The Wizard of London

The fourth novel in Mercedes Lackey's magical Elemental Masters series reimagines the fairy tale The Snow Queen in a richly-detailed alternate Victorian England The letter that introduced twelve-year-old Sarah Jane Lyon-White to Isabelle ...

Author: Mercedes Lackey

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101118229

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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The fourth novel in Mercedes Lackey's magical Elemental Masters series reimagines the fairy tale The Snow Queen in a richly-detailed alternate Victorian England The letter that introduced twelve-year-old Sarah Jane Lyon-White to Isabelle Harton, who ran the Harton School in central London, seemed quite simple and straightforward. But it was what was not written in the letter that resonated to Isabelle’s own finely tuned “extra” senses: “Sarah has gifts we cannot train,” the letter whispered to her, “nor can anyone we know. Those we trust tell us that you can….” And it was true, for the Harton School was far from ordinary. It was Isabelle’s job to train children who possessed the odd types of magic that could not be trained by London’s powerful Elemental Masters: clairvoyants, telepaths, those with the ability to sense hidden danger, the vision to see into the past, and even that rarest of all talents: the ability to see and communicate with the dead. But Isabelle was uneasy, for though she knew that Sarah Jane had a touch of telepathy, there seemed to be something else about the girl—something that had not yet manifested. And Isabelle was right to be worried, for as soon as Sarah’s full talents became evident, there was an attempt made on her life. For Sarah was that rarest of magicians: a true medium, and for some reason, a powerful Elemental Master wanted her dead. Isabelle knew that to protect her ward she would have to seek help from the Elemental Masters of the city. That meant she would also see Lord David Alderscroft, the man she had once loved, but who had inexplicably chilled toward her and broken her heart long ago—for he was the leader of the city’s Elemental Masters, the man who was now called the Wizard of London.

The Wizard of London

By Mercedes Lackey and Available from Titan Books Elemental Masters The Serpent's Shadow TheGates of Sleep Phoenix and Ashes TheWizard of London Reservedfor theCat Unnatural Issue Home fromthe Sea SteadfastBlood Red Collegium Chronicles ...

Author: Mercedes Lackey

Publisher: Titan Books

ISBN: 178329390X

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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Set in Victorian London-where magic is real and Elemental Masters control the powers of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth-the fourth novel in this best-selling series tells the story of Lord Alderscroft, Master of the British Elemental Masters Council-the most powerful Fire Master ever to lead the Council. Loosely based on The Snow Queen, The Wizard of London delves into Lord Alderscroft's youth, when he was bespelled by an evil Elemental Master who hoped to use him for political gain.

The Elemental Masters the Wizard of London

This is the new novel in Mercedes Lackey's series set in an alternative Edwardian Britain, where magic is real, and elemental masters are in control.

Author: Mercedes Lackey


ISBN: 9781783293896

Category: Fantasy fiction

Page: 400

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This is the new novel in Mercedes Lackey's series set in an alternative Edwardian Britain, where magic is real, and elemental masters are in control.

Adapting The Wizard of Oz

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Author: Danielle Birkett

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190663197

Category: Music

Page: 256

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One of the most beloved film musicals of all time, The Wizard of Oz represents an enduring family favorite and cultural classic. Yet there is much more to the story than meets the eye, and the MGM movie is just one of many ways in which it has been represented. In this lively and wide-ranging book, editors Danielle Birkett and Dominic McHugh bring together insights from eleven experts into the varied musical forms this great American myth has taken in the past century. Starting with the early adaptations of L. Frank Baum's story, the book also explores the writing, composition and reception of the MGM film, its importance in queer culture, stage adaptations of the movie, cult classic The Wiz, Stephen Schwartz's Broadway blockbuster Wicked, and the cultural afterlife of the iconic Arlen-Harburg songs. What emerges is a vivid overview of how music - on stage and screen - has been an essential part of the story's journey to become a centerpiece of American culture.

The Wizard of Menlo Park

While work on Pearl Street was in progress, Edison was able to test his newly designed electric light equipment in a full-scale, real-world demonstration—in the heart of London. Along a half-mile route following the Holborn Viaduct, ...

