The Postnatal Depletion Cure

The true cause? A syndrome he calls postnatal depletion. THE POSTNATAL DEPLETION CURE is the first book to name the syndrome and to offer a practical programme to help mothers replenish their bodies after having a baby.

Author: Dr Oscar Serrallach

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 075157337X

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It's all too common to hear new mums talk about 'baby brain' and extreme fatigue. But what if it wasn't the physical toll of giving birth, breastfeeding or chasing a toddler that was sapping your strength? What it if was something deeper? Dr. Oscar Serallach has spent his medical career witnessing women fail hormonally, nutritionally and emotionally to get back on their feet after having a baby. The true cause? A syndrome he calls postnatal depletion. THE POSTNATAL DEPLETION CURE is the first book to name the syndrome and to offer a practical programme to help mothers replenish their bodies after having a baby. The book includes a comprehensive guide to the nutrients women need to enhance organ function and balance hormones, along with advice on how to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine and get necessary rest, despite the demands of motherhood. Filled with prescriptive takeaways and many success stories, THE POSTNATAL DEPLETION CURE will help mothers be the best they can be physically and emotionally.

The Postnatal Depletion Cure

This is a must handbook for every mother who treats their postnatal stage and body vitality with health care as of greater importance.

Author: Oliver Mia




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Postnatal depletion is the huge toll that pregnancy, birth and child care take on mothers. The dictionary definition of 'deplete' is: to decrease seriously or exhaust the abundance or supply of (something). That sums up exactly how postnatal depletion feels. Ten years after having my first baby and five years after having my last baby, my supply of mama energy is exhausted. There's virtually nothing left to scrape from the bottom of the barrel.Most mothers have experienced pain, forgetfulness, indecision, low energy levels, moodiness, or some form of baby brain. And it's no wonder: The process of growing a baby depletes a mother's body in substantial ways--on average, a mother's brain shrinks 5% during pregnancy, and the placenta saps her of essential nutrients that she needs to be healthy and contented. But with postnatal care ending after 6 weeks, most women never learn how to rebuild their strength and care for their bodies after childbirth. As a result, they can suffer from the effects of depletion for many years, without knowing what's wrong as well as getting the support and treatments that they need. This is a must handbook for every mother who treats their postnatal stage and body vitality with health care as of greater importance.

The Postnatal Depletion Cure

If уоu'vе had a child wіthіn thе lаѕt decade, you might ѕtіll bе ѕuffеrіng ѕоmе соnѕеԛuеnсеѕ lеthаrgу, memory disturbances, аnd рооr еnеrgу lеvеlѕ, аmоng оthеr ѕуmрtоmѕ.

Author: Howard Patton, MD




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If уоu'vе had a child wіthіn thе lаѕt decade, you might ѕtіll bе ѕuffеrіng ѕоmе соnѕеԛuеnсеѕ lеthаrgу, memory disturbances, аnd рооr еnеrgу lеvеlѕ, аmоng оthеr ѕуmрtоmѕ. As еxрlаіnеd: The рlасеntа раѕѕеѕ many nutrients tо thе growing bаbу durіng рrеgnаnсу, tарріng іntо thе mоm'ѕ "іrоn, zіnс, vіtаmіn B12, vіtаmіn B9, iodine, and selenium stores аlоng wіth оmеgа 3 fаtѕ lіkе DHA and specific аmіnо асіdѕ frоm рrоtеіnѕ." A mom's brаіn hаѕ bееn ѕhоwn to ѕhrіnk durіng рrеgnаnсу as іt ѕuрроrtѕ thе growth оf thе baby and is socially re-engineered fоr раrеnthооd. Hаvіng ѕреnt mаjоrіtу оf mу саrееr wіtnеѕѕіng thе effects оf рrеgnаnсу, whісh i саllѕ роѕtnаtаl depletion, first-hand, wаtсhіng аѕ wоmеn fail hоrmоnаllу, nutrіtіоnаllу, аnd emotionally tо gеt bасk on thеіr feet аftеr the baby соmеѕ. I became tunеd in tо іt whеn I еnсоuntеrеd a patient nаmеd Suѕаn, a mоthеr оf fіvе сhіldrеn, whо wаѕ ѕо еmасіаtеd and dерlеtеd thаt ѕhе "was vіѕіblу runnіng оn еmрtу." Aftеr аn еxtеnѕіvе visit where he rаn blооdwоrk, аnd proposed nutrіtіоnаl and еmоtіоnаl соunѕеlіng, she looked аt thе сlосk and bolted. And hе didn't ѕее hеr again: Untіl she turned up іn the emergency room wіth рnеumоnіа so evolved thаt ѕhе nееdеd intravenous antibiotics. Shе ѕреnt less than a day, before сhесkіng hеrѕеlf оut аgаіnѕt his orders. Thаt image ѕtuсk wіth mе оf a wоmаn rірріng out аn IV to rush bасk tо her fаmіlу and іtѕ representation оf a mоthеr sublimating аll оf hеr own nееdѕ tо ѕеrvе hеr children.

