The Zodiac Gestures in Eurythmy

This is a book for eurythmy teachers and practitioners who want to deepen their art and spiritual work.

Author: Werner Barfod

Publisher: Floris Books

ISBN: 1782505776

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 176

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Eurythmy is an art form that makes sounds visible. By incorporating zodiac gestures into their art, as indicated by Rudolf Steiner, eurythmists can draw on a deep connection between the earth and the cosmos. The zodiac, as representative of the whole cosmos, is a vital part of human spirituality, acting as the backdrop to human life. But it can be hard to fathom the zodiac's secrets, even through meditation. Barfod draws a parallel between meditative exercises and eurythmy practice, and shows how zodiac gestures in eurythmy can reveal cosmic insights. This is a book for eurythmy teachers and practitioners who want to deepen their art and spiritual work.

Eurythmy as Visible Speech

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Author: Rudolf Steiner

Publisher: Rudolf Steiner Press

ISBN: 1855845687

Category: Religion

Page: 384

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Following his lecture-course Eurythmy as Visible Singing, these fundamental lectures on speech eurythmy – offered in response to specific requests – gave Rudolf Steiner the opportunity to complete the foundations of the new art of movement. Speaking to eurythmists and invited artists, Steiner connects to the centuries-old esoteric and exoteric Western traditions of ‘the Word’ – the creative power in the sounds of the divine-human alphabet – giving it concrete form and expression in the performing arts, education and therapy. In addition to the fifteen lectures in the course, this special edition features supporting lectures and reports by Rudolf Steiner, dozens of photographs and line drawings, as well as introductions, commentary, notes and supplementary essays compiled by editor Alan Stott, including ‘Eurythmy and the English Language’ by Annelies Davidson. Although aimed primarily at the professional concerns of eurythmists who perform, teach or work as therapists, the lectures offer a wealth of suggestions and insights to those with artistic questions and concerns. ‘Only someone who creatively unfolds a sense for art from an inner calling, an inner enthusiasm, can work as an artist in eurythmy. To manifest those possibilities of form and movement inherent in the human organisation, the soul must inwardly be completely occupied with art. This all-embracing character of eurythmy was the foundation for all that was presented.’ – Rudolf Steiner ‘For the poet, for the thinker, and for the movement artist who thinks with his/her whole body, the highest mental act is done with all their heart and with all their mind and with all their soul.’ – Alan Stott


An Exploration into the Language of Form, Gesture and Colour Gertraud Goodwin ... Doris Harpers' Zodiac paintings are based on Rudolf Steiner's indications concerning the colours of the signs of the Zodiac for the eurythmy gestures.

Author: Gertraud Goodwin

Publisher: Temple Lodge Publishing

ISBN: 1912230399

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 200

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From ancient times, people had knowledge of the zodiac’s intimate involvement in the creation of physical life. They understood that the twelve realms of constellations of fixed stars in the sky emanated specific forces that were brought to life and movement by the planets. These spiritual energies created and formed all living beings on earth – including, of course, the human being. This traditional awareness has been reenlivened and given new meaning in our time through Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy. Steiner gave specific indications involving twelve individual gestures and colours that depict the forces of the twelve zodiacal regions. In this richly-illustrated collation of original artistic research – which features exciting new work on the zodiac via the mediums of sculpture, graphics and painting – these new insights are explored and illumined in twenty-seven essays and numerous full-colour images. Led by editor Gertraud Goodwin, the various contributing artists offer a rich tableau of authentic, individual approaches to understanding the zodiac, throwing light on the vast realm of creative forces around us whilst acknowledging their primary source. ‘From the many relationships to other qualities, like the consonants, virtues, areas of the human body, colours, eurythmy gestures, elements (earth, water, air, fire), musical keys and many more, in which the zodiacal forces express themselves as if through different instruments, a harmony begins to emerge, which informs me of an ever rounder picture of one particular force of the Zodiac.’ – Gertraud Goodwin

Eurythmy as Visible Singing

In this way, the gestures in eurythmy offer a practical method artistically to research the cosmic picture, the “meditation for musicians”, breaking down into 84 meditations = 7 degrees of the scale x 12 key-centres (actually 7 x 15 ...

