Trauma and Memory

In Trauma and Memory, bestselling author Dr. Peter Levine (creator of the Somatic Experiencing approach) tackles one of the most difficult and controversial questions of PTSD/trauma therapy: Can we trust our memories?

Author: Peter A. Levine, Ph.D.

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

ISBN: 158394995X

Category: Psychology

Page: 206

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In Trauma and Memory, bestselling author Dr. Peter Levine (creator of the Somatic Experiencing approach) tackles one of the most difficult and controversial questions of PTSD/trauma therapy: Can we trust our memories? While some argue that traumatic memories are unreliable and not useful, others insist that we absolutely must rely on memory to make sense of past experience. Building on his 45 years of successful treatment of trauma and utilizing case studies from his own practice, Dr. Levine suggests that there are elements of truth in both camps. While acknowledging that memory can be trusted, he argues that the only truly useful memories are those that might initially seem to be the least reliable: memories stored in the body and not necessarily accessible by our conscious mind. While much work has been done in the field of trauma studies to address "explicit" traumatic memories in the brain (such as intrusive thoughts or flashbacks), much less attention has been paid to how the body itself stores "implicit" memory, and how much of what we think of as "memory" actually comes to us through our (often unconsciously accessed) felt sense. By learning how to better understand this complex interplay of past and present, brain and body, we can adjust our relationship to past trauma and move into a more balanced, relaxed state of being. Written for trauma sufferers as well as mental health care practitioners, Trauma and Memory is a groundbreaking look at how memory is constructed and how influential memories are on our present state of being.

Trauma and Memory

13 Susan Warner Kathryn M. Feltey The interdisciplinary debate on memory and
traumatic childhood experiences in the family has not , for the most part , included
sociology . Family violence researchers in sociology have been grappling with ...

Author: Linda Williams

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780761907725

Category: Medical

Page: 384

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Taking an in-depth look at the most current research on memory of traumatic events, this book contains state-of-the-art data in the controversial area of repressed memory. Contributors, major figures in the field, integrate multidisciplinary findings into proposals for coherent treatment, and legal and social policy and practices.

Trauma and Memory

Trauma. RICHARD P. KLUFT In any debate over the reality of recovered memory,
it is useful to clarify the grounds of the debate, that is, to specify the issue that is
being debated. If arguments are being proposed to the effect that there is no ...

Author: Paul S. Appelbaum

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198026068

Category: Medical

Page: 568

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The authenticity of memories of childhood sexual abuse has become one of the major social controversies of the 1990's. As persons who report histories of abuse have sought remedies in civil and criminal proceedings in the courts, the accuracy of their memories--particularly when they have been recalled after a period of time--has been subject to intense scrutiny. This volume brings together many of the leading participants in the debate to provide a comprehensive picture of the psychological, physiological, and legal aspects of trauma. Beginning by defining the opposing positions in the debate, the contributors then offer a variety of perspectives on the nature of memory, including reviews of some of the most exciting recent developments in this fast-growing area of investigation. Next, consideration is given to the impact of trauma on memory, both in adults and in children. With this framework in place, the authors turn to an examination of the variety of treatment approaches available to victims of trauma, who are trying to cope with the painful consequences of those events. The book argues against a unidimensional approach to trauma, calling instead for a multidisciplinary synthesis that includes developmental, neurobiological, cognitive, and psychodynamic perspectives. Chapters address the legal dilemmas for patients, mental health professionals and society as a whole that have arisen from the trauma and memory controversy. Most importantly, the editors shift the focus of their discussion from the laboratory to the courtroom and from the research journal to the psychotherapist's office, looking at the issues from every relevant angle. This is the only book in the field to treat the trauma and memory controversy comprehensively, from basic research on memory processes through clinical approaches to legal and policy issues. Trauma and Memory is a valuable tool for clinicians treating patients with traumatic memories. It is also intended for psychologists, physicians, social workers and lawyers who need a comprehensive reference on trauma and sexual abuse during childhood.

Palestinian Cinema Landscape Trauma and Memory

Landscape, Trauma and Memory Nurith Gertz ... His first film, Fertile Memories (
1980), crystallized and was the culmination of a process that had begun in the
early 1970s and which was to be continued in later films. On the one hand, place
in ...

