Wes Anderson s Symbolic Storyworld

Gustave and Dmitri are symbolically positioned as rival sons (the latter is actual, the former symbolic). Kinship (3): Interethnic relationships The whiteness of Wes Anderson's world has been raised frequently (DeanRuzicka, 2013; ...

Author: Warren Buckland

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 1501316540

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 224

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Wes Anderson's Symbolic Storyworld presents a theoretical investigation of whatmakes the films of Wes Anderson distinctive. Chapter by chapter, it relentlessly pulls apart each of Anderson's narratives to pursue the proposition that they all share the same deep underlying symbolic values – a common symbolic storyworld. Taking the polemical strategy of outlining and employing Claude Lévi-Strauss's distinguished (and notorious) work on myth and kinship to analyze eight of Anderson's films, Warren Buckland unearths the peculiar symbolic structure of each film, plus the circuits of exchange, tangible and intangible gift giving, and unusual kinship systems that govern the lives of Anderson's characters. He also provides an analysis of Wes Anderson's visual and aural style, identifying several distinctive traits of Anderson's mise en scène.