Sing for Freedom

with the male Freedom Riders imprisoned in a distant part of the jail . One day
they didn ' t ... I had faith and love and pride Are you sleeping , ( three times ) Are
you sleeping , When I took that Jackson Freedom Brother Bob ? Ride . Brother
Bob ...

Author: Guy Carawan

Publisher: Sing Out Publications


Category: African Americans

Page: 312

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A collection of civil rights songs traditionally sung by African- Americans.

The Three Kingdoms The Sons of Freedom

Kevin R. Esser. The Next Year: Sah Nu Yaht The Last Year: Sah Pein Yaht In
Two Days: An Kai Dahs Two Times: Kai Intas Three Times: Sai Intas One More
Time / Again: Fuun Nagu Inta On Time: On Inta ...

Author: Kevin R. Esser


ISBN: 1387827065

Category: Fiction

Page: 392

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I wrote this novel as a hobby when I was 15 years old in high school. "The Three Kingdoms: The Sons of Freedom" is the first of the three-part legend of Caradorian Caracross, a knight of royalty who sacrificed everything to protect his land and people. The tale starts when Carador returns home from vacation in the west, only to find his beloved homeland in the kingdom Androuge destroyed by a ruthless beast that has terrorized the people in the land of Earacill for the past millennium. The hero sets out accompanied by seven others to destroy the beast and free their people so that they may live in peace at last. Unfortunately, this is only the minimal threat that they must confront, as the greater enemy of Earacill awaits them far down the road. They will soon discover that Earacill holds more secrets than either side could have ever imagined...

Three Fifths Freedom

He had hunted this one over the river, three times a-crossing, and would not
again. This one would be hobbled and his son taken away. The dogs kept
yelping and now the foreman and overseer were there, picking up the body and
throwing it ...

Author: R. Erich Telsch

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1468512412

Category: Fiction

Page: 412

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Two wealthy and political, post-revolutionary American families meet to celebrate a wedding. An industry magnate, the groom’s father is a staunch abolitionist, unyielding in his control of the moral high road. Maintaining that slavery is essential for present society, the other father is Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor. Each family is confronted by their deepest, often unquestioned, philosophies, as they struggle with the essential rights for which they fought as patriots of the new nation. With passion in their convictions, love blooms in the Virginian wilderness. Slavery, agriculture, commerce, a presidential election, and legal and religious mores create unfolding tension between the families and in the community. Slaves revolt on a neighboring farm creating their own independence in an escape that is gripping and humorous. Evil overseers and constables, murderers, man-hunters, highwaymen, scheming politicians, preachers, and a dozen desperate people wishing to be free, swirl together in a cast of characters that will enlighten and delight. Accurate down to the bends in the rivers, the smell of wood smoke curls up from the pages. Enter this novel and you step into 1796. These people’s struggles are your own. You will not be able to rest comfortably in the then new-normalcy of America – you will have to take sides! ¤ Three-Fifths Freedom is the first book in a series. Look for R. Erich Telsch’s The Crossroads Impasse in bookstores soon.

Year of Freedom

The extent of land that can be resumed for personal cultivation from a protected
tenant which is at present five times the economic holding has been reduced . A
landlord can resume up to three times the family holding provided each of his ...

Author: Indian National Congress



Category: India


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Five for Freedom by Underground Railroad

More time dragged by. Suddenly, the silence was broken. The sound was soft,
but there was no mistaking what it was. It was the eerie whowho of an owl! Three
times in a row the owl hooted softly. Silence again. Then, the owl hooted again.

