The Rescue

Kyle is gone. During the search for Kyle, a connection between Taylor and Denise takes root. But Taylor doesn't know that this rescue will be different from all the others.

Author: Nicholas Sparks


ISBN: 9781538703052


Page: 352

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In this heartfelt Southern love story from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Notebook, a daring fireman rescues a single mom -- and learns that falling in love is the greatest risk of all. When confronted by raging fires or deadly accidents, volunteer fireman Taylor McAden feels compelled to take terrifying risks to save lives. But there is one leap of faith Taylor can't bring himself to make: he can't fall in love. For all his adult years, Taylor has sought out women who need to be rescued, women he leaves as soon as their crisis is over and the relationship starts to become truly intimate. When a raging storm hits his small Southern town, single mother Denise Holton's car skids off the road. The young mom is with her four-year-old son Kyle, a boy with severe learning disabilities and for whom she has sacrificed everything. Taylor McAden finds her unconscious and bleeding, but does not find Kyle. When Denise wakes, the chilling truth becomes clear to both of them. Kyle is gone. During the search for Kyle, a connection between Taylor and Denise takes root. Taylor doesn't know that this rescue will be different from all the others.

The Rescue Company

RESCUE. COMPANY. RTESY W. FUCHS OU C IT Is 3:30 A.M. on a cold winter
night. The voice on the department radio in the cab of the rescue truck is firing out
a preliminary report and giving instructions from the communications dispatcher ...

Author: Ray Downey

Publisher: Fire Engineering Books

ISBN: 091221225X

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 328

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Part I: Getting started - the rescue company and its people What resue is about Recruiting and staffing Rescue apparatus Tools and equipment State-of-the-art equipment Training Part II: Rescue incidents Impalement Operating on air Buried victims Elevators Airbags Utilizing the rescue company Water rescue teams Confined space Vehicle accidents Part III: Operations and planning Rescue operational plan Rope and rigging Treating victims Concrete Planning for major operations.

To the Rescue of Art

Author: Rudolf Arnheim

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520074590

Category: Art

Page: 248

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Never before published essays by the widely admired psychologist of art. Arnheim spiritedly asserts art's fundamental achievements. Rudolf Arnheim has spent a lifetime analyzing the basic psychological principles that make works of visual art meaningful, stirring, indispensable, and lasting. But recent fashionable attitudes and theories about art, he argues, are undermining the foundation of artistic achievement itself. The essays collected in this volume are written in his familiar, careful, and solidly supported manner, but under present circumstances they amount to a call to arms. Included is a series of miniature monographs on a variety of great works of art. In other essays, Arnheim uncovers enlightening perspectives in the art of the blind, in architectural space, in caricature, and in the work of psychotics and autistic children. He also presents new scientific aspects on the psychology of art and widens our range of vision by connecting art with language, literature, and religion.

The Rescue and Romance

Chapter V Woman Rescues Man When a man rescues a woman in popular
literature , whether from a physical danger or from a dilemma , the reward for his
bravery or his wisdom is the woman he has just rescued - a prize . In fact , nearly
all ...

Author: Diana C. Reep

Publisher: Popular Press

ISBN: 9780879722128

Category: Social Science

Page: 144

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This study of the rescue motif in popular American novels before World War I focuses on the rescue convention as part of the romantic plot of the novels. The rescue as a structured convention that controls the movement of the romantic plot appears in all types of domestic novels, gothics, dime novels, historical romances, and westerns.

The Rescue of Nanoose

Although they weren ' t included in the story , two others played their part in this
daring rescue . Dave Towers , skipper of the Zodiac Spyhopper , was the first to
notify Jim and Mike of the entangled whale . Dave and his wife , Maureen , own ...

