Wild Animal Atlas

Provides an introduction to geography that focuses on the animals found on each continent, including descriptions of common animals, simple pictorial maps, and profiles of endangered species.

Author: National Geographic Society (U.S.)

Publisher: National Geographic Books

ISBN: 9781426306990

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

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Provides an introduction to geography that focuses on the animals found on each continent, including descriptions of common animals, simple pictorial maps, and profiles of endangered species.

Atlas of Wildlife

ATLAS OF WILDLIFE is about wild animals and where they live . Although we
may know the size and general appearance of many of the most familiar wild
animals , when we are asked to say exactly where such animals live we often
answer ...

Author: Jacqueline Nayman



Category: Science

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Describes the world distribution patterns, habitats, and ecology of numerous wild animal species

Wild Animals Photographed and Described

Before hibernating in this manner the animals get very fat , and it is upon the
gradual consumption or absorption into ... is a very scarce animal , only
inhabiting one section of the country , Mount Atlas and its vicinity , in the north -
west corner .

Author: John Fortuné Nott



Category: Mammals

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Wild Animals and Birds Their Haunts and Habits

... into Africa , or “ Ethiopia ” as it is zoologically named — that is to say , they do
not occur in Africa south of the Atlas . They are ... As I write , I have in my
possession , forming part of a monkey - 18 WILD ANIMALS : THEIR HAUNTS

Author: Andrew Wilson



Category: Animal behavior

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Wild Animals of the Bible

They cover a considerable space, so that when the animal makes its charge the
object of its anger has much more difficulty in escaping the ... The Aoudad was
formerly plentiful in Egypt, and even now is found along the Atlas mountain-range

Author: John George Wood



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Tunison s Peerless Universal Atlas of the World

There is no great variety of first - class wild animals the southmost point of Greece
, 2,400 miles . Europe , irrespective of able height ; the principal are - in England ,
in Wales , Snowdon , in Europe . The most formidable is the white bear , who ...

Author: Henry Cuthbert Tunison



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The Animal Atlas

Set aside areas of land or water as national parks or wildlife sanctuaries, where
animals can live safely with as little disturbance as possible. • Breed endangered
animals in captivity in zoos or wild animal parks. This is especially important in ...

Author: DK

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0744026083

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Explore the animal kingdom with this pictorial atlas of the world's wildlife. Where do animals build their homes? How do they survive in very hot and cold climates? Why are so many species endangered? Discover the answers to all these questions and many more in The Animal Atlas. Learn where in the world different animal species are found; what kind of habitats they live in; what they eat; and how they find their mates. The Animal Atlas is packed with beautiful, life-like depictions of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects. Each species is carefully hand-drawn to show details of fur, feathers, or scales while accompanying captions reveal fascinating facts about the animal's behavior. This lavishly illustrated nature book explores the different continents and countries of the world, with helpful information on geography, climate, and vegetation. It travels through different biomes, such as forests, deserts, and lakes; and through specific regions, from the Everglades to the Galapagos, the Himalayas, and Great Barrier Reef. First published in 1992, this atlas has been updated for the 2020 edition and is a beautiful gift for a new generation of zoologists.

Hawkey s Atlas of Wild and Exotic Animal Hematology

With the help of this guide, readers will be able to understand haemoresponses in the presence of specific and non-specific disease processes and identify haemoparasites commonly seen in blood films from wild and exotic animals.

Author: Jaime Samour

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780367257019


Page: 318

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This revised, updated and expanded edition of Christine Hawkey's A Colour Atlas of Comparative Veterinary Haematology is bursting with high-quality images to aid identification of blood cells and haemoparasites in the different species commonly seen in private practice and zoological collections. It will assist veterinarians in the identification of normal and abnormal blood cells and in understanding the structural differences of blood cells between the various taxa within the Animal Kingdom. With the help of this guide, readers will be able to understand haemoresponses in the presence of specific and non-specific disease processes and identify haemoparasites commonly seen in blood films from wild and exotic animals. This impressively illustrated comparative haematology atlas is unrivalled in its scope, quality and accuracy. It is a must-have for veterinary students, veterinary surgeons working in general and referral veterinary clinical practices, clinicians working in zoological collections and specialists in exotic animal medicine.

