The Whey Prescription

English] The whey prescription : the healing miracle in milk / Christopher Vasey ; translated by Jon E. Graham. —1st U.S. ed. p. cm. Summary: "An introduction to the powerful healing properties of whey" —Provided by publisher.

Author: Christopher Vasey

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1594778930

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An introduction to the powerful healing properties of whey • Explains how whey acts as a powerful detoxifying agent • Reveals the effectiveness of whey against diseases affecting the heart, liver, kidneys, and intestines and in controlling obesity, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure • Shows how this healing agent is now easily and readily available Since antiquity whey has been known as “healing water” by Greek physicians. Hippocrates and Galen both recommended whey to their patients. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, spas across Europe offered the whey cure to aristocrats and commoners alike. Modern scientific research has confirmed the curative capabilities attributed by our ancestors to this dairy product, but because it is highly perishable and must be consumed while very fresh, this cure fell out of favor in our modern urban age. Now, thanks to the availability of whey powder and granules, this highly nutritious and effective healing agent is once more within the reach of everyone. Whey is the watery part of milk that is separated from the curd in the process of making cheese. It is rich in lactose, minerals, and vitamins. Beyond its nutritional value, whey has powerful detoxification properties and its therapeutic action is beneficial for all the major organ centers of the body: heart, liver, kidneys, and intestines. It is especially effective in the treatment of liver ailments such as hepatitis as well as the treatment of skin problems, infections, edema, digestive disorders and gallstones, and the painful joint diseases of arthritis and rheumatism. Whey also has been shown to be a powerful treatment against obesity, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. In addition to its ability to treat these specific illnesses, whey is a proven invigorating supplement that promotes overall good health and vitality.

Whey Every Aspect

Whey Prescription- The Healing Miracle in Milk, Healing Art Press, Vermont, 1-4 p.p. Yerlikaya, O., Kınık, Ö., Akbulut, N., 2010. Functional Properties of whey and new generation dairy products produced using whey. Gıda. 35(4):289-296.

Author: Kemal Çelik

Publisher: Tudás Alapítvány


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One third of whey produced all over the world is processed into whey powder. In accordance with TS 11860; sweet whey powder is defined as the product obtained by the fact that remaining liquid compound of which changes due to types of cheese and making technique after casein and fat are separated as curd during cheese making by use of rennet. In accordance with TS 11860; sour (acidic) whey powder is the product obtained by pulverizing liquid obtained filtering from precipitation, in accordance with technology, as a result of the fact that milk is precipitated by acid. Whey powder products are used in quite various areas in food industry; the most widely in order to aromatize foods. This property of whey powder is utilized in primarily nuts coatings (for example; popcorn, nacho, tortilla); pressed nuts, cheese based sauces, potato chips, salty flavours and salty biscuits. Use of whey powder provides production convenience in special bakery products such as pizza, biscuit and macaroni and in souffle and cake making. Foods produced within addition of whey powder can have same structure, taste-flavour and appearance as foods containing cheese. Whey powder is preferred to get used more rather than milk powder in biscuit sector because of economical reasons and preservation convenience.

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VASEY, C. The Whey prescription: the healing miracle in milk. Trad. Jon E. Graham. EUA: Inner Traditions, 2006. YADA, R. Y. Protein in food processing. Series in Food Science and Technology. Cambridge: Woodhead Publishing Limited, 2004.

Author: Georgia Bachi

Publisher: Matrix Editora

ISBN: 8582300727

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O Whey Protein – proteína do soro do leite – é hoje, provavelmente, o suplemento mais conhecido no mundo. Nesse livro você vai ver de maneira clara e concisa os seus benefícios, além de aprender receitas fáceis de serem usadas no seu dia a dia. Se você acha que o Whey Protein é destinado exclusivamente a atletas, vai se surpreender: agora você vai entender por que sua utilização deve ser feita por todos que buscam qualidade de vida, até mesmo crianças, gestantes e idosos.

Freedom from Constipation

Whey. Cure. Whey is a liquid obtained from the manufacture of cheese. The pressured milk that curdles separates into a ... whey regimen is most often practiced with powdered or granular whey (for more see my book The Whey Prescription).

