Underrepresentation and the Question of Diversity

The need to respect diverse talents and ways of learning involves a learning theory that maintains that individuals ... is active disagreement as to whether cultural background should 226 UNDERREPRESENTATION DIVERSITY AND OF THE QUESTION.

Author: Rosemary Gillett-Karam

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated


Category: Education

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Within the context of the history of educational discrimination and related social movements in the United States, this book examines the underrepresentation of women and of racial and ethnic minorities in community college leadership. Chapter 1, "Finding Equality in Egalitarian Educational Institutions," presents the premise of the book, that community colleges have not met their responsibilities to these underrepresented groups. In chapter 2, "Confronting the Language of Diversity," the debates concerning equality and inequality, the meaning of justice, the critical role of culture, and American democracy and pluralism are explored. Chapter 3, "Women: Expression and Experience in Academic Literature," looks at the historical and philosophical premises upon which the "woman question" rests, and reviews recent findings concerning the role of women in education and leadership. In chapter 4, "Minorities: Expression and Experience in Academic Literature," the dilemmas and controversies surrounding racial and ethnic equality are scrutinized, drawing on the legal and educational histories of minority groups. Chapter 5, "Affirmative Action: Then and Now," examines the issues and politics of social movements and their challenges to the status quo. In chapter 6, "Inclusionary Practices: Highlighting Exemplary Programs," the achievements of several organizations, programs, and policies now existing throughout the United States are discussed. Chapter 7, "What the Leaders Are Saying: The Voices of Diversity," presents the views of community college leaders from underrepresented groups. Finally, chapter 8, "Getting There from Where You Are: Increasing Representation and Recognition," provides a timeline and strategies for transforming community colleges. (JMC)

Women s Studies Quarterly

Underrepresentation and the Question of Diversity : Woman and Minorities in the Community College . Washington , DC : The Community College Press , 1991 . Discusses the underrepresentation of women and minorities teachers and ...

Author: Liza Fiol-Matta

Publisher: Feminist Press at CUNY

ISBN: 9781558611610

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This issue of WSQ spotlights educators' efforts to transform the curriculum in community colleges, where women make up the majority of the students and over half of the faculty.

Diversity and Education

Thus, recruitment is only half of the underrepresentation problem and equation. In 2004, Ford reported that the notion of “retention” was neglected in considering underrepresentation. This lack of attention to keeping African Americans ...

Author: H. Richard Milner

Publisher: Charles C Thomas Publisher

ISBN: 0398085900


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Diversity and Education: Teachers, Teaching, and Teacher Education exemplifies many of the major concepts and principles of multicultural education, individually and collectively. The goal of the book is to move beyond the surface to more deeply explore the intersections of diversity, equity and education. Theoretical, empirical, and practical discussion are included in the five sections of the book that offers a wide range of vantage points--race, ethnicity, gender, social class, disciplines, language, and levels of schooling, as well as curriculum, assessment, learning climate and context, an.

Experimental Physics

Currently, physics is one of the fields that has made the least progress on correcting historical underrepresentation in the field. Many programs are working to increase diversity with various amounts of success, such as women in ...

Author: Walter F. Smith

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1498778801

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This textbook provides the underlying knowledge and skills needed to understand and utilize the most common and important experimental and data analysis techniques in physics. The reader is presented with the tools to design, assemble, and debug experimental apparatus, and to use it to take meaningful data. The contents start with an introduction to key topics such as troubleshooting, statistical methods, and the scientific method, then progressing through a sequence of experiments that encompass each major subfield of physics. Experiments lay out background theory, procedures and equipment, conceptual questions, safety instructions, examples, and troubleshooting exercises.

Building For Everyone

To determine whether people who are underrepresented bring additional value to the product design process by way of ... three questions to guide the design of our research : • Do diverse perspectives produce more successful products ?

Author: Annie Jean-Baptiste

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119646243

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Diversity and Inclusion to build better products from the front lines at Google Establishing diverse and inclusive organizations is an economic imperative for every industry. Any business that isn’t reaching a diverse market is missing out on enormous revenue potential and the opportunity to build products that suit their users' core needs. The economic “why” has been firmly established, but what about the “how?” How can business leaders adapt to our ever-more-diverse world by capturing market share AND building more inclusive products for people of color, women and other underrepresented groups? The Product Inclusion Team at Google has developed strategies to do just that and Building For Everyone is the practical guide to following in their footsteps. This book makes publicly available for the first time the same inclusive design process used at Google to create user-centric award-winning and profitable products. Author and Head of Product Inclusion Annie Jean-Baptiste outlines what those practices look like in industries beyond tech with fascinating case studies. Readers will learn the key strategies and step-by-step processes for inclusive product design that limits risk and increases profitability. Discover the questions you should be asking about diversity and inclusion in your products for marketers, user researchers, product managers and more. Understand the research the Product Inclusion team drove to back up their practices Learn the “ABCs of Product Inclusion” to build inclusion into your organization’s culture Leverage the product inclusion suite of tools to get your organization building more inclusively and identifying new opportunities. Read case studies to see how product inclusion works across industries and learn what doesn't work. Building For Everyone will show you how to infuse your business processes with inclusive design. You’ll learn best practices for inclusion in product design, marketing, management, leadership and beyond, straight from the innovative Google Product Inclusion team.

Diversity and Public Administration

Question 4 indicates that formal and informal diversity management program respondents believe that individuals were ... formal diversity management program participants are aware that women and people of color are underrepresented at ...