Author: Randall E. Stross

Publisher: Crown

ISBN: 0307394565

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 384

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Thomas Edison’s greatest invention? His own fame. At the height of his fame Thomas Alva Edison was hailed as “the Napoleon of invention” and blazed in the public imagination as a virtual demigod. Starting with the first public demonstrations of the phonograph in 1878 and extending through the development of incandescent light and the first motion picture cameras, Edison’s name became emblematic of all the wonder and promise of the emerging age of technological marvels. But as Randall Stross makes clear in this critical biography of the man who is arguably the most globally famous of all Americans, Thomas Edison’s greatest invention may have been his own celebrity. Edison was certainly a technical genius, but Stross excavates the man from layers of myth-making and separates his true achievements from his almost equally colossal failures. How much credit should Edison receive for the various inventions that have popularly been attributed to him—and how many of them resulted from both the inspiration and the perspiration of his rivals and even his own assistants? This bold reassessment of Edison’s life and career answers this and many other important questions while telling the story of how he came upon his most famous inventions as a young man and spent the remainder of his long life trying to conjure similar success. We also meet his partners and competitors, presidents and entertainers, his close friend Henry Ford, the wives who competed with his work for his attention, and the children who tried to thrive in his shadow—all providing a fuller view of Edison’s life and times than has ever been offered before. The Wizard of Menlo Park reveals not only how Edison worked, but how he managed his own fame, becoming the first great celebrity of the modern age.

The Wizard s Illusion

The Wizard of Oz. Reprint, London: Penguin, 2012. Black, Max. Models and Metaphors: Studies in Language and Philosophy. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1981. Bonaventure, St. The Life of St. Francis of Assisi.

Author: Katherine Abetz

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1666736023

Category: Religion

Page: 268

View: 672

In a world of increasingly strident identity politics, a theological approach, claiming no more than the outworking of subjectivist sentiment, offers no remedy. What if a key factor in this predicament is a misrepresentation of the operation of metaphor? This acknowledged building-block of language looks set to become a mere component of the wearer’s spectacles. The consequences for theology, philosophy, literature, and even the sciences are yet to be charted. This book takes readers on a journey to the Land of Oz and asks whether our culture, while discarding past errors, can reconnect with the spiritual bonds that underpin language, truth in its various forms, and identity. Companions on the road are Dorothy and her friends, Sallie McFague and the Wizard, Paul Ricœur and C. S. Lewis, and others.

Placing London

However , ' Docklands remains one of the most spectacular areas of London to visit ' ( 1998 : 89 ) . ... notes : To head downriver from the Tower is to enter a different world - more in tune with the Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz ...

Author: John Eade

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 9781571818034

Category: History

Page: 198

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London continues to fascinate a vast audience across the world, and an extensive, diverse literature now exists describing and analyzing this metropolis. The central question - what is London? - has produced many answers but none of them, the author argues, uncovers the complex ways in which knowledge is constructed in the diverse attempts to represent places and people. On the contrary: a gulf has opened up between analysis of contemporary London as a global, postcolonial city, on the one hand, and historical accounts of the imperial capital on the other. The author shows how the gap can be bridged by combining an analysis of the representation over time by various experts of London and certain localities with an investigation of the ways in which residents have represented their communities through struggles over symbolic and material resources.

Twice Told Children s Tales

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Author: Betty Greenway

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135468842

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 280

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First Published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Cultural Construction of London s East End

(2000: 26-7) Curtiz recognises that powerful ideas of London have developed through cultural discourse. For Curtiz, then, London can be understood as ... Fritz Lang, 1926) and the otherwordly Oz in The Wizard of Oz (Dir.

Author: Paul Newland

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9042024542

Category: Architecture

Page: 321

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Paul Newland's illuminating study explores the ways in which London's East End has been constituted in a wide variety of texts - films, novels, poetry, television shows, newspapers and journals. Newland argues that an idea or image of the East End, which developed during the late nineteenth century, continues to function in the twenty-first century as an imaginative space in which continuing anxieties continue to be worked through concerning material progress and modernity, rationality and irrationality, ethnicity and 'Otherness', class and its related systems of behaviour.The Cultural Construction of London's East End offers detailed examinations of the ways in which the East End has been constructed in a range of texts including BBC Television's EastEnders, Monica Ali's Brick Lane, Walter Besant's All Sorts and Conditions of Men, Thomas Burke's Limehouse Nights, Peter Ackroyd's Hawksmoor, films such as Piccadilly, Sparrows Can't Sing, The Long Good Friday, From Hell, The Elephant Man, and Spider, and in the work of Iain Sinclair.