The Trinity Secret

It will show you the way.” —Dr. John L. Turner, author of Medicine, Miracles and
Manifestations “Are we all living trinities? The Trinity Secret is E-ride that starts
with 'The Holy Trinity, winds through a 'Ladder of Consciousness, 'Cosmic
Memory ...

Author: Marie D. Jones

Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser

ISBN: 1601636822

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 224

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The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Millions of people recognize the Holy Trinity, but few understand that the concept behind it is not limited to a single religion or belief system. What if the Trinity were an ancient code, a formula, a secret so simple yet so powerful, it could change the way we look at our relationship with the Creator and with creation? The Trinity Secret began with the simple discovery that a trinity or triune nature plays an integral role in all that ever was, is, or will be. From religion, mythology, folklore and psychology to neurophysiology, quantum physics, and even the cutting-edge world of noetics and human consciousness—the concept of a trinity is universal. The number three is a profound and sacred number that speaks of a secret older than humankind. Just a few of the famous trinities include: Father-Son-Holy Spirit Unconscious-Conscious-Superconscious Earth-Hell-Heaven Maiden-Mother-Crone Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva Birth-Life-Death Newton's Three Laws of Motion Join best-selling authors Jones and Flaxman as they embark on a fascinating journey to reveal the secret of the power of three and unlock the code behind the creative force of the universe...a force which each and every one of us has access to.

The Secret Tunnels of Trinity Hall Volume 1

In 1966 Julie, Ginger and I graduated from the Trinity Academy, also known as
Trinity Hall. It was anall girl Catholic boarding school up on a mountaintop that
overlooked the city below. The school was a prime pieceof property anyone
would ...

Author: Kym Datura

Publisher: BookCountry

ISBN: 1463005687

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I was exhausted and hungry. I went to the cafeteria in the college and ate some food. It was German food of course, sausages, cheese, bread and fruit. I wasn't sure what the other dishes were, so I stuck to what looked edible for my taste. I sat at a table by myself and several moments later a male student sat next to me and introduced himself as Frans. I introduced myself as well. Trying to use the best German accent I had been taught in German class. My teacher would have been proud, because it worked! I was able to carry on a conversation about the current events and school finals that would be coming up soon. He had asked me if I had attended the parade and had commented on how the spirits were high, considering that Hitler was losing the war. I agreed. I didn't dare tell him that by this time tomorrow, Hitler would be dead because he would have taken his own life. After talking to Frans for a while it turned out that he was the nephew of one of Hitler's officers. He asked me if I had wanted to meet Hitler the next day, since he was meeting his uncle for lunch. At first, I was frightened, but then maybe I would have some questions answered and be able to figure out how to return back to my time period. There was a reason I was here and I wasn't yet sure why. After I ate, Frans and I took a walk on the campus. He asked me if I was staying at the college or a youth hostel. I said a youth hostel, he said he would walk me there, which was good, because I had no idea where the nearest one was and he apparently did. When we arrived at the entrance way he stopped and hugged me and said he would pick me up the next day. I went inside the hostel and checked in for a room. I was exhausted. I took a shower and there were clothes in the closet that were left by the previous student who had stayed there, which happened to be female. Lucky me! I fell right to sleep.

Enchantress Trinity s Secret Book of Spells

She also has many little projects that magical little witches, warlocks, fairies and princesses alike will just love!This delightful little book will have the good times rolling for kids and parents across the land from ages 4 to 12, for ...

Author: Jillian Elizabeth


ISBN: 9781977985613


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Double, Double Toil and TroubleEnchantress Trinity is spreading her love for hocus pocus to all the little witches and fairies in the land.Enchantress Trinity is a nine-year-old girl who loves to mix and create; she has some laughs to be had with secret fun and goofy spells. She also has many little projects that magical little witches, warlocks, fairies and princesses alike will just love!This delightful little book will have the good times rolling for kids and parents across the land from ages 4 to 12, for hours and hours.A frog, a worm and the belly hair of a possum are not all these little entertaining and goofy spells may be touching your nose and hopping on one foot with your magic wand spinning in the air!Open this spell book and hold onto your broomsticks as you join Trinity for hours of magic!