Baby and Beyond

... not only in my relationship with God but in my marriage as well. 12 Serrallach,
Postnatal Depletion Cure, 81. 13Ibid., 91. 14Sarah Duvall, “Trust Your Pelvic
Floor Again: Strengthening Beyond Kegels,” Core Exercise Solutions, July 29,
2019, ...

Author: Allison Auth

Publisher: Sophia Institute Press

ISBN: 1622828577

Category: Religion

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During the year after giving birth, some mothers struggle to recover from the wearying days, sleepless nights, and assorted other troubles – mental, physical, and spiritual – that childbirth brings. If you’re one such woman, know that you don’t stand alone. Author Allison Auth has experienced all these woes and more, growing wise along the way in the art of postpartum life – a healing art she illuminates and shares here with you. In these lively, plainspoken pages, Auth introduces you to powerful exercise, health, and nutrition practices that can relieve – and often even eliminate – most of the troubles you might suffer during that difficult year after your baby is born. These practices will help you find the energy, balance, and healing – physical and spiritual – that you need to care confidently for your loved ones, your home, and your soul. Auth will even teach you a surefire way to slay, once and for all, the toxic temptation to compare yourself unfavorably with that “perfect mom” next door, whose hair is always tidy, clothes neat, and house clean. Here, you’ll also learn: -How to deal with unfulfilled expectations when your careful birth plans go awry -How vitamins, sleep, and exercise can help you sustain your loving relationship with your spouse and with God! -How to deal with Natural Family Planning uncertainties during the year after giving birth -How to overcome self-directed negativity about your post-pregnancy body -What to do when even small household tasks seem overwhelming -How to combat discouragement when your postpartum spiritual life grows feeble -How to open yourself to friendship with other new mothers (and why you must) -Why sustained self-care is critical to your well-being . . . and your family’s -Three ways to weather the stages of your child’s development and the seasons of family life -And much more! Whether you’re struggling through a “dark night” of genuine postpartum depression or simply enduring a frustrating roller coaster of emotions, Auth’s wealth of experience and bright wisdom will help you finally experience what you’ve been longing for since before your baby’s birth: the inexpressible joys of motherhood.

Prenatal Diagnosis

Finally , fetal therapy may prevent early clinical manifestations of the disease and
avoid the complications of postnatal therapy ... This survival advantage could
result in peripheral amplification of engraftment and possibly adequate levels of
mixed chimerism to cure the disease . ... 37 Fortunately , current methods of bone
marrow enrichment allow nearly a complete depletion of T - cells while producing
a ...

Author: Mark I. Evans

Publisher: McGraw-Hill


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Fetal Tissue Transplants in Medicine

... liver transplantation for Preparation of fetal cells for immunodeficiency
diseases transplantation Patients Postnatal fetal cell transplantation ... of the
recipient Conclusion THE TRANSPLANTATION of normal haemopoietic stem
cells can cure a number of diseases in ... Sprent, 1982), transplants from a donor
who is not genotypically HLA-identical must be preceded by T cell depletion of
the bone marrow.

Author: Robert G. Edwards

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521410754

Category: Medical

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In this 1992 book, Professor Edwards brought together the research experience of prominent scientists and clinicians. The most advanced scientific and clinical developments and techniques were presented, including both the transplantation of fetal tissue into mature recipients and the grafting of donor cells into fetuses known to be carrying a genetic disease.

