The Twelve

Survivors of a government-induced apocalypse endure their violent and disease-stricken world while protecting their loved ones; while a century into the future, members of a transformed society determinedly search for the original twelve ...

Author: Justin Cronin


ISBN: 9780345504982

Category: Fiction

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Survivors of a government-induced apocalypse endure their violent and disease-stricken world while protecting their loved ones; while a century into the future, members of a transformed society determinedly search for the original twelve virals.

The Twelve Book Two of The Passage Trilogy

A Novel (Book Two of The Passage Trilogy) Justin Cronin. ABOUT THE AUTHOR author of The Passage, The Twelve, The City of Mirrors, Mary and O'Neil (which won ...

Author: Justin Cronin

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 0345534891

Category: Fiction

Page: 592

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The end of the world was only the beginning. In his internationally bestselling and critically acclaimed novel The Passage, Justin Cronin constructed an unforgettable world transformed by a government experiment gone horribly wrong. Now the scope widens and the intensity deepens as the epic story surges forward . . . In the present day, as the man-made apocalypse unfolds, three strangers navigate the chaos. Lila, a doctor and an expectant mother, is so shattered by the spread of violence and infection that she continues to plan for her child’s arrival even as society dissolves around her. Kittridge, known to the world as “Last Stand in Denver,” has been forced to flee his stronghold and is now on the road, dodging the infected, armed but alone and well aware that a tank of gas will get him only so far. April is a teenager fighting to guide her little brother safely through a landscape of death and ruin. These three will learn that they have not been fully abandoned—and that in connection lies hope, even on the darkest of nights. One hundred years in the future, Amy and the others fight on for humankind’s salvation . . . unaware that the rules have changed. The enemy has evolved, and a dark new order has arisen with a vision of the future infinitely more horrifying than man’s extinction. If the Twelve are to fall, one of those united to vanquish them will have to pay the ultimate price. A heart-stopping thriller rendered with masterful literary skill, The Twelve is a grand and gripping tale of sacrifice and survival. Look for the entire Passage trilogy: THE PASSAGE | THE TWELVE | THE CITY OF MIRRORS Praise for The Twelve “[A] literary superthriller.”—The New York Times Book Review “An undeniable and compelling epic . . . a complex narrative of flight and forgiveness, of great suffering and staggering loss, of terrible betrayals and incredible hope.”—Milwaukee Journal Sentinel “The Twelve is even better than The Passage.”—The Plain Dealer “A compulsive read.”—San Francisco Chronicle “Gripping . . . Cronin [introduces] eerie new elements to his masterful mythology. . . . Enthralling, emotional and entertaining.”—The San Diego Union-Tribune “Fine storytelling.”—Associated Press “Cronin is one of those rare authors who works on two different levels, blending elegantly crafted literary fiction with cliff-hanging thrills.”—Fort Worth Star-Telegram

The Passage

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • This thrilling novel kicks off what Stephen King calls “a trilogy that will stand as one of the great achievements in American fantasy fiction.” NOW A FOX TV SERIES!

Author: Justin Cronin

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 0345516869

Category: Fiction

Page: 784

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • This thrilling novel kicks off what Stephen King calls “a trilogy that will stand as one of the great achievements in American fantasy fiction.” NOW A FOX TV SERIES! NAMED ONE OF PASTE’S BEST HORROR BOOKS OF THE DECADE • NAMED ONE OF THE TEN BEST NOVELS OF THE YEAR BY TIME AND ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY The Washington Post • Esquire • U.S. News & World Report • NPR/On Point • St. Louis Post-Dispatch • BookPage • Library Journal “It happened fast. Thirty-two minutes for one world to die, another to be born.” An epic and gripping tale of catastrophe and survival, The Passage is the story of Amy—abandoned by her mother at the age of six, pursued and then imprisoned by the shadowy figures behind a government experiment of apocalyptic proportions. But Special Agent Brad Wolgast, the lawman sent to track her down, is disarmed by the curiously quiet girl and risks everything to save her. As the experiment goes nightmarishly wrong, Wolgast secures her escape—but he can’t stop society’s collapse. And as Amy walks alone, across miles and decades, into a future dark with violence and despair, she is filled with the mysterious and terrifying knowledge that only she has the power to save the ruined world. Look for the entire Passage trilogy: THE PASSAGE | THE TWELVE | THE CITY OF MIRRORS Praise for The Passage “[A] blockbuster.”—The New York Times Book Review “Mythic storytelling.”—San Francisco Chronicle “Magnificent . . . Cronin has taken his literary gifts, and he has weaponized them. . . . The Passage can stand proudly next to Stephen King’s apocalyptic masterpiece The Stand, but a closer match would be Cormac McCarthy’s The Road: a story about human beings trying to generate new hope in a world from which all hope has long since been burnt.”—Time “The type of big, engrossing read that will have you leaving the lights on late into the night.”—The Dallas Morning News “Addictive.”—Men’s Journal “Cronin’s unguessable plot and appealing characters will seize your heart and mind.”—Parade