Author: Nurith Gertz

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 0748634096

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 256

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Although in recent years, the entire world has been increasingly concerned with the Middle East and Israeli-Palestinian relationship, there are few truly reliable sources of information regarding Palestinian society and culture, either concerning its relationship with Israeli society, its position between east and west or its stances in times of war and peace. One of the best sources for understanding Palestinian culture is its cinema which has devoted itself to serving the national struggle. In this book, two scholars--an Israeli and a Palestinian--in a rare and welcome collaboration, follow the development of Palestinian cinema, commenting on its response to political and social transformations. They discover that the more the social, political and economic conditions worsen and chaos and pain prevail, the more Palestinian cinema becomes involved with the national struggle. As expected, Palestinian cinema has unfolded its national narrative against the Israeli narrative, which tried to silence it.

Trauma and the Memory of Politics

In this interesting study, Jenny Edkins explores how we remember traumatic events such as wars, famines, genocides and terrorism, and questions the assumed role of commemorations as simply reinforcing state and nationhood.

Author: Jenny Edkins

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521534208

Category: Architecture

Page: 265

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In this interesting study, Jenny Edkins explores how we remember traumatic events such as wars, famines, genocides and terrorism, and questions the assumed role of commemorations as simply reinforcing state and nationhood. Taking examples from the World Wars, Vietnam, the Holocaust, Kosovo and September 11th, Edkins offers a thorough discussion of practices of memory such as memorials, museums, remembrance ceremonies, the diagnosis of post-traumatic stress and the act of bearing witness. She examines the implications of these commemorations in terms of language, political power, sovereignty and nationalism. She argues that some forms of remembering do not ignore the horror of what happened but rather use memory to promote change and to challenge the political systems that produced the violence of wars and genocides in the first place. This wide-ranging study embraces literature, history, politics and international relations, and makes a significant contribution to the study of memory.

Stress Trauma and Children s Memory Development

a framework in which basic research on memory development can be expanded
into the study of childhood trauma and maltreatment (for an overview, see Howe,
Cicchetti, & Toth, 2006). Here, authors were asked to examine links between ...

Author: Mark L. Howe

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198042167

Category: Psychology

Page: 432

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Few questions in psychology have generated as much debate as those concerning the impact of childhood trauma on memory. A lack of scientific research to constrain theory has helped fuel arguments about whether childhood trauma leads to deficits that result in conditions such as false memory or lost memory, and whether neurohormonal changes that are correlated with childhood trauma can be associated with changes in memory. Scientists have also struggled with more theoretical concerns, such as how to conceptualize and measure distress and other negative emotions in terms of, for example, discrete emotions, physiological response, and observer ratings. To answer these questions, Mark L. Howe, Gail Goodman, and Dante Cicchetti have brought together the most current and innovative neurobiological, cognitive, clinical, and legal research on stress and memory development. This research examines the effects of early stressful and traumatic experiences on the development of memory in childhood, and elucidates how early trauma is related to other measures of cognitive and clinical functioning in childhood. It also goes beyond childhood to both explore the long-term impact of stressful and traumatic experiences on the entire course of "normal" memory development, and determine the longevity of trauma memories that are formed early in life. Stress, Trauma, and Children's Memory Development will be a valuable resource for anyone interested in early experience, childhood trauma, and memory research.

Memory of Childhood Trauma

Summary : Schemas , Trauma , and Memory Most often , traumatic experience
directly threatens existing schemas , needs , and assumptions . With the bulk of
everyday experience , new information is automatically assimilated into existing ...

Author: Susan L. Reviere

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 9781572301108

Category: Psychology

Page: 178

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Balanced, systematic, and timely, this clear and pragmatic guide distills current scientific research on childhood trauma and memory for its relevance to clinical work and the quest for narrative meaning in psychotherapy. The book also reviews and integrates psychoanalytic, cognitive, narrative, and neurophysiological theory in order to provide a fair and nuanced account of the literature. Controversial issues such as the "truth" of traumatic memory are addressed, as are ethical issues in working with traumatic memory.

