The Understudy

Josh is the star of Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know, a biographical play about Lord Byron–and Stephen is his understudy.

Author: David Nicholls

Publisher: Villard

ISBN: 1588365050

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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Recently divorced actor Stephen C. McQueen (no relation, unfortunately) seems to have a knack for bad luck. But a failed marriage, a stalled career, a judgmental ex-wife, a distant daughter, a horrid little studio apartment in the far reaches of the London suburbs–all these pathetic elements seem to pale in the chiseled face of his newest tormentor: the Twelfth Sexiest Man in the World, Josh Harper. Josh is the star of Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know, a biographical play about Lord Byron–and Stephen is his understudy. Not only is Josh fantastically, infuriatingly good-looking, internationally renowned, and remarkably talented, he’s also frustratingly healthy. No matter how many all-night booze-and-coke benders Josh goes on, he always shows up at the stage door for his call like clockwork. Stephen doubts he’ll ever get his chance to slip on the puffy shirt and tight breeches of Byron and tread the boards in the role that would certainly be the break he’s always waited for. And just when Stephen’s sure he couldn’t resent Josh more, he meets Josh’s witty, restless American wife, Nora . . . and discovers he likes her a little too much. Another man might curse his luck at finding that his potential dream woman is a rival’s wife, but at this point, Stephen would expect nothing else. Caught between his stirring feelings for Nora, the demands of an insistent and secretive Josh, and his lifelong desire for a real career in show business, Stephen must make a terrible decision: Will it be the girl or the fame? A hapless, bumbling bloke in love, an arrogant megastar with a potpourri of addictions, a sexy married woman out of her element in the fast lane–David Nicholls brings them all together in this knockout romantic comedy.

The Understudy

—Patsy Mackenzie, Broadway actress, singer, dancer Anyone who loves the theater will want to read The Understudy. Anyone who loves New York will want to ...

Author: Ellen Tovatt Leary

Publisher: Hansen Publishing Group LLC

ISBN: 1601823452

Category: Fiction

Page: 258

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THE UNDERSTUDY is the story of Nina Landau, an actress, living in New York City in the early ’70s and trying hard to make it on Broadway. We follow her from her Broadway audition nerves to her eventual success on stage. Along the way we discover what goes on backstage during a Broadway show, how actors deal with the mistakes that occasionally occur and how exciting it is to be at an opening night party at Sardi’s! Nina experiences thrilling triumphs as well as crushing setbacks and has a passionate love affair with her leading man.

The Understudy

UNDERSTUDY. "Dogs on board ship is a nuisance," said the night-watchman, gazing fiercely at the vociferous mongrel that had chased him from the deck of the ...

Author: William Wymark Jacobs

Publisher: Litres

ISBN: 5041238529

Category: Fiction


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The Understudy

Ruby will more often than not be the understudy, allowed to shine from time to time but not quite good enough to always carry the principal role.

Author: Sophie Hannah

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1529303931

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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Written By Sophie Hannah, BA Paris, Clare Mackintosh, and Holly Brown, this psychological thriller is perfect for fans of Liane Moriarty and Louise Candlish HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO TO PROTECT YOUR DAUGHTER? Carolyn, Bronnie, Elise, and Kendall are bound together by one thing - their four daughters are best friends at the highly competitive Orla Flynn Academy for the Performing Arts. Imogen Curwood is a new girl at the Academy and her behaviour is odd from the start. On the day she arrives, bad things start to happen. As one threatening incident follows another, the four mothers begin to ask themselves: are their girls in danger? When an attempted murder rocks the school, Imogen is pleased to report that she has an alibi. If she isn't the guilty party, someone else must be. Carolyn, Bronnie, Elise and Kendall are determined to uncover the truth and protect their daughters. But are they prepared to risk their own secrets being exposed? THE UNDERSTUDY IS THE OUTSTANDING NEW NOVEL FROM FOUR MASTERS OF SUSPENSE

Ahmed the Philosopher

AHMED (to the first understudy). But then, why didn't you understand anything? FIRST UNDERSTUDY. Because your explanations are stupid.

