Trends in Higher Education

The introduction of the Hope Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit marked a dramatic increase in education spending through tax expenditures . Prior to 1997 , tax incentives for higher education expenses totaled less than $ 2 billion ...

Author: James E. Cruthers

Publisher: Nova Publishers

ISBN: 9781600213434

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Higher education is a complex package of issues which never seems to leave the limelight. The primary wedge issues are tuition cost, access, accountability, financial aid, government funding, sports and their place within higher education, academic results, societal gains as a whole in terms of international competition, and continuing education. This book examines current leading edge issues from around the world which will play a role in this crucial sector of human endeavour including family educational rights, student loans, tax credits and international studies.

Global Trends in Higher Education Quality Assurance

4 The Research Context Understanding the African quality assurance landscape requires, as its background, an idea of the higher education and quality status across the continent. The section below dwells on this particular aspect and ...

Author: Susanna Karakhanyan

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004440321

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The Global Trends in Higher Education Quality Assurance: Challenges and Opportunities in Internal and External Quality Assurance provides a comprehensive coverage of the trends and developments in higher education quality assurance as they refer to legitimacy/trust, efficiency and relevance.

Emerging Trends in Higher Education in India

However , all the available data indicate a steady decline of real public expenditure on higher education per student since 1991 to 2005-06 , with an upward trend for a brief period in 2000-01 . On the other hand , the collection from ...

Author: K. N. Panikkar

Publisher: Pearson Education India

ISBN: 9788131758014

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Papers presented at the International Seminar on Democratic and Secular Education, held at Thiruvananthapuram during 4-6 December 2008.

Current Trends in Higher Education in Europe

The falling trend of scale efficiency highlights the point that Tunisian universities were probably expanding too fast. Our findings also indicate that medium and small universities exhibit significantly higher efficiency than large ...

Author: Oliver Holz

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

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This book analyses the tendencies in European education. The contributions to this work are as varied as Europe's countries. Notwithstanding their variety, they all share this: They focus on the European education area, which is steadily gaining significance in the context of the European unification and integration process. Die vorliegende Publikation thematisiert Entwicklungstendenzen im Bildungswesen in Europa. Das Spektrum der Beiträge ist ebenso vielfältig wie die Länder Europas. Trotz dieser Vielfalt haben alle Beiträge auch etwas gemeinsam: Sie machen auf den Europäischen Bildungsraum aufmerksam, wie er im Kontext des europäischen Einigungs- und Integrationsprozesses stetig an Bedeutung gewinnt.

Trends and Developments for the Future of Language Education in Higher Education

INTRODUCTION The need for universities to be innovative and inclusive in their responses to changing circumstances and to develop ... It is true that blended and online course delivery has been a trend in higher education for some time.

Author: Xiang, Catherine Hua

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1799872289

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Language education tends to require more face-to-face interaction and longer hours of both teaching and learning. The challenges of ensuring the future and development of the discipline, especially after a time of crisis, is equally unprecedented. A comprehensive overview of the global picture of best practices as well as research in recent times are needed in the field of language education, particularly in higher education settings. The changing nature of language education in terms of its policy, curriculum design, methodology, and innovation is an essential discussion to advance the field. It is critical to explore how a more collaborative, global, and interdisciplinary mindset, as well as technologically driven approaches have emerged through recent years and how it will continue to shape the future development in the field. Trends and Developments for the Future of Language Education in Higher Education captures the current trends and ongoing development within language education through a global picture of the best practices as well as the latest research on language education in higher education settings. The chapters cover changes in policy, curriculum design, methodology, and innovation in the modern language education landscape. While focusing on the current situation of language education and the changes that it has been undergoing, this book also provides information on future development and the overall outlook of language education. This book is ideal for teachers, instructional designers, curricula developers, inservice and preservice teachers, administrators, teacher educators, practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students looking for an overview of the current position of language education in higher education.

Trends in Global Higher Education

Ranking of World Universities of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University and QS/Times Higher Education ranking—practice somewhat different methodologies, but both emphasize research productivity and quality. Additional rankings exist in most ...

Author: Philip G. Altbach

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004406158

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Patterns of globalization, the flow of students and scholars across borders, the impact of information technology, and other key forces are critically assessed. This book is a key resource for understanding the present and future of global higher education.

Higher Education

The question of how to maximise the performance of the higher education sector in the context of such an environment is the focus of the chapters in this book, which provide perspectives, analyses and examples relating to some of the major ...

Author: Larry Robert Smith

Publisher: Nova Science Pub Incorporated

ISBN: 9781626188341

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Higher education has a vital role to play in the social and economic development of all countries. The sector, however, faces a significant number of critical issues to be addressed, major challenges to be met and overcome, and significant opportunities to be grasped and consolidated. Higher education institutions are now expected to operate, manage, compete, be creative and innovative, and provide intellectual leadership in a world characterized by increasingly rapid, pervasive and fundamental change. The question of how to maximize the performance of the higher education sector in the context of such an environment is the focus of the chapters in this book, which provide perspectives, analyses and examples relating to some of the major issues and challenges confronting higher education, both now and in the future. The information presented is drawn from recent research, as well as critical analyses of existing theory and practice. Authors are drawn from ten different countries: Australia; Brazil; Belgium; China; Israel; The Netherlands; Portugal; Turkey; the United Kingdom; and the USA. The topics addressed include: the role of higher education; government policy agendas; skills for the 21st Century; the role of higher education in addressing poverty; higher education and the labor market; the future of Brazilian higher education; higher education cost-sharing policy; the impact of political culture on higher education reform; accreditation; quality assurance; improving teaching and learning; promoting technology integration; creating inclusive higher education institutions; English for academic purposes; the relationship between learning style preference and academic disciplines; quality work-integrated learning; student learning in research-based doctorates; and developing emotional intelligence in higher education students.

Handbook of Research on Trends in European Higher Education Convergence

CONVERGENCE OF INTERNATIONALISATION PATHS IN UNIVERSITIES AND TRENDS IN EUROPEAN HIGHER EDUCATION Globalisation influences labour markets, management and education in many ways. Within the global context, internationalisation of ...

Author: Dima, Alina Mihaela

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1466659998

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With an increase in global competition among universities and national higher education systems, educational programs desire to offer compatible content without losing their competitive advantage. Because of this balance, the issue of convergence, along with its benefits and limits, has emerged. Handbook of Research on Trends in European Higher Education Convergence aims to identify the indicators that meet the consensus of the academic community and higher education management experts. Analyzing the recognized trends within the publication and concluding which measures should be taken to improve convergence pace and avoid potential pitfalls; this reference book is a useful resource for academics and students, as well as specialists, policy makers, and professionals connected with the educational sector.