Memory Trauma Asia

... classical models of trauma, memory, and healing that focus on the Holocaust
as well as psychoanalytical approaches. More recent contributions have argued
for a realignment of the field in order to attune trauma theory to unheard suffering.

Author: Rahul K. Gairola

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351378996

Category: Social Science

Page: 182

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Contemporary Asia is a diverse and sweeping region throughout which traumatic legacies of colonialism persist as military regimes and dictatorships have produced untold human suffering. Countless losses of life have been caused by disease, revolution, civil war, and genocide from the distant past into the 21st century. A global pandemic, natural catastrophes, closed borders, and acute xenophobia render existing social and political tensions even more volatile today. As such, two critical imperatives of Memory, Trauma, Asia are to re-think established insights of memory and trauma theory and to enrich trauma studies with diverse Asian texts for critically analyzing literary and cultural representations of Asia and its global diasporas. This volume broadens the scope of memory and trauma studies by prompting and dialogically meditating on the following questions: Is memory always a reliable register of the past? Is trauma a concept that translates across cultures? Can pain and affect have global applicability and utility for literary and cultural analysis? Do the approaches and perspectives generated by literary and cultural texts hold purchase for social, political, and historical interventions in the 21st century? How are Asians subject to orientalist lenses that warrant foreclosure of empathy and humanity? How do inter-ethnic racism, inter-Asian classism, queerphobia, sexism, misogynoir, and systemic xenophobia continue to impact Asian people and culture? By critically meditating on whether existing concepts of memory and trauma accurately address the histories, present states, and futures of the non-Occidental world, this volume unites perspectives on both dominant and marginalized sites of the broader Asian continent. Contributors explore the complex and surprising intersections of literature, history, ethics, affect, and social justice across the region through its wide-ranging but comparative focus on geo-political sites across East, South, and Southeast Asia, and on Asian diasporas in Australia and the USA. This volume is thus the first of its kind to argue for a comparative methodology in memory and trauma studies that centers Asia rather than pushing it to the periphery of the Occident. It will appeal to scholars, students, teachers, and readers interested in memory and trauma studies, comparative Asian studies, diaspora and postcolonial studies, global studies, and women, gender, and sexuality studies in the 21st century.

Trauma Memory and the Art of Survival

In this memoir, Gabriella Karin tells her incredible story of survival through the Holocaust.

Author: Gabriella y Karin


ISBN: 9780578791609


Page: 314

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In this memoir, Gabriella Karin tells her incredible story of survival through the Holocaust. A Jewish girl in Bratislava, she and her family were forced into hiding during the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia. Gabriella, only 14 years old, and her family spent nine long months hiding in a small apartment across the street from the Nazi-Slovak Gestapo. She and her family survived thanks to the selfless help of their savior, Karol Blanar, whom Gabriella later had recognized as a "Righteous Person Among the Nations." Her memoir continues by following her life's journey after the Holocaust moving to the newly created state of Israel and eventually settling in Los Angeles with her husband, Ofer, and son, Rom. Gabriella has dedicated her life to Holocaust education as a docent and speaker worldwide. She has become an acclaimed sculptor through which she dramatically depicts the horrors of the Holocaust and also inspires hope for a more peaceful future.

Trauma Memory and Dissociation

Guided Recollection : Narcosynthesis and the Amytal Interview The medical
facilitation of traumatic memory recall and flashbacks in traumatized individuals
began in World War II as part of a therapeutic approach called narcosynthesis or

Author: J. Douglas Bremner

Publisher: American Psychiatric Pub

ISBN: 9781585621453

Category: Medical

Page: 429

View: 757

Written and edited by some of the world's foremost experts in the field, Trauma, Memory, and Dissociation provides comprehensive coverage of dissociation and memory alterations in trauma, an area that is being dramatically reshaped by vigorous new research. This one-of-a-kind book, written for researchers and clinicians alike, covers aspects of this subject that have not been thoroughly examined before. It presents empirical data on dissociative symptoms associated with exposure to psychological trauma, including combat, childhood abuse, and other traumas, as well as the important relationships dissociative disorder has with other conditions associated with extreme stress such as posttraumatic stress disorder. This book also examines areas where questions still linger concerning the psychopathology of trauma-related dissociation, including dissociation as a defense mechanism or a normal personality trait. Because dissociation plays an important role in the recall of traumatic memories, Trauma, Memory, and Dissociation investigates the controversial areas of delayed recall of childhood abuse and "false memory syndrome." This text also offers clinicians a detailed, step-by-step discussion of approaches to treat the dissociative patient. It reviews the neurobiology of dissociative disorders and illuminates areas where future research may lead to more effective treatments.