Author: Alain Badiou

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231166931

Category: Philosophy

Page: 192

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English-speaking readers might be surprised to learn that Alain Badiou writes fiction and plays along with his philosophical works and that they are just as important to understanding his larger intellectual project. In Ahmed the Philosopher, BadiouÕs most entertaining and accessible play, translated into English here for the first time, readers are introduced to BadiouÕs philosophy through a theatrical tour de force that has met with much success in France. Ahmed the Philosopher presents its comic hero, the Òtreacherous servantÓ Ahmed, as a seductively trenchant philosopher even as it casts philosophy itself as a comic performance. The comedy unfolds as a series of lessons, with each Òshort playÓ or sketch illuminating a different Badiousian concept. Yet Ahmed does more than illustrate philosophical abstractions; he embodies and vivifies the theatrical and performative aspects of philosophy, mobilizing a comic energy that exposes the emptiness and pomp of the world. Through his example, the audience is moved to a living engagement with philosophy, discovering in it the power to break through the limits of everyday life.

Hour of the Robot

Holding a pistol in one hand, Josephine had her left elbow locked around the Understudy's neck. The Robot knew the Understudy was versed in physical and ...

Author: Paul R. McNamee

Publisher: Crossroad Press

ISBN: 1637899769

Category: Fiction


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From their nerve center penthouse lair, the Robot supports the extraterrestrial superhero of the shining city of Pallas, the Alien. When a train disaster reveals an arms-smuggling operation, the Alien decides it is time for the Robot to join him in the field. On the other end of the pipeline, in the city of Crowsport, resident vigilante crimefighters, the Protector and his sidekick, the Understudy, are closing in on a local gang boss. Following the leads of their separate investigations, the Alien and the Protector—with the Robot and the Understudy in tow—serendipitously meet, but their joint operation is broken when the Alien is inexplicably murdered. Now, the Robot must step out into the world and work with the crimefighters to bring the suspects to justice. But are there more dangerous forces at work than they realize?

A Handbook On Sports Training And Talent Identification

Clarification strategy is more powerful for developed understudies. 2. ... The understudy rehearses the expertise under the management of the educator who ...

Author: Faazil Mohammed Khan

Publisher: OrangeBooks Publication


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 116

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The book is a quick reference book on sports training and talent identification. It takes you through various aspects relating to identifying talents and training them in order to bring the best out of them.

The Stage Manager s Toolkit

UNDERSTUDY DOMINOS Given therangeof relationshipsan understudy can have to the principal cast,the SM team will want to plot out what would happen should ...

Author: Laurie Kincman

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1135905150

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 240

View: 250

As a Stage Manager, you are responsible for organizing rehearsals, running performances, and keeping everyone and everything on track and in sync. To do the job well, you need to be a communication wizard—able to collect a wide range of details and share them as effectively as possible. The Stage Manger’s Toolkit is more than another overview book which generalizes how to be a Stage Manager. It presents the day-to-day duties in detail—discussing not only what to do but also why. Focusing on communication best practices, the book explores objectives, paperwork, and the questions that need to be asked in order to ensure a smooth production whether on Broadway, at a university, or somewhere in between. Introduces strategies for sharing information both in person and in writing Explores how document design can enhance the accessibility and effectiveness of your reports, charts, and lists Contains principles for web-based information sharing as well as hard-copy paperwork Provides customizable paperwork templates on the accompanying website, allowing you to put the ideas to work on your own show Other features: Organized based on the chronology of a typical theatre production: pre-production work, rehearsals, the tech period, performances, and post-production duties. In each section, the book outlines the objectives for the stage manager and the communication techniques that will ensure success. Provides examples of paperwork a stage manager commonly works with, including variations for plays and musicals, shortcuts for shows on an abbreviated time table, and strategies for maintaining consistency and legibility. The book highlights differences the stage manager may encounter when working on professional and academic productions.


Repeating and rethinking understudy's reaction. III. Using understudies thought in the improvement of the lesson. IV. Using additional verbal signs, ...

Author: Dr. K. Devisri


ISBN: 0359107532



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Actors Yearbook 2014

frequent indifference to the actual acting talent of the understudy – or, for that matter, the malaise that can set in in the understudy after years sitting ...

Author: Simon Dunmore

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 140818429X

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 486

View: 494

Actors' Yearbook is an established and respected directory that enables actors to find work in stage, screen and radio. It is the only directory to provide detailed information for each listing and specific advice on how to approach companies and individuals, saving hours of further research. From agents and casting directors to producing theatres, showreel companies and photographers, Actors' Yearbook editorially selects only the most relevant and reputable contacts for the actor. Articles and commentaries provide valuable insight into the profession: auditions, interviews and securing work alongside a casting calendar and advice on contracts and finance. This is an incredibly useful professional tool in an industry where contacts and networking are key to career survival. The listings detailed in this edition have been thoroughly updated alongside fresh advice from industry experts.


