Shadow Rising

Perrin Aybara must return to Emond's Field to face the occupying Whitecloaks, while Rand enters the Aiel Waste and the forbidden city of Rhuidean

Author: Robert Jordan


ISBN: 9781435257924

Category: Fiction

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Perrin Aybara must return to Emond's Field to face the occupying Whitecloaks, while Rand enters the Aiel Waste and the forbidden city of Rhuidean

Shadow Rising

Warning: This book contains an angry demon returning from the dead, a clan lord hiding a terrible secret, and a hunted heroine cracking open a can of whoop-ass.

Author: Cassi Carver

Publisher: Samhain Pub Limited

ISBN: 9781619213647

Category: Fiction

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The Shadow Slayers, Book 2—When Kara Reed learns her bondmate, Julian, is truly dead, and that Gavin has seemingly skipped town, things hit rock bottom. But soon, a string of bizarre accidents has her doubting those closest to her. To make matters worse, the demon-king's brand carved into her best friend Abbey's stomach is deteriorating by the day. Then a powerful coven of witches issues Kara an ultimatum. Bring them the blood of a true fallen angel—the only thing that will heal Abbey—or die. Problem is, the only fallen angel she's seen lately is the disoriented black-wing who looks suspiciously like Julian. Getting his blood might be easier if he was more interested in kissing her than killing her. Caught between a coven of vengeful witches and a murderous dead lover, Kara must deliver the blood, heal the slow poison of Abbey's brand, and save Julian from being consumed by the Abyss. But to do this, she may need the help of the one man she swore never to trust again…Gavin.

In the Shadow of the Rising Sun

restraint or through the constitutional ordering of human affairs, but by the
delicate balancing of the various sources of human ambitions. The genius of the
founders is in large measure embodied in their architectonic conception of the ...

Author: William S. Dietrich

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 0271028130

Category: Political Science

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Why is the United States unable to compete effectively with Japan? What explains the inability of American political leaders to devise an industrial policy capable of focusing the energies of American business on the task of meeting the Japanese challenge? How can America emerge from the shadow of the Rising Sun? This book addresses these questions and proposes a controversial decision. To get at the political roots of American economic decline, businessman-scholar William Dietrich puts the disciplined thinking of political philosophy, comparative politics, and international political economy to effective use in analyzing the source and nature of American institutional weakness. Unlike many who have written on U.S.-Japanese relations, Dietrich does not seek a solution a particular new policy or institutional innovation, such as an American counterpart to Japan's MITI. Rather, he emphasizes the systemic nature of America's problems. The failures of management, finance, and politics are interlocking and reinforcing, he shows, and thus a change in the others that spell doom for any partial approach. Most fundamental, however, are the political weaknesses of the system. It is in the basic political inheritance of America, reflected in the very design of the Constitution and the long dominance of Jeffersonian individualism over Hamiltonian statism, that we must locate the roots of American impotence in the face of Japan's challenge. As the problem is systemic, so must the solution be equally wide-ranging. Nothing short of &"fundamental institutional reform,&" Dietrich argues, will succeed in reversing America's downward course. Boasts about the victory of free-market capitalism in the wake of the collapse of the Communist state-directed system are premature and distract attention form the necessary recognition that it is the Japanese combination of the free market with a strong central state and a highly skilled professional bureaucracy that has really proved triumphant in our modern age of advanced technology. Only if we fully understand the reasons for Japanese success and American decline can we begin the arduous but crucial task of reconstructing the American polity to give it the power required to formulate and implement a national industrial policy that can regain for the United States its preeminent place among the world's industrial powers. The alternative, Dietrich describes in a chilling scenario, is a &"Pax Nipponica&" that will find America playing second fiddle to Japan with economic, cultural, and political consequences that will make Britain's eclipse by the United States earlier in this century seem mild by comparison.

The Shadow Club Rising

The Shadow Club doesn't exist anymore.

