Twisted Shorts

Three Vignettes of Unusual Quality Allen Dixon. TWISTED SHORTS Three Vignettes of Unusual Quality Allen Dixon Writers Club Press San Jose New York Lincoln Shanghai Twisted Shorts Three Vignettes of Unusual Quality All Rights Reserved.

Author: Allen Dixon

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595152511

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One, a story of waiting for the inevitable when no one else could possibly suspect what you know to be true. Two, a story of a young couple caught in a web of bad luck and timing. Three, a story of a hunt for eternal redemption that must be repeated every month, no matter the consequences.

A Twisted Journey and Other Short Adventures

This path was not like his life's path, full of twists and turns, hills and valleys, and he was unclear of that destination, also. He wondered about this path—its safety—its destination. It went straight as far as he could see, ...

Author: Robert D. Andrews

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1466915811

Category: Fiction

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A TWISTED JOURNEY Life is like a roller coaster, filled with twists and turns, ups and downs. Th e truth of this adage can be found in Robert Andrews's short story collection, A Twisted Journey and Other Short Adventures. Simple and sometimes horrific events turn characters' lives upside-down, but rather than get off the ride, most of them hang on and hope for more. In the title story, A Twisted Journey, art gallery employee Tammy is shaken by a mysterious intruder with the knife. Th e seeds of a serious mood disorder come to the surface and distort her perceptions. Will the wounds heal and allow her to fi nd love, or will the trauma lead her down the path into darkness? In part two, stories include magical feats of strange women, a widow's quest for peace, and a senior unwilling to accept age stereotypes. In these and other tails, expect the unexpected. The characters ride the roller coaster of life and to voyage with them is certainly worth the effort.

In A Twisted Mind A Collection of Short Stories

Although I did write a few articles for the newspaper, suggesting people were being abducted by aliens but with a humorous twist. I inquired if Sheriff Daniels was any relation to her, and she replied that yes, he was her uncle ...

Author: Larry R. Liberty

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 1634177975

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A farm family in northern New Jersey is constantly shaken by a new airport. Supernatural activity, noise, and fear forces the family to relocate their farm to rural Northeastern Pennsylvania. An ironic and twisted ending. People in northern Montana are disappearing, especially when those lights appear in the "Big Sky." An investigative reporter discovers it's happening in every state. He then discovers a government conspiracy and a secret ancient society. The rest is yummy, but not for him. An archeologist in Tibet discovers a new species of terrestrial worm averaging 20 feet in length and 2 feet in diameter. He collects some eggs and returns to his home on the Palisades in Alpine New Jersey. He buries the eggs along the Palisades and is soon overrun with these giant worms, so he harvests them for a fishermen's bait and becomes very wealthy with a chain of bait stores. Later his worms are found to be very intelligent and have an agenda. In a humorous twist, the worm meat is found to cure insanity and Washington D.C. has an epiphany. What's with the cartons of Pall Mall cigarettes piled high? The children in ancient Egypt are stricken with a flue like virus. The following generations of boys started wearing skirts and have no interest in girls. Soon the great dynasty went into decline as the population decreased. Other empires suffered the same fate until modern science explained the reason, and embraced the virus for population control. A humorous and outrageous take on homosexuality. A glitch in software at a dictionary publisher turns out a prototype copy with half the words given the wrong definitions. The one defective copy is accidentally placed in a child's backpack. While on vacation in the South Pacific the editor and his young sons are marooned on an uncharted island when their high speed boat crashes into a rocky beach. The editor suffers a head injury and his young sons must fend for themselves. The only source of education is the defective dictionary in the child's backpack. They are rescued after 10 years and return to the United States, the boys are teens, and dad lost most of his marbles. They become wards of their uncle, and when they enter society, their scrambled words make for a hilarious chain of events. Unending, with a twist.

My Shorts Straight Up With A Twist

Harold L. Krainin. MY SHORTS A COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES IV HAROLD L KRAINIIU M y ShortS: S traight Up with a twiSt. Front Cover.

Author: Harold L. Krainin

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1462800130

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As a child, physically I was considered a “late bloomer.” I understand that may have some health benefits. However, I’m totally not at all certain what benefits may be befitting a person who starts “authoring” at sixty-eight years of age, except the newfound excitement and fulfillment of creating. I am blessed to be able to do so; and doubly so, if you, the reader, find some enjoyment therefrom. Before departing this page, I would like to carve out my gratitude to Sam Koeppel for his wonderful editing and to Rick Esposito for artistic endeavors in rendering the cover of my book.

Witty Ways A Collection of Short Stories with a Twist

Artsun Akopyan. Witty Ways A Collection of Short Stories with a Twist Artsun Akopyan © Artsun Akopyan, 2019 ISBN 978-5-0050-6948-1 Created with Ridero smart Front Cover.

Author: Artsun Akopyan

Publisher: Litres

ISBN: 5042021981

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This collection includes 5 short stories with a surprise ending that were published in Writers’ International Forum, AlienSkin Magazine in the USA, and online.

When the Shadows Fall

A Romantic Thriller Elise Noble. The Trouble Series Trouble in Paradise Nothing but Trouble 24 Hours of Trouble Standalone Life Coco du Ciel (TBA) Twisted (short stories) A Very Happy Christmas (novella)

Author: Elise Noble

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From shot girl to assassin… When eighteen-year-old Sky Malone left England to work for Emmy Black, she realised her new job wouldn’t be easy. After all, being Superwoman’s sidekick wasn’t a career you could half-ass. In Virginia, she finds every day is a battle. Against exhaustion, against her tall, dark, and grouchy mentor Rafael, and against the ghosts of her past. And as if that isn’t tough enough, after just two months, she’s flung into the middle of an undercover operation that leaves her fighting not only for her place on the team but for her life as well.

Report of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30

Smoking , prepared with all the stems in , and fine - cut shorts Cavendish , plug , twist , etc. , and fine - cut chewing Snuff Twisted by hand Smoking of all kinds not otherwise provided for . Cavendish , plug , twist , etc. , and fine ...

Author: United States. Office of Commissioner of Internal Revenue



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The United States Internal Revenue Tax System

Smoking , prepared with all the stems in , and fine - cut shorts Cavendish , plug , twist , etc. , and fine - cut chewing ... Snuff ... Twisted by hand .. Smoking , of all kinds not otherwise provided for . Cavendish , plug , twist ...

Author: Charles Wesley Eldridge



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Report on the Scientific Results of the Voyage of H M S Challenger During the Years 1873 76 Under the Command of Captain George S Nares and the Late Captain Frank Tourle Thomson R N

Strongish , biconical , subscalar , with a shortish spire , a small apex , and a short twisted snout . Sculpture : Longitudinals - there are no true varices ; but there are 7 rather tumid ribs , which run continuously from the apex to ...

Author: Great Britain. Challenger Office



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