From Good Goddess to Vestal Virgins

From Good Goddess to Vestal Virgins argues that the ritual roles played out by women were vital in defining them sexually and that these sexually defined categories spilled over into other aspects of Roman culture, including political ...

Author: Ariadne Staples

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113478788X

Category: History

Page: 217

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The role of women in Roman culture and society was a paradoxical one. On the one hand they enjoyed social, material and financial independence and on the other hand they were denied basic constitutional rights. Roman history is not short of powerful female figures, such as Agrippina and Livia, yet their power stemmed from their associations with great men and was not officially recognised. Ariadne Staples' book examines how women in Rome were perceived both by themselves and by men through women's participation in Roman religion, as Roman religious ritual provided the single public arena where women played a significant formal role. From Good Goddess to Vestal Virgins argues that the ritual roles played out by women were vital in defining them sexually and that these sexually defined categories spilled over into other aspects of Roman culture, including political activity. Ariadne Staples provides an arresting and original analysis of the role of women in Roman society, which challenges traditionally held views and provokes further questions.

Vivaldi s Virgins LP

In this enthralling new novel, Barbara Quick re-creates eighteenth-century Venice at the height of its splendor and decadence.

Author: Barbara Quick

Publisher: HarperLuxe

ISBN: 9780061285264

Category: Fiction

Page: 420

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In this enthralling new novel, Barbara Quick re-creates eighteenth-century Venice at the height of its splendor and decadence. A story of longing and intrigue, half-told truths and toxic lies, Vivaldi's Virgins unfolds through the eyes of Anna Maria dal Violin, one of the elite musicians cloistered in the foundling home where Antonio Vivaldi—known as the Red Priest of Venice—is maestro and composer. Fourteen-year-old Anna Maria, abandoned at the Ospedale della Pietà as an infant, is determined to find out who she is and where she came from. Her quest takes her beyond the cloister walls into the complex tapestry of Venetian society; from the impoverished alleyways of the Jewish Ghetto to a masked ball in the company of a king; from the passionate communal life of adolescent girls competing for their maestro's favor to the larger-than-life world of music and spectacle that kept the citizens of a dying republic in thrall. In this world, where for fully half the year the entire city is masked and cloaked in the anonymity of Carnival, nothing is as it appears to be. A virtuoso performance in the tradition of Girl with a Pearl Earring, Vivaldi's Virgins is a fascinating glimpse inside the source of Vivaldi's musical legacy, interwoven with the gripping story of a remarkable young woman's coming-of-age in a deliciously evocative time and place.

Menacing Virgins

Virgins. in. Italian. Renaissance. Domestic. Painting. Cristelle. L. Baskins. Vergine, Onesta, Casta: injunctions to women in early modern Italy to guard ...

Author: Nancy Weitz

Publisher: University of Delaware Press

ISBN: 9780874136494

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 246

View: 182

The essays in Menacing Virgins: Representing Virginity in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance examine the nexus of religious, political, economic, and aesthetic values that produce the Western European myth of virginity, and explore how those complex cultural forces animate, empower, discipline, disclose, mystify, and menace the virginal body. As the title suggests, the virgin can be seen alternately or even simultaneously as menaced or menacing. To chart the history of virginity as a steady, evolutionary progression from a religious ideal in the Middle Ages toward a more secularized or sovereign ideal in the Renaissance would obscure how unstable a concept chastity is in both periods. What this collection demonstrates is that medieval and early modern attitudes toward virginity are not general and evolutionary, but specific, changeable, and often conflicted.

The Disease of Virgins

"Helen King examines the origins and history of the disease, from its roots in the classical tradition to its extraordinary survival into the 1920s, despite changes in how the mechanisms of puberty and menstruation were understood, and ...

Author: Helen King

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415226627

Category: Medical

Page: 196

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"Helen King examines the origins and history of the disease, from its roots in the classical tradition to its extraordinary survival into the 1920s, despite changes in how the mechanisms of puberty and menstruation were understood, and enormous shifts in medical theories and technologies. From menstrual disturbance to eating disorders, from liver disease to blood disorder, the disease of virgins has been adjusted throughout its history to fit medical fashions. However, little changed in the underlying ideas about the female body, and the need to regulate the sexuality of young women."--BOOK JACKET.