Author: Neal Shusterman

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101562714

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 208

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The Shadow Club doesn't exist anymore. The group of second-best kids used to play anonymous practical jokes on their rivals, until things spiraled out of control. Now Jared and the ex-Shadow Club members are having a hard time shaking their reputation. And when the new golden boy at school is the victim of a series of nasty pranks, everyone's convinced Jared is to blame. Determined to prove his innocence, Jared soon becomes wrapped up in a nightmare worse than anything the Shadow Club ever caused.

In the Shadow of the Rising Dragon

THE. SHADOW. OF. A. RISING. CHINA. Ding Zilin and Jiang Peikun Ding Zilin
and her husband, Jiang Peikun, born in the 1930s, are both professors of
philosophy at Renmin University and are signatories of Charter 08. Following the
death of ...

Author: Xu Youyu

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1137386991

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

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Over the last decade China has undergone a transformation. After the dark days of the Cultural Revolution, it has emerged as one of the twenty-first century's most powerful economies, with millions of citizens now entering the middle class. Yet, despite these rapid changes, China's human rights record remains abysmal, and a heavy shroud of secrecy protects the one-party system from accountability. In In the Shadow of the Rising Dragon, Chinese citizens from all walks of life share their stories of brutality and oppression. While inconceivable in the West, public beatings, grueling official questioning, unexplained detentions, and house arrest have become common-place occurrences, requiring only a minor infraction to set into motion. Those that dare to push the boundaries of the totalitarian regime, including one essayist's visit to the human rights activist Chen Guangcheng, are sentenced to life-long imprisonment, subjected to physical and psychological torture, and, frighteningly, made to "disappear." What emerges is a pattern of harassment directed, not at opposition figures, but ordinary citizens who live in crippling uncertainty of their future. Edited by two Chinese scholars, both of whom have experienced surveillance, control, abduction, and detention, this is a probing and revealing look at life under the police state of the world's most populous country.

The Shadow of Mist Novella

Titles by Yasmine Galenorn THE OTHERWORLD SERIEs Witchling Changeling
Darkling Dragon Wytch Night Huntress Demon Mistress Bone Magic Harvest
Hunting Blood Wyne Courting Darkness Shaded Vision Shadow Rising Haunted

Author: Yasmine Galenorn

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101605375

Category: Fiction

Page: 138

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AVAILBLE DIGITALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME It’s been more than a century since Siobhan Morgan fled Ireland to start a new life in America. As a selkie, she kept much of her life a secret, even from her good friends the D’Artigo sisters. But now a dark presence from her past has found its way across the ocean, in the form of a man obsessed with possessing her. With the D’Artigo sisters’ help, Siobhan must stop him before he destroys everything she loves. Includes the never before published short story Vanished As well as a preview of Yasmine Galenorn’s Otherworld novel, Autumn Whispers Shadow of Mist previously appeared in Never After

The World in the Shadow of God

I am walking through a plain. It must be Spring, for the air is light but warm. There
are small white flowers everywhere. I come to a great, amber mountain, all in a
shadow, rising from the fields. Crowds surround it. Everyone is pushing, their ...

Author: Ephraim Radner

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1621893294

Category: Religion

Page: 178

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In The World in the Shadow of God, Ephraim Radner argues for a vigorous Christian natural theology and insists that such a theology must, of necessity, be performed poetically. The peculiar character of such a theology is found in its disclosing of the natural limits that indicate indirectly the impinging and more fundamental reality of the divine life. Natural theology represents the encounter between created reality and the "shadow" of God's creative and revelatory grace. However, the encounter is a morally demanding task for the Christian church if it is to be held accountable to the truth on which its life is based. The first portion of the book offers an extended critical essay on the nature of this sort of natural theology, while the second provides a developed set of examples through poems that display the natural world in light of the truths articulated in the Apostles' Creed. Those interested in the intersection of theology, literature, history, and the natural world will be challenged by this attempt to renew a basic element of Christian knowledge and culture.

