The Way of the Mystics

Mysticism is one of the truest forms of human thought. It is religion in its most concrete and exclusive form. It is finding a way to God. I say finding a way to God and not the way to God. ... [The mystic] reduce[s] all of the multiple ...

Author: Eisenstadt, Peter

Publisher: Orbis Books

ISBN: 1608339017

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The Way of the Mystics

In The Way of the Mystics we are invited to take a journey to the heart of our faith by examining the stories of thirteen of Christian history's most revered mystics.

Author: John Michael Talbot

Publisher: Jossey-Bass

ISBN: 9780787984564

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In The Way of the Mystics we are invited to take a journey to the heart of our faith by examining the stories of thirteen of Christian history's most revered mystics. These spiritual pioneers devoted their lives to exploring a deeper communion with God and through their examples show us how we can apply spiritual wisdom to our own lives. The mystics featured in this book are from different centuries, countries, and Christian traditions but all have been divinely blessed to transcend the limitations of worldly concerns and fully enter the spiritual realm¾a place that so often seems closed off to us. The Way of the Mystics offers insights into the lives of such familiar figures as St. Francis of Assisi, Hildegard of Bingen, Thomas Merton, and others. The authors explore these spiritual giants' experiences, the movements they founded or influenced, and the controversies they generated, offering nuggets of truth distilled from their voluminous and often enigmatic writings. In addition, the book offers practical suggestions for applying the mystics' wisdom to our lives, enabling us to better pursue a deeper relationship with God.

The Way into Jewish Mystical Tradition

successive eras of the Jewish mystical imagination. The present volume is not a systematic intellectual history. Our goal in the following pages is to focus instead on ideas that, once they appeared, remained central to all future ...

Author: Lawrence Kushner

Publisher: Jewish Lights Publishing

ISBN: 1580232000

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An accessible introduction to the concepts of Jewish mysticism and how they relate to our lives. Allows us to experience mysticism's inexpressible reverence before the mystery of creation and celebrate the quest to transform ordinary reality into holiness.

The Way of the Modern Mystic

There are a host of examples of Mystics who came to realizations and then tried to express those realizations into words. To most people, the Mystic seemed to be talking in contradictions or riddles. These misunderstandings of the words ...

Author: Denise VanVliet

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 1452547653

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May we begin to disrobe the idea that we are separate, let go of beliefs that no longer serve us, and let go of any of the labels that we use to limit ourselves. Open the heart through the senses, and feel the awe for the great mystery—that which cannot be named. A mystic is someone who took the path to become awakened, and has seen and felt the truth. A mystic will point in the direction so that others can see. “The Way of the Modern Mystic may change your perceptions of mystics, and/or of yourself, and thereby change your reality.” - Rev. Dr. Jeff Bentley

Way of The English Mystics

Evangelical Lutheran mystic at first put Law into "a perfect sweat." But he soon came to revere Boehme as an "illuminated instrument of God" to whom were revealed the mysteries of creation, the fall, and the gradual redemption and ...

Author: Gordon C. Miller

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 0826427243

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A distinctive feature of Western religous life in recent years has been the rediscovery of the contemplative tradition in Christianity. Within the Christian mystical tradition, England holds a unique place, with a number of major figures from the Middle Ages and later whose writings have fascinated generations of readers. This book presents seven of them, five from the medieval period, the golden age of English mysticism - Richard Rolle, Walter Hilton, the author of The Cloud of Unknowing, Julian of Norwich, and Margery Kempe; and two from later centuries - William Law and George Herbert. Each chapter consists of an introductory essay on the life and writings of each individual, followed by carefully chosen extracts from their writings. Those from the medieval period are in fresh new translations. All these writers see the spiritual life as an ongoing process, a pilgrimage. This inner pigrimage requires no outer excursions, but throughout the ages spiritual pilgrims have undertaken physical pilgrimages as well. One aim of this book is to encourage its readers to continue this tradition by visiting sites from which the writings arose. So each chapter is provided with a map of the area of immediate interest and a drawing of the place most associated with each figure, and the introductory essays contain practical information about how to get there. No other anthology of mystical and spiritual writings describes the lives and locations of these individuals in this way. Gordon L. Miller, Ph.D., is a writer and historian living near Seattle, Washington. He attended Milligan College and Christian Theological Seminary. This book developed from a period of post-graduate study at Cambridge University , when he visited the sites described in the book, a journey which, he says, "made the historical grounding of the English mystical tradition much more real to me". He is also the author of Wisdom of the Earth: Visions of an Ecological Faith.

The Mystic Way in Postmodernity

Don Cupitt offers an elucidation of this language indicating that the search for mystical language is more complex than Soelle initially suggests . He proposes two opposing but mutually interacting ways of defining mystical knowledge ...

Author: Sue Yore

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9783039115365

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This book challenges experiential, esoteric and colloquial understandings of mysticism by bringing a fresh relevance to the term through an interdisciplinary dialogue between literature, mysticism and theology in the context of postmodernity. In order to achieve this, the author takes selected writings of Iris Murdoch, Denise Levertov and Annie Dillard, and incorporates them into various stages of a redesigned mystic way. The fourteenth-century mystic Julian of Norwich is invoked throughout as a role model whom these three writers seek to emulate as popular writers, contemplatives and theologians. As theologians who are concerned with the pressing issues of our age, Grace Jantzen, Dorothee Soelle and Sallie McFague are drawn on as conversation partners to complete the three-way discussion. The author maintains that understanding the writing and reading of creative texts in the context of practical mysticism facilitates an integrated approach to the use of literature for theological expression.

The Mystic Way of Evangelism

These mystics are the incarnation of faith, hope, and love, the holy ones who can illumine the dark path on which the Western church finds itself. About Christian Mysticism To further my proposal that the mystics are the best teachers ...

Author: Elaine A. Heath

Publisher: Baker Academic

ISBN: 1493410326

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Elaine Heath brings a fresh perspective to the theory and practice of evangelism by approaching it through contemplative spirituality. This thoroughly revised edition includes a new study guide. Praise for the First Edition Outreach Resource of the Year Award Winner "[Heath's] biographies of the mystics are inspiring, and her emphases on suffering and spiritual depth as the antidote to a prepackaged, method-obsessed, consumer-oriented evangelistic approach are refreshing."--Outreach

The Mystic s Way for Regular People

They felt the call to the way of peace. Is it just possible that, with mystical hearts, these Christians had experienced the love of the Risen Christ so deeply that they loved everyone? Like the mystic Thomas Merton when he had an ...

Author: James C. Alexander

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1725293412

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Many are searching for a deeper spiritual life. Yet, often seekers don't really know where to begin. In this short book, James Alexander demystifies the mystical journey. Realizing that the mystics have much to offer those searching for a richer spiritual life, and yet that not everyone is called to a monastic life, Alexander offers a path for everyday mystics. If you have been wanting "something more," but don't know how to go about it, this book is for you! Characteristics of the mystical journey as well as practices that will deepen your spiritual life and relationships with others are presented in an inviting, doable way. The mystic's way is a reality for everyone. This book offers a starting point for a fuller, richer experience of God that will encourage you and excite you. Discover a path that has enriched the life of many followers of Jesus—both now and in the past. The journey awaits you. Now is the time to begin!

The Mystic Way

its perfect thoroughfare in Jesus of Nazareth had to break its way into expression in lesser men . ... then , is the natural result , and not the pathological cause , of the characteristic activities of the mystics .

Author: Evelyn Underhill



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