The Small Back Room

A true modern classic, THE SMALL BACK ROOM is a towering novel of the Second World War.

Author: Nigel Balchin

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1474601170

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

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A true modern classic, THE SMALL BACK ROOM is a towering novel of the Second World War. Sammy Rice is a weapons scientist, one of the 'back room boys' of the Second World War. A crippling disability has left him cynical and disillusioned - he struggles with a drink problem at home, and politics and petty pride at work. Worse still, he fears he is not good enough for the woman he loves. The stakes are raised when the enemy begin to drop a new type of booby-trapped bomb, causing many casualties. Only Sammy has the know-how to diffuse it - but as he comes face to face with real danger, all his old inadequacies return to haunt him. Can he, at last, prove his worth and put his demons to rest?

The Backroom Boys

Disengaging after one of the most uncomfortable quarters of an hour of his
experience, John asked someone who the neat chap was; and was told it was
Nigel Balchin – author of The Small Back Room, a novel which was then much
read as a ...

Author: Graeme Sligo

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1922132543

Category: History

Page: 416

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The Backroom Boys is the remarkable, but little known, story of how a varied group of talented intellectuals, drafted into the Australian Army in the dark days of 1942, provided high-level policy advice to Australia’s most senior soldier, General Blamey, and through him to the Government for the remainder of the war and beyond. This band of academics, lawyers and New Guinea patrol officers formed a unique military unit, the Directorate of Research and Civil Affairs, under the command of an eccentric and masterful string-puller, Alf Conlon. The Directorate has been depicted as a haven for underemployed poets or meddlesome soldier-politicians. Based on wide-ranging research, this book reveals a fuller and more fascinating picture. The fierce conflicts in the wartime bureaucracy between public servants and soldiers, in which the Directorate provided critical support to Blamey, went to the heart of military command, accountability and the profession of arms. The Directorate was a pioneer in developing approaches to military government in areas liberated by the combat troops, as demonstrated by the Australian Army in New Guinea, and Borneo in 1945-46. It is an issue of enduring importance. The Directorate established the Australian School of Pacific Administration, and had an important role in founding the Australian National University. Its influence extended into post war Australia. The Backroom Boys emphasises the personality of Colonel Alf Conlon, as well as the talented men and women he recruited. Above all, this book shows how, unexpectedly, the Australian Army fostered a group of men and women who made a lasting contribution to the development of Australia in the decades after the war.

The Little Back Room

She opened her eyes a little. They were small gray eyes, and didn't lend
themselves to astonishment, or indeed to any expression except a kind of cool
shrewdness. "Don't you know Mr. Mack?" "I don't know any of 'em." She seemed
amused ...

Author: Edward Schuyler Chamberlayne



Category: Political fiction

Page: 340

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To My Dear Pieternelletje

An ebony cupboard and table, standing downstairs in the small back room, value
at ... Awardrobe of salemoenij wood, standing upstairs at the back above the
porch, value at ... An ebony press, also standing above the porch mentioned, also

Author: Bea Brommer

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004293329

Category: History

Page: 384

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To my dear Pieternelletje contains the correspondence between Pieternella van Hoorn in Amsterdam and her grandfather Willem van Outhoorn, former VOC governor-general, in Batavia, during the period 1710-1720. Numerous letters combined with contemporaneous documents offer a vivid and clear picture of VOC-history.

The Little Slaves of the Harp

The adjacent room, measuring five feet by seven feet, contained a platform
covered with mouldy straw and filthy rags. Seven boys, all under the age of
twelve, slept in that "bed." Two men, three women, and a little girl were found in a
back ...

Author: John E. Zucchi

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780773517554

Category: Music

Page: 208

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During the nineteenth century child musicians could be seen performing in the streets of cities across Europe and North America. Although they came from a number of countries, Italians were most associated with street music. In The Little Slaves of the Harp John Zucchi tells the story of the thousands of Italian children who were indentured to padrone and then uprooted from their villages in central and southern Italy and taken to Paris, London, and New York to perform as barrel-organists, harpists, violinists, fifers, pipers, and animal exhibitors.


65 marks for the small back room kleine Hinterzimmer und 70 Mark für das and
70 marks for the larger front room . grössere Vorderzimmer . Herr B .: Ist
Frühstück einbegriffen ? Mr. B .: Is breakfast included ? Empfangschef : Das ist
extra , 2.50 ...

Author: Joseph Rosenberg

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486202716

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 384

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Filled with dialogues, grammar and idiom studies, and practical exercises, this is probably the most delightful, useful, and comprehensive elementary book available for learning spoken and written German. In addition, the book features 28 sketches of specific scenes with pertinent items numbered and identified in both German and English. Includes 330 photographs and illustrations.

