The Oxford Shakespeare The Two Noble Kinsmen

The exceptionally full introduction to this edition explains the relevance to the play of ideas of chivalry and of the classical idea of friendship.

Author: William Shakespeare

Publisher: Oxford Paperbacks

ISBN: 9780199537457

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The Royal Shakespeare Company's choice of The Two Noble Kinsmen to open the Swan Theatre in 1986 demonstrated that this long-neglected play has at last come into its own as a stageworthy, humorous, and moving dramatization of the conflicting claims of love and friendship. It was first published in 1634 as `by the memorable worthies of their time, Mr John Fletcher, and Mr William Shakespeare, Gent' and was probably first performed soon after the wedding of Princess Elizabeth, daughter of the company's patron James I, to the Elector Palatine in February 1613. The exceptionally full introduction to this edition explains the relevance to the play of ideas of chivalry and of the classical idea of friendship. The edition (which is illuminatingly illustrated) also offers a discussion of the centuries-long debate about the play's authorship and a clarification of its stage action.

The New Oxford Shakespeare Critical Reference Edition

turner–tatsPauGh waith The Two Noble Kinsmen, ed. Robert Turner and Patricia Tatspaugh, New Cambridge Shakespeare (Cambridge, 2012). The Two Noble Kinsmen, ed. Eugene M. Waith, The Oxford Shakespeare (Oxford, 1989). The Two Noble ...

Author: William Shakespeare

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0192517570

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The New Oxford Shakespeare is a landmark print and online project, which for the first time provides fully edited and annotated texts of all extant versions of all Shakespeare's works, including collaborations, revisions, and adaptations. Based on a fresh examination of the surviving original documents, it draws upon the latest interdisciplinary scholarship, supplemented by new research undertaken by a diverse international team. Although closely connected and systematically cross-referenced, each part can be used independently of the others. The New Oxford Shakespeare: The Complete Works: Critical Reference Edition collects the same versions of the same works found in the Modern Critical Edition, keyed to the same line-numbering. But the Critical Reference Edition emphasizes book history and the documentary origins of each text. It preserves the spelling, punctuation, capitalization, abbreviations, typographical contrasts, ambiguities, and inconsistencies of the early documents. Introductions focus on early modern manuscript and print culture, setting each text within the material circumstances of its production, transmission, and early reception. The works are arranged in the chronological order of the surviving texts: the first volume covers documents manufactured in Shakespeare's lifetime, and the second covers documents made between 1622 and 1728. The illustrated general introduction presents an overview of the texts available to editors and describes how they define Shakespeare. An essay on error surveys kinds of error characteristic of these early text technologies. It is followed by a general introduction to the music of Shakespeare's plays. Introductions to individual works and an extensive foot-of-the-page textual apparatus record and discuss editorial corrections of scribal and printing errors in the early documents; marginal notes record press variants and key variants in different documents. Original music notation is provided for the songs (where available). Because the plays were written and copied within the framework of theatrical requirements, casting charts identify the length and type of each role, discuss potential doubling possibilities, and note essential props. The New Oxford Shakespeare consists of four interconnected publications: the Modern Critical Edition (with modern spelling), the Critical Reference Edition (with original spelling), a companion volume on Authorship, and an online version integrating all of this material on OUP's high-powered scholarly editions platform. Together, they provide the perfect resource for the future of Shakespeare studies.

The Two Noble Kinsmen

1 (1974), 2 (1974), 3 (1975) The Two Noble Kinsmen, ed. Eugene M. Waith, 1989 (The Oxford Shakespeare) Eugene M. Waith, 'Shakespeare and Fletcher on Love and Friendship', S.St. 18 (1986), 235–50 William Sidney Walker, Shakespeare's ...

Author: William Shakespeare

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139812068

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Since the late twentieth century, when scholarly attention began to focus on sexuality, collaboration and Shakespeare's late plays, The Two Noble Kinsmen has become an essential script. Turner and Tatspaugh's edition presents a strong case for taking the play more seriously now than ever before. A lively introduction discusses Shakespeare's craftsmanship in adapting a medieval tale for the Jacobean stage, the extent of co-authorship with John Fletcher, the rhetorical complexity of Shakespeare's late style, the themes of sexuality and friendship, and contemporary critical responses to the play. In addition to presenting a detailed history of performance, the edition calls attention to productions that have demonstrated the play's theatrical vitality and solved – or failed to solve – difficulties inherent in the text. Bringing the textual history completely up to date, the edition reflects renewed interest in The Two Noble Kinsmen, confirming it as a play for today.

The Two Noble Kinsmen Revised Edition

Third Series William Shakespeare Lois Potter. Shirley Sider Sidney Sidney, ... All's Well That Ends Well (Oxford, 1993) W. Spalding, A Letter on Shakspere's Authorship of 'The Two Noble Kinsmen', ed. J. H. Burton, New Shakspere Society ...