Memory and Trauma in International Relations

As Jenny Edkins argued in her seminal work Trauma and the Memory of Politics,
questions of trauma and memory have become two expanding areas of
scholarship that try to engage with what she calls 'the traumatic dimension of the
political' ...

Author: Erica Resende

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134692889

Category: Political Science

Page: 296

View: 131

This work seeks to provide a comprehensive and accessible survey of the international dimension of trauma and memory and its manifestations in various cultural contexts. Drawing together contributions and case studies from scholars around the globe, the book explores the international political dimension of feeling, suffering, forgetting, remembering and memorializing traumatic events and to investigate how they function as social practices for overcoming trauma and creating social change. Divided into two sections, the book maps out the different theoretical debates and then moves on to examine emerging themes such as ontological security, social change, gender, religion, foreign policy & natural disasters. Throughout the chapters, the editors consider the social, political and ethical implications of forgetting and remembering traumatic events in world politics Showcasing how trauma and memory deepen our understanding of IR, this work will be of great interest to students and scholars of international relations, memory and trauma studies and security studies.

On Trauma and Traumatic Memory

On Trauma and Traumatic Memory is concerned with the role of writing to
preserve memories, to excavate traumas, and to heal the everpresent scars of the
past. Hence, “the increasing interest in trauma was a response to concerns about

Author: Bootheina Majoul

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443874833

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 170

View: 178

On Trauma and Traumatic Memory focuses on the role of writing to preserve memories, to excavate traumas and to heal the ever-present scars of the past. The first part of the book focuses on trauma recalled through films, fiction and documentaries. The second chapter is devoted to analysing trauma in fiction, while the third deals with trauma in poetry. The topic of trauma is of interest to scholars across the globe, both students and professors, and is taught in almost all universities. This volume gathers research papers from different universities around the world, including India, Italy, Tunisia and the USA.

Memory War and Trauma

10. Ageing,. trauma. and. memory. I used to think what landmines have I tripped
over now ... There's nothing to be seen but if you tread on the bugger it goes up.
Normandy veteran, 1994 This chapter examines the very long-term effects of war.

Author: Nigel C. Hunt

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139489607

Category: Psychology


View: 446

Many millions of people are affected by the trauma of war. Psychologists have a good understanding of how experiences of war impact on memory, but the significance of external environmental influences is often disregarded. Memory, War and Trauma focuses on our understanding of the psychosocial impact of war in its broadest sense. Nigel C. Hunt argues that, in order to understand war trauma, it is critical to develop an understanding not only of the individual perspective but also of how societal and cultural factors impact on the outcome of an individual's experience. This is a compelling book which helps to demonstrate why some people suffer from post-traumatic stress while other people don't, and how narrative understanding is important to the healing process. Its multidisciplinary perspective will enable a deeper understanding of both individual traumatic stress and the structures of memory.

Memory and Emotion

AND W. JAKE JACOBS Trauma affects memory. We have known that for
millennia. but only recently have we been able to ask and answer pointed
questions about why and how. Only by elucidating the neurological
consequences of trauma.

Author: Daniel Reisberg

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195347968

Category: Psychology

Page: 432

View: 471

Understanding the interplay between memory and emotion is crucial for the work of researchers in many arenas--clinicians, psychologists interested in eyewitness testimony, psychobiologists, to name just a few. Memory and Emotion spans all these areas and brings them together into one volume. Daniel Reisberg and Paula Hertel have assembled contributions from the most visible and productive researchers working at the intersection of emotion and memory. The result is a sophisticated profile of our current understanding of how memory is shaped both by emotion and emotional disorder. The diverse list of topics includes the biology of traumatic memory, the memory disorders produced by depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia, the nature of emotional memory both in children and the elderly, and the collective memory processes at work in remembering the Holocaust. This unified collection of cutting-edge research will be an invaluable guide to scholars and students in many different research areas.