The City of Mirrors

"The third and final installment in the Passage trilogy.

Author: Justin Cronin

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 9780425285527


Page: 624

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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER * "A thrilling finale to a trilogy that will stand as one of the great achievements in American fantasy fiction."--Stephen King You followed The Passage. You faced The Twelve. Now enter The City of Mirrors for the final reckoning. As the bestselling epic races to its breathtaking finale, Justin Cronin's band of hardened survivors await the second coming of unspeakable darkness. The world we knew is gone. What world will rise in its place? The Twelve have been destroyed and the terrifying hundred-year reign of darkness that descended upon the world has ended. The survivors are stepping outside their walls, determined to build society anew--and daring to dream of a hopeful future. But far from them, in a dead metropolis, he waits: Zero. The First. Father of the Twelve. The anguish that shattered his human life haunts him, and the hatred spawned by his transformation burns bright. His fury will be quenched only when he destroys Amy--humanity's only hope, the Girl from Nowhere who grew up to rise against him. One last time light and dark will clash, and at last Amy and her friends will know their fate. Praise for The City of Mirrors "Compulsively readable."--The New York Times Book Review "The City of Mirrors is poetry. Thrilling in every way it has to be, but poetry just the same . . . The writing is sumptuous, the language lovely, even when the action itself is dark and violent."--The Huffington Post "This really is the big event you've been waiting for . . . A true last stand that builds and comes with a bloody, roaring payoff you won't see coming, then builds again to the big face off you've been waiting for."--NPR "A masterpiece . . . with The City of Mirrors, the third volume in The Passage trilogy, Justin Cronin puts paid to what may well be the finest post-apocalyptic epic in our dystopian-glutted times. A stunning achievement by virtually every measure."--The National Post "Justin Cronin's Passage trilogy is remarkable for the unremitting drive of its narrative, for the breathtaking sweep of its imagined future, and for the clear lucidity of its language."--Stephen King "Superb . . . This conclusion to bestseller Cronin's apocalyptic thriller trilogy ends with all of the heartbreak, joy, and unexpected twists of fate that events in The Passage and The Twelve foreordained."--Publishers Weekly (starred review) "Readers who have been patiently awaiting the conclusion to Cronin's sweeping postapocalyptic trilogy are richly rewarded with this epic, heart-wrenching novel. . . . Not only does this title bring the series to a thrilling and satisfying conclusion, but it also exhibits Cronin's moving exploration of love as both a destructive force and an elemental need, elevating this work among its dystopian peers."--Library Journal (starred review) Praise for Justin Cronin "One of those rare authors who work on two different levels, blending elegantly crafted literary fiction with cliff-hanging thrills."--Fort Worth Star-Telegram

The Passage Trilogy

The book she'd brought was Belle of the Ball (she'd read them all and started over), and encountering its opening passages for the second time – the ...