Author: Elaine Wentworth

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1491798963

Category: Fiction

Page: 182

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It is 1860 as President Lincoln focuses on ending slavery, a civil war lurks in the near future, and Southern plantation owners grow infuriated with Northerners who are helping slaves escape via the Underground Railroad. Now before winter sets in, a group of secretly literate slaves stealthily move through the darkness to a new beginning in Massachusetts. One of them is ten-year-old Taffy whose parents have been sold for teaching slaves to read. After the exhausting journey, Taffy and fellow slave, Susie, are sent to live together on the Jackson Homestead. But when the group of slaves learn Southern agents are searching homes during the day, they decide to go on to Canada to seek safety. Unfortunately when Taffy becomes too sick to travel, she must stay back with Susiea twist of fate that leads her to meet a ten-year-old white girl, Daisy, the youngest Jackson daughter, who befriends her, cares for her during her illness, and secures hideouts for her during searches. But will Taffy ever be able to continue her journey to freedom or will she be discovered by the agents? In this historical novel, a young black slave must keep dangerous secrets as she escapes to freedom on the Underground Railroad and finds an unlikely friendship with a white girl.

In the Shadow of Freedom

... no longer judge the quietness of actions or events. Fear was the only sense
that remained. I knocked again, loudly. Then I heard it. Knock. Knock. He was
there. I knocked again, three times. And again, IN THE SHADOW OF FREEDOM

Author: Tchicaya Missamou

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781439149126

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 400

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FROM POVERTY TO WEALTH, FROM AFRICA TO AMERICA, AND FROM CHILD SOLDIER TO U.S. MARINE Born into the Congolese wilderness, Tchicaya Missamou became a child soldier at age 11. As a horrific civil war loomed across his country, Tchicaya began using his militia connections to ferry jewels, cash, computers, and white diplomats out of the country. By 17, he was rich. By 18, he was a hunted man, his house destroyed, his family brutalized in front of him by his own militia. By 19, he’d left behind everything he’d ever known, escaping to Europe and, eventually, to America. Incredibly, that was only the start of his journey. In the Shadow of Freedom is the uplifting story of one man’s quest to achieve the American Dream. Tchicaya Missamou’s life is a shining example of why America is a gift that should not be taken for granted, and why we are limited only by the breadth of our imagination and the strength of our will.

Three Times to Freedom

J.D. Carr, author of Three Times To Freedom, and the first volume of The MacBean Chronicles, carries the reader to far off places in times both historical and imagined, weaving an epic tale of love and war, of history and nation building.

Author: J. Carr

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781508748410


Page: 284

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J.D. Carr, author of Three Times To Freedom, and the first volume of The MacBean Chronicles, carries the reader to far off places in times both historical and imagined, weaving an epic tale of love and war, of history and nation building. Intrigue, joy, sorrow, death and redemption are well intertwined among three generations of the MacBeans, who struggle to accept the course of history stretching over four decades. William MacBean, on loan from Great Britain's intelligence service MI6, is assigned to the newly formed United States Office of Strategic Services upon the outbreak of World War II. There he falls in love with a beautiful American woman, marries and starts a family. Hardy MacBean, the youngest, is sent off to school in Scotland, where he is taken in by his grandfather and his uncle. It is here, at Dalcross Castle, that a young Hardy grows into a man during a tumultuous time and navigates a world few can imagine, as he learns that the course of freedom is not always what it appears to be.

Freedom Challenge

Right now I am reading three books: The Boxcar Children, Encyclopedia Brown,
and The Shadow. All are really ... but that's not all I do. And I do not believe that if
school kids had more free time they would only watch TV, 42 Freedom Challenge

Author: Grace Llewellyn

Publisher: Lowry House Pub

ISBN: 9780962959110

Category: Education

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Essays written by African American homeschoolers, parents and students, telling why and how they choose to take control of their own education.

Freedom Through Health

Lightly massage the oil into the spine using short , circular strokes about 3 - 4
inches long going up the spine . Oil once ; repeat massage procedure 3 times .
Third : Repeat with essential oils of basil , marjoram , birch , cypress and
peppermint .