Author: William Shakespeare

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472577574

Category: Literary Criticism

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This tragi-comedy is one of the plays we know Shakespeare worked with a collaborator on -- John Fletcher -- and is based on Chaucer's Knight's Tale. This revised edition includes a new introductory essay bringing the edition up-to-date in terms of both the play's performance and critical history, and in particular with current thinking about the nature of Shakespeare's collaboration with other playwrights. As scholars have begun to discover more about this aspect of his career, interest in the play has grown. This revised edition is ideal for undergraduate study, offering on-page annotations to the play text as well as a lengthy, illustrated introduction.

The New Oxford Shakespeare Modern Critical Edition

[The Two Noble Kinsmen is] really a young people's play, about maturity and growing up. By comparison with Shakespeare's single-authored late David Lathan [who directed a 2002 production in Stratford, Ontario], 2002 plays, ...

Author: William Shakespeare

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0192517589

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The Complete Works: Modern Critical Edition is part of the landmark New Oxford Shakespeare—an entirely new consideration of all of Shakespeare's works, edited afresh from all the surviving original versions of his work, and drawing on the latest literary, textual, and theatrical scholarship. In one attractive volume, the Modern Critical Edition gives today's students and playgoers the very best resources they need to understand and enjoy all Shakespeare's works. The authoritative text is accompanied by extensive explanatory and performance notes, and innovative introductory materials which lead the reader into exploring questions about interpretation, textual variants, literary criticism, and performance, for themselves. The Modern Critical Edition presents the plays and poetry in the order in which Shakespeare wrote them, so that readers can follow the development of his imagination, his engagement with a rapidly evolving culture and theatre, and his relationship to his literary contemporaries. The New Oxford Shakespeare consists of four interconnected publications: the Modern Critical Edition (with modern spelling), the Critical Reference Edition (with original spelling), a companion volume on Authorship, and an online version integrating all of this material on OUP's high-powered scholarly editions platform. Together, they provide the perfect resource for the future of Shakespeare studies.

The New Oxford Shakespeare

The external evidence for Shakespeare's part - authorship of Two Noble Kinsmen therefore appears to be reliable . Paul Bertram ( 1965 ) claimed the whole play for Shakespeare , but his arguments were decisively refuted by Cyrus Hoy ...

Author: Gary Taylor

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199591164

Category: Literary Criticism

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This companion volume to The New Oxford Shakespeare: The Complete Works concentrates on the issues of canon and chronology. This major work in attribution studies presents in full the evidence behind the choices made in The Complete Works about which works Shakespeare wrote, in whole or part.

Biblical References in Shakespeare s Plays

Regents Renaissance Drama Series. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1970. The Two Noble Kinsmen. Edited by Eugene M. Waith. The Oxford Shakespeare. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1989. The Winter's Tale. Edited by Horace Howard Furness.

Author: Naseeb Shaheen

Publisher: University of Delaware

ISBN: 1611493730

Category: Bibles

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This volume provides a comprehensive survey of the English Bibles of Shakespeare's day, notes their similarities and differences, and indicates which version the playwright knew best. The biblical references in each of Shakespeare's plays are then carefully analyzed, as are Shakespeare's references to the Prayer Book and the homilies. The thorny question of what constitutes a valid biblical reference is also discussed.

The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare s Last Plays

G. E. Bentley, 'Shakespeare and the Blackfriars Theatre', Shakespeare Survey 1 (1948), pp- 38—50Citations to The Two Noble Kinsmen come from Stanley Wells and Gary Taylor (eds.), The Oxford Shakespeare, 2nd edn (Oxford: Clarendon Press, ...

Author: Catherine M. S. Alexander

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139828282

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 221

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Which plays are included under the heading 'Shakespeare's last plays', and when does Shakespeare's 'last' period begin? What is meant by a 'late play', and what are the benefits in defining plays in this way? Reflecting the recent growth of interest in late studies, and recognising the gaps in accessible scholarship on this area, in this book leading international Shakespeare scholars address these and many other questions. The essays locate Shakespeare's last plays - single and co-authored - in the period of their composition, consider the significant characteristics of their Jacobean context, and explore the rich afterlives, on stage, in print and other media of The Winter's Tale, Cymbeline, The Tempest, Pericles, The Two Noble Kinsmen and Henry VIII. The volume opens with a historical timeline that places the plays in the contexts of contemporary political events, theatrical events, other cultural milestones, Shakespeare's life and that of his playing company, the King's Men.

The Two Noble Kinsmen

John Fletcher, William Shakespeare Harold Littledale. a source . players in their gowns ( for they were all ... Surely it eliminates Play of 1566 not the Oxford play of 1566 from the possible sources of the Two Noble Kinsmen ? § 5.

Author: John Fletcher





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