Author: Justin Cronin

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1398700665

Category: Fiction

Page: 2000

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'Enthralling...with the vividness that only epic works of fantasy and imagination can achieve. Read this book and the ordinary world disappears' Stephen King The Passage An epic, awe-inspiring novel of good and evil... Amy Harper Bellafonte is six years old and her mother thinks she's the most important person in the whole world. She is. Anthony Carter doesn't think he could ever be in a worse place than Death Row. He's wrong. FBI agent Brad Wolgast thinks something beyond imagination is coming. It is. The Twelve The eagerly anticipated sequel to the global bestseller The Passage... THE TWELVE Death-row prisoners with nightmare pasts and no future. THE TWELVE Until they were selected for a secret experiment. THE TWELVE To create something more than human. THE TWELVE Now they are the future and humanity's worst nightmare has begun. THE TWELVE The City of Mirrors In life I was a scientist called Fanning. Then, in a jungle in Bolivia, I died. I died, and then I was brought back to life... Prompted by a voice that lives in her blood, the fearsome warrior known as Alicia of Blades is drawn towards to one of the great cities of The Time Before. The ruined city of New York. Ruined but not empty. For this is the final refuge of Zero, the first and last of The Twelve. The one who must be destroyed if mankind is to have a future. What she finds is not what she's expecting. A journey into the past. To find out how it all began. And an opponent at once deadlier and more human than she could ever have imagined.

The King Arthur Trilogy Book Two Warrior of the West

The crown had lost none of its visceral appeal and beauty with the passage of twelve years. On Artor's bronze curls, the rampant golden dragon, ...

Author: M. K. Hume

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476715203

Category: Fiction

Page: 517

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Finally banishing the Saxon scourge from his lands, King Arthur, uniting Celtic Britain at last, finds his reign threatened from within by both his bitter queen and second wife, Wenhaver, and a traitor, and, with Merlin gone, must decide how best to proceed if he wishes to see Britain stand strong. Original.


The Passage. Ballantine Books, 2010.800p. 9780345504975. ... Book two in the trilogy, The Twelve, explores the original 12 infected with the virus.

Author: Cynthia Orr

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1610694619

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 622

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The gold standard for readers' advisory, this book represents an essential resource for LIS students and practicing librarians who want to better understand readers, reading interests, and fiction and nonfiction genres.

Trial of the Wizard King The Wizard King Trilogy Book Two

Stopping before the dais ' steps , the two Asorlins turned to face the set of double doors through which they'd entered . Through these doors appeared seven ...

Author: Chad Corrie

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

ISBN: 1506716334

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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The wizard king has returned. The mercenaries have scattered. Cadrith Elanis has returned to Tralodren, picking up where he left off centuries before. And while Cadrissa isn't sure how she fits into his plans, her abduction has left her with little hope of escape. Meanwhile, the other mercenaries have scattered. They did their job, received their pay, and now just want to live their lives. But events start pulling them back to each other for something grander than their own imaginations and fears can envision. But that's just the start of still more revelations and trials to come. Dark ambitions, ancient schemes, and hidden fates fill this second volume of the Wizard King Trilogy, returning readers to a world rich in history, faith, and tales of adventure--of which this story is but one of many.

Redactional Processes in the Book of the Twelve

A comparison of several of the motifs in the two passages adds to the impression that ... The phrase in Mal 1:9 is part of a series of combative rhetorical ...

Author: James Nogalski

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110889331

Category: Religion

Page: 309

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The series Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft (BZAW) covers all areas of research into the Old Testament, focusing on the Hebrew Bible, its early and later forms in Ancient Judaism, as well as its branching into many neighboring cultures of the Ancient Near East and the Greco-Roman world.

The Lights of God

The Tribulation Series Book Two Ralph D. Curtin. through his mind . He went to the passage in Numbers referring to the arrangement of the twelve tribes in ...

Author: Ralph D. Curtin

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1532687761

Category: Fiction

Page: 366

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How much would you pay to know the mind of God? In 31 BC, the Jewish high priest, Amariah, flees to the ancient Essene fortification at Qumran, on the shore of the Dead Sea, to avoid Roman persecution. Hidden in his saddle bags are the Urim and Thummim, the revelatory devices used to ask and receive answers from God, which haven’t been seen since the Babylonian captivity in 586 BC. When Amariah is murdered, the Urim and Thummim are buried with his body in a cave vault, later sealed by an earthquake that strikes Judea in 32 BC. There they remain until the present day, when they are discovered by Ishmael, a treadue-hunting young Arab Bedouin, then are passed to Rehavam Krasnoff, an unscrupulous chief investigator for the Israeli Antiquities Authority. When two masterminds in Athens, Gregory Kavidas and Mortimer Stein (who’ve developed the global financial network Masterlink—the precursor to a cashless world economy), become alerted of the stones’ discovery, they set out to seize the stones for themselves . . . before their evil agenda is exposed.