The Secret of Hegel

It is the doctrine of the Trinity which constitutes to Hegel the central and vital
principle of Christianity . Again and again he may be found aniinadverting on the
gratuitous astonishment of Understanding at the identifying of such differences as

Author: James Hutchison Stirling




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Sermons and Addresses on Secret Societies

When Jews , deists , and free - thinkers of all classes , who deny the Holy Trinity ,
are asked at their initiation , whether they believe in the Supreme Being
recognized by the order , they all answer in the affirmative , and hence that
Supreme ...

Author: Lebbeus Armstrong



Category: Secret societies

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The Secret World of the Irish Male

I should explain that in my home town of Dublin , in the grounds of Trinity College
, a near - legendary event called The Trinity Ball is held every year . Although
officially only open to students at that marvellously appointed Inner - City
university ...

Author: Joseph O'Connor

Publisher: Random House (UK)


Category: Authors, Irish

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The author of Desperadoes and Cowboys and Indians directs his acid humour upon contemporary Irish life at home and abroad. The result is a headlong, love-struck, end-of-millenium, coast-to-coast tour of the frustrations, contraditions and giddying glories of being Irish in the 1990s.

God s A Parent Image

The answer is yes, there is a divine secret to parenting, and it is now fully exposed in God's A-Parent Image.

Author: M. Shayne Powell

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 9781604626391

Category: Religion

Page: 238

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How would God parent if He were in my shoes? Why doesn't the Bible have more to say about parenting?! Is a parent's best hope to hunt through the plethora of parenting opinions, formulas, and programs for one that is effectual, or is there a secret to childrearing in the 21st century? The answer is yes, there is a divine secret to parenting, and it is now fully exposed in God's A-Parent Image. While most parenting resources look elsewhere, God's A-Parent Image focuses on each person of the Trinity to discover the three-dimensional reality of balanced parenting that God Himself embodies, employs, and enjoys! Discover: Each Person of the Trinity in their balanced role as your Divine Parent How God has perfectly designed you to be His expression in the home How God intimately participates in your spiritual growth process The actual importance and responsibility of a parent Why modern parenting methods pose harm to your children, how to counter them, and why they are unable to compete with God's perfect example of parenthood The truth about what the Bible really says concerning parenting Profound, intriguing, and clear, God's A-Parent Image is a clarion call to the parent who cares deeply."

The Secret Doctrine

THE TRINITY IN UNITY . 637 as well as invisible Nature -- and Purusha , Spirit ,
are eternally one ; and they are Nirupâdhi , without adventitious qualities or
attributes , only during Pralaya , and when beyond any of the planes of
consciousness ...

Author: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky



Category: Theosophy


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The Secret of Immortality

There is a causal sequence apparent in the revelation of the Three Aspects of the
human Trinity : even as our concept of the Divine Trinity must , according to the
laws of thought which govern us , give us first the concept of the Father from ...

Author: Frederick Bligh Bond



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Secret Toronto

... SECRET ACOUSTICS f In 1987 , a little - known Toronto band called Cowboy
Junkies married the voice of singer Margo Timmins to the natural acoustics of a
little church in downtown Toronto to record their groundbreaking Trinity Sessions

Author: Scott Mitchell



Category: Toronto (Ont.)

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What's been said about Secret Montreal:

The Open Secret

... what it really is , when that reality , though publicly accessible , possesses a
deeper meaning that is veiled or hidden . ... For concerns that Barth's doctrine of
the Trinity is fundamentally modalist at this juncture , see the discussion in
Dennis ...

Author: Alister E. McGrath

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell


Category: Nature

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Natural Theology explores the knowledge of God as it is observed through nature. This book sets forth a new approach to the study of natural theology, reestablishing its legitimacy as a distinct aspect of Christian theology.