Author: Mary Borrowman

Publisher: TouchWood Editions

ISBN: 9781894898201

Category: Nature

Page: 32

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On September 23, 1994, an unusual rescue operation took place in the chilly waters off Telegraph Cove, a tiny, picturesque village perched on Vancouver Island's north coast. It was not stranded hikers or fishermen who needed help, but a large humpback whale, which had become hopelessly entangled in a rope that had fallen off a fishing boat. The resident community of whale watchers sprang into action, and the skipper of a local vessel dove into the cold, deep water with a knife to free the terrified animal. In The Rescue of Nanoose, featuring delightful full-colour illustrations by Jacqueline Wang, Mary Borrowman and Chloe O'Loughlin tell the story of the fortunate whale who was able to joyfully taste freedom again, thanks to the brave efforts of Captain Mike and Captain Jim. This book will appeal to children of all ages.

The Rescue

God must now attempt a rescue to save his creation. Because of his great love for
us, God sent his Son Jesus Christ to rescue us from Satan and sin and restore us
to a relationship with him. Salvation means that God has come to rescue us ...

Author: J. Scott Duvall

Publisher: Kregel Publications

ISBN: 0825489423

Category: Religion

Page: 62

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How do we conform to the image of Jesus Christ? How do we grow in maturity as believers? How do we truly live out and experience all that God is and all that He offers to us? The Experiencing God's Story series answers these questions and more through an examination of twelve essential topics of spiritual formation. Presented through the three-step process of spiritual development--"believing, behaving, and becoming"--each topic examines a passage of Scripture, identifies and explains the theological principles of spiritual formation, and offers personal application for continued spiritual growth.

The Rescue

... money was not good money” he was thinking to himself what had he gotten he
and his men into this was not good, this was not good at all. Monday (Kidnapped
the beginning) EGAN GREEN WAS the daughter of. THE. RESCUE. The Rescue.

Author: Mr. Lenny

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1462890105

Category: Fiction

Page: 71

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During a private meeting in an undisclosed location somewhere in the Middle East the United States President Wilkins is engaged with leaders from Libya, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. They are there to discuss the release of American hostages one of them being billionaire Peter Greens 18 year old daughter Megan along with several of her friends decided to take their senior trip to the middle east against her fathers permission. The other reason the President is there is to discuss the unrest in the region, After the meeting and on the way back to the airfi eld to catch his fl ight, the Presidents convoy is attacked and after a fi erce gun battle with his secret service guards, armed bandits he is captured and taken Hostage by an unknown group. The President is suppose to be at Camp David on vacation with his family for a week, the word of his capture gets back to Washington quickly and the mad scramble for his rescue is on. They decide not to use the military this needs to be done quickly and quietly. After much debate with Vice President Hale they decide to use a group called The Guardians this group has taken care of many situations for them in South America, Africa and Cuba just to name a few. This is one mission that they will wish they never taken; against over whelming odds they have to battle their way out to save the President, Megan Green and her friends and themselves.

The Rescue

A Novel Suzanne Robinson. T112. Rescue %@2§s>s= Suzanne Rolninson B-
ANTAM BOOKS Nnv'K:IIi Landon 'F1mm Sydnry Au-riland THE RESCUE A
Bantam Book / February 1998 All rights.

Author: Suzanne Robinson

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 030779119X

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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He was the last man she'd ever expect to come to... From the bestselling author of The Engagement comes a deliciously entertaining tale of a refined lady and a reformed thief drawn into a whirlwind of danger and desire.... A lady who knows too much... There's nothing like witnessing a murder to shake up one's life. That's what Miss Primrose Victoria Dane discovers when she accidentally stumbles upon the scene of a deadly crime. Suddenly the well-bred spinster is on the run, hiding from a killer in the most notorious back alleys of east London--and finding to her surprise that she is more than up for the adventure...until she gets caught by a ruthless stranger with a wicked smile.... A rogue with a lot to learn... Black-clad, black-haired, black-hearted Nightshade. Once he was a master thief who ruled the London netherworld, executing daring daylight robberies, slipping into glittering ballrooms to relieve the ton of its jewels. Yet now Nightshade has gone respectable...and only a favor to a friend has brought him back to his old haunts--and his old ways. Tracking down a lost spinster seems an easy task. But Nightshade isn't prepared for the irresistible innocence of Miss Primrose Dane, a beautiful waif with a spirit that could win his heart--and a secret that could get him killed.