The Small House at Allington

The reader may, perhaps, remember the little back room behind the dining
parlour. A description was given in some former pages of an interview which was
held between Amelia and her lover. It was in that room that all the interviews of

Author: Anthony Trollope

Publisher: Everyman's Library

ISBN: 0804153973

Category: Fiction

Page: 233

View: 457

The Small House At Allington (1864) is Anthony Trollope's fifth novel in the sequence that has become known as the Barsetshire series. Set against the vividly imagined backdrop of the cathedral town of Barchester, it is the story of the embittered old bachelor Squire Dale and his impoverished nieces, Lily and Bell. In it, Trollope displays all the humor, drama, and subtle grasp of character and motive that have, for more than a century, made his novels a total pleasure to read. (Book Jacket Status: Not Jacketed)

Life and Labour of the People in London

In the small back room no one seemed to stay long . Behind this house was a
workshop where skins were manufactured . No. 33 was the last house on the
north side of Parker Street , and here in place of parlour there was a house for a
gig or ...

Author: Charles Booth



Category: London (England)


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Room of Fire

He seemed more of the back door type to her since exposing his earlier methods
with Eischmidt. She wasn't sure it was a fair ... The mirrored door to the small
back room was ajar and Fredericks' voice rose. “You don't know how I wish to be
of ...

Author: Jenn Rekka

Publisher: Echo Press

ISBN: 130152154X

Category: Fiction

Page: 243

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Swallowed in time and believed to be burned by Nazis, the Amber Chamber is a treasure lost in war and chaos. A chance purchase in France leads American museum curator Dr. Carlos Sheldon and his assistant Lauren on a broken chase through Europe for the lost Amber Room. Pursued by deadly Russian and Polish mercenaries with their own agendas, staying one step ahead of the hunt ends in a stumble as the lines between sides blur. The quest to find the missing Amber Chamber resumes where it left off decades before, this time with new players. The lure of the amber treasure room, however, is just as strong as ever. Book 2 in the Rediscovered series by Jenn Rekka. The first book in the series, Last Assault on Oak Island, is out and covers the Oak Island Money Pit treasure hunt in Nova Scotia.

Wilcox Plays 1

The back room of Tony Dodge's bicycle shop. A workbench is piled with toys and
... Another door leads out of the room into a small back kitchen. Parts of bicycle
frames, old wheels and debris of Dodge's trade litter the room. There are piles of

Author: Michael Wilcox

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1408190486

Category: Drama

Page: 288

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Four plays by a writer at the forefront of 80s theatre Rents: "A superb and touching comedy about the lives of two "rent" boys in Edinburgh." (Time Out) "What you would never guess about Rents in advance is that it is so funny. Here we are faced with a story about youthful prostitution (male), poverty and urban paranoia...And yet, there it is at the Lyric Studio, Hammersmith, rolling them in the aisles. Rents is a play which touches on all kinds of problems, but it is not by any means a problem play...A wholly enjoyable experience." (Plays and Players); Accounts: "Portrays the kind of world we rarely see on the British stage...Wilcox very skilfully counterpoints the struggle of a young widow and her two sons to make a go of their farm with the two boys' attempt to cope with their emotional problems." (Guardian); Lent: "A finely tuned, intricately woven and beautifully acted period piece about adolescence and old age that operates like a time capsule, divulging its treasures by slow degrees." (Time Out) Massage revolves around a massage boy, a bicycle builder and a journalist and "startles with its compassion for two bruised egos" (City Limits) and is "shot through with wry, extremely uncomfortable perceptions." (Financial Times)

The Daughter of Highland Hall

EIGH TEEN o-o-o-o K ate carried the tray bearing three steaming cups of tea and
a plate of biscuits into the small back room at Daystar Clinic. “Here we are.” She
set the tray on the table by the window. Young Rose Hartman sent her a bashful ...

Author: Carrie Turansky

Publisher: Multnomah

ISBN: 160142499X

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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What if the title, the estate, the life of security and splendor… what if it isn’t enough? Strong-willed and beautiful, debutante Katherine Ramsey feels ready to take the London social season by storm, and she must. Her family estate, Highland Hall, has been passed to older male cousin Sir William Ramsey, and her only means of securing her future is to make a strong debut and find a proper husband. With her all-knowing and meddling aunt as a guide, Katherine is certain to attract suitors at the lavish gatherings, sparkling with Great Britain’s elite. When a shocking family scandal sidelines Katherine, forcing her out of the social spotlight, she keeps a low profile, volunteering with the poor in London’s East End. Here Katherine feels free from her predictable future, and even more so as a friendship with medical student Jonathan Foster deepens and her faith in God grows. But when Katherine is courted anew by a man of wealth and position, dreams of the life she always thought she wanted surface again. Torn between tradition and the stirrings in her heart for a different path, she must decide whom she can trust and love—and if she will choose a life serving others over one where she is served.

