This House of Grief

The court case became Helen Garner’s obsession. She followed it on its protracted course until the final verdict. In this utterly compelling book, Helen Garner tells the story of a man and his broken life.

Author: Helen Garner

Publisher: Text Publishing

ISBN: 1922079200

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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Anyone can see the place where the children died. You take the Princes Highway past Geelong, and keep going west in the direction of Colac. Late in August 2006, soon after I had watched a magistrate commit Robert Farquharson to stand trial before a jury on three charges of murder, I headed out that way on a Sunday morning, across the great volcanic plain. On the evening of 4 September 2005, Father’s Day, Robert Farquharson, a separated husband, was driving his three sons home to their mother, Cindy, when his car left the road and plunged into a dam. The boys, aged ten, seven and two, drowned. Was this an act of revenge or a tragic accident? The court case became Helen Garner’s obsession. She followed it on its protracted course until the final verdict. In this utterly compelling book, Helen Garner tells the story of a man and his broken life. She presents the theatre of the courtroom with its actors and audience – all gathered to bear witness to the truth – players in the extraordinary and unpredictable drama of the quest for justice. This House of Grief is a heartbreaking and unputdownable book by one of Australia’s most admired writers.

In This House of Images

James thought the brief tears in the huckleberry patch as he walked over the
rough ground, stones, soil, and dead vegetation decomposing into soil under his
feet, had cleansed him of grief and marked an end to one life, one part of his life
that ...

Author: Jon Remmerde

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595152910

Category: Fiction

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A novel about cannibalism, art, business, love, and morality in the contemporary consumer culture.

Haunted America

Several historical interpreters, guides employed by Colonial Williamsburg, won't
work at the house. One won't go upstairs even ... And there is the sad lady in the
bedroom who warns others away from this house of grief. The house itself was ...

Author: Michael Norman

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1466805145

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 416

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Haunted America takes you on a grand tour of ghostly hauntings through the U.S. and Canada, sweeping from terrifying battle-field specters at Little Bighorn to a vaudeville palace in Tampa, from ghostly apparitions in President Garfield's home in Ohio to the White House in Washington, DC. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The House of Raby Or Our Lady of Darkness

Within ten days from that time little Reginald Hastings lay a corpse in his mother's
arms . Hers was a deep , mute grief , as her love had been . Like that , it wore
away her vital power . When she had seen the features of her darling assume a ...

Author: Jane Margaret (Winnard) Hooper ("Mrs. George Hooper.")




Page: 500

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The House of Mourning

heavy grief of heart did we , Sojourning homeless in this foreign land , Deposit in
the hollow of the tomb Our gentle child , most tenderly beloved . Around his early

Author: John Scott




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In the House of the Lord

Yet you are holy , enthroned on the praises of Israel . In you our ancestors trusted
; they trusted , and you delivered them . To you they cried , and were saved ; in
you they trusted , and were not put to shame ” ( vv . 3 - 5 ) . The blame of grief ...

Author: Michael Jinkins

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 9780814624944

Category: Religion

Page: 142

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What would it mean for us to inhabit the world of the psalmist? In the House of the Lord: Inhabiting the Psalms of Lament, Michael Jinkins invites us to discover the answer to this question by entering into that world where lamentation is turned into praise.0

Debates of the House of Commons of the Dominion of Canada

He is now no more , and all I the Government and the leader of the can say is that
his loss is irreparable . Opposition in the expression of the regret MR . WRIGHT :
As one who has been and grief which we feel at the news of the in the ...

Author: Canada. Parliament. House of Commons



Category: Canada


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Chronicles of the House of Willoughby de Eresby

Therefore I supplicate your highness that you will send to command him ,
because he is near the house of her father , and ... Hearing that Katharine was
drawing near her last hour in this world , in the agony of grief , she made every
effort to ...

Author: Hon. Elizabeth Sophia Heathcote Drummond Willoughby



Category: Gentry

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The House of the Sorcerer

cried the opening line of a dolorous hymn , and the rest that stood panting about
the sheet caught up the tune and burst ... She glanced her eyes over the empty
cups and dishes and corkless bottles , and the scrappy relics of the feast of grief .

