The Year of the Flood

By the author of The Handmaid's Tale and Alias Grace The sun brightens in the east, reddening the blue-grey haze that marks the distant ocean.

Author: Margaret Atwood

Publisher: Orbit Books

ISBN: 9780349004075

Category: Dystopias

Page: 518

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By the author of The Handmaid's Tale and Alias Grace The sun brightens in the east, reddening the blue-grey haze that marks the distant ocean. The vultures roosting on the hydro poles fan out their wings to dry them. the air smells faintly of burning. The waterless flood - a man-made plague - has ended the world. But two young women have survived: Ren, a young dancer trapped where she worked, in an upmarket sex club (the cleanest dirty girls in town); and Toby, who watches and waits from her rooftop garden. Is anyone else out there?

Maddaddam Trilogy Box

Collects three novels featuring a world that has been devastated by ecological and scientific disasters.

Author: Margaret Atwood

Publisher: Anchor Books

ISBN: 9780804172318

Category: Fiction


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A boxed set (three trade paperbacks) of the internationally celebrated speculative fiction trilogy from one of the most visionary authors of our time, Margaret Atwood. Set in a darkly plausible future shaped by plagues, floods, and genetic engineering, these three novels take us from the end of the world to a brave new beginning. Thrilling, moving, a triumph of imagination, this trilogy confirms the ultimate endurance of humanity, community, and love. The novels in this trilogy have been called "towering and intrepid" (The New Yorker), "gripping" (The New York Times), and "just about everything you could want" (The Washington Post).

The Hundred Year Flood

"In the shadow of a looming flood that comes every one hundred years, Tee tries to convince himself that living in a new place will mean a new identity and a chance to shed the parallels between him and his adopted father.

Author: Matthew Salesses

Publisher: Little A

ISBN: 9781477828373

Category: Fiction


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In the tradition of Native Speaker and The Family Fang, Matthew Salesses weaves together the tangled threads of identity, love, growing up, and relationships in his stunning first novel, The Hundred Year Flood. This beautiful and dreamlike debut follows twenty-two-year-old Tee as he escapes to Prague in the wake of his uncle's suicide and the aftermath of 9/11. Tee tries to convince himself that living in a new place will mean a new identity and a chance to shed the parallels between him and his adopted father. His life intertwines with Pavel Picasso, a painter famous for revolution; Katka, his equally alluring wife; and Picasso's partner--a giant of a man with an American name. In the shadow of a looming flood that comes every one hundred years, Tee contemplates his own place in life as both mixed and adopted and as an American in a strange land full of heroes, myths, and ghosts.

Physical and Economic Feasibility of Nonstructural Flood Plain Management Measures

... structure below approximately the 5 year flood plain and flood hazard factor of 2.0 feet , and below about the 10 year flood plain and a flood hazard ...

Author: William K. Johnson



Category: Feasibility studies

Page: 227

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The purpose of this study is to examine the physical and economic feasibility of a number of nonstructural flood control measures and develop criteria for their use. Eleven such measures are selected; this report evaluates their overall physical and economic feasibility. The measures studied are: temporary and permanent closures for openings in existing structures; raising existing structures; construction of new structures on fill or columns; small walls or levees around structures; relocating or protecting damageable property; relocating existing structures and/or contents out of a flood hazard area; flood forecast, warning and evacuation; use of water resistant materials in construction; regulation of development of flood plain land through zoning ordnances, subdivision, regulations and building codes; public acquisition of title or easement to flood plain land; and flood insurance. Cost estimates, advantages, disadvantages and references are provided for each measure. A sensitivity analysis of flood damage in relation to various hydrologic, hydraulic, and economic parameters was conducted.

Flood Insurance Study

At a minimum , the contractor must analyze the 100 - year event ; however , often the contractor will also be requested to determine flood discharges for ...




Category: Flood damage prevention


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"This edition ... reflects the changes in mapping policy and technical procedures that have been adopted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency."--Preface.

Flood Insurance Study

A 100 - year flood occurred on Henry Fork River during July 1916 and had a discharge of 23,900 cubic feet per second ( cfs ) . One of the most recent floods ...

Author: United States. Federal Insurance Administration



Category: Flood forecasting

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The Thousand Year Flood

I credit John Barry's masterful Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of ... The 1927 Mississippi RiverFlood (New York: Oxford University Press, 1977).

Author: David Welky

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226887189

Category: History

Page: 384

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In the early days of 1937, the Ohio River, swollen by heavy winter rains, began rising. And rising. And rising. By the time the waters crested, the Ohio and Mississippi had climbed to record heights. Nearly four hundred people had died, while a million more had run from their homes. The deluge caused more than half a billion dollars of damage at a time when the Great Depression still battered the nation. Timed to coincide with the flood's seventy-fifth anniversary, The Thousand-Year Flood is the first comprehensive history of one of the most destructive disasters in American history. David Welky first shows how decades of settlement put Ohio valley farms and towns at risk and how politicians and planners repeatedly ignored the dangers. Then he tells the gripping story of the river's inexorable rise: residents fled to refugee camps and higher ground, towns imposed martial law, prisoners rioted, Red Cross nurses endured terrifying conditions, and FDR dispatched thousands of relief workers. In a landscape fraught with dangers—from unmoored gas tanks that became floating bombs to powerful currents of filthy floodwaters that swept away whole towns—people hastily raised sandbag barricades, piled into overloaded rowboats, and marveled at water that stretched as far as the eye could see. In the flood's aftermath, Welky explains, New Deal reformers, utopian dreamers, and hard-pressed locals restructured not only the flood-stricken valleys, but also the nation's relationship with its waterways, changes that continue to affect life along the rivers to this day. A striking narrative of danger and adventure—and the mix of heroism and generosity, greed and pettiness that always accompany disaster—The Thousand-Year Flood breathes new life into a fascinating yet little-remembered American story.