Where Witch Birds Fly

Ruby immediately looked up, smiled and directed him to go into a little room in
back. “Aah got di numbaas, Meestah Mustaafa.” The man handed her an
unsealed envelope, some leone notes protruding out the top, and proceeded to
the back ...

Author: Eugene Harkins

Publisher: SCB Distributors

ISBN: 0932863949

Category: Fiction

Page: 200

View: 280

This novel permits insight into the strange and horrific civil war that erupted in Sierra Leone in the 1990s in the twilight of the Cold War, leading ultimately to a UN War Crimes Tribunal for Crimes Against Humanity. It captures the toxic brew of forces that ultimately unleashed a conflagration in this small West African nation––Big Oil, Big Diamonds, competing external powers, foreign mercenaries, and the local dominant Lebanese trading community– –all pillaging and degrading the African population’s assets and destroying its chances for development until, not surprisingly, a brutal insurrection breaks out. The protagonist, Richard White, is an African-American international lawyer who first arrives in Sierra Leone during the Cold War on a mission to collect a forty million dollar oil debt owed by the local Freetown refinery. He returns a second time, post-Cold War, representing Lebanese interests in the largely illicit diamond trade, only to be kidnapped and held for ransom by Foday Sankoh’s Revolutionary United Front. Where Witch Birds Fly is also––and not less so––an illuminated portrayal of White’s process of loss and redemption. An outwardly successful man,White is in actuality seeking to come to terms with the personal malaise brought about by his rejection of family and ethnic heritage. He travels through life with all the accoutrements that demonstrate his professional success––sharp clothes, fast cars, and flashy white women––but inside, he feels troubled and alone. Long-term psychoanalysis does little to alleviate his malaise. White’s road to peace lies through the maelstrom. Harkins projects the deadly social forces at play in Sierra Leone over a decade with the socio-political acumen and high moral vision of John Le Carre in The Constant Gardner.


We enjoyed a peaceful night's rest in a small back room at the Harris/Wakefield
Pub. The room, more of a store room, held cots for three and was often the home
of visiting cousins. We were given sheets and blankets; a visit to the hall bath, ...

Author: Michael R. Häack

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1456733710

Category: Fiction

Page: 552

View: 705

Recovering from a broken marriage, schoolteacher Mike Stanton has decided to abandon his life in California and immigrate to New Zealand. With high hopes, a large backpack, money, and documents in hand, Mike boards a Pan Am flight from San Francisco bound for adventure. Trouble arises immediately when his flight develops engine trouble and is diverted to Hawaii. During the days of waiting for another flight to take him onward, Mike falls in love with the beaches, surf, and island girls but is still content to leave when the time comes. Upon his arrival in New Zealand, however, he is informed he cannot immigrate after all. With only three months until his visa expires, Mike decides to explore the stunning countryside—and soon finds himself caught up with a gang of passport counterfeiters. He is stalked and mistaken for an FBI agent, and in the serenity of this South Pacific paradise, he is kidnapped, the first in a series of treacherous events that the wayward teacher may not survive. In this thriller, one man on an extended vacation in New Zealand finds himself out of his depth, mixed up with international criminals, and facing dangers that could end with his death.

Madison House

The small back room reeked from his whiskey breath and the cigar smoke that
still clung to his coat. “How could you,” he shouted, and spat at her feet. “How can
I go back home and have a respectable life knowing that my wife is a cheap ...

Author: Peter Donahue

Publisher: Hawthorne Books

ISBN: 0983477531

Category: Fiction

Page: 528

View: 753

PETER DONAHUE’S DEBUT NOVEL MADISON HOUSE, which won the Langum Prize for Historical Fiction 2005, chronicles turn-of-the-century Seattle’s explosive transformation from frontier outpost to major metropolis. Maddie Ingram, owner of Madison House, and her quirky and endearing boarders find their lives inextricably linked when the city decides to re-grade Denny Hill and the fate of Madison House hangs in the balance--Maddie’s albino handyman and furtive love interest, a muckraking black journalist who owns and publishes the Seattle Sentry newspaper, and an aspiring stage actress forced into prostitution and morphine addiction while working in the city’s corrupt vaudeville theater, all call Madison House home. Had E.L. Doctorow and Charles Dickens met on the streets of Seattle, they couldn’t have created a better book.

Lewchew and the Lewchewans

I confess , I was rather frightened , and made out of the room very fast , to rejoin
Mrs. B. , waiting in the backroom . I have been particular in these details , on
account of the case that befel us soon after . We had scarcely made a few steps
in the ...