Author: Mitchell F. Rice

Publisher: M.E. Sharpe

ISBN: 0765628910

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Featuring all original chapters, this book presents a balanced, comprehensive overview of the policies and practices for achieving racial and ethnic diversity in public organizations, with a strong orientation toward improving diversity management in the public sector. The book can be used both as a main text and a supplementary text in classes that focus on diversity, diversity management, public administration and multiculturalism, diversity and public productivity, public service delivery and diverse populations, and public policy and changing demographics. This completely revised and updated edition includes six brand new chapters, expanding the book's coverage to include: Diversity Ideology in the United States; Managing Diversity in Communities, Workplaces, and Society; Managing Diversity: Moving Beyond Organizational Conflict; Institutional Racism, Diversity and Public Administration; Cultural Competency, Public Administration, and Public Service Delivery; Diversity Management and Cultural Competencies.

Identity and Diversity on the International Bench

In the United States, for example, racial and ethnic minority groups and women are underrepresented on the federal bench: ... nonwhite women account for just 7%'.4 Underrepresentation of women is also a problem on international courts; ...

Author: Freya Baetens

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0198870752

Category: Law

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Lack of diversity within the judiciary has been identified as a legitimacy concern in domestic settings, and the last few years have seen increasing attention to this question at the international level. This book analyses the implications of identity and diversity across numerous international adjudicatory bodies.

Conducting an Institutional Diversity Audit in Higher Education

A Practitioner's Guide to Systematic Diversity Transformation Edna Chun, Alvin Evans ... as demonstrated by the slow process of remedying the underrepresentation of minority and female administrators, faculty, staff, and students.

Author: Edna Chun

Publisher: Stylus Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 1620368218

Category: Education

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Implementing systematic diversity transformation requires embracing all aspects of diversity—gender, sexual orientation, disability, gender identification, and other salient characteristics of difference—as well as race and ethnicity. This book lays out a framework for systematic and sustained diversity process that first recognizes that too many diversity initiatives have generated more statements of intent than actual change, and that audits conducted by outside bodies frequently fail to achieve buy-in or long-term impact, and are costly endeavors. The authors’ framework identifies nine dimensions that need to be addressed to achieve a comprehensive audit that leads to action, describes the underlying research-based practices, and offers guidance on ensuring that all relevant voices are heard. The process is designed to be implemented by and within the institution, saving the considerable expense of outside consulting and design. In addition, it offers flexibility in the timing and sequence of implementation, and provides the means for each institution to interrogate its unique circumstances, context, and practices. This book provides a concrete process for data gathering, analysis, and evaluation of institution-wide diversity efforts through a progressive, modular approach to diversity transformation. It provides campuses with the ability to audit, evaluate, and analyze diversity progress on the nine dimensions and prioritize areas of focus. Its systematic, research-based approach supports continuous improvement and proactively addresses accreditation criteria. The book is designed as a collaborative tool that will enable every constituency on campus—from boards of trustees, presidents, provosts, executive officers, diversity officers, deans, department heads and chairs, administrators, HR officers, faculty senates and staff councils, diversity taskforces, multicultural centers, faculty, and researchers—to identify processes and relationships that need to change and implement practices that value and support the diversity on their campuses, and undertake the transformation necessary for institutional success in a changing world. The questions and guidelines set out in this book will enable all stakeholders to: • Audit the progress on each diversity dimension • Identify gaps between research-based practices and current approaches • Tie diversity benchmarks to accreditation frameworks and strategic plans • Chart the organization’s overall progress in the development of comprehensive diversity initiatives leading toward Inclusive Excellence • Prioritize institutional diversity initiatives based upon a comparison of the current state and the desired state, availability of resources, and the importance of each dimension in relation to institutional diversity goals • Create a long-term strategy for diversity transformation that provides a concrete, research-based method for auditing progress and future planning

Aging and Diversity

our attitude toward our research topic (or our conceptual approach) is also appropriate. Hall et al. (2016b) suggest using an “inside-out” model when working with ethnocultural communities who have been underrepresented in research.

Author: Chandra Mehrotra, Ph.D.

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317239997

Category: Psychology

Page: 580

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As the older population in the United States is becoming more racially and ethnically diverse, it is important to understand the characteristics, the potential, and the needs of this population. In this new and fully revised edition of Aging and Diversity, Chandra Mehrotra and Lisa Wagner address key topics in diversity and aging, discussing how the aging experience is affected by not only race and ethnicity but also gender, religious affiliation, social class, rural-urban community location, and sexual orientation and gender identity. Taking this broad view of human diversity allows the authors to convey some of the rich complexities facing our aging population – complexities that provide both challenges to meet the needs of a diverse population of elders and opportunities to learn how to live in a pluralistic society. Mehrotra and Wagner present up-to-date knowledge and scholarship about aging and diversity in a way that engages readers in active learning, placing ongoing emphasis on developing readers’ knowledge and skills, fostering higher order thinking, and encouraging exploration of personal values and attitudes.

Assessing Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students

Underrepresentation in Programs for the Gifted It should be noted that although this chapter focuses on ... The research question remains uninvestigated : Does special education representation vary for ethnically diverse students who ...

Author: Robert L. Rhodes

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 9781593851415

Category: Education

Page: 234

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This is the first book to present a practical, problem-solving approach and hands-on tools and techniques for assessing English-language learners and culturally diverse students in K-12 settings. It meets a crucial need among practitioners and special educators working in today's schools. Provided are research-based, step-by-step procedures for conducting effective interviews with students, parents, and teachers; making the best use of interpreters; addressing special issues in the prereferral process; and conducting accurate, unbiased assessments of academic achievement, intellectual functioning, language proficiency, and acculturation. Among the book's special features are reproducible worksheets, questionnaires, and checklists--including several in both English and Spanish--in a ready-to-use, large-size format. This book is in The Guilford Practical Intervention in the Schools Series.