The Slater Field Guide to Australian Birds

This guide is designed for use in the field, and sits easily in a hip-pocket, backpack or car.

Author: Peter Slater

Publisher: New Holland Pub Pty Limited

ISBN: 9781877069635

Category: Nature

Page: 414

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Updated new edition of Australia's number one bird book - a must for serious naturalists and beginner bird lovers alike. Full colour illustrations throughout.

Wildlife of Australia

Menkhorst, P., & Knight, F. A Field Guide to the Mammals of Australia. Third
Edition. Oxford University Press. Morcombe, M. Field Guide to Australian Birds.
Steve Parish Publishing. Onley, D., & Scofield, P Albatrosses, Petrels, &
Shearwaters of ...

Author: Iain Campbell

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 0691153531

Category: Nature

Page: 288

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Ideal for the nature-loving traveler, Wildlife of Australia is a handy photographic pocket guide to the most widely seen birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and habitats of Australia. The guide features more than 400 stunning color photographs, and coverage includes 350 birds, 70 mammals, 30 reptiles, and 16 frogs likely to be encountered in Australia's major tourist destinations. Accessible species accounts are useful for both general travelers and serious naturalists, and the invaluable habitat section describes the Australian bush and its specific wildlife. Animal species with similar features are placed on the same plates in order to aid identification. Wildlife of Australia is an indispensable and thorough resource for any nature enthusiast interested in this remarkable continent. Easy-to-use pocket guide More than 400 high-quality photographs Accessible text aids identification Habitat guide describes the Australian bush and its specific wildlife Coverage includes the 350 birds, 70 mammals, 30 reptiles, and 16 frogs most likely to be seen on a trip around Australia

Australian Bird Names

'Greater' by comparison with the Lesser Flamingo, the only other Old World
species. ... of 'quail' was perpetuated by Cayley (1931) and as recently as the first
edition of Slater's Field Guide to Australian Birds (1970) and McDonald (1973).

Author: Ian Fraser


ISBN: 1486311644

Category: Science

Page: 368

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This second edition of Australian Bird Names is a completely updated checklist of Australian birds and the meanings behind their common and scientific names, which may be useful, useless or downright misleading! For each species, the authors examine the many-and-varied common names and full scientific name, with derivation, translation and a guide to pronunciation. Stories behind the name are included, as well as relevant aspects of biology, conservation and history. Original descriptions, translated by the authors, have been sourced for many species. As well as being a book about names, this is a book about the history of the ever-developing understanding of birds, about the people who contributed to this understanding and, most of all, about the birds themselves. This second edition has been revised to follow current taxonomy and understanding of the relationships between families, genera and species. It contains new taxa, updated text and new vagrants and will be interesting reading for anyone with a love of birds, words or the history of Australian biology and bird-watching.

Finding Australian Birds

A Field Guide to Birding Locations Rohan Clarke, Tim Dolby ... Birds of Australia's
Top End. New Holland Publishing, Frenchs Forest, NSW. Higgins P, et al. 1990–
2006. Handbook of ... The Slater Field Guide to Australian Birds. New Holland ...

Author: Rohan Clarke


ISBN: 1486300847

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 624

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Finding Australian Birds is a guide to the special birds found across Australia's vastly varied landscapes. From the eastern rainforests to central deserts, Australia is home to some 900 species of birds. This book covers over 400 Australian bird watching sites conveniently grouped into the best birding areas, from one end of the country to the other. This includes areas such as Kakadu in the Top End and rocky gorges in the central deserts of the Northern Territory, the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, rainforests distributed along the eastern Australian seaboard, some of the world's tallest forests in Tasmania, the Flinders Ranges and deserts along the iconic Strzelecki and Birdsville Tracks in South Australia, and the mallee temperate woodlands and spectacular coastlines in both Victoria and south west Western Australia. Each chapter begins with a brief description of the location, followed by a section on where to find the birds, which describes specific birdwatching sites within the location's boundaries, and information on accommodation and facilities. The book also provides a comprehensive 'Bird Finding Guide', listing all of Australia's birds with details on their abundance and where exactly to see them. Of value to both Australian birdwatchers and international visitors, this book will assist novices, birders of intermediate skill and keen 'twitchers' to find any Australian species.

First Field Guide to Australian Mammals

Beginners' pocket guide for children to identifying around 50 types of Australian mammals.

Author: Pat Slater

Publisher: Steve Parish

ISBN: 9781740210492

Category: Mammals

Page: 56

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Beginners' pocket guide for children to identifying around 50 types of Australian mammals. Each entry includes information on identification, size, distribution, habitat, habits and similar species. Includes colour photos throughout, glossary and index. Photographer has produced several books and assorted stationery items with an Australian theme.

A Field Guide to the Birds of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore

Extensive hybridization of Long-legged Buteo rufinus and Upland Buzzard B.
hemilasius. Ornithologische Mitteilung 53: 344–9. Pizzey, G. and Knight, F. (1997
). The Graham Pizzey and Frank Knight Field Guide to the Birds of Australia.

Author: Allen Jeyarajasingam

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199639434

Category: Nature

Page: 449

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A fully comprehensive, modern field guide to all of the bird species in Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. Featuring numerous colour illustrations and detailed descriptions of the key identification features, the book will be equally valuable for ornithologists and birdwatchers.