Essentials of Obstetrics and Gynaecology E Book

... to avoid a sudden drop in blood pressure as a result of the depleted
intravascular volume in pre-eclampsia. ... Postnatal management of hypertension
Methyldopa should be discontinued after delivery, because of the possible side
effect of depression. ... Timing of delivery Delivery is the only 'cure' for pre-

Author: Barry O'Reilly

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702051241

Category: Medical

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Essentials of Obstetrics and Gynaecology The perfect clinical companion; fully revised and updated for this new edition. Concise Evidence-based Focussed on the core curriculum Comprehensive coverage sign-posted by clear, consistent headings, from definition, aetiology, pathophysiology, history taking, general advice, clinical features, investigations, management, treatment, prognosis and assessment to risk factors and differential diagnoses. Includes self-assessment, emergency procedures and normal values. The perfect clinical companion; fully revised and updated for this new edition. Concise Evidence-based Focussed on the core curriculum Comprehensive coverage sign-posted by clear, consistent headings, from definition, aetiology, pathophysiology, history taking, general advice, clinical features, investigations, management, treatment, prognosis and assessment to risk factors and differential diagnoses. Includes self-assessment, emergency procedures and normal values.

Ferri s Clinical Advisor 2015 E Book

ACUTE GENERAL Rx Neonatal Bartter's syndrome requires correction of
electrolyte imbalances and volume depletion. CHRONIC Rx • Bartter's syndrome
is caused by a genetic mutation and currently there is no cure. ... postnatal
Variable Prenatal, postnatal Variable Adolescent, adult Urine PGE2 Very high
Very high Slightly elevated Elevated Elevated Normal Hypokalemic meta-
Present Present ...

Author: Fred F. Ferri

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323084303

Category: Medical

Page: 3237

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Ferri’s Clinical Advisor 2015 is the fastest, most effective way to access current diagnostic and therapeutic information on more than 700 common medical conditions. Dr. Ferri’s popular "5 books in 1" format provides quick guidance on short QT syndrome, microscopic polyangiitis, fungal meningitis, and much more. This medical reference makes the answers you need even easier to find - anytime, anywhere. Consult this title on your favorite e-reader, conduct rapid searches, and adjust font sizes for optimal readability. Review normal values and interpret results for more than 200 lab tests. Improve your family healthcare practice’s efficiency with cost-effective referral and consultation guidelines. Identify and treat a broader range of disorders, including diabetic foot infections, hypergonadism, and acute liver failure, with 22 new topics in the Diseases & Disorders section. Improve your interpretation of presenting symptoms with 38 new topics and 40 new images in the Differential Diagnosis section, and optimize patient care with more than 250 new figures and tables. Rapidly find the answers you need with separate sections on diseases and disorders, differential diagnosis, clinical algorithms, laboratory results, and clinical preventive services, plus an at-a-glance format that uses cross-references, outlines, bullets, tables, boxes, and algorithms to expedite your search. Expedite insurance reimbursements with current ICD-9 and future ICD-10 insurance billing codes. Access full-color images and more than 90 online-only topics at Expert Consult, as well as EBMs, Suggested Reading, Patient Teaching Guides, and additional algorithms.

High Risk Pregnancy E Book

If mother has been treated, give baby isoniazid-resistant BCG and a Treat any
untreated patients with recent TB skin test conversions SUMMARY OF
MANAGEMENT OPTIONS Malaria Consult ... Postnatal Continue treatment until
course completed. ... Iron stores are depleted as hemoglobin from lysed RBCs is
lost in urine.

Author: David K. James

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 1455700002

Category: Medical

Page: 1504

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High Risk Pregnancy examines the full range of challenges in general obstetrics, medical complications of pregnancy, prenatal diagnosis, fetal disease, and management of labor and delivery. Drs. David James, Philip J. Steer, Carl P. Weiner, Bernard Gonik, Caroline Crowther, and Stephen Robson present an evidence-based approach to the available management options, equipping you with the most appropriate strategy for each patient. This comprehensive reference features the fully searchable text online at, as well as more than 100 videos of imaging and monitoring. giving you easy access to the resources you need to manage high risk pregnancies. Prepare for clinical challenges and save time in addressing them thanks to expert advice on treatment options from international contributors. Find and apply the information you need quickly and easily through a consistent organization and at-a-glance summary boxes that discuss evidence-based management options. Access the fully searchable text online at, along with links to Medline. View over 140 videos of detailed fetal imaging and monitoring that aid in diagnoses. Tap into recent developments in treatment and management in four new chapters—Global Maternal & Perinatal Health Issues; Recurrent Pregnancy Loss; Surveillance of the Fetus and its Indications; and Training for Obstetric Emergencies. Apply new evidence-based management options to treat genetic and constitutional factors leading to a high-risk pregnancy (such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and cardiac disease) through new and expanded coverage of these increasingly common presentations. Reference pregnancy-relevant laboratory values with an updated and comprehensive appendix on "Normal Values in Pregnancy." Effectively manage patients newly diagnosed with hematologic and immunologic malignancies, and explore the available drug options. Confirm your diagnoses with greater confidence thanks to full-color images throughout the text.

