This beautifully illustrated book contains eleven charming scenes to complete with transfers, and even more pages to colour in.

Author: Hannah WATSON


ISBN: 9781474950930


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This beautifully illustrated book contains eleven charming scenes to complete with transfers, and even more pages to colour in. Add some wintery magic to rainbow skies, an ice palace, a frozen lake and an enchanted forest with delightful unicorn transfers. There are over 1000 transfers provided to embellish the gorgeously illustrated pages. Six sheets of transfers at the front of the book provide an array of fun-loving unicorns to add to each page, with accessories and details such as snowflakes and stars. A wonderful gift that will encourage creativity and concentration - a perfect stocking-filler or gift for any child who loves unicorns. Part of the Rub-down Transfer series, which also includes 'Christmas' and 'Flowers'.

Camels Tigers Unicorns Re thinking Science And Technology enabled Innovation

We will be exploring this later in the context of how ideological motivation can
affect how commercialisation activity is funded and how the results are exploited.
At a more prosaic level, this debate is reflected in a number of quite different
ways, including the technology transfer industry which ... The contents of this
book are likely to be of interest to a wide range of audiences, but this book is
aimed firmly at ...

Author: Phadke Uday

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 178634324X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 344

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The commercialisation of science and technology enabled innovation is a serious topic of interest for a wide range of global audiences who share one common objective: to understand how science and technology based ideas can be turned into commercial value more effectively. Despite the vast number of publications addressing entrepreneurship, innovation and strategy there is relatively little in the literature which systematically addresses the structures, processes and mechanisms involved in turning ideas into commercially valuable propositions: this book is intended to directly address this gap. The approach in Camels, Tigers & Unicorns consists of three fundamental strands: Research insights based on Phadke and Vyakarnam's large data set covering the different players, technologies, products and services, market spaces, customers and business modelsThe creation of an explicit new conceptual framework which provides an integrated narrative describing how science and technology-enabled innovation is commercialisedThe provision of tools and examples which can be used by firms to develop strategies, agree on priorities and generate plans. The contents of this book should be of interest to a wide range of audiences including entrepreneurs; leaders and managers in technology firms; scientists and technologists engaged in innovation in academic institutions and corporate environments; lone inventors; groups of scientific entrepreneurs operating outside recognised structures; business and strategy consultants; managers of public and private 'intervention agencies' such as incubators and accelerators; investors; and, policy makers.

Commercial News USA

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The Hunt for Unicorns

138 The Hunt for Unicorns mixing fiscal stabilization, intergenerational savings,
and economic development. ... economic activity and job creation at home, while
simultaneously achieving commercial returns from new businesses. In the earlier
chapters of this book, global sovereign funds were seen to rush to Silicon Valley,
China, and other innovation ... strategic tech investment objectives: (a) facilitate
cross-border technology transfer; and (b) build a domestic innovation ecosystem

Author: Winston Ma

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119746604

Category: Political Science

Page: 384

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Look Inside the Trillion Dollar Club of Frontier Investors "State-owned investment funds are the new frontier investors, larger in size, influence, and power than the traditional Wall Street of investment banks, asset managers, and hedge funds. They are the 'unicorn-makers' behind the scene. Offering a series of in-depth case studies that combine broad perspectives on the tech investment world with specific national examples, this highly original book examines a vital and increasingly important relationship between governments and globalizing VC tech markets." —Anthony Scaramucci, Founder & Managing Partner of SkyBridge "The private sector doesn't have the answers to a growing list of the world's problems. It is the State, working through powerful institutions such as sovereign wealth funds, that has taken a key economic and investment role. Investors need to understand these state-controlled wealth funds – what they do and how they do it – and this book provides a timely update that fills a gap in the literature on global finance." —Dato' Seri Cheah Cheng Hye, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman, Value Partners; Non-executive Director, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd "Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) lie at the intersection of finance, politics, macroeconomics, and international relations. This book not only constitutes perhaps the most in-depth and insightful investigation of sovereign investors to date, but it starts a broader debate over globalization and state economic intervention in the context of world digital revolution. Invaluable to European governments and businesses, in particular, as the EU strives to become the third tech pillar of the world next to the US and China." —Pierre-Yves Lucas, Head of Cooperation Mongolia, European Union; former Adviser to the CEO of the SWF of Kazakhstan "This is a story about Time Machines." —Ajay Royan, Co-founder with Peter Thiel of Mithril VC Funds

The Unicorn of Theta Xi

We are always glad to welcome our brothers from other chapters and hope that in
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Encyclopedia of Information Systems and Services

Unicorn has the capability of printing several standard reports such as holdings
lists, system activity, training aid report, ... Scope and/or Subject Matter:
Automation in the book publishing, library, and related communities. ... (SLC)
specializes in library automation services, including the development of both
standard and custom microcomputer-based library software and MARC record
transfer and ...




Category: Information storage and retrieval systems


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1990: "A comprehensive international guide to ... organizations, systems, and services involved in the production and distribution of information in electronic form.

Library Systems

Author: Leigh Watson Healy

Publisher: Council on Library & Information Resources


Category: Digital libraries

Page: 186

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This report was commissioned in response to concerns expressed about the gap between institutional digital library initiatives and the products offered by library systems vendors. The study analyzes from the perspective of libraries the strategies, visions, and products that vendors of integrated library systems are offering as solutions. Case studies are provided of four different types of libraries that have installed commercially available systems to provide a snapshot of the extent to which these systems met the needs of the institutions. Vendor profiles are then offered for 12 companies, including a brief summary for each, and information on primary products and services, primary markets, overall strategy, product tools and features, adaptability to library needs, strategy for networked information, product development infrastructure, acquisitions and strategic partnerships, corporate organization and offices, and a financial statement. (AEF)

The Internet of Things Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

This book will be valuable reading to academics working in the field of disruptive technology, innovation management, and technological change more broadly. This book focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT).

Author: James A. Cunningham

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 3030473643

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 144

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This book focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT has caught the imagination as a transformational technology that will positively impact a large and diverse array of socio-economic activities. This book explores this impact, beginning with a chapter highlighting the promises and complexities of the IoT. It then explores these in greater detail in subsequent chapters. The first of these chapters explores the patenting activity of leading companies and is followed by a discussion of the challenges faced by the growth of ‘unicorns’ within Europe. The fourth chapter outlines a methodology for determining when investments in IoT should occur and is followed by a discussion of how the data generated by IoT will change marketing related decisions. The scope and complexity of the regulatory and governance structures associated with the IoT are then explored in the sixth chapter. These issues are brought together in the final chapter, which identifies the opportunities and challenges emanating from the IoT and how these may be tackled. This book will be valuable reading to academics working in the field of disruptive technology, innovation management, and technological change more broadly.

Stock Exchange Official Year Book 1989 90

TRANSFERS ETC Normal arrangements but no transfer stamp duty in Jersey . †
Latest accounts received . Barclays Unicorn Extra Income Trust ; unissued capital
is ordinary in shares of 50p . Ordinary shares officially listed . Capital history : In ...

Author: International Stock Exchange Of the United Kingdom and the Republic Of Ireland


ISBN: 9780935859812



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The Stock Exchange Handbook

Transfer Secretaries : A.F.C. Security Registrars ( Ltd ) , 4th Floor , Unicorn House
80 Marshall Street , Johannesburg 2001 . Nature of Business : The Group's main
activity is the printing and publication of newspapers , magazines , books and ...




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