Author: Haldane Macfall



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The Speeches in the House of Commons

Such was the issue of one of the longest and hardest fought days , that perhaps
eyer was known in the House of ... of the state , your petitioners observe with grief
, that , notwithstanding the calamitous and impoverished condition of the nation ...

Author: Charles-James Fox





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Cases Decided in the House of Lords

House of Lords, James Wilson, Patrick Shaw, Charles Hope Maclean, William
Reginald Courtenay Devon (11th earl of) ... man , in which be denied the
marriage , the agony of grief appeared to be put on or affected ? depones and
answers ...

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords



Category: Appellate courts


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Prince of the House of David

My dearest father --- With what emotions of grief and amazement I commence this
letter, you can form nojust conception, only by yours! Jesus Christ is a prisoner to
the Roman power! He is accused of exploiting Himself as a king, and ofa ...

Author: Leona J. Cole

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449723101

Category: Religion

Page: 260

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Herein are letters written from a young maiden to her father in the "present time" era of A.D. 26 to A.D. 73. She was sent to Jerusalem to experience the anticipated fulfillment of the promised prophesied Messiah, King. Thus to briefly relate the work of Prince of The House of David"s providential plan of reconciliation of God and man. He came toproclaim state or condition of chosen example Nation/unfaithful wife, yet there was a faithful everlasting is being formed in Christ, in the one, forty-year, Apostolic Age. Then consummated at the end of that age with destruction of the then standing Jerusalem and the Temple.

The House of Percy

P R O L O G U E The Brooding Knight They outtalked thee, hissed thee, tore thee
? ... to visit Greenville and make the memorial, which was completed before the
end of 1933.2 Hoffman was familiar with the shrouded figure of Grief which Henry

Author: Bertram Wyatt-Brown

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198022305

Category: History

Page: 504

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The novels of Walker Percy--The Moviegoer, Lancelot, The Second Coming, and The Thanatos Syndrome to name a few--have left a permanent mark on twentieth-century Southern fiction; yet the history of the Percy family in America matches anything, perhaps, that he could have created. Two centuries of wealth, literary accomplishment, political leadership, depression, and sometimes suicide established a fascinating legacy that lies behind Walker Percy's acclaimed prose and profound insight into the human condition. In The House of Percy, Bertram Wyatt-Brown masterfully interprets the life of this gifted family, drawing out the twin themes of an inherited inclination to despondency and an abiding sense of honor. The Percy family roots in Mississippi and Louisiana go back to "Don Carlos" Percy, an eighteenth-century soldier of fortune who amassed a large estate but fell victim to mental disorder and suicide. Wyatt-Brown traces the Percys through the slaveholding heyday of antebellum Natchez, the ravages of the Civil War (which produced the heroic Colonel William Alexander Percy, the "Gray Eagle"), and a return to prominence in the Mississippi Delta after Reconstruction. In addition, the author recovers the tragic lives and literary achievements of several Percy-related women, including Sarah Dorsey, a popular post-Civil War novelist who horrified her relatives by befriending Jefferson Davis--a married man--and bequeathing to him her plantation home, Beauvoir, along with her entire fortune. Wyatt-Brown then chronicles the life of Senator LeRoy Percy, whose climactic re-election loss in 1911 to a racist demagogue deply stung the family pride, but inspired his bold defiance to the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s. The author goes on to tell the poignant story of poet and war hero Will Percy, the Senator's son. The weight of this family narrative found expression in Will Percy's memoirs, Lanterns on the Levee--and in the works of Walker Percy, who was reared in his cousin Will's Greenville home after the suicidal death of Walker's father and his mother's drowning. As the biography of a powerful dynasty, steeped in Sou8thern traditions and claims to kinship with English nobility, The House of Percy shows the interrelationship of legend, depression, and grand achievement. Written by a leading scholar of the South, it weaves together intensive research and thoughtful insights into a riveting, unforgettable story.

Accounts and Papers of the House of Commons

The husband gazes , is overcome with grief , and gives vent to loud howls ; but
somehow or other he suddenly recovers himself , cuts off the head of his
deceased wife , and bears it to his mother as an evidence of obedience to
maternal ...

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons





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