Author: Rudolf Steiner

Publisher: Rudolf Steiner Press

ISBN: 1855845679

Category: Religion

Page: 534

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‘The study of music is the study of the human being. The two are inseparable, and eurythmy is the art which brings this most clearly to expression. In these lectures, Rudolf Steiner guides us along a path toward an understanding of the human form as music comes to rest – the movements of eurythmy bringing this music back to life.’ – Dorothea Mier ‘Fundamentally speaking, music is the human being, and indeed it is from music that we rightly learn how to free ourselves from matter.’ – Rudolf Steiner The focus of these eight lectures is the source of movement and gesture in the human being. The movement in musical experience is thus traced back to its origin in the human instrument itself. Like the degrees of the musical scale, Rudolf Steiner leads his select audience of young artists through eight stages, focusing on the living principles of discovery and renewal. Eurythmy was born in the turbulent decades of the early twentieth century. From an individual question as to whether it was possible to create an art based on meaningful movement, Rudolf Steiner responded with fresh creative possibilities for a renewal of the arts in their totality. The new art of eurythmy was an unexpected gift. Today, music eurythmy, along with its counterpart based on speech, is practiced as an art, taught as a subject in schools, enjoyed as a social activity and applied as a therapy. This definitive translation of Steiner’s original lecture course on eurythmy includes a facsimile, transcription and translation of the lecturer’s notes, together with an introduction and index. The volume is supplemented with an extensive ‘companion’, featuring full commentary and notes compiled by Alan Stott, as well as a translation of Josef Matthias Hauer’s Interpreting Melos.

Therapeutic Eurythmy for Children

Libra zodiac gesture consonant C zodiac gesture Gesture Consonant Gesture 4. L at the end with the jump with X-legs, but in the beginning not with the lump 5. A upwards T U like in Hope U 6. Courage do the eurythmical gestures for the ...

Author: Anne-Maidlin Vogel

Publisher: SteinerBooks

ISBN: 1621511189

Category: MEDICAL

Page: 178

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Therapeutic Eurythmy for Children is a collection of exercises gathered by Anne-Maidlin Vogel from 1968 until 1998. Many arose from lectures the author attended, given by experienced therapeutic eurythmists-especially Trude Thetter and Ilse Rolofs, as well as medical doctors and colleagues. Much of the material she used in her own therapy lessons with patients, with some of the exercises created from her own work with children for over thirty years.As a form of movement therapy, eurythmy has been very effective in treating physical and mental developmental disorders. This book is a rich source of information for professional eurythmy therapists, physicians, and teachers of children up to fifteen years of age. Therapeutic Eurythmy for Children provides not only examples for exercises, but also offers useful references for personal development and additional training for therapists.Included here are eurythmy therapy exercises to be performed with premature infants, babies, and young children up to the age of four. Although based firmly on Rudolf Steiner's spiritual science and his general recommendations for eurythmy, anyone can follow the descriptions and sketches for individual exercises, which are based on healthy movement of the developing human organism.Speech eurythmy exercises (specific spoken sounds and sequences) are included for postural problems, enuresis, lack of concentration, and more. These encourage readers to study the principles behind the practice of eurythmy performance and eurythmy therapy.Therapeutic Eurythmy for Children will inspire and enrich the work of therapists, provide a means to more holistic pediatrics, give teachers a better understanding of how to approach their students through movement, and encourage parents toward a more effective, holistic aid to their children's overall health and development.

The Language of the Stars

Zodiac and Planets in Relation to the Human Being – The Cosmic Rhythm in the Creed Hermann Beckh, Rudolf Frieling ... The Zodiac Gestures of Eurythmy, Edinburgh: Floris Books 2019; the gestures are to be observed in standard, ...

Author: Hermann Beckh

Publisher: Temple Lodge Publishing

ISBN: 1912230534

Category: Religion

Page: 600

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‘Astrology is a concern of the Christ and the work of Michael.’ – Hermann Beckh During the brief window between the two World Wars, the Rev. Prof. Hermann Beckh led research at The Christian Community Seminary in Stuttgart. In those precious years he published on music, the gospels and the ancient Mysteries. By 1930, in his Contributions to the Priests’ Newsletter, he had produced the most far-reaching account of the cosmic order ever written. The typescript of this great work was destined to gather dust in the Berlin Archiv, however, until it was discovered in recent years. Published here for the first time, it is the crowning masterpiece to Beckh’s Collected Works. The translated and annotated text is accompanied by Rudolf Frieling’s in-depth application of Beckh’s principles of the cosmic starry order to the Creed of The Christian Community, and by a number of appreciations and relevant book reviews. Through ever-deepening meditation guided by Rudolf Steiner, and his vast knowledge of Tibetan, Sanskrit, Pali and Avestan sacred texts – scarcely to be equalled in Europe at the time – Beckh came to the first-hand realization that human and cosmic life was ordered. He perceived directly that this cosmic order was: good, as originating from the World-Will; true, as from World-Thinking; and beautiful, as from World-Feeling. All three could be personally experienced in disciplined consciousness that could enter dream, sleep and pre-natal life. This, then, was Beckh’s method and inspiration, as shown in this extraordinary work. ‘The time will come when Beckh’s “Christened” star-knowledge, which signifies a basic overturning of today’s decadent astrology, will be appreciated for its significance.’ – August Pauli

Color and Gesture

Initial color study gestures (individual colors, color families) -- Eurythmy figure studies (consonants, vowels, zodiac, planets, intervals, tones, music) -- Further studies (elements, ethers, dark and light, acting gestures, temperaments, ...