Author: George Smith



Category: Ryukyu Islands

Page: 95

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Norvern Monkey

In the small , back room Mark would eat the chips in a bag fashioned from
newspaper . Impatience burning his greedy fingers , he would wolf down the red -
hot chunks of fried potato . When he had finished , he would lick his fingers and
throw ...

Author: Leigh Smith

Publisher: Norvern Monkey

ISBN: 9780955728907


Page: 375

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Jasper Mountain

Jack catapulted himself the rest of the way across the room and slammed the rear
door open. Six miners sat around a table in the small back room. There were no
cards, no coins stacked. Nothing but grim faces, and the big Swede leaning ...

Author: Kathy Steffen

Publisher: Medallion Media Group

ISBN: 1605429457

Category: Fiction

Page: 386

View: 733

Jack Buchanan, a worker at the Jasper Mining Company, is sure of his place in the outside world, but has lost his faith in the tragedy of a fire. Foreign-born and raised, Milena Shabanov flees from a home she loves to the strange and barbaric America. A Romani blessed with “the sight,” she is content in the company of visions and spirit oracles, but finds herself isolated in a brutal mining town that has little use for women. Surrounded by inhumane working conditions at the mine, senseless death, and overwhelming greed, miners begin disappearing. Tempers flare and Jack must decide where he stands: with the officers and mining president; with Victor Creely, to whom Jack owes his life; or with the miners, whose lives are worth less to the company than pack animals. Milena, sensing deep despair and death in a mining town infested with restless spirits, searches for answers to the workers’ disappearances. But she cannot trust anyone, especially not Jack Buchanan, a man haunted by his own past.

Olymbia Brown

This small log house, consisting of one large room with a small ante-room and
attic, was the family home for four years. In this one room was ... Another vivid
memory is of the small back room where our supplies were kept. These were of
great ...

Author: Gwendolen Willis


ISBN: 0615445721



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The Corporal Works of Murder

Fear slid down her spine. The small back room looked as if a tornado had ripped
through it. Papers were everywhere. The door itself was stuck on an overturned
lamp. Someone had slashed the shades and torn the curtains from the windows.

Author: Sister Carol Anne O'Marie

Publisher: Minotaur Books

ISBN: 1429907568

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

View: 406

Poor Inspector Gallagher -- his premonition was right. Sister Mary Helen is once more in the middle of a homicide case. Not that she wants to be. No one would envy the poor nun, who finds herself holding a dying young woman -- shot to death in the street almost directly outside the Refuge for homeless women where Mary Helen volunteers. And even while she grieves over the loss of life, Mary Helen spots something odd about the victim. Although she is wearing near-rags, her skin is unblemished and healthy-looking. Her perfect teeth are white and unstained. She doesn't look like a woman whose life has been spent in poverty, in the streets. Mary Helen's feeling is borne out when she discovers that the dead woman was a Vice Department officer trying to find the people responsible for a neighborhood prostitute ring. And in spite of her own conscience warning her, the old nun feels that since the murder happened in front of HER refuge, it is her duty to find the officer's killer. She justifies this by telling herself that her connections with the women who use the Refuge put her in a unique position to get some inside information about what is going on in their neighborhood. After all, isn't one of the Refuge's very own women, Geraldine, the aunt of Junior Johnson? And isn't Junior just about the most powerful and knowledgeable man in the 'hood? So Sister Mary Helen plunges in, determined to find Sarah Spencer's killer. Her "invasion" of the case enrages Inspector Gallagher, but if she is to succeed, his further fury will be well worth Mary Helen's triumph. The police officers assigned to the crimes that turn out to be "hers" might make a case that someone Mary Helen's age is running a serious risk when she deals with criminals and their world. But the delightful old nun has the weapons of her logical mind, and her determination. And just maybe Someone whom she serves is rooting for her. In any case, she is able to work out of perilous situations, come up with commonsense answers, and gather a huge circle of loving fans as she meddles in murder.

Dead Walk

She rushed in through the front door, through the living room, down a hallway
and into the small back room that was used as an office. Doctor Jackson sat
hunched over a large desk, writing, when Maevis burst into the room. “Doc
Jackson ...

Author: Bonita Wagner

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1469798751

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 914

Evan Fletcher witnessed something he shouldnt have, then suddenly dies. Sarah Fletcher's secure world is shaken by her uncle's death and even more so when his body disappears from its grave. In her attempt to find out what happened to her uncle's corpse, Sarah's own life is put in jeopardy when she discovers a hidden evil lurking in the swamps of east Texas. Bonita Wagner has two previously published suspense novels and lives in Lakehills, Texas with her husband, Sonny.