Barron s Totally Wild Fact Packed Fold Out Animal Atlas

Features pictorial maps, over 400 animal photographs, fascinating facts about the animal kingdom, and much more.--

Author: Jen Green

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

ISBN: 9780764168086

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

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Get ready to let them hold the whole world in their hands when you give them this big, bright, beautiful atlas! All of the weird and wonderful animals that inhabit our extraordinary earth are here to delight and enchant young readers (Mom and Dad, too!). Created in rich, glorious detail, illustrated maps give curious kids something to pore over and discover every time, including: Regional maps that clearly show where animals live, plus country names, capitals, and boundaries Large gatefold maps that feature whole continents and highlight the diversity of the world's terrains and natural wonders Special feature boxes on habitats and ecosystems, such as rainforests and rivers An incredible, comprehensive pop-up map of the world that showcases wildlife around the globe--and at a glance Accessible text that's packed with intriguing statistics and dramatic, full-color photography "Record Breakers," "Fact Files," "Wildlife Watch," and "Weird But True" boxes that demonstrate all the wonders of the animal kingdom Youngsters love learning about animals, natural history and world geography, and this book teaches them all about each topic in fun, engaging ways. Kids also learn about sustainability, habitat destruction, and climate issues, so they can become more aware of the world they share with our amazing animal kingdom.

School Library Journal

... WORLD ATLAS National Geographic Kids World Atlas Ages : 8–12 • 192
pages • 9 " x 11-29 / 32 " 978-1-4263-0687-7 ... 32.00 Can 978-1-4263-0695-2 (
HC ) ON SALE 09/14/2010 $ 17.95 / $ 21.50 Can WILD ANIMAL ATLAS Nat Geo
Wild ...




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Wildlife in Central India Atlas

All these animals live by hunting. They live in the tropical forests. They are
commonly found in ... o. WILD DOG : Pack Predater Wolf: Pack Predater 16. e.
Ethology: The evolution of behaviour LICENCETO KILL To kill a wild animal man
has not.

Author: Shiv Kumar Tiwari



Category: Biogeography

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The Book Gives A Vivid Description Of Rich Wildlife, Captivating Scenic Beauty Of Wildlife Sanctuaries And Natiuonal Parks Of Madhya Pradesh And Chhattisgarh State. More Than It Ios Also A Treatise On Zoogeographical Significance Of Wide Species Of Central India. The Book Is Useful For Tourists, Researchers And Laymen.

Discovery Atlas of Animals

Above the trees are meadows , home to such creatures as the ibex — a type of
wild goat - and the marmot - a squirrel - like animal . In spring , the meadows
flower with color as wild plants bloom . Spring also brings more creatures , as
animals ...

Author: Rand McNally and Company



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Maps, illustrations, and text present animals in their natural habitats and relate important aspects of the world's major animals to their homes.

Children s Illustrated Animal Atlas

Children's Illustrated Animal Atlas brings the amazing world of wildlife into the home, taking kids on a wild adventure around the globe.


Publisher: DK Children

ISBN: 9781465462039

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

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An around-the-globe tour of animal habitats and locations provides information about more than six hundred creatures, from whales to termites.

The Animal Atlas

Very little is known with certainty about the habits of the hyacinthine macaw in the
wild . It is estimated that there are only about 5 , 000 birds left in the wild in Brazil .
MANED WOLF The maned wolf is tall , with a slender body and long legs .

Author: Fulvio Cerfolli

Publisher: Heinemann/Raintree

ISBN: 9780817241988

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

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Text and maps present different continents and the animals that live there, explaining how the movement of continents over centuries has created and affected the diversity of today's animal life.