St Ursula and the Eleven Thousand Virgins of Cologne

The Church of the Eleven Thousand Virgins and its Decoration Despite the extensive dissemination and presence of their relics in Cologne and elsewhere ...

Author: Scott Bradford Montgomery

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9783039118526

Category: Art

Page: 207

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The cult of St. Ursula and the Eleven Thousand Virgin Martyrs of Cologne was the most widespread relic cult in medieval Europe. The sheer abundance of relics of the Eleven Thousand Virgins, which allowed for the display of immense collections, shaped the notion of corporate cohesion that characterized the cult. Though the primacy of St. Ursula as the leader of this holy band was established by the tenth century, she was conceived as the head of a corporate body. Innumerable inventories and liturgical texts attest to the fact that this cult was commemorated and referenced as a collective mass - Undecim millium virginum. This group identity informed, and was formulated by, the presentation of their relics, as well as much of the imagery associated with this cult. This book explores the visual, textual, performative, and perceptual aspects of this phenomenon, with particular emphasis on painting and sculpture in late medieval Cologne. Examining the ways in which both texts and images worked as vestments, garbing the true core of relics which formed the body of the cult, the book examines the cult from the core outward, seeking to understand hagiographic texts and images in terms of their role in articulating relic cults.

Vestal Virgins Sibyls and Matrons

35 What made these priestesses “sacral” was that they were “both/neither virgins and/nor matrons” and “perhaps” their “sacrality was marked also by an ...

Author: Sarolta A. Takács

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9780292773578

Category: Religion

Page: 220

View: 610

Roman women were the procreators and nurturers of life, both in the domestic world of the family and in the larger sphere of the state. Although deterred from participating in most aspects of public life, women played an essential role in public religious ceremonies, taking part in rituals designed to ensure the fecundity and success of the agricultural cycle on which Roman society depended. Thus religion is a key area for understanding the contributions of women to Roman society and their importance beyond their homes and families. In this book, Sarolta A. Takács offers a sweeping overview of Roman women's roles and functions in religion and, by extension, in Rome's history and culture from the republic through the empire. She begins with the religious calendar and the various festivals in which women played a significant role. She then examines major female deities and cults, including the Sibyl, Mater Magna, Isis, and the Vestal Virgins, to show how conservative Roman society adopted and integrated Greek culture into its mythic history, artistic expressions, and religion. Takács's discussion of the Bona Dea Festival of 62 BCE and of the Bacchantes, female worshippers of the god Bacchus or Dionysus, reveals how women could also jeopardize Rome's existence by stepping out of their assigned roles. Takács's examination of the provincial female flaminate and the Matres/Matronae demonstrates how women served to bind imperial Rome and its provinces into a cohesive society.


Featuring all the trademark suspense, adventure, and history of Diana Gabaldon's international bestselling novels, Virgins is now available for the first ...

Author: Diana Gabaldon

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473538017

Category: Fiction

Page: 112

View: 814

FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE JAMIE MET CLAIRE IN THIS BRILLIANT NEW OUTLANDER SHORT STORY. 1740: Young Jamie Fraser has left Scotland and, with his best friend Ian Murray, is running with a band of mercenaries in France. Both men have good reason not to go back to their homeland: both are nursing wounds, and despite their best efforts to remedy the situation, both are still virgins. So when a Jewish doctor hires them to escort his granddaughter to Paris, they readily agree. Both men are instantly drawn to the beautiful young lady. What neither know is that their lives and their friendships are about to become infinitely more complicated - and a lot more dangerous ...

Dire Virgins

Virgins. (A parody) Andronica Wrath comes clean to Ian Wood I waded through initiates, who I beat up every day Didn't know how sad I was, and I never got ...