The Australian Bird Watcher

Simpson , K . & Day , N . ( 1996 ) , Field Guide to the Birds of Australia , 5th edn ,
Viking , Melbourne . Slater , P . , Slater , P . & Slater , R . ( 1986 ) , The Slater Field
Guide to Australian Birds , rev . edn , Weldon , Sydney . Whitmore , M . ) .




Category: Bird watching


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Birdwatching in Australia and New Zealand

Contains contents of the 5th edn of the Field Guide to the Birds of Australia , bird
songs of more than 500 species , the Christidis and Boles ( 1994 ) checklist , and
other features . Slater , P. , Slater , P. and Slater R. 1986 The Slater Field Guide ...

Author: Ken Simpson

Publisher: New Holland Pub Pty Limited


Category: Nature

Page: 206

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Here is a comprehensive guide on birdwatching in Australia and New Zealand.

A Natural History of Australia

Simpson , K. , N. Day , and P. Trusler ( eds ) ( 1996 ) The Princeton field guide to
the birds of Australia ( 5th ed . ) , Princeton University Press , Princeton , NJ . 400
p . Slater , P. ( 1970 ) A field guide to Australian birds , vol . 1 , Non - passerines ...

Author: Tim M. Berra



Category: Nature

Page: 304

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It also deals with the country's colorful history, its laidback lifestyle and the quirky and entertaining brand of English that Australians speak.

Memoirs of the Queensland Museum

Birds of New Guinea and Tropical Australia . ( Reed : Sydney ) . PIZZEY , G 1980.
A field guide to the birds of Australia . ( Collins , Sydney ) . 1997. The Graham
Pizzey & Frank Knight field guide to the birds of Australia . ( Angus & Robertson ...




Category: Ethnology


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The Flight of the Emu

Pizzey's long process of gathering jizz meant that the guide was slow to write . In
fact , his book was not the first of the next generation of Australian guides . Peter
Slater , an artist and CSIRO officer , published A Field Guide to Australian Birds ...

Author: Libby Robin

Publisher: Melbourne University


Category: History

Page: 492

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The Flight of the Emu tells the story of Australian birding in the twentieth century. The Emu is the journal of the former Royal Australasian Ornithologists' Union, now known as Birds Australia. In this engrossing book, Libby Robin describes the achievements and the increasing importance of ornithology in Australia-both amateur and professional-over the past hundred years. From Bass Strait to the Kimberley, collectors have searched for and identified hundreds of species of Australian birds. This is a discipline in which exceptional amateur contributions have helped to shape science. Libby Robin explores the tensions between amateur and professional ornithologists, and discusses issues of conservation and environmental management, scientific collecting, smuggling and bird protection. She tells stories from campouts, expeditions and congresses derived from oral history, letters and 'reading between the lines' of published reports. The search for the Night Parrot, the protection of the Lyrebird, the identification of the Noisy Scrub-bird, have all involved enthusiastic bird lovers as well as scientists. Ornithological research takes place in museums, universities, government agencies, community groups and the CSIRO. Bird-banding has introduced many people to the passion of ornithology, as well as providing a method of valuable data-collection about birds. The Flight of the Emu also details international scientific expeditions and the influences of Australian birds on international debates. 'Birdos' have a great sense of humour, and the pleasure and fun of bird watching, whether it be serious scientific observation, 'twitching' or just a relaxing hobby, comes through strongly in this clear, friendly and richly-illustrated book.

The Emu

Strangely , no distribution maps are given for exotic species . This is a serious
omission as the spread of pest species such as the Common Myna and Common
Starling are major conservation issues . The Slater Field Guide to Australian
Birds ...




Category: Birds


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Three factors affected the number of bird species observed on a given trip to
Milman Island : ( 1 ) the duration of survey at the ... The Taxonomy and Species of
Birds of Australia and Its Territories . ... The Slater Field Guide to Australian Birds .




Category: Bird banding


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Wing Span

Over the birds instead . years , with the late Graham Pizzey , Peter In the early
1960s he was among the first Slater , Graeme Chapman and others , he acted ...
This to Australian Birds and co - opted Lloyd for was not a conventional field
guide .




Category: Ornithology


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Australian Waterbirds

Beruldson, G. 1980, A Field Guide to Nests and Eggs of Australian Birds, Rigby,
Sydney. Blakers, M., Davies, S.J.J.F. and Reilly, P.N. 1984, The Atlas of
Australian Birds, RAOU, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne. Cramp, S. and
Simons, ...

Author: Richard Kingsford

Publisher: International Specialized Book Service Incorporated


Category: Nature

Page: 128

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A brief account of the natural history for 88 species of waterbird which can be seen in the inland of Australia.

Australia s Southern Shores

Penguin , 1987 Slater , P. , Slater , P. & Slater , R. The Slater Field Guide to
Australian Birds . Lansdowne , Sydney , 1994 . PLANTS MARINE LIFE Bennett , I.
Australian Seashores . HarperCollins , Pymble NSW , 1992 . Breidahl , H. J.
Crabs ...

Author: Harry Breidahl

Publisher: Lothian Children's Books


Category: Australia

Page: 159

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A guide to the marine and plant life of Australia on the beach, on rocky and sheltered shores and in the water all year round.