and complementary perspectives. -Cross-cultural data illustrate issues as they apply to minority women, rural women, the elderly, and other underserved populations. -Special chapters on disparities in women's health and health care. -Historical overview of women in health - as patients and as professionals. -Suggested readings and resource lists.