Theophrastus Characters

It has been suggested that the Characters are a collection of extracts from one or more works of Theophrastus . But the coherence and stylistic unity of the collection prove that its parts are not derived from unconnected works .

Author: Théophraste

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This edition offers an improved text and translation of the collection, with a comprehensive commentary.

Theophrastus Characters

passages similar to the Characters.70 Portions of Theophrastus' descriptions of the Coward and the Oligarchic Man are also preserved in papyri dating from the third century CE.71 In the fourth century CE, the text of Theophrastus' ...

Author: Sonia Pertsinidis

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This book presents an introduction to the Characters, a collection of thirty amusing descriptions of character types who lived in Athens in the fourth century BCE. The author of the work, Theophrastus, was Aristotle's colleague, his immediate successor and head of his philosophical school for thirty-five years. Pertsinidis' lively, original and scholarly monograph introduces Theophrastus as a Greek philosopher. It also outlines the remarkable influence of the Characters as a literary work and provides a detailed discussion of the work's purpose and its connection with comedy, ethics and rhetoric.

Plutarch s Ethical Writings and Early Christian Literature

7 the characters described by Theophrastus ,? who developed characterization into brief sketches or pictures , a genre which became quite popular in literature . Theophrastus ' characters are primarily descriptive , rather than ...

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The Life and Characters of Sir Thomas Overbury

The instances above will be sufficient to show that Ben Jonson was acquainted with Theophrastus ' Characters . 6 were > Traces of the influence of Theophrastus exist even in a more marked degree in Joseph Hall's 1 “ Characters of ...

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What is Masculinity

Theophrastus Characters (Cambridge, 2004), p. 3. J. Rusten, 'Introduction', in J. Rusten and I. C. Cunningham (ed. and trans.), Theophrastus Characters, Herodas Mimes, Cercidas and the Choliambic Poets (Cambridge, ...

Author: J. Arnold

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Across history, the ideas and practices of male identity have varied much between time and place: masculinity proves to be a slippery concept, not available to all men, sometimes even applied to women. This book analyses the dynamics of 'masculinity' as both an ideology and lived experience - how men have tried, and failed, to be 'Real Men'.

Studies in Menander

... from the equitable man ' ; if we think of Menander's characters , we think first of Charisios , Polemon , and Pataikos , Demeas in the Samia , Aeschinus and Micio in the Adelphi , and these owe nothing to Theophrastus ' Characters .

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A Companion to Satire

These satires, following the Juvenalian model, contain scabrous character sketches of vices endemic to urban life, ... His Characters of Vertues and Vices (1608) relied on Casaubon's edition of Theophrastus as a model, and Hall, ...

Author: Ruben Quintero

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This collection of twenty-nine original essays, surveys satire fromits emergence in Western literature to the present. Tracks satire from its first appearances in the prophetic booksof the Old Testament through the Renaissance and the Englishtradition in satire to Michael Moore’s satirical movieFahrenheit 9/11. Highlights the important influence of the Bible in the literaryand cultural development of Western satire. Focused mainly on major classical and European influences onand works of English satire, but also explores the complex andfertile cultural cross-semination within the tradition of literarysatire.

The Invention of Racism in Classical Antiquity

Theophrastus's Characters The explicit detail found in the works on physiognomics is repeated at the individual level to some extent in the Characters of Theophrastus , Aristotle's successor as head of the Peripatos .

Author: Benjamin Isaac

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There was racism in the ancient world, after all. This groundbreaking book refutes the common belief that the ancient Greeks and Romans harbored "ethnic and cultural," but not racial, prejudice. It does so by comprehensively tracing the intellectual origins of racism back to classical antiquity. Benjamin Isaac's systematic analysis of ancient social prejudices and stereotypes reveals that some of those represent prototypes of racism--or proto-racism--which in turn inspired the early modern authors who developed the more familiar racist ideas. He considers the literature from classical Greece to late antiquity in a quest for the various forms of the discriminatory stereotypes and social hatred that have played such an important role in recent history and continue to do so in modern society. Magisterial in scope and scholarship, and engagingly written, The Invention of Racism in Classical Antiquity further suggests that an understanding of ancient attitudes toward other peoples sheds light not only on Greco-Roman imperialism and the ideology of enslavement (and the concomitant integration or non-integration) of foreigners in those societies, but also on the disintegration of the Roman Empire and on more recent imperialism as well. The first part considers general themes in the history of discrimination; the second provides a detailed analysis of proto-racism and prejudices toward particular groups of foreigners in the Greco-Roman world. The last chapter concerns Jews in the ancient world, thus placing anti-Semitism in a broader context.

Earle s Microcosmography

Modern writers of Character - sketches may claim Theophrastus , pupil of Aristotle , as the founder of their school . Theophrastus , who died at an advanced age in B.C. 284 , was the author of thirty ' Characters ' which have come down ...

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