Author: Christopher Vasey

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1620555867

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A practical guide to discovering the cause of your constipation and finding the right natural remedy for your unique case • Details the 8 main causes of constipation and how to determine which is at the root of your difficulties • Offers practical advice on how to correct each type of constipation with natural and non-aggressive methods, such as dietary changes, herbs, and relaxation methods • Explains gentle, natural ways to empty the bowels when quick relief is necessary • Reveals how treating constipation properly can restore full function not only to the digestive system but to the liver and kidneys as well Constipation has many causes. Most people do not know the exact cause of their constipation and thus have trouble finding lasting relief. Yet there are many natural remedies available that can be tailored to your body’s specific needs. In this step-by-step guide, Christopher Vasey explains how healthy intestines work and the different forms that constipation can take. He details the 8 main causes of constipation: lack of roughage, lack of water, liver dysfunction, constipating foods or medications, weak muscles, imbalances in intestinal flora, stress and anxiety, and nutritional deficiencies. He helps you discover which of the 8 causes underlies your unique case and offers practical advice on how to correct it with natural and non-aggressive methods, such as dietary changes, herbs, and relaxation techniques. For situations when quick relief is necessary, he provides gentle ways to empty the bowels, including natural laxatives and enemas, explaining which to choose for each type of constipation, but also stressing that these are only temporary solutions. Explaining how constipation can be a symptom of a deeper imbalance, the author explores how treating it properly can restore full function not only to the digestive system but to the liver and kidneys as well. In this practical guide, you will learn how to support the work of your intestines, allowing your body to gradually resume its natural working rhythm.

The Physician s Prescription Book

Containing Lists of the Terms, Phrases, Contractions, and Abbreviations, Used in Prescriptions, with Explanatory Notes; the Grammatical Construction of ... 7Serum lactis tartar whey . aluminatum ; serum alumino7 Alum whey . sum .

Author: Jonathan Pereira



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Liver Detox

*6 For more on the healing properties of whey, see my book The Whey Prescription: The Healing Miracle in Milk (Healing Arts Press, 2006). ABOUT THE AUTHOR C hristopher profession Vasey, in Chamby-Montreux, ...

Author: Christopher Vasey

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1620557002

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A practical guide to supporting and maintaining liver health naturally • Reveals how an overburdened liver can lead to many common ailments such as headaches, constipation, respiratory issues, and skin conditions • Explains specific foods to avoid, which supplements accelerate the liver’s cleansing abilities, and how to perform liver exercises and massage • Details the 9 plants that are most effective in detoxifying the liver, with instructions for their safe use • Includes charts and questionnaires to determine to what degree your liver function is compromised The liver is key to the optimal health of the body. Shouldering the heaviest responsibility for keeping the body’s internal terrain clean, the liver not only filters toxins and cellular by-products out of the blood like other excretory organs, it also neutralizes poisons, microbes, heavy metals, and carcinogens. By supporting the liver, we support the health of the entire body. In this practical guide to cleansing and detoxifying the liver, Christopher Vasey shows how many features of modern living--such as overeating, medications, cigarettes, alcohol, food additives, and environmental pollution--overtax this powerhouse of an organ. This leads to weakening of the liver and congestion with toxins, which in turn can lead to illness, including cardiovascular problems, allergies, headaches, constipation, respiratory issues, and skin conditions, as the toxins the overburdened liver cannot filter out find their way to other areas of the body. Detailing how the liver functions, the author explains how to use diet, herbs, massage, and other practices to detoxify, strengthen, and regenerate your liver. He includes simple charts and questionnaires to help you determine to what degree your liver function is compromised. He shows how a simple change of diet along with the use of hepatic herbs will often have immediate benefits for the liver and the immune system. He explains specific foods to avoid and how taking supplements, such as trace elements of sulfur, accelerate the liver’s ability to neutralize heavy metals. He details 9 plants that are most effective in detoxifying the liver, such as dandelion and rosemary, and provides instructions for their safe use. He also describes liver exercises and massage techniques as well as the use of external aids, such as a hot-water bottle, to stimulate liver activity. Offering an accessible yet detailed approach to supporting the liver, the author shows how bringing the liver back to full health and function has far-reaching effects for the whole body.

Medieval Pharmacotherapy Continuity and Change

Prescription Useful for the patients and to alleviate for their thirst: water ltered from the sour whey of cows or the sour whey of ewes *drink Prescription 52 eggs vinegar *drink e eggs are macerated in vinegar for a day ...

