The Warrior Prophet

this fraud continues to gather followers, it will fast become the Holy War of the WarriorProphet. Do you understand?” Dead prophets were useful, because one could rule in their name. But live prophets? Cishaurim prophets?

Author: R. Scott Bakker

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0748120149

Category: Fiction

Page: 768

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'Exquisitely intelligent and beautifully written...this is fantasy with muscle and brains, rife with intrigue and admirable depth of character, set in a world laden with history and detail.' - Steve Erikson, author of Gardens of the Moon '[Bakker] clamps his hand over yours and simply does not let go...Amid the cluttered shelves of the Epic Fantasy genre, Bakker is a name that stands out among not just the new writers in the crowd but established and recognized names.' - SFFWorld The first battle against the heathen has been won, but while the Great Names plot and squabble over the spoils, Kellhus patiently extends his influence, drawing more followers to his banner. The sorcerer Achamian and his lover, Esmenet, submit entirely, only to have their faith tested in unimaginable ways. The warrior Cnaiür falls ever deeper into madness. The skin-spies of the Consult watch with growing trepidation. And as the vast host of the Holy War endures its sternest test in the searing wastes of the desert, a name - a title - begins to be whispered amongst the faithful. But who is the Warrior-Prophet: a dangerous heretic, who turns brother against brother? Or the only man who can avert the Second Apocalypse? The Holy War stands on a knife edge. If all is not to be lost the great powers will have to choose between their most desperate desires and their most ingrained prejudice. Between hatred and hope. Between the Warrior-Prophet and the end of the world. . . The second book in R. Scott Bakker's acclaimed fantasy masterpiece, The Prince of Nothing. Books by R Scott Baker: Prince of Nothing Trilogy The Darkness That Comes Before The Warrior-Prophet The Thousandfold Thought Aspect-Emperor The Judging Eye The White Luck Warrior The Great Ordeal The Unholy Consult Novels Neuropath Disciple of the Dog Light, Time, and Gravity

The Prophet and the Warrior

It is a troop of mounted warriors riding swiftly. ... Soon the prophet came hurrying with faltering steps from the tabernacle, ... He had aged with time and travail and the strong stride of the warrior prophet was no more.

Author: Richard H. Grabmeier

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 164530390X

Category: Fiction

Page: 408

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The Prophet and the Warrior By: Richard H. Grabmeier The Prophet and the Warrior is historical fiction that follows the Biblical texts of the books of Moses as presented in the King James Bible. This novel enhances the various stories by adding dialogue and expanding the role of various characters. It occasionally diverges from the Biblical text when an alternative context seems more logical to the author. Richard H. Grabmeier’s own religious experience prompted him to read the Bible with a more critical eye.

The Warrior and the Prophet

This saga began with ¿Casting Lots.¿ It was followed by ¿Prayer Warriors¿ and ¿This World Is Not My Home.¿ Each story stood on its own.

Author: James J. Stewart


ISBN: 9780997891683



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This saga began with ¿Casting Lots.¿ It was followed by ¿Prayer Warriors¿ and ¿This World Is Not My Home.¿ Each story stood on its own. Now, the year is 2062. Tonia is almost thirty. She grew up in the shadow of famous parents, both professional musicians and prophets. She does not plan to follow in her parents¿ footsteps, either as a musician (drummer) or as a prophet. She simply wants to spend her life with Toby and raise a family. Toby has just turned thirty. He is a ninth-generation prayer warrior. He is looking forward to spending the rest of his life with Tonia, who is both photogenic on the outside and beautiful on the inside. He plans to be an administrator like his Dad. The Creator of the Universe has big surprises and amazing blessings prepared for them.

Prophetic Warrior

This Book is Volume 5 of: The Prophetic Field Guide Series.

Author: Colette Toach

Publisher: Apostolic Movement International, LLC

ISBN: 9781626640085


Page: 278

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This Book is Volume 5 of: The Prophetic Field Guide Series. In the heart of every prophet, there lies a warrior, a David, that is ready to slay Goliath. If you tell a prophet that there is nothing that you can do to overcome the enemy, you will find yourself being challenged and having a story shared with you about the victory that you should walk in with Christ. A true warrior holds no excuses of why he cannot defeat his enemy and so is true with a genuine prophet of God. He is ready to take up the weapons of warfare that God has prepared for Him and to set the captive free and to heal the broken hearted. The prophet that God has called is ready to step onto the battlefield, gain victory in their own lives, and then share the secrets to obtaining victory to all those around them. In this book, you will find out about: Warfare at the highest level The different battlefields of the enemy The structure of satan's kingdom The power of your sword The reality of your authority in Christ Prophet of God, now is the time to face your own limitations and your own bondages and to see what has been holding you back from walking as the warrior that God has called you to be. Once this is done, you may then step out, pick up your sword and break the chains of wickedness from God's people and the fire in you will blaze as never before. STUDENT NOTE: This is the text book used for the Prophetic Warfare course at

Black Storm Rising

I had just been removed from the process myself, when the warrior-prophet entered. The high wizards had invented a chemical/nutrient bath and energy process that they strongly believed would stop ageing. Lord Daroth had immediately went ...

Author: D. Shane Burton

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1591604664

Category: Religion

Page: 376

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Virtue as Consent to Being

... poetic communication, the very kind given us in the text of the Bible.25 The Brazilian theologian/philosopher Rubem Alves also advocates poetry as a particular form of theological expression in The Poet, the Prophet, the Warrior.

Author: Phil Zylla

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1608995046

Category: Religion

Page: 164

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Virtue theory has become an important development in Christian ethics. Efforts are made in this volume to bring pastoral theology into conversation with these developments. This book probes the philosophical theology of Jonathan Edwards, who proposed that virtue is a form of beauty defined as "consent to being." This leads to the notion of compassion as ontological consent. Since language is the vehicle by which our experiences are conveyed, the book probes the issue of how moral vision is expressed in "experience-near" language through parable, poem, and lament. Moral vision is articulated most adequately through such language, and finding it is a kind of quest The last chapter is a proposal for a mature pastoral theology of virtue as an expansion of Edwards's concept of "consent to being" from the vantage point of pastoral theology. A dynamic vision of virtue requires some connection between the experience of suffering and the inward striving toward the greatest good. The essence of virtue can be best understood, from a pastoral theological perspective, as the relational dynamic of "suffering with" another human being.