Author: Ian Wood

Publisher: Ian Wood


Category: Humor

Page: 181

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One Choice - derides your friends! One Choice - turns out to be a huge mistake! One Choice - and it's thirty bucks down the drain! One Choice - can defame you! A parody of one example of the most insane flotsam of trilogies to surface after The Hunger Games. It's one of the few books that actually comes with a health warning: Quitting reading this novel now greatly reduces serious risks to your mental health. Remember: abstinence is the only guaranteed way to avoid pregnant pauses. Comes with a wealth of extras: Awful Q&A. Disgusted Guide. Dire Virgins Playlist! Faction Multi-Festering! Diss Questions. Bad Writing Tips (how to write your own pathetic YA trilogy).

The Parable of the Ten Virgins

In what they all agree in; and that is, first, in that they are all virgins. What are these? To omit the Popish interpretation of their nuns and mock ...

Author: Thomas Shepard

Publisher: Ravenio Books


Category: Religion

Page: 458

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Thomas Shepard (1605-1649) was a New England Puritan minister. Forbidden to preach in England, he emigrated to Massachusetts in 1635. The most eloquent measure of his classic The Parable of the Ten Virgins is that there is a scarcely a page in The Religious Affections where Jonathan Edwards does not reference Shepard's work.

The Disease of Virgins

His third class contained diseases affecting virgins after menarche but before defloration: here he included corruption of the seed, hysterical suffocation ...

Author: Helen King

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134589085

Category: History

Page: 208

View: 103

From an acclaimed author in the field, this is a compelling study of the origins and history of the disease commonly seen as afflicting young unmarried girls. Understanding of the condition turned puberty and virginity into medical conditions, and Helen King stresses the continuity of this disease through history,depsite enormous shifts in medical understanding and technonologies, and drawing parallels with the modern illness of anorexia. Examining its roots in the classical tradition all the way through to its extraordinary survival into the 1920s, this study asks a number of questions about the nature of the disease itself and the relationship between illness, body images and what we should call‘normal’ behaviour. This is a fascinating and clear account which will prove invaluable not just to students of classical studies, but will be of interest to medical professionals also.

Church Fathers Independent Virgins

African churches were afire with the question of whether or not virgins were still women.” If they were women, society had to be restructured to accommodate ...

Author: Joyce E. Salisbury

Publisher: Verso

ISBN: 9780860915966

Category: History

Page: 168

View: 204

This startling study of early Christian attitudes toward sexuality begins with an account of the different stances adopted by the Church—from the Early Fathers' view that sex and the female body were irredeemably unholy, to Augustine's contention that sex was natural, but lust was evil. While the Church Fathers struggled to reach consistent theoretical conclusions, the underlying conflation of 'women' with 'sex' meant that patristic statements on chastity, virginity and marriage effectively read as ecclesiastical law governing women's conduct. Joyce Salisbury explains the relationship between Church doctrine and the position of women by placing these official views alongside an ascetic tradition which resisted the constraints imposed by sexual intercourse. Through an examination of texts of female and popular authorship, and the extraordinary lives of seven women saints—including the transvestites Castissima and Pelagia—she presents a markedly different picture of sexual and social roles. For many of these women, celibacy became a form of emancipation. Church Fathers, Independent Virgins bears witness to the entrenched power of the Church to oppress, the continuing power of women to overcome, and the enduring effects of medieval sexual attitudes.

Laughing Gods Weeping Virgins

WEEPING VIRGINS Similar to the hermetics and monks, another Christian group that was urged to exclude laughter from their lives were virgins.

Author: Ingvild Sælid Gilhus

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415161975

Category: Religion

Page: 173

View: 868

Laughing Gods, Weeping Virgins analyses how laughter has been used as a symbol in myths, rituals and festivals of Western religions, and has thus been inscribed in religious discourse. The Mesopotamian Anu, the Israelite Jahweh, the Greek Dionysos, the Gnostic Christ and the late modern Jesus were all laughing gods. Through their laughter, gods prove both their superiority and their proximity to humans. In this comprehensive study, Professor Gilhus examines the relationship between corporeal human laughter and spiritual divine laughter from c`ussical antiquity, to the Christian West and the modern era. She combines the study of the history of religion with social-scientific approaches, to provide an original and pertinent exploration of a universal human phenomenon, and its significance for the development of religions.