Author: Reg Down


ISBN: 9780979445217


Page: 532

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Leonardo Da Vinci the Last Supper

However , I have not been able to accept the linking of all the apostles to the whole Zodiac which he claims to have derived from eurythmy gestures and Zodiacal moods . Nevertheless , the links he suggests for five of the figures ( John ...

Author: Michael Ladwein

Publisher: Temple Lodge Publishing

ISBN: 9781902636757

Category: Art

Page: 140

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Many great works of art have been created that we call "Christian," but none has received as much acclaim as Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper. Art lovers venerate it for its composition and noble aesthetics, whereas, for Christians, it epitomizes the intimacy between Christ and his disciples. In recent years--following the publication of bestselling fictional narratives and dubious historical studies--The Last Supper has also become the focus of intrigue, controversy, speculation, and sensation. Recent restoration of the painting has exposed remnants of the original work and removed falsifications created by over-painting. Thus, for the first time since its creation more than five hundred years ago, we can contemplate Da Vinci's masterpiece in its more or less original form. This lavishly illustrated, full-color book reproduces many details of the restored work, and the author turns our attention to newly revealed aspects of The Last Supper that lead to fresh interpretations. The philosopher Rudolf Steiner called The Last Supper the world's most important work of art, adding that it revealed "the meaning of Earth existence." Michael Ladwein sheds light on many aspects of the spiritual facts that can be uncovered in this immortal painting--one that has lost nothing of its urgency in our modern world. C O N T E N T S The Creation, Loss, and Recovery of The Last Supper History of the Motifs in The Last Supper and Their Development in Leonardo's Work The Group of Individuals and their Gestures Real and Imaginary Space The Significance of Various Elements in the Composition of the Painting Earthly Community and Archetypal Cosmic Image Appendix

The Alchemical Actor

... bringing sounds into form through physical gesture with the distinction that vowels are related to the planetary bodies and consonants to the zodiac. ... Creative speech occurs when the eurythmy gestures or sounds become voiced.

Author: Jane Gilmer

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004449426

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 262

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The Alchemical Actor – Performing the Great Work: Imagining Alchemical Theatre offers an imagination for an alchemical theatre inspired by the directives of Antonin Artaud.

Between Earth and Heaven

In Word Made Flesh we explored how eurythmy gestures for the planetary beings and the zodiac enable us to sense their objectives and activity. Now we can use them to further train our organ of perception, discerning how the faculties of ...

Author: Dawn Langman

Publisher: Temple Lodge Publishing

ISBN: 1912230828

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 384

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In this third volume in The Actor of the Future series, Dawn Langman continues to explore the integration of Steiner’s research into speech, drama and eurythmy with Michael Chekhov’s acting methodology. Her advanced applications of all the basic processes allow the art of the actor and speaker to evolve beyond the ‘soul and body’ paradigm – still broadly accepted in contemporary culture – to include dimensions of the spirit. The book contains a seminal analysis of comedy and tragedy, showing how an understanding of their esoteric roots – sprung from the Eleusis mysteries of ancient Greece – deepen our appreciation and our ability to implement the practical suggestions made by Steiner and Chekhov to differentiate the fundamental styles. A comprehensive exploration of the vowels in relation to planetary beings lays the foundation for many layers of artistic deepening and application. ‘Dawn Langman gifts us with yet another magnificent contribution to her book series developing an integrated acting technique based on the indications of Rudolf Steiner and Michael Chekhov, in which actors become the work of art. Venturing even further into the deeper alchemical mysteries of the work, Langman leads us into an imagination of future theatre that includes a genuine experience of the I AM, the origin of comedy and tragedy, Dante’s Paradiso as example of how we can experience the planetary spheres in word and gesture, and much more, inspiring the unfoldment of actors of the future.’ – Dr Jane Gilmer, actress and teacher, author of The Alchemical Actor (2021) and former Assistant Professor of Drama, VPA, National Institute of Education, Singapore ‘In this present volume, Dawn Langman continues her in-depth exploration of the integration of Michael Chekhov’s system of psycho-physical awareness with Rudolf Steiner’s indications for creative speech and eurythmy. In so doing, she genuinely models both teachers’ emphasis on experimentation and exploration absent the dogmatism sometimes associated with such work. The careful, conscious communication of her own advanced exercises created to develop this new methodology will be most effective when worked in conjunction with her previous books, The Art of Acting, The Art of Speech and The Actor of the Future, Vols. 1 & 2. Taken as a whole, Langman reveals the degree of empathy and responsiveness possible not only between human beings, but with all the manifold community of beings “between earth and heaven.”’ – Dr Diane Carracciolo, Associate Professor of Educational Theatre, Adelphi University, USA