Author: Terry Shepherd Friedmann


ISBN: 9780963836687

Category: Alternative medicine

Page: 270

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Natural healing for your most difficult health challenges at your fingertips. If you are suffering from heart disease, fibromyalgia, allergies, diabetes, memory loss multiple sclerosis, or arthritis, or whether you wish to learn how to treat ADHD naturally, use Hormone Replacement Therapy safely and wisely, or how to reverse the aging process and learn the real cause of disease.Read this book. The book "Freedom Through Health" offers alternative solutions to medical conditions, which are seen as serious health challenges that have no simple answers. In addition to the conditions noted above, many other illnesses are included within the pages of this book. Dr. Friedmann has experienced success in treating these conditions and has done scientific studies proving the efficacy of using natural products. This book approaches disease from a holistic medical avenue and includes such modalities as nutrition, hormonal support, homeopathy, aromatherapy herbology, orthomoleclar, hypotherapy, energy medicine, and spiritual counseling. Our health represents a mirror of your life path and the flow of vitality. It's not another pill we need, but rather a total approach, which includes body, mind, and spirit for healing. "FreedomThrough Health" may be purchased on my Webpage

Friedrich Schiller Poet of Freedom

This maxiumum can be exceeded , and indeed very considerably so , but each
time at the cost of distinctness ; and to the disadvantage of the mind , which must
rigorously depend upon that distinctness . Fewer than three this number cannot ...

Author: Friedrich Schiller



Category: Drama

Page: 562

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Don Carlos, Infante of Spain--Letters on Don Carlos--Theater considered as a moral institution--Over the aesthetical education of man--Poems--The Ghost seer.

Learning to Teach in Freedom Schools

Today when a black female child has a 1 in 16,000 chance of earning a Ph.D. yet
has a 1 in 50 chance of going to prison- we need Freedom Schools . Today when
we spend almost three times as much on prisoners than we do on children in ...

Author: Tambra Oni Jackson



Category: African Americans

Page: 354

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A History of the Freedom Movement

Being the Story of Muslim Struggle for the Freedom of Hind-Pakistan, 1707-1947
Pakistan Historical Society ... on three lakhs or land revenue in the sum of three
times three lakhs a year , is not entitled to a vote , to which his Mahomedan fellow

Author: Pakistan Historical Society



Category: India


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Freedom from Want of Food

Some disease like tuberculosis are two to three times as prevalent , physical and
mental disabilities are several times more prevalent , and expectation of life is
several years less . When the health of the worst fed countries of the world is ...

Author: London International Assembly



Category: Food supply

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The Price of Freedom

She would come and kneel on the floor and begin to make up and down
movements while at the same time going ... She explained that just as Christians
go to church every Sunday to pray, good Muslims have to pray three times a day.

Author: Ellen Ndeshi Namhila



Category: Exiles

Page: 200

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Freedom of Information Center Report

... three times a year, debating without journalists present at two meetings, and
questioning newspaper representatives at the third. Garrett Rory, editor of the
Independent, is the current adviser. The original members included a YMCA
director, ...




Category: Freedom of information


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Freedom from Insomnia

That being the case you should try the following treatment plan for a full month :
Days 1-3 Practise the following three times a day ( before breakfast , lunch or
dinner and bed ) : + CP + GB ( 5 mins ) + CP + SB ( 5 mins ) + CP + SBLA ( 5
mins ) + ...

Author: Alexander Stalmatski

Publisher: Kyle Cathie Limited

ISBN: 9781856263788

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 168

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This text outlines the Buteyko method which could help insomniacs. It argues that the phenomenon of over-breathing is primarily responsible for sleep problems, and provides a course of exercises that can anyone can learn in a week to tackle the problem.

World Press Freedom Review

A Bri - tish national , El Jamal was denied ent - rance to the PA three times in
2005 . In December , authorities said he was barred because of his contact with
hostile groups . On 25 and 27 April , the IA cited “ securi - ty reasons ” for denying
him ...

Author: International Press Institute



Category: Censorship


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The Structure of Freedom

The one innocent subject is every time called on to give his answer last , after the
establishment of an apparent consensus . The lengths of the three lines at the
right vary sufficiently to make it easy and obvious to tell the right answer - except

Author: Christian Bay



Category: Liberty

Page: 419

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Reaction Kinetics

Each atom or nuclei has three degrees of freedom or three directions it can move
. ... However , the total number of degrees of freedom must still be equal to three
times the number of atoms in the molecule or 3n , where n is the number of ...

Author: James Wayne Beatty



Category: Chemical kinetics

Page: 246

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