Travels During the Years 1787 1788 1789 Undertaken More Particularly with a View of Ascertaining the Cultivation Wealth Resources and National Prosperity of the Kingdom of France the Second Edition by Arthur Young of 2

Rich in titles on English life and social history, this collection spans the world as it was known to eighteenth-century historians and explorers.


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The 18th century was a wealth of knowledge, exploration and rapidly growing technology and expanding record-keeping made possible by advances in the printing press. In its determination to preserve the century of revolution, Gale initiated a revolution of its own: digitization of epic proportions to preserve these invaluable works in the largest archive of its kind. Now for the first time these high-quality digital copies of original 18th century manuscripts are available in print, making them highly accessible to libraries, undergraduate students, and independent scholars. Rich in titles on English life and social history, this collection spans the world as it was known to eighteenth-century historians and explorers. Titles include a wealth of travel accounts and diaries, histories of nations from throughout the world, and maps and charts of a world that was still being discovered. Students of the War of American Independence will find fascinating accounts from the British side of conflict. ++++ The below data was compiled from various identification fields in the bibliographic record of this title. This data is provided as an additional tool in helping to insure edition identification: ++++ British Library T078081 Vol.1 is substantially the same as the one-volume 1792 edition; vol.2 is new matter, with the exception of the chapter on "Vines"; and bears the imprint: Bury St. Edmund's, printed by J. Rackham, for W. Richardson, London, 1794; and was apparently sometim London: printed for W. Richardson, 1794. 2v., plates: maps, tables; 4°

Reform and Revolution in France

II : The Political Culture of the French Revolution , pp . 234 . I : GOVERNMENT 1. A. Young , Travels in France during the Years 1787 , 1788 , 1789 ( London , 1900 ) , pp . lvi , 43 . 2. R. Mousnier , Les Institutions de la France sous ...

Author: P. M. Jones

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This textbook has been written to help teachers and students to pilot their way through the enormous and ever expanding literature on the French Revolution. The author makes a conscious effort to combine social and political interpretations of the origins of the Revolution and offers a synthesis which takes full account of current debates. He also seeks to restore the Revolution to its domestic environment. Notwithstanding the powerful contemporary myth of rupture, the author argues that the dramatic events of 1789 need to be considered alongside the reform achievements of Bourbon absolute monarchy. The result is a new account of the gestation of the Revolution which is both up-to-date and satisfying in its range of vision.

French Romantic Travel Writing

... Travels during the Years 1787, 1788 and 1789, 2 vols. (Bury St. Edmunds: J. Rackham, 1792). SECONDARY SOURCES Adam, Jean-Michel, and Petitjean, André, Le Texte descriptif(Paris: Nathan, 1989). Adams, Percy G., Travelers and Travel ...

Author: C. W. Thompson

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A pioneering overview of the travel books produced by fourteen French Romantic writers - including Chateaubriand, Staël, Stendhal, Hugo, Nerval, Sand, Mérimée, Dumas, and Tristan - whose journeys ranged from Peru to Russia and from North America to North Africa and the Near East.

The Travels of Leo of Rozmital through Germany Flanders England France Spain Portugal and Italy 1465 1467

TEICHMANN, E. 'Zur Heiligtumsfahrt des Phillip von Vigneulles im Jahre 1510', in Zeitschrift des Aachner ... 1914–29. YOUNG, A. Travels during the years 17871789. 2 vols. 1794. ZANOTTO, F. Il Palazzo ducale di Venetia. 4 vols. 1841–61.

Author: Malcolm Letts

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Translated and edited from the German account by Gabriel Tetzel, with supplementary passages from the Latin versions (printed in 1577, 1843 and 1951) of the lost account in Czech by Václav Sasek, both having been Rozmital's companions. This is a new print-on-demand hardback edition of the volume first published in 1957.

The Oxford Handbook of the French Revolution

... 3rd edn, 3 vols (Paris, 1827), 3:225; Duc de Castries, Le Maréchal de Castries (Paris, 1956), 149–52; Arthur Young, Travels during the Years 1787, 1788, & 1789, 2nd edn, 2 vols (London, 1794), 1:72; Adophe Mathurin de Lescure (ed.) ...

Author: David Andress

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The Oxford Handbook of the French Revolution brings together a sweeping range of expert and innovative contributions to offer engaging and thought-provoking insights into the history and historiography of this epochal event. Each chapter presents the foremost summations of academic thinking on key topics, along with stimulating and provocative interpretations and suggestions for future research directions. Placing core dimensions of the history of the French Revolution in their transnational and global contexts, the contributors demonstrate that revolutionary times demand close analysis of sometimes tiny groups of key political actors - whether the king and his ministers or the besieged leaders of the Jacobin republic - and attention to the deeply local politics of both rural and urban populations. Identities of class, gender and ethnicity are interrogated, but so too are conceptions and practices linked to citizenship, community, order, security, and freedom: each in their way just as central to revolutionary experiences, and equally amenable to critical analysis and reflection. This volume covers the structural and political contexts that build up to give new views on the classic question of the 'origins of revolution'; the different dimensions of personal and social experience that illuminate the political moment of 1789 itself; the goals and dilemmas of the period of constitutional monarchy; the processes of destabilisation and ongoing conflict that ended that experiment; the key issues surrounding the emergence and experience of 'terror'; and the short- and long-term legacies, for both good and ill, of the revolutionary trauma - for France, and for global politics.

A Dictionary of British and Irish Travellers in Italy 1701 1800

( 1952–7 ] Watkins , Letters Worsley mss Lincs Archives , Lincoln Wrest Park MSS Thomas Watkins , Travels through Swisserland , Italy ... to Pennoyre Watkins Esq . from Thomas Watkins , A.M. in the Years 1787 , 1788 , 1789 , 2 vols .

Author: Brinsley Ford

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300071655

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Compiled from the celebrated archive accumulated by Sir Brinsley Ford, this dictionary identifies over six thousand British and Irish travellers who toured in Italy in the 18th century.

The French Revolution

Williams, H. M., Letters Written in France in the Summer of1790 (London, 1790). Young, A., Travels during the Years 1787, 1788, and 1789, 2 vols (Bury St Edmund's, 1792, 1794). Historians on Carlyle's French Revolution Acton, ...

Author: Thomas Carlyle

Publisher: Oxford University Press

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'It is I think the most radical Book that has been written in these late centuries . . . and will give pleasure and displeasure, one may expect, to almost all classes of persons.' Carlyle Thomas Carlyle's history of the French Revolution opens with the death of Louis XV in 1774 and ends with Napoleon suppressing the insurrection of the 13th Vendémaire. Both in Its form and content, the work was intended as a revolt against history writing itself, with Carlyle exploding the eighteenth-century conventions of dignified gentlemanly discourse. Immersing himself in his French sources with unprecedented imaginative and intellectual engagement, he recreates the upheaval in a language that evokes the chaotic atmosphere of the events. In the French Revolution Carlyle achieves the most vivid historical reconstruction of the crisis of his, or any other, age. This new edition offers an authoritative text, a comprehensive record of Carlyle's French, English, and German sources, a select bibliography of editions, related writings, and critical studies, chronologies of both Thomas Carlyle and the French Revolution, and a new and full index. In addition, Carlyle's work is placed in the context of both British and European history and writing, and linked to a variety of major figures, including Edward Gibbon, Friedrich Nietzsche, George Eliot, John Stuart Mill, Hegel, and R. G. Collingwood.