Levers to the Rescue

Simple Machines to the Rescue From rakes and brooms to bats and hockey
sticks , you use levers to work and play . Read Levers to the Rescue to learn what
levers are , how they work , and how these simple machines can save the day .

Author: Sharon Thales

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 9780736867474

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

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"Describes levers, including what they are, how they work, past uses, and common uses of these simple machines today"--Provided by publisher.

The Rescue

... high-frequency technology and plasma physics. In a series of very noteworthy
publications, Schumann worked on the behavior of the ionosphere and. 357 THE
RESCUE Schumann Resonances.

Author: George Romero

Publisher: George Romero

ISBN: 1456499629

Category: History

Page: 332

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"The Rescue is not a science fiction book, is a book about ancient and modern events.” “It took a lot of guts to write this book, and perhaps you could do with even more courage to read it. Probably the intellectual will call it, “nonsense.” Since his intellect, do match the freethinking of a non-academic writer. Without a doubt, he will place this book on the Index of books never to mention. Undoubtedly other readers with open arms will accept it, and recognize it as a amazing narrations; and when they come across with the opportunity of discovering that our past can be even more mysterious and full of adventures that the search for our future.”As a Philontologist (philosophy and ontology), George Romero will attempt to interpret the mysteries that guide our thoughts to externalize some real issues that are affecting our way of existence in our daily lives, which he call it "The New Law Order."The essence and the key point of this theory, is in-how it happened thousands of years ago when the cosmic gods visited us for the first time… this is another Government coverup? What top secrets are we talking about! It is what the American government is hiding from us! They still are denying the existence and the appearance of the UFOs in our sky. What is the real Rescue of humanity in the years to come?

The Rescue

Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author. Other books available by
this author include: Surviving With Love Looking Through The Mist Following
Destiny Seeking Shelter The Rescue is a short work of speculative fiction. All.

Author: Rebecca J. Vickery

Publisher: Rebecca J Vickery

ISBN: 145237967X

Category: Fiction


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Ordered to fly low-level scans for trilidium on an uninhabited rock of a planetoid known only as X37, Teelak and Adria yearn for more exciting missions. Then they survive a crash landing only to learn the rock isn't as empty as they think. Just what is out there? Will they be rescued?

The Rescue

A Place Called Home Series English Garden Series A Place Called Home The
Proposal A Song for Silas The Rescue The Long Road Home The Visitor A
Gathering of Memories The Pursuit The Californians The Tucker Mills Trilogy
Whatever ...

Author: Lori Wick

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 0736932240

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

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Lori Wick's bestselling English Garden series (more than 720,000 copies sold) is filled with engaging characters and stories. Now with fresh, new covers, each of the four books in the series will hold a favorite spot on the nightstand or bookshelf of any reader who loves a great romance. The Rescue, book two in the series, is set in 1811 England. When Anne Gardiner slips from a ladder into the arms of a stranger, her father, Colonel Gardiner, deems the innocent embrace cause for immediate marriage. Weston eventually sees that the "marriage" was performed for the Colonel's sake and that Anne had no choice. When he learns that she's sacrificed her own reputation to protect his name, Weston finds himself drawn to Anne. But will these two guarded people give love a chance? And can they trust God enough to step into a new, real relationship?

Vowels to the Rescue

( vowel , consonant , silent E ) Vowels to the Rescue Lesson 7 Page 2 Objectives
• to develop the ability to recognize the long sound of O in words that end in
vowel , consonant , silent E • to develop the ability to recognize the long sound of
U in ...


Publisher: EDCON Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780848100780



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To the Rescue

For To the Rescue, I have stretched the term “service dog” to include dogs that
perform many kinds of activities that help people, for example, search-and-rescue
dogs, avalanche dogs, dogs that detect narcotics or bombs, even some dogs that

Author: Elise Lufkin

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.

ISBN: 1602397724

Category: Nature

Page: 150

View: 177

The author of the best-selling Found Dogs combines duotone photographs with inspiring profiles of dogs and cats who have emerged from abuse-marked backgrounds to become assistance animals working as nursing home therapy pets, service animals for the blind and more.