Shadow Rising

In the 7th and penultimate novel of Dianne Sylvan's Shadow World series, the foundation of Miranda Grey's life has once again shifted, and with it, the future of vampire kind.

Author: Dianne Sylvan

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781979234504

Category: Fantasy fiction

Page: 316

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In the 7th and penultimate novel of Dianne Sylvan's Shadow World series, the foundation of Miranda Grey's life has once again shifted, and with it, the future of vampire kind. Instead of the traditional Pairing of Signets ruling a single territory, she is now part of a Tetrad that essentially rules half the planet. As they race to save innocents in the path of the Prophet's army of possessed humans, Miranda, David, Deven, and Nico find themselves in new roles, wielding new power that invites new dangers. Together with two other Pairs, the Tetrad finally steps into the Circle of the Dark Goddess Persephone, and the eight Signets learn their true purpose...along with their enemy's true identity...and his endgame. But while the Circle learns to navigate its new reality, Miranda and her family come up against a frightening truth: The greatest threat to their world may come from within...and even the power of a Goddess may not be enough to save them all.

Japan and Malaysian Development

Japan and Malaysian Development critically assesses different dimensions of Japan-Malaysia economic relations. The work presents a balanced collection of essays examining Japanese involvement in Malaysia.

Author: Jomo Kwame Sundaram

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415115834

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 374

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The Japanese presence in Southeast Asia is treated variously with either suspicion or encouragement. Japan and Malaysian Development critically assesses different dimensions of Japan-Malaysia economic relations. The work presents a balanced collection of essays examining Japanese involvement in Malaysia. The volume also discusses the impact and consequences of Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir's 'Look East' policy, which advocated greater emphasis on trading relations with Japan.

Inside Out Healing

This is the shadow rising up in you. The shadow interrupts your usual ego
patterns. When it surfaces from the unconscious into the conscious mind, it
disrupts or, at times, even drowns the ego. it doesn't always make you scared and
mute; ...

Author: Richard Moss

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 9781401930837

Category: Self-Help

Page: 288

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Join world-renowned consciousness teacher and healer Richard Moss in an exploration of the power of presence in your life. Presence is associated with feelings of aliveness, connection, creativity, satisfaction, and flow. It is presence that frequently is the "difference that makes the difference" in your ability to enjoy life, heal emotional wounds, experience intimacy, and support the growth and transformation of others. This inspiring book presents powerful principles, tools, and practices for transforming self-limiting patterns of thought and behaviors and for staying in the present even in the midst of very difficult feelings. Drawing from individual counseling sessions and utilizing practical exercises, Dr. Moss demonstrates how awareness and presence can be applied to support change in yourself and others, thereby creating a solid bridge between knowing and doing. Inside-Out Healing will help you become more available and fully connected with yourself and others, build a solid foundation for healing in all areas of your life, be better able to handle difficult situations with more elegance and ease, improve both personal and professional relationships, expand your capacity for genuine empathy and compassion, and experience more richness, gratitude, and fulfillment in your life and relationships. Are you ready for a shift of consciousness that liberates your mind and heart? Whether you’re motivated by illness, relationship unhappiness, or the desire to excel and experience life to the fullest, this book holds the keys.

Under the Shadow of the Rising Sun

However, it ignored repeated German demands to harm the 40,000 Jews who found themselves under Japanese occupation during World War Two. This book attempts to answer why they behaved in a relatively humane fashion towards the Jews.

Author: Meron Medzini

Publisher: Jewish Identities in Post-Mode

ISBN: 9781618115225

Category: HISTORY

Page: 220

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Japan was a party to the Axis Alliance with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. However, it ignored repeated German demands to harm the 40,000 Jews who found themselves under Japanese occupation during World War Two. This book attempts to answer why they behaved in a relatively humane fashion towards the Jews.

Doctor Vandyke

scribed , Lady Brand and Dr. Vandyke Dr. Vandyke said , quickly : were seated
alone in the library at a late A shadow ? — rising from your hour of the night ,
engaged in earnest chair ? ' conversation . “ Yes , the shadow of any object
Colonel ...

