The Queen

Queen in a diamond Crown. Upon Buckingham place lives the queen. Europe the queen travels. Emrald the queens ring. Name the queen, queen Elizabeth. E ngland the queen repersants. L ong and Gold dress, the queen wears.

Author: Allen Lane

Publisher: Allan Lane


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The Queen s Husband

Albert, as the younger son of a minor German duke, was acutely aware of what marriage to the Queen of England would mean in terms of his personal ambitions. Victoria wrestled with her desire for independence — until she saw Albert at ...

Author: Jean Plaidy

Publisher: Putnam Publishing Group


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After Albert arrives at Windsor, the young Queen's determination to remain single is severely tested until finally, in October 1839, she proposes marriage

The Queen s Conjuror

All he was asking was that, in return for half of the spoils, he be granted a licence to search for treasure on the Queen's behalf. This was not the equivalent of being granted a mining monopoly. 'The value of a mine is matter for ...

Author: Benjamin Woolley



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Dee was one of the most influential philosophers of the Elizabethan Age. A close confidant of Queen Elizabeth, he helped to introduce mathematics to England, promoted the idea of maths as the basis of science, anticipated the invention of the telescope, charted the New World, and created one of the most magnificent libraries in Europe. At the height of his fame, Dee was poised to become one of the greats of the Renaissance. Yet he died in poverty and obscurity - his crime was to dabble in magic .

The Queen s Corsair

Drake's Journey of Circumnavigation, 1577-1580 Alexander McKee. LIST THE QUEEN ' S CORSAIR Other books by Alexander McKee.

Author: Alexander McKee

Publisher: Stein & Day Pub


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This narrative treatment of Sir Francis Drake's voyage around the world, considered one of the greatest navigational feats of all time, explores his contemporaries' reactions to his success

The Queen s Invalid

A Biography of Paul Scarron Naomi Forsythe Phelps. THE QUEEN ' S INVALID A Biography of Paul Scarron LONDON : GEOFFREY CUMBERLEGE OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS - HHHHHH :

Author: Naomi Forsythe Phelps

Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press



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The Queen s University of Belfast Calendar

A deed was executed by William Dunville, Esq., Belfast, establishing the " Sorella Trust," founding among other benefits two Studentships in Queen's College, Belfast, to be called "The Dunville Studentships." 1873.

Author: Queen's University of Belfast





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Riding with the Queen

From an authentic new voice in fiction, and written with a sharp understanding of both family conflict and family love, Riding with the Queen is a story of running away, running on empty..

Author: Jennie Shortridge

Publisher: Berkley


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After seventeen years on the road in pursuit of her dream of becoming a rock star, thirty-four-year-old Tallie Beck finds her life on the skids and is forced to return home to Denver and to her crazy mother and resentful younger sister.

The Queen s Royal Regiment West Surrey

Although 'The Old Queen's' could never be played on parade after 1881, it is still the custom in the 1st Battalion of The Queen's Regiment for the tune to be played immediately before the Regimental March on Guest Nights in the ...

Author: Jock Haswell



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Hospital of the Queen s Heart

Through my work with the war wounded, I had many friends among my former patients who had lost their sight. Some of these had been sent to an institution in Cluj which, before the war, had been a model 190 HOSPITAL OF THE QUEEN'S HEART.

Author: Mother Alexandra

Publisher: New York : Rinehart


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