While genuinely health makes an understudy in great shape mental and enthusiastic health empowers him to keep an even temper and an upbeat air. f.

Author: Dr. Shobha Pramod Shinde (Bhagat) & Dr. Deepak Shendkar

Publisher: Lulu Publication

ISBN: 1667178369

Category: Art

Page: 229

View: 342

"What is health?' This has not been a simple inquiry to reply. Health isn't seen similar route by all individuals from a local area, including different experts for instance heads and social researchers, leading to disarray about the idea of health. Allow us momentarily to take a gander at the changing idea of health. Generally, health has been seen as "nonattendance of sickness". As such, if an individual was not experiencing any illness, she was viewed as sound. This idea, known as the biomedical idea, depended on the "germ hypothesis of illness", which ruled clinical idea from the finish of the nineteenth century onwards. The clinical calling viewed the human body as a machine and infection as an outcome of the breakdown of the machine, fundamentally achieved by germs. The biomedical idea of health has been viewed as inadmissible as it disregards the job of ecological, social, social and mental determinants of health. This idea of health was discovered lacking to clarify a portion of the serious issues of humankind, like hunger, ongoing sicknesses, drug misuse, psychological instability and so forth Inadequacies in the biomedical idea brought about different ideas of health, similar to the biological and psychosocial ideas.

Milton Wright s Library of Business Management

THE UNDERSTUDY PLAN Many organizations have found the understudy plan
in the training of executives to be productive . It is of advantage not only to the
man learning the larger job , but to the major executive himself . With an
understudy ...

Author: Milton Wright



Category: Business


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Biblical Perspectives on Aging

A wise understudy does not develop a dependence on a mentor either. Numerous other examples of mentoring relationships that build leadership are recorded in ...

Author: J. Gordon Harris

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136456597

Category: Social Science

Page: 204

View: 968

As the population of older Americans grows, meaningful perspectives on aging are needed by both the young and the old. Biblical Perspectives on Aging: God and the Elderly takes a detailed look at the views of aging presented in the Old and New Testaments. This wide ranging and insightful survey encompasses not only the entire Bible but also interpretations of sacred Middle Eastern and Judaic documents. This new expanded edition of the original classic text adds thorough discussions of the wisdom of the Bible and Jewish literature with ways to interpret these readings and what they teach about spirituality and growing older. Approaches to aging issues have changed in recent years. With the average American lifespan increasing, the view of old age as a solitary time of waiting has been pushed aside. So too has the assumption that the elderly simply want to remember “the good old days.” This updated edition of Biblical Perspectives on Aging: God and the Elderly has expanded its scope to incorporate and address the effects of these changing views. This sweeping study of the Bible’s positive treatment of aging and elderly figures sheds new light on contemporary society’s negative view of the elderly and what can be done about it. Clear examples from both Scripture and literature provide a wealth of understanding, comfort, and wisdom to everyone interested in aging and the Bible. In addition, this new edition explores the changing relationships that exist among aging, hermeneutics, mentoring, and spirituality. The new insights revealed here reinvigorate the challenge against ageism and traditional pictures of old age as a time of withdrawal and living in the past. Among the issues explored in Biblical Perspectives on Aging: God and the Elderly are aging experiences and the Bible, biblical theology and its role in social support for the elderly, hermeneutics and old age, spirituality and its relationship to aging, cross-generational relationships and mentoring, and a detailed index of Old and New Testament Scripture references. Accessible and concise, with compelling arguments and numerous examples, Biblical Perspectives on Aging: God and the Elderly is an ideal resource for pastors, seminary students, professionals, and leaders of programs for the elderly. It shows both young and old that while aging may not be easy, Biblical theology can ease some of its mystery.

The Business of Broadway

UNDERSTUDY ABUSE Actors' Equity Association (AEA) states if an understudy is instructed to ... the understudy should be paid as if they had gone onstage.

