The Thought Fox

The poems in this book were first published in the following collections: The Hawk in the Rain (Faber and Faber, 1957): The Jaguar; The Horses; The Thought-Fox. Lupercal (Faber and Faber, 1960): View of a Pig; Hawk Roosting; Thrushes; ...

Author: Ted Hughes

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 0571350283

Category: Poetry

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All the richness of the wild is seen through the poet's eye. Here are poems from Hawk in the Rain, Wodwo, Wolfwatching, Lupercal and River as well as from Adam and the Sacred Nine, their juxtaposition highlighting the variety of the natural world and of Hughes's poetry about it.

Teaching English Language and Literacy

Ted Hughes wrote many ' animal ' poems , but his first , ' The Thought - Fox ' , is one which lends itself quite readily to extended investigation . Hughes says that the poem was composed in only a few minutes after a year of not ...

Author: Dominic Wyse

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" ... An essential introduction for anyone learning to teach English at primary school level ... includes advice on: developing reading, including advice on choosing texts; improving writing skills, including advice on grammar and punctuation; planning and assessing speaking and listening lessons; working effectively with pupils who are multilingual; understanding historical developments in the subject; the latest theories of learning; issues such as the latest thinking in educational policy, the way to plan effectively, how to incorporate ICTs, working with the media and maintaining good home-school links"--Back cover.

Revising Life

Yet the violence finally unleashed on the fox and the full resonance of the fox's unstoppable cry provide the most dramatic proof of the remarkable permeability of Plath's page. Hughes's “Thought-Fox” is not merely invoked here but ...

Author: Susan R. Van Dyne

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 0807866067

Category: Literary Criticism

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'Provides a compelling argument for Plath's revision of the painful parts of her life--the failed marriage, her anxiety for success, and her ambivalence towards her mother. . . . The reader will feel the tension in the poetry and the life.'Choice '[Examines] Plath's twin goals of becoming a famous poet and a perfect mother. . . . This book's main points are clearly and forcefully argued: that both poems and babies require 'struggle, pain, endless labor, and . . . fears of monstrous offspring' and that, in the end, Plath ran out of the resources necessary to produce both. Often maligned as a self-indulgent confessional poet, Plath is here retrieved as a passionate theorist.'--Library Journal Susan Van Dyne's reading of twenty-five of Sylvia Plath's Ariel poems considers three contexts: Plath's journal entries from 1957 to 1959 (especially as they reveal her conflicts over what it meant to be a middle-class wife and mother and an aspiring writer in 1950s America); the interpretive strategies of feminist theory; and Plath's multiple revisions of the poems.

Encyclopedia of British Writers 19th and 20th Centuries

This strong first collection contains such poems as “The Thought-Fox” and “The Jaguar.” “The Thought-Fox” deftly shows thought taking form, a poem being born as a hunter stalks a fox, a fox its prey.“The Jaguar”devotes only half its ...

Author: Christine L. Krueger

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This concise encyclopedic reference profiles more than 800 British poets

Ted Hughes New Selected Poems

More importantly, in 'The Thought-Fox' and other poems such as 'Hawk Roosting' and 'The Jaguar', Hughes implicitly or explicitly identifies with the predatory creature, who is portrayed as in some way transcendent, if not immortal: ...

Author: Neil Roberts

Publisher: Humanities-Ebooks


Category: Literary Criticism

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This book (also available in paperback from Troubador) open with a section on Hughes's life, including an authoritative treatment of the relationship with Sylvia Plath and the effect of her suicide on his poetry and reputation, followed by a review of Hughes's artistic strategies, his poetic language, and influences on his work, including his openness to mythology and the poets of Eastern Europe. The body of the book offers an approach to reading New Selected Poems (1995), taking in turn each of the remarkable and remarkably varied works from which the poems were selected - The Hawk in the Rain, Lupercal, Wodwo, Crow, Cave Birds, Season Songs, Gaudete, Remains of Elmet, Moortown Diary, River and Wolfwatching. It concludes with a review of Hughes's reception, and a six-page bibliography.

Ted Hughes and Trauma

'The Thought-Fox' in Poetry in the Making avoids any reference to the burnt fox dream, referring instead to the 'snowy night in dreary lodgings in London' that incubated the poem (PM 19). In the way in which the printed page of the ...

Author: Danny O'Connor

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137557923

Category: Literary Criticism

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This book is a radical re-appraisal of the poetry of Ted Hughes, placing him in the context of continental theorists such as Jacques Lacan, Jacques Derrida and Slavoj Zizek to address the traumas of his work. As an undergraduate, Hughes was visited in his sleep by a burnt fox/man who left a bloody handprint on his essay, warning him of the dangers of literary criticism. Hereafter, criticism became ‘burning the foxes’. This book offers a defence of literary criticism, drawing Hughes’ poetry and prose into the network of theoretical work he dismissed as ‘the tyrant’s whisper’ by demonstrating a shared concern with trauma. Covering a wide range of Hughes’ work, it explores the various traumas that define his writing. Whether it is comparing his idea of man as split from nature with that of Jacques Lacan, considering his challenging relationship with language in light of Roland Barthes and Jacques Derrida, seeing him in the art gallery and at the movies with Gilles Deleuze, or considering his troubled relationship with femininity in regard to Teresa Brennan and Slavoj Žižek, Burning the Foxes offers a fresh look at a familiar poet.

The Laughter of Foxes

Seeds of poems (it is a thought-fox, not a poem-fox) and bits of poems do frequently come this spontaneous way, but an examination of Hughes' manuscripts reveals the protracted labour usually required to bring a poem from its first ...

Author: Keith M. Sagar

Publisher: Liverpool University Press

ISBN: 1846310113

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A literary figure often overshadowed by his famed wife, Sylvia Plath, and their troubled marriage, Ted Hughes was a brilliant poet in his own right who wrote some of the most important British poetry of the twentieth century. The first in-depth study of Hughes’s personal papers published after his death, The Laughter of Foxes, is here offered in a newly revised second edition. An intimate yet critical survey of Hughes’s work, The Laughter of Foxes is penned by an acclaimed scholar and one of Hughes’ closest friends. Keith Sagar probes all aspects of the poet's life and work, delving into the specifics of his life as revealed by his writings and correspondence. A wide array of topics—including the mythic imagination, the poetic relationship between Plath and Hughes, and a detailed analysis of Hughes’s poem “A Dove Came” through its evolving drafts—reveals fascinating new avenues of literary and biographical analysis in Hughes’s work. Augmenting the rich text in this edition are excerpts of letters from Hughes to Sagar, a detailed chronology of Hughes’s life by Ann Skea, and the first publication of the story "Crow." Sagar also revisits his original introduction in this new edition, expanding it with additional insights into Hughes’s poetry as well as a detailed account of Hughes’s version of Euripedes’ Alcestis. A compelling study that the Daily Telegraph called “invaluable for anyone interested in Hughes’ work,” The Laughter of Foxes unearths the man behind the myth who struggled to transform his imaginative life from pain into hope.

The thought fox

Here are poems from Hawk in the Rain, Wodwo, Wolfwatching, Lupercal and River as well as from Adam and the Sacred Nine, their juxtaposition highlighting the variety of the natural world and of Hughes's poetry about it.

Author: Ted Hughes


ISBN: 9780571176281

Category: Animals

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All the richness of the wild is seen through the poet's eye. Here are poems from Hawk in the Rain, Wodwo, Wolfwatching, Lupercal and River as well as from Adam and the Sacred Nine, their juxtaposition highlighting the variety of the natural world and of Hughes's poetry about it.