The Expositor s Bible The Book of the Twelve Prophets Vol I

Their Twelve Books are in size smaller than those of the great Three which precede ... Two of them, Amos and Hosea, were the first of all prophecy—rising ...

Author: George Adam Smith

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3752429089

Category: Fiction

Page: 252

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Reproduction of the original: The Expositor’s Bible: The Book of the Twelve Prophets, Vol. I by George Adam Smith

International Review of Biblical Studies

In the Book of the Twelve , only these two passages directly and powerfully link YHWH and love ( hb ) ... SBL Symposium Series 15 ; James D. Nogalski et al .

Author: Bernhard Lang

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004125032

Category: Religion

Page: 539

View: 896

Formerly known by its subtitle "Internationale Zeitschriftenschau fur Bibelwissenschaft und Grenzgebiete," the "International Review of Biblical Studies" has served the scholarly community ever since its inception in the early 1950's. Each annual volume includes approximately 2,000 abstracts and summaries of articles and books that deal with the Bible and related literature, including the Dead Sea Scrolls, Pseudepigrapha, Non-canonical gospels, and ancient Near Eastern writings. The abstracts - which may be in English, German, or French - are arranged thematically under headings such as e.g. "Genesis," "Matthew," "Greek language," "text and textual criticism," "exegetical methods and approaches," "biblical theology," "social and religious institutions," "biblical personalities," "history of Israel and early Judaism," and so on. The articles and books that are abstracted and reviewed are collected annually by an international team of collaborators from over 300 of the most important periodicals and book series in the fields covered.

The Book of the Twelve Minor Prophets

Greek versions deserves to be quoted The connection of the two verses is this ... ανελάβετε την σκηνήν του Μολόχ , ond Seri ond series , vol . ii . pp .

Author: E. Henderson





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Willful Monstrosity

ica, individualist sentiment proffered in Max Brooks' viral zombie novel World War Z. Published four years before The Passage, the colony of survivors ...

Author: Natalie Wilson

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476673446

Category: Social Science

Page: 285

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Taking in a wide range of film, television, and literature, this volume explores 21st century horror and its monsters from an intersectional perspective with a marked emphasis on gender and race. The analysis, which covers over 70 narratives, is organized around four primary monstrous figures--zombies, vampires, witches and monstrous women. Arguing that the current horror renaissance is populated with willful monsters that subvert prevailing cultural norms and systems of power, the discussion reads horror in relation to topics of particular import in the contemporary moment--rampant sexual violence, unbridled capitalist greed, brutality against people of color, militarism, and the patriarchy's refusal to die. Examining ground-breaking films and television shows such as Get Out, Us, The Babadook, A Quiet Place, Stranger Things, Penny Dreadful, and The Passage, as well as works by key authors like Justin Cronin, Carmen Maria Machado, Helen Oyeyemi, Margo Lanagan, and Jeanette Winterson, this monograph offers a thorough account of the horror landscape and what it says about the 21st century world.

The Book of the Twelve Minor Prophets

Greek versions deserves to be quoted The connection of the two verses is this ... secKal åvenáßete Thv oknuh Toll Mondx , ond series , vol . ii . pp .

Author: E. Henderson

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3752516232

Category: Fiction

Page: 492

View: 279

Reprint of the original, first published in 1868.

Twelve Books for the People

Series 1, 1881-82 Cleveland Educational Bureau Charles E. Bolton ... for example , the more common mode of the passage of the germs would seem to be through ...

Author: Cleveland Educational Bureau



Category: Adult education


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The Book of the Twelve

... organizational framework which is applied to the entire series of oracles, ... revoke it' has been interpreted numerous ways.21 The two issues involved ...


Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004397272

Category: Religion

Page: 768

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This commentary, written from a distinctively Pentecostal perspective, is primarily for pastors, lay persons and Bible students. It is based upon the best scholarship, written in popular language, and communicates the meaning of the text with minimal technical distractions. The authors offer a running exposition on the text and extended comments on matters of special signicance for Pentecostals. They acknowledge and interact with alternative interpretations of individual passages. This commentary also provides periodic opportunities for reflection upon and personal response to the biblical text.