The Cult of St Ursula and the 11 000 Virgins

he widespread cult of St saints' Ursula and cults the of 11,000 the medieval virgins was period. one of Ursula, the most the popular beautiful and daughter ...

Author: Professor Jane Cartwright

Publisher: University of Wales Press

ISBN: 1783168692

Category: Religion

Page: 336

View: 946

The cult of St Ursula and the 11,000 virgins was one of the most popular and relic-rich of all saints’ cults in the medieval period. This volume constitutes the first interdisciplinary collection of essays in English to explore the development and transmission of the legend of St Ursula in detail, considering a wealth of different sources including physical remains, literary texts, artistic representations and medieval music.


The Observer 21 March, 1976 The remarkable achievement of The Virgins is to present all encounters and characters from the perspective of its adolescent ...


Publisher: eBook Partnership

ISBN: 178301461X


Page: 155

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Annie Firman is growing up in Johannesburg in apartheid South Africa, in an affluent white suburb and a local girls' boarding-school. She and her friend Barb long to be initiated into the mysteries of adult life, above all to taste the forbidden fruit of sexual love. Annie falls heavily for a pretentious young man, a photographer who draws her on but finally lets her down. Bitterly disappointed, she consoles herself by making love - against the law - to a "e;colored"e; boy of her own age whom she can order to do her will. The writing is witty, comic, and lightly satirical, but for all the simplicity of the story it is a profoundly moral and challenging novel. Published first in England, it was banned in South Africa for ten years, then republished in that country when the process of "e;liberalization"e; began.

Virgins An Outlander Novella

Her use of historical detail and a truly adult love story confirm Gabaldon as a superior writer.”—Publishers Weekly, on Voyager “Unforgettable characters . . . richly embroidered with historical detail.”—The Cincinnati Post, on ...

Author: Diana Gabaldon

Publisher: Dell

ISBN: 1101882522

Category: Fiction

Page: 96

View: 660

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A young Jamie Fraser learns what it really means to become a man in this Outlander prequel novella. Featuring all the trademark suspense, adventure, and history of Diana Gabaldon’s #1 bestselling novels and the Starz original series, Virgins is now available for the first time as a standalone ebook. Mourning the death of his father and gravely injured at the hands of the English, Jamie Fraser finds himself running with a band of mercenaries in the French countryside, where he reconnects with his old friend Ian Murray. Both are nursing wounds; both have good reason to stay out of Scotland; and both are still virgins, despite several opportunities to remedy that deplorable situation with ladies of easy virtue. But Jamie’s love life becomes infinitely more complicated—and dangerous—when fate brings the young men into the service of Dr. Hasdi, a Jewish gentleman who hires them to escort two priceless treasures to Paris. One is an old Torah; the other is the doctor’s beautiful granddaughter, Rebekah, destined for an arranged marriage. Both Jamie and Ian are instantly drawn to the bride-to-be—but they might be more cautious if they had any idea who they’re truly dealing with. Praise for Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series “Marvelous and fantastic adventures, romance, sex . . . perfect escape reading.”—San Francisco Chronicle, on Outlander “History comes deliciously alive on the page.”—New York Daily News, on Outlander “Gabaldon is a born storyteller. . . . The pages practically turn themselves.”—The Arizona Republic, on Dragonfly in Amber “Triumphant . . . Her use of historical detail and a truly adult love story confirm Gabaldon as a superior writer.”—Publishers Weekly, on Voyager “Unforgettable characters . . . richly embroidered with historical detail.”—The Cincinnati Post, on Drums of Autumn “A grand adventure written on a canvas that probes the heart, weighs the soul and measures the human spirit across [centuries].”—CNN, on The Fiery Cross “The large scope of the novel allows Gabaldon to do what she does best, paint in exquisite detail the lives of her characters.”—Booklist, on A Breath of Snow and Ashes “Features all the passion and swashbuckling that fans of this historical fantasy series have come to expect.”—People, on Written in My Own Heart’s Blood