Author: Mitch Weiss

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1621534766

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 292

View: 648

New York’s Broadway theatre scene has long been viewed as the “top of the heap” in the world theatre community. Taking lessons from the very best, this innovative guide delves into the business side of the renowned industry to explain just how its system functions. For anyone interested in pursuing a career on Broadway, or who wants to grow a theatre in any other part of the world, The Business of Broadway offers an in-depth analysis of the infrastructure at the core of successful theatre. Manager/producer Mitch Weiss and actor/writer Perri Gaffney take readers behind the scenes to reveal what the audience—and even the players and many producers—don’t know about how Broadway works, describing more than 200 jobs that become available for every show. A variety of performers, producers, managers, and others involved with the Broadway network share valuable personal experience in interviews discussing what made a show a hit or a miss, and how some of the rules, regulations, and practices that are in place today were pioneered. Allworth Press, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing, publishes a broad range of books on the visual and performing arts, with emphasis on the business of art. Our titles cover subjects such as graphic design, theater, branding, fine art, photography, interior design, writing, acting, film, how to start careers, business and legal forms, business practices, and more. While we don't aspire to publish a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are deeply committed to quality books that help creative professionals succeed and thrive. We often publish in areas overlooked by other publishers and welcome the author whose expertise can help our audience of readers.

The Rules of Acting

One understudy I saw in a West End show was so nervous onstage that while lighting a large Havana ... The good news is that understudies are fighting back.

Author: Michael Simkins

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448148960

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 352

View: 115

Luvvies. Tyrannical directors. Useless agents. Less job security than an England football manager. Who’d be an actor? Michael Simkins isn’t sure, even though he’s been one himself for over thirty years. Join him backstage as he examines that business called showbusiness, from am dram to Hollywood, and from Shakespeare to ads for flatulence pills. In a career that started as a plump teenager in ballet tights at RADA, Michael has appeared in countless West End plays and musicals, presented safety training workshops for sewage workers, and when resting, worked as a crate smasher at a car factory. He’s done movies, soaps, ads, and voice-overs, and worked with everyone from Meryl Streep to Kelly Osbourne. As the ultimate jobbing actor he’s flirted with triumph and oblivion without ever quite managing either. InThe Rules of Acting he shares his hard-won wisdom. Covering everything from learning your lines to tilting for Oscar success in Hollywood, surviving a flop, to why it’s advisable to read the whole script if you wish to avoid improper relations with a pig, it’s the ultimate survival guide for anyone contemplating a life in showbiz. 'Throw out An Actor Prepares! Michael Simkins' book tells actors all they need to know about the realities of the acting profession; the passion, the struggle, the noble idealism and the heartache.' HELEN MIRREN 'It is thrilling that Micahel Simkins is having such success as a writer - anything to keep him off the stage' IAN MCKELLEN

The Basketball Coach s Primer

These game-specific action and counteraction activities are accomplished successfully every time by the starter squad or the understudy squad.

Author: Thomas Frood

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 1525503901

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 316

View: 459

The Basketball Coach’s Primer is a resource of basketball ideas. It is written for coaches ready to review the principles and methods of the game before getting started with a new team, or for renewing coaches reviewing for the next season of basketball. Reviewing and renewing to gain greater understanding makes the game better for all the people of basketball. The basketball content or substance herein is not the authoritative “last” word but this study puts forward the important ideas for developing the players and the game at a fundamental level. This resource provides a synopsis of essentials, including a comprehensive outline of the basic maneuvers and processes for developing the skills and mobility of the players. A substantial quantity of relevant game-specific basketball applications are added to the mix of ideas for good measure. The Basketball Coach’s Primer also lays the basis for a more advanced game if needed.

The Curtain Went Up My Pants Fell Down 11

“I have chosen you to be the understudy.” The understudy? I had never heard that word before, but it described me better than it did Nick.

Author: Henry Winkler

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101044012

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 160

View: 733

Hank Zipzer is failing math, so he has to work with Heather Payne, resident class brain, to help get his grades up. At the same time, Hank’s school is putting on a production of The King and I. As coincidence would have it, Hank is cast as the King, and Heather as Anna. But when Hank’s dad tells him he can only appear in the play if he gets a B on his next math test, Hank knows he has to hit the books. Can Hank pull through in time for the show?

Modern Healthcare

Choosing an understudy | 2. - s ad | - . .." w. Management Look for initiative,
creativity and decisionmaking ability when choosing an assistant to serve as your
substitute James L. Hayes ne mark of a superior manager O is the ability to select




Category: Health facilities


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