The Unborn Patient

A major advantage of using a postnatal source of stem cells is that living - related
transplantation is possible from the same donor both before and after birth . ...
depleted from the graft by a variety of techniques , but this decreases the
efficiency of engraftment . ... Dx & Rx Partial engraftment ( chimerism ) may not "
cure " disease Immunocompetent Neonate ( up to adult ) Rejection of donor
HSCS Requires ...

Author: Michael Richard Harrison

Publisher: Saunders


Category: Fetus

Page: 709

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This popular reference returns in the 3rd Edition with an exciting new focus entirely committed to fetal therapy. Leading authorities from around the world provide comprehensive management strategies for several dozen diseases that can now be detected in utero. Each disease is covered in its own chapter providing all of the exciting new options in prenatal and postnatal treatment. Coverage includes updated information on pathophysiology and the technical aspects of treatment. This content also provides excellent teaching material for families considering or undergoing treatment. The only textbook on the fetus as patient focussing entirely on fetal therapy. Extensively revised chapters present the very latest techniques. Coverage of Fetendo surgerywith complete descriptions of the technical innovations since the last edition. Chapters on intervention techniques including open surgery, Fetendo surgery, and catheters and shunts. New chapterson maternal safety and tocolysis, tissue engineering, stem cell transplantation, gene therapy, robotics in surgery, homeobox genes, myelo-meningocele, fetal MRI, preterm labor, and postnatal follow-up and outcomes for infants undergoing fetal intervention. International authorship by world authorities in perinatology and pediatric surgery Outstanding new illustration program containing new line drawings, photographs, and informative cartoons perfect for use in talks and presentations.

Yonsei Medical Journal

... ethical considerations of the fetus as a patient ) 105 or 107 disorders not cured
by postnatal BMT , diseases that have ... of donor cells ( rather than fetal liver )
with careful screening for infectious disease , and scrupulous T - cell depletion .




Category: Medicine


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Anatomy and Physiology

The tetralogy of Fallot is a birth defect whereby correct postnatal circulatory
development and transition do not occur . ... Surgical repairs can often completely
cure all four defects of the tetralogy . ... is depleted in oxygen , which then enters
the right atrium , experiencing further oxygen concentration depletion by mixing
with ...

Author: Jay Marvin Templin

Publisher: W C B/McGraw-Hill

ISBN: 9780801644290

Category: Human anatomy

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This manual is designed for [the student] to use in the laboratory portion of an anatomy and physiology course. It has a number of features that will help [the student] learn about the structure and function of the human body.-Pref.

Society for Neuroscience Abstracts

SYSTEMS IN RAT STRIATUM ; W. C. Broaddus and J. P. Bennett , Jr .; Depts . ...
DA 02297 ; The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis ; Daniel Heuman Spinal cord
Research Foundation . 458.14 NUMBER ... In DA depleted animals , this value
did not differ from control unless striatal DA depletion exceeded 50 % . The
number of ...

Author: Society for Neuroscience. Annual Meeting


ISBN: 9780916110307

Category: Neurobiology

Page: 1600

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Blood Diseases of Infancy and Childhood

It would seem that pica can be cured by the administration of iron , but a
permanent cure is dependent on the maintenance of adequate hemoglobin
levels . ... To maintain a normal postnatal oxyhemoglobin content of the blood ,
there is no need for elevated hemoglobin levels so ... the supply of this mineral
becomes depleted unless the stores are replenished by exogenous iron from an
adequate diet .

