The Unfinished Clue

'Pure joy from start to finish' Dorothy L Sayers ____________________________________ The stabbing of irascible General Sir Arthur Billington-Smith fails to stir up grief in anyone - least of all his family, which is no wonder considering ...

Author: Georgette Heyer

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1409049051

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'Pure joy from start to finish' Dorothy L Sayers ____________________________________ The stabbing of irascible General Sir Arthur Billington-Smith fails to stir up grief in anyone - least of all his family, which is no wonder considering the way he had treated them all during the fateful weekend. He had disinherited his son, humiliated his wife, refused to help his financially stricken nephew and made no secret of his loathing for his son's fiancée, a cabaret dancer. As Inspector Harding investigates, he must pick his way through a mass of familial discontent to find the culprit - and find much more besides ...

Georgette Heyer Biography

Murder on Monday (later renamed The Unfinished Clue) proved rather different from her earlier mysteries, with tighter plotting and far less dependence upon external elements for excitement - gone were the secret passages, foggy nights ...

Author: Jennifer Kloester

Publisher: Random House

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_________________________ The perfect accompaniment to the definitive new editions of Georgette Heyer's celebrated novels that are currently being reissued. A remarkable biography of one of Britain's best-loved and best-selling novelists, 'the queen of Regency romance'. Georgette Heyer remains an enduring international bestseller, read and loved by four generations of readers and extolled by today's bestselling authors. Despite her enormous popularity she never gave an interview or appeared in public. Georgette Heyer wrote her first novel, The Black Moth, when she was seventeen in order to amuse her convalescent brother. It was published in 1921 to instant success and it has never been out of print. A phenomenon even in her own lifetime, to this day she is the undisputed queen of regency romance. During ten years of research into Georgette Heyer's life and writing, Jennifer Kloester has had unlimited access to Heyer's notebooks and private papers and the Heyer family records, and exclusive access to several untapped archives of Heyer's early letters.

Stories of the Great Composers

Composer Clue Cards ( Cut Apart ) 1 Clue 1. This composer was born in France in 1862. ( 20 points ) 1 Clue 2. He was an impressionistic composer . ( 15 points ) 1 ! Clue 3. He wrote Clair de lune and Jimbo's Lullaby .

Author: Maurice Hinson

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It is important that young students learn about the lives of the great composers who have enriched our lives with beautiful music. The 12 units in Stories of the Great Composers give elementary students a glimpse into each composer's life, character and music. Includes a CD recording of the suggested listening, featuring one composition by each composer.

The Unfinished House

But suppose she hasn't any clue“! Suppose she doesn't remember?” Judy had considered that possibility before. “But we can still ask John Olsen,” she said. “Even if we can't identify the man who bought the spotted dog we can certainly ...

Author: Margaret Sutton

Publisher: Applewood Books

ISBN: 1429090316

Category: Juvenile Fiction

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Judy and Peter try to stop real estate swindlers and the mysterious Red Circle that is causing people to become ill.

The Encyclopedia of Murder and Mystery

The Unfinished Clue (1937), in the classic country house vein, is a highly romanticized story involving a Chinese dagger that winds up in the neck of the host of a house party. Inspector Harding investigates. The clue, the single word ...

Author: B. Murphy

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230107354

Category: Literary Criticism

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Bruce Murphy's Encyclopedia of Murder and Mystery is a comprehensive guide to the genre of the murder mystery that catalogues thousands of items in a broad range of categories: authors, titles, plots, characters, weapons, methods of killing, movie and theatrical adaptations. What distinguishes this encyclopedia from the others in the field is its critical stance.

Middlebrow Feminism in Classic British Detective Fiction

Sayers, The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club, 55. 2. Sayers, Murder Must Advertise, 13; Agatha Christie, The Murder on the Links ... Heyer, The Unfinished Clue, 7. 6. Heyer, Death in the Stocks, 51. 7. Margery Allingham, Police at the ...

Author: M. Schaub

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137276967

Category: Fiction

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This is a feminist study of a recurring character type in classic British detective fiction by women - a woman who behaves like a Victorian gentleman. Exploring this character type leads to a new evaluation of the politics of classic detective fiction and the middlebrow novel as a whole.