Victorian Costume for Ladies 1860 1900

This revised edition is updated with nearly 30 vintage images, as well as new chapters on personal hygiene, cosmetics, clothing manufacture, laundry, and the dating of vintage photographs, along with updated prices. -- Publisher's blurb.

Author: Linda Setnik

Publisher: Schiffer Pub Limited

ISBN: 9780764339721

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This revised edition is updated with nearly 30 vintage images, as well as new chapters on personal hygiene, cosmetics, clothing manufacture, laundry, and the dating of vintage photographs, along with updated prices. -- Publisher's blurb.

Joy of the Birds

Victorian and Edwardian Fashion. ... Victorian Costume for Ladies 1860-1900. Atglen, Pennsylvania: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. 2000. Severa, Joan L. Dressed for the Photographer: Ordinary Americans & Fashion, 1 840- 1900.

Author: Gale Cooper

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Joy of the Birds is a milestone in the literature of Billy the Kid. It is arguably the definitive revisionist telling of his story. Based on research utilizing 40,000 pages of archival documents and books, and input of over 300 consultants, Joy of the Birds creates a virtual world. As docufiction, it ends 130 years of cover-up by the Santa Fe Ring: a corrupt cabal of robber baron politicians, law enforcement, and hit-man thugs which caused the freedom fight known as the Lincoln County War. Central to that uprising was Billy Bonney, outlawed by these enemies as Billy the Kid. That war's last survivor, he had to die. The truth could have brought down President Hayes's administration. Joy of the Birds is also a tale of star-crossed romance between charismatic Billy and young Paulita Maxwell, the richest heiress in New Mexico

Family Photo Detective

Mourning Dress: A Costume and Social History by Lou Taylor (Boston: G. Allen and Unwin, 1983). 20th Century Fashion: The ... With Grace & Favor: Victorian & Edwardian ... Victorian Costume for Ladies, 18601900 by Linda Setnik (Atglen, Pa:

Author: Maureen A. Taylor

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Unlock the Secrets of Your Old Family Photos! Historical family photos are cherished heirlooms that offer a glimpse into the lives of our ancestors. But the images, and the stories behind them, often fade away as decades pass - the who, when, where and why behind the photos are lost. In this book, photo identification expert and genealogist Maureen A. Taylor shows you how to study the clues in your old family photos to put names to faces and recapture their lost stories. Inside, you'll learn how to: • Determine the type of image you have - from common paper prints to stereographs to historical daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and tintypes • Use clothing, accessories, and hairstyles to date the image in the correct decade • Research photographer's imprints to narrow down when and where the photo was taken • Compare facial features in multiple photos to confirm identity and family resemblance • Interview family members to gather more information about the image • Identify props in the photo to create context for the image Each chapter includes dozens of historical photos to illustrate key points and provide clear examples. Charts, timelines and resource lists make it easy to find the exact information you need. Dozens of case studies show you how to apply the techniques in the book to real-life photo research projects. The answers to your family photo questions are closer than you think. Let this book help you start finding them today.

Voices of Civil War America Contemporary Accounts of Daily Life

Read more at “Are Hollywood's Bad Girls a Bad Influence on Teens?” Good Morning America, December 12, ... Fashioning the Bourgeoisie: A History of Clothing in the Nineteenth Century. ... Victorian Costume for Ladies, 18601900.

Author: Lawrence A. Kreiser Jr.

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

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Letting ordinary people speak for themselves, this book uses primary documents to highlight daily life among Americans—Union and Confederate, black and white, soldier and civilian—during the Civil War and Reconstruction. • Original materials from a wide range of sources, including letters, diaries, newspaper editorials, journal articles, and book chapters • Detailed background for each of the 48 featured documents, placing the experiences and opinions of the authors into historical context

Claiming the Bicycle

Victorian Costume for Ladies, 18601900. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, 2000. Print. “Shall She Wear Bloomers?” New York Sun 1 September 1895: 5. Library of Congress. Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. Web.

Author: Sarah Hallenbeck

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 0809334445

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Tracing the role of nineteenthcentury women and rhetoric in transforming the bicycle Although the impact of the bicycle craze of the late nineteenth century on women's lives has been well documented, rarely have writers considered the role of women's rhetorical agency in the transformation of bicycle culture and the bicycle itself. In Claiming the Bicycle, Sarah Hallenbeck argues that through their collective rhetorical activities, women who were widely dispersed in space, genre, and intention negotiated proper uses for the bicycle, destabilizing cultural assumptions about femininity and gender difference. Making a significant contribution to studies of feminist rhetorical historiography, rhetorical agency, and technical communication, Claiming the Bicycle asserts the utility of a distributed or "collected" model of rhetorical agency and accounts for the efforts of widely dispersed actors to harness technology in promoting social change.

The River s Edge

159—178 Setnik, Linda; Victorian Costume For Ladies, 18601900, Schiffer Pub., Ltd., Atglen, Pa., 2000. Spence, Clark C.; Territorial Politics and Government in Montana 1864— 89, University of Illinois Press, Chicago, Ill, 1975.

Author: Lenore McKelvey Puhek

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595378471

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"Of the chapters I have been privileged to read, you have created a stunning, beautiful story, the best you've ever done, and I enjoyed every word. You wrote magic." -Richard S. Wheeler, author of over fifty historical novels and winner of the Owen Wister Award and several Western Writers of America Spur Awards As was the custom, Libby and Thomas had retired to the parlor after the Sunday meal. A roaring fire warmed the room as Libby set a newly acquired Ming vase, a Christmas present from her mother, on the mantle piece. When she turned around, Thomas surprised her by dropping to one knee and taking both of her delicate hands into his larger ones. "Libby, ta me i ngra leat. An bPósfaibh tú mé? And not waiting for a translation, Libby said, "Yes." When she heard Thomas professing his love for her and proposing in Irish, it was music coming from his soul to hers. The arrival of the love letter the next day, cemented her commitment and future to the only man she would ever love.

Victorian Fashions for Women and Children

Revealed here are the childrens and womens clothing, including undergarments, leisurewear, and street apparel from 1860 to 1900.

Author: Linda Setnik

Publisher: Schiffer Pub Limited

ISBN: 9780764341649

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The Victorian era was a time of high morals, cultured manners, and ultra feminine, luxurious apparel. While beautiful to gaze upon, elaborate ensembles were hot, heavy, restrictive, and constricting to the point of discomfort or even injury and disease. Revealed here are the children's and women's clothing, including undergarments, leisurewear, and street apparel from 1860 to 1900. Over 270 photographs provide detailed images of Victorian garments, along with irrefutable evidence of our stalwart ancestors' burdensome apparel. Nineteenth century photographs are supplemented by surviving examples of period clothing, many picturing both the outside and inner construction. This well-researched book not only describes the styles and the differences between these women's and children's fashions, but also explores the reasons women were willing to become such devoted slaves to dress and the health hazards associated with their apparel. The text is based on Victorian fashion, medical, etiquette, and advice literature.

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820.9008 Victorian architectural sheet - metal oranments . 739.55 A Victorian Christmas cottage ( Palmer ) FIC Victorian costume for ladies , 1860-1900 . 391.209730 Victorian decorative painting with Brenda Stewart , CDA .




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