Trauma Memory and Narrative in the Contemporary South African Novel

HE CONTRIBUTIONS TO THIS VOLUME probe the complex interdisci— plinary
relationship of trauma, memory, and narrative. Most of them are based on papers
read at the International Conference on “Trauma, Memory, and Narrative in the ...

Author: Ewald Mengel


ISBN: 940120845X


Page: 403

View: 213

The contributions to this volume probe the complex relationship of trauma, memory, and narrative. By looking at the South African situation through the lens of trauma, they make clear how the psychic deformations and injuries left behind by racism and col


"These essays offer fresh approaches on the subject of trauma from both a psychoanalytic and contemporary theoretical point of view".--Alan Bass, Ph.D., psychoanalyst.

Author: Cathy Caruth

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9780801850073

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 277

View: 924

A distinguished group of analysts and critics offers a compelling look at what literature and the new approaches of theoretical disciplines bring to the understanding of traumatic experiences such as child abuse, AIDS, and the effects of historical atrocities such as the Holocaust. "These essays offer fresh approaches on the subject of trauma from both a psychoanalytic and contemporary theoretical point of view".--Alan Bass, Ph.D., psychoanalyst.

Trauma Memory and Identity in Five Jewish Novels from the Southern Cone

I have also examined how trauma and memory have profound effects on shaping
the identity of these characters, starting from the first generation of immigrants in
the early decades of the twentieth century and ending with the third generation ...

Author: Debora Cordeiro Rosa

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 0739172980

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 206

View: 977

The Jewish presence in Latin America has produced a remarkable body of literature that gives voice to the fascinating experience of Jews in Latin American lands. This book explores how trauma and memory influence the formation of Jewish identity for the fictional Jewish characters of five novels written by Jewish authors born in the Southern Cone.

Children as Victims Witnesses and Offenders

trauma. and. memory. Andrea. Follmer. Greenhoot. Sarah. L. Bunnell. the.
involvement of child victims in legal ... The goal of this chapter is to address
questions that revolve around the nature of memory for traumatic experiences
like ...

Author: Bette L. Bottoms

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 1606233580

Category: Psychology

Page: 412

View: 187

Grounded in the latest clinical and developmental knowledge, this book brings together leading authorities to examine the critical issues that arise when children and adolescents become involved in the justice system. Chapters explore young people’s capacities, competencies, and special vulnerabilities as victims, witnesses, and defendants. Key topics include the reliability of children’s abuse disclosures, eyewitness testimony, interviews, and confessions; the evolving role of the expert witness; the psychological impact of trauma and of legal involvement; factors that shape jurors’ perceptions of children; and what works in rehabilitating juvenile offenders. Policies and practices that are not supported by science are identified, and approaches to improving them are discussed.

Tense Past

Tense Past provides a much needed appraisal and contextualization of the upsurge of interest in questions of memory and trauma evident in multiple personality and post-traumatic stress disorders, child abuse, and commemoration of the ...

Author: Paul Antze

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136668349

Category: Social Science

Page: 272

View: 934

Tense Past provides a much needed appraisal and contextualization of the upsurge of interest in questions of memory and trauma evident in multiple personality and post-traumatic stress disorders, child abuse, and commemoration of the Holocaust. Contributors examine the historical origins of memory in psychiatric discourse and show its connection to broader developments in Western science and medicine. They address the new links between trauma and memory, and they explore how memory shapes the way traumatic events are put into narrative form. They also consider the social and political contexts in which sufferers speak and remember.

National Trauma and Collective Memory

1 • Collective Sadness , Fear , and Anger The concept of trauma is applied
primarily to extraordinary experiences in the personal lives of individuals .
Trauma involves an element of shock , such as the shock of being stung by a bee
, touching ...

Author: Arthur G. Neal

Publisher: M.E. Sharpe

ISBN: 9780765602879

Category: History

Page: 224

View: 144

Chronicles the major traumas of the 20th century in America -- the Depression, Pearl Harbor, McCarthyism, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Vietnam, Watergate, Three Mile Island, the Challenger explosion -- how we responded to them as a nation, and what our responses mean.