To the Rescue

With agreement from the Rescue committee, this may be possible. But Foster
Care should not be seen as a back door to adoption. Foster homes are much
more needed than adoptive homes. “Could a strange dog be a health hazard to
my ...

Author: Barbara Curtiss

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595185592

Category: Pets

Page: 119

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TO THE RESCUE showcases a few of the thousands of dedicated volunteers who respond responsibly when they become aware of a dog of their chosen breed needing help. Good Breed Rescue is a response not just from the heart, but also from knowledge, experience, planning, and good organization. Here rescuers illustrate the variety of circumstances they face while helping dogs whose fortunes turned sour. Included are suggestions of how you may become involved in helping the breed you love.

The Rescue

Author: Joseph Conrad

Publisher: The Floating Press

ISBN: 1775419312

Category: Fiction

Page: 611

View: 971

Widely regarded as one of the most elegant stylists of English prose, Joseph Conrad set many of his works of fiction on boats and ships at sea. The Rescue is the last in a series of texts in which Conrad fictionalized his own life experiences as a sailor. The novel blends high seas adventure with romance and Conrad's trademark psychological complexity.


Amos Dele Dada. TO THE RESCUE International Gathering of Eagles Series TO
THE RESCUE (Say No Front Matter.

Author: Amos Dele Dada

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1491839481

Category: Education

Page: 182

View: 277

Tosin and Kola were young students of the same university who also completed their National Youth Service Corp. (NYSC ) primary assignment in the same school as teachers. They were role models for the youth of their generation. Kola and Tosin got married, while Kola became a lecturer and eventually a political activist he became the National President of Academic Staff Union of University(ASUU). Tosin read law as a second degree and also became the Chairperson of Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) boss with no mercy for corruption or corrupt people. Paola and Kenny worked for many years in the oil and gas industry as honest people, retired and because of corrupt leadership in the nation, migrated to South Africa. Due to the influence of Paola's brother, Kenny joined the bandwagon of corrupt citizens, and used his ill-gotten wealth to become a powerful politician. He also faced many uncommon challenges in the course of his life. The book exposes corruption in our world and community but most importantly, the rescue!

The Rescue Ark

seas for many spilled out of Hurrah! Hurrah! kids called out to say, the Hurrah!
Hurrah! it's saved, it's all sailed the seas for many glad to sailed cleaned up 'We'
ve The Aussie And they They They The Rescue Ark Animals The animals
featured ...

Author: Susan Hall

Publisher: National Library of Australia

ISBN: 0642278105

Category: Nature

Page: 36

View: 683

he Rescue Ark is travelling around Australia helping endangered animals! Watch the wombats, parrots, potoroos, quolls and many more make their way onto the Ark. This picture book, illustrated with wonderful collages, keys into the increasing awareness about our endangered animals by young children and their parents. Firstly, have fun tracing the Ark's journey on the colourful map of Australia and reading about the animals that will be collected on its way around the coast. Then, help the animals onto the Ark by singing or reading the rhymes. At the end of the book, find out if the Aussie children make the world safe for their animals again. In the back pages, learn more about these endangered animals in an easy-to-read fast facts text with photographs of the real animals. And don't forget to read the great endorsement on the cover of the book: "Kids are going to have a great time singing this lovely song and learning about the animals that need our help. The beautiful collaged illustrations and zoological notes at the back make it a perfect addition to any young nature-lovers library." Alison Lester This book has been road tested with preschool children in two schools, who were very excited by the introduction of animals that were not so familiar to them (e.g. potoroos) and by the idea of children cleaning up the earth to save the animals.

The Rescue Artist

Douglas Nicholas. The Rescue Artist The Rescue Artist j Douglas Nicholas
SCRIBES Kingston, NY Copyright.

Author: Douglas Nicholas

Publisher: Douglas Nicholas

ISBN: 1453710973

Category: Poetry

Page: 94

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Collection of poems.