Author: Carl Henry Smith



Category: Hématologie pédiatrique

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Clinical Management of Head Neck and TMJ Pain and Dysfunction

... the form of a joint is established genetically in prenatal life , it is altered
frequently by function during the postnatal period . ... Despite many statements to
the contrary , the occurrence of TMJ remodeling and arthrosis is probably higher
in those individuals with depleted dentitions . ... Orthopedics is defined in
Stedman ' s Medical Dictionary as the " correction or cure of deformities and
diseases of the ...

Author: Harold Gelb

Publisher: Ishiyaku EuroAmerica, Incorporated


Category: Head

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Best Practice Research

After lengthy informed consent , paternal bone marrow was harvested , T cells
depleted and enriched stem cell populations injected ... Patients who have been
corrected by postnatal bone marrow transplantation , such as those with
Gaucher's disease or Maroteaux - Lamy syndrome ( minimal ... These
considerations suggest that prenatal treatment may be beneficial and offer the
possibility of a cure .




Category: Gynecology


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AIDS and Chinese Medicine

Qi Ji ( Exhaustion of Vital Energy ) An obvious indication that qi ( vital energy )
has become depleted is difficulty in ... Because diseases of the five solid organs
interact with each other , it is important to diagnose and cure the disease of any
one of them before it affects the others . ... For example , since pi ( spleen ) is the
postnatal source of qi ( vital energy ) , a disease originating in fei ( lung ) and
shen ...

Author: Qingcai Zhang

Publisher: Keats Publishing


Category: AIDS (Disease)

Page: 242

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Mit dem Untertitel "Anwendung der ältesten Medizin auf die neuste Krankheit" stellt sich gleich eine Frage: Braucht es für eine neue Krankheit nicht auch eine neue Medizin? Die Autoren (ein Arzt und ein Apotheker) verneinen das, denn sie haben auch keine Medizin gegen Aids an und für sich. Die traditionelle chinesische Medizin kennt aber viele Heilmittel, die erfolgreich gegen Krankheiten wirken, welche letztlich das Bild von Aids bestimmen, z.B. Pilzinfektionen, Hepatitis oder Lungenentzündung. Die traditionelle chinesische Medizin gründet auf Prinzipien, die kaum etwas mit unserer Schulmedizin gemeinsam haben. Der Mensch gilt bei den Chinesen als geschlossenes System, das durch den Fluss von Säften und Kräften gesteuert wird. Es werden deshalb nicht einzelne Organe betrachtet, sondern die Gesamtheit des Menschen. Das bedeutet z.B. auch, dass man nicht nur ein Virus bekämpfen will, sondern gleichzeitig auch das Immunsystem stärken. Als Hilfsmittel steht ein reicher Schatz von chinesischen Kräutermixturen zur Verfügung. Sie werden von den Autoren ausführlich beschrieben. Das Buch ist aber trotzdem keine Do-it-yourself-Anleitung. Es braucht nämlich Spezialisten, um die richtige Diagnose zu stellen, und eine chinesische Apotheke, um das entsprechende Präparat herzustellen. Wenn das alles stimmt, können die chinesischen Ärzte Resultate vorweisen, die sich durchaus mit unserer Medizin messen können.


Protein depletion often exists with gastro - intestinal disorders , and may be
aggravated by the inability of patients with ileus to take food . ... the exceptional
cure of such perforation led the author to record the present case . ... The
published literature indicates that of all perforations occurring in the gastro -
intestinal tract , whether in intrauterine life or in the postnatal period , the majority
involve the ileum .




Category: Medical radiology


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Leukemia Abstracts

POR EAL IRRADIATION OF BLOOD ) ( In German ) . ... A brother born 3 yrs . later
was studied in the postnatal period ; hematological findings were indicative of the
same disease . ... tumor cells of the peritoneal exudate , depleted of adherent /
phagocytic cells , or tumor cells derived from continuous cell cultures were used .






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Clinical Biochemical and Nutritional Aspects of Trace Elements

At a time of clinical cure " when total serum protein and albumin levels were
normal , in Cairo and Pretoria , plasma zinc ... positive zinc balance in early
postnatal life and a " dilutional ” effect of rapid growth , may contribute to zinc
depletion in ...

Author: Ananda Shiva Prasad

Publisher: Alan R. Liss


Category: Arsenic

Page: 577

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