An Exposition of the Prophet Ezekiel

Most of the prophets and apos- do ought . Prov . xvi . 1 , " The preparations of the tles were restrained from their public employments , heart in man , and the answer of the tongue , is from shut up in prisons , banished or driven into ...

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Men Around the Prophet

AROUND THE PROPHET Khalid Muhammad Khalid Women Around the Prophet collects the stories of the most important and influential women in Islam. Beginning with the mother of mankind, Hawwa (Eve), and moving through human history until the ...

Author: Khalid Muhammad Khalid

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The generation of men who accepted Islam with the Prophet were seekers of truth. They stood by him through unimaginable difficulties to give human civilisation a new and dignified way of life. They were revolutionaries at a time when humankind was craving for liberation. Men Around the Prophet contains stories of these heroic men. This comprehensive volume includes the stories of sixty of the most important and influential Companions of the Prophet: men who lived and worked beside him to create the legacy that we encounter today. The stories are preceded by a short and inspiring biography of the Last Prophet, highlighting his virtues and his sacrifices. These biographical snapshots emphasise the strength and faith of these men — an inspiring read for all Muslims.

The Prophet Joel

Prophet. Joel. T. he bookof Joel hasamessagelike that inthe book of Revelation. It is one of the strongest messagesinthe minor prophets. The commentaries are hopelessly confused about this book. Here is a quote from the Soncino Bible ...

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This book is about the Day of the Lord, a day of terrifying darkness. But most people don’t know that the strongest warnings in the book of Joel is for Christ’s own bride! The danger facing Christ’s bride is emphasized even more than the destruction of the whole world! In this booklet: • God's Bride • "Cut Off Before Our Eyes" • Growing in Intensity • God's Army • What God Desires • A Teacher of Righteousness • Laodiceans in the Tribulation • Proclaim This Message This ebook is offered completely free of charge by the Philadelphia Church of God. However, please not that Google Play will need a verified Google Wallet account which requires your credit card information. In a small number of countries, a temporary authorization of $1 will be charged to your account but will be refunded. This refund can take up to 1 month to process.

Muhammad in History Thought and Culture An Encyclopedia of the Prophet of God 2 volumes

cAliphAte And imAmAte The institution of the caliphate was established on the day after the death of the Prophet, when the new head of the community was acknowledged in Abu Bakr as khalifa rasul Allah (“successor of the Messenger of ...

Author: Coeli Fitzpatrick Ph.D.

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This in-depth examination of the life, history, and influence of Muhammad as discussed by leading scholars provides a wide-ranging look at the prophet's legacy unlike any other in the field of Islamic and culture studies. • Documents Muhammad's broad impact on history, culture, and society • Shares viewpoints from more than 100 scholars in the field of Islamic studies to provide different perspectives on how Muhammad's life and beliefs have changed the course of history • Explores Muhammad's changing image—and controversies over his depiction and the communication of his ideas—in art, music, and literature • Provides an in-depth overview of Muhammad's influences on secular life and culture

The Prophecies of the Prophet Ezekiel Elucidated

The “ thirtieth year , ” in which the first appearance of the prophet took place , can only be the year of the prophet's life . This was just the year which was of peculiar significance to the man of priestly family — the man who in ...

Author: E. W. Hengstenberg

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From the author's Preface: [This work] is designed to give the reader a clear view of the reality of Ezekiel, and in this grand prophetical figure to bring before his mind at the same time the nature of prophecy in general.... Ezekiel prophesied in a time of great decision, in a time of the 'iniquity of the end,' in which sin was ripe, and with it punishment. He is exactly the prophet for our times. Whosoever penetrates into him will be deeply stirred by his earnestness, and will feel himself impelled to exert all his powers, that the crisis on which we have entered may be brought to a prosperous issue. At the same time, however, if it should please God to bring great sifting judgments upon us, to pull down what He has built up, and to root out what He has planted, we may gain from Him an immoveable confidence in the final victory of the kingdom of God, who kills and makes alive, wounds and heals, and who, after He has sent the darkest cloud, at length remembers His covenant, and displays His shining bow.

The Prophet of Fire

We shall restrict ourselves to the one which , while in itself most prominent , has also a more special connexion with our Prophet — viz . , the intimation thus given by visible symbol , that the legal and prophetical dispensations were ...

Author: John Ross MacDuff

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Reprint of the original, first published in 1864. The Prophet of Fire; Or, the life and times of Elijah, with their lessons.