Author: Helena Paavilainen

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9047424506

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The development of medical drug therapy in medieval times is an interplay between tradition and innovation. This book tracks the changes in drug recommendations from the Arabic texts of Ibn S?n? to Latin medical scholasticism, demonstrating their essential rationality.

The Detox Mono Diet

ALSO BY CHRISTOPHER VASEY, N.D. The Acid–Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health Restore Your Health by Creating pH Balance in Your Diet The Water Prescription For Health, Vitality, and Rejuvenation The Whey Prescription The Healing Miracle in ...

Author: Christopher Vasey

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1594778957

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An introduction to the healing effects of fasting using just one type of food • Includes Johanna Brandt’s grape cure with the author’s advice and commentary • Explains why mono diets are so effective at cleansing and restoring the internal cellular environment • Shows how to interpret your body’s signals to adapt the diet to your unique needs The grape cure, the lemon cure, the maple syrup cure, and the apple diet are all variations of mono diets that are based on restricting food intake to one food for a period of time. Using the famous grape cure pioneered by Johanna Brandt as his model (reproduced here in its entirety), Christopher Vasey demonstrates why these restricted diets are all remarkably effective in healing illness and restoring optimum health. Despite their different nutritive approaches and resulting healing benefits, all these diets work the same way: They help the body “burn” the waste products it contains to cleanse the internal cellular environment. They also keep the body’s eliminatory organs open in order to prevent the buildup of toxins. While these cures are responsible for healing people of many serious illnesses, including cancer, their principal use lies in the way they naturally eliminate waste products and prevent the body from absorbing toxins during the process. The Detox Mono Diet is a practical guide that provides all the information necessary for following a detoxification regimen. To make the application most successful, the author explains how to interpret your body’s reactions in a way that will allow you to adapt the cure to match your specific physiological needs, making your return to optimum health a unique journey.

The Acid Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health

He is the author of The Acid-Alkaline Diet, The Naturopathic Way, The Water Prescription, The Whey Prescription, and The Detox Mono Diet. He lives near Montreux, Switzerland. About Inner Traditions • Bear & Company Founded in 1975,

Author: Christopher Vasey

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1594778973

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With more than 50,000 first-edition copies sold, this expanded second edition provides the latest information on restoring your body’s acid-alkaline balance • Discusses the role of enzyme supplements, prebiotic and probiotic complexes, and antioxidants in neutralizing and eliminating acids • Addresses the relationship of proper hydration to essential enzyme activity and acid elimination • Outlines a sample alkaline detoxification diet Most people consume an abundance of highly processed foods that acidify the body. As a result, they are afflicted with health problems ranging from minor skin irritations, chronic fatigue, back pain, and depression to arthritis, ulcers, and osteoporosis. To enjoy optimum health, the body needs balanced quantities of alkaline and acid substances. In The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health, naturopath and detoxification expert Christopher Vasey shows how a simple change in diet to restore your acid-alkaline balance can result in vast improvements in health. With two new chapters, this updated and expanded second edition provides the latest information on proper hydration and deacidification, important alkalizing supplements, and how to eliminate the body’s accumulated acids through intestinal cleansing. It also includes a new, detailed example of an alkaline detoxifying diet. Rather than organizing alkaline and acid foods based on their chemical composition, Vasey categorizes foods by their effect on the body, explaining that some foods, such as fruits, can have either an alkalizing or an acidifying effect, depending on who eats them. He describes how to determine your acid levels and how to design a diet best suited for your particular health needs.

Mimamsa Paribhasha of Krishna Yajvan

The accessory fresh cheese is enjoined only in the sentence originating the sacrifice to the Viśvadevas; so it is something prescribed in connection with origination. `Prescribed,' that is, enjoined. The accessory whey is ...

Author: Swami Madhavananda

Publisher: Advaita Ashrama (A Publication House of Ramakrishna Math, Belur Math)


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Purva Mimamsa is one of the six systems of Indian Philosophy. This book is the smallest popular treatise on the subject. Culled from the Jaimini Sutras, it sets forth some of the salient ritualistic principles of this thought system, and is hence a veritable boon for the beginners. This book contains the original text in Devanagari, and a literal and yet faithful translation along with copious notes. Published by Advaita Ashrama, a publication house of Ramakrishna Math, Belur Math, India.