Author: John Esten Cooke




Page: 142

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The Shadow Economy

In the 1990s, attention was being drawn to the shadow economy because of
dramatically rising unemployment (e.g., in the European Union) and the
problems of financing public expenditure, as well as the rising anxiety and
disappointment ...

Author: Friedrich Schneider

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107034841

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 216

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Presents new data to give an overview of shadow economies from OECD countries and propose solutions to prevent illicit work.

The Shadow of Egypt

seen the two gold crate ; proud of it when he might Karl Evereading ed , but
himself being , for the time , a figure of public ... Ever since the terrible rising in
1919 , the seed of unrest had been spreading and germinating throughout Egypt

Author: Norma Lorimer



Category: Egypt

Page: 288

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The Shadow of Ararat

The regular slapsluice sound of a single man rowing reached her. Gingerly she
drew back the cloak. Nikos, wearing her straw hat to shade his face, was sitting in
the stern of the hide boat, his arms rising and falling as he dipped the ...

Author: Thomas Harlan

Publisher: Tor Books

ISBN: 1429974958

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

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In what would be A.D. 600 in our history, the Empire still stands, supported by the Legions and Thaumaturges of Rome. Now the Emperor of the West, the Augustus Galen Atreus, will come to the aid of the Emperor of the East, the Augustus Heraclius, to lift the siege of Constantinople and carry a great war to the very doorstep of the Shahanshah of Persia. It is a war that will be fought with armies both conventional and magical, with bright swords and the darkest necromancy. Against this richly detailed canvas of alternate history and military strategy, Thomas Harlan sets the intricate and moving stories of four people. Dwyrin MacDonald is a Hibernian student at a school for sorcerers in Upper Egypt, until he runs afoul of powerful political interests and is sent off half-trained to the Legions. His teacher, Ahmet,undertakes to follow Dwyrin and aid him, but Ahmet is drawn into service with the queen of Palmeyra. Thyatis is a young female warrior, extensively trained by her patron in the arts of covert warfare. And Maxian Atreus is Galens youngest brother, a physician and sorcerer. He has discovered that an enemy of Rome has placed a dreadful curse on the City, which must be broken before Rome can triumph. Woven with rich detail youd expect from a first-rate historical novel, while through it runs yarns of magic and shimmering glamours that carry you deeply into your most fantastic dreams At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Shadow Rising

From the Sheriff of Nottingham to Severus Snape, Spike to Jack Sparrow, it's
always the men who seem beyond saving that ... Resist. Writing SHADOW
RISING, the third installment in the Dark Dynasties series, proved an interesting

Author: Kendra Leigh Castle

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1455511633

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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Ancient Secrets, Dark Passions . . . As one of the Grigori, a noble vampire dynasty shrouded in mystery, Ariane has spent her life hidden away in the desert. Like all of her kind, she is a watcher, fated to observe, forbidden to act. Yet when her best friend Sammael vanishes, she defies all rules and flees her safe haven to bring him home. A shape-shifting assassin for the House of Shadows, Damien Tremaine is hired to locate Sammael. His hunt for the wayward Grigori leads him to Ariane, the rogue vamp who stands between him and his bounty. Damien never lets emotion interfere with his work, but a single touch from the sexy, beguiling vampire shatters his self-control. Drawn together by their common goal, they begin an alliance of necessity that soon becomes one of desire. But when the secret at the dark heart of the Grigori comes to light, Damien and Ariane must make a choice that could bind them eternally . . . or tear them-and everything they care about-apart.

In the Shadow of the Rising Sun

the horizon , with smoke rising here and there from oil dumps which had been
sabotaged before capitulation . After being shut up so long indoors and in the
town , with the prospect ahead of an indefinite period behind the walls and bars
of a ...

Author: Mary Thomas



Category: Prisoners of war

Page: 216

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