Hidden Treasure

It is a vigorous, dynamic approach.Violet Oaklander uses a wide variety of creative, expressive and projective techniques in her work, and each chapter reflects and exemplifies the use of this work in the service of therapy.

Author: Violet Oaklander

Publisher: Karnac Books

ISBN: 9781855754904

Category: Psychology

Page: 237

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Hidden Treasureis a follow up to Oaklander's first book, Windows To Our Children. Most of the books available in working with this population are written from a traditional 'play therapy' point of view. The Gestalt Therapy-based approach provides a more effective method for psychotherapeutic work with children of all ages. The focus is on the relationship between the therapist and client, rather than observation and interpretation. It is a vigorous, dynamic approach.Violet Oaklander uses a wide variety of creative, expressive and projective techniques in her work, and each chapter reflects and exemplifies the use of this work in the service of therapy. The approach is applicable to a wide variety of ages, as well as individual, family and group settings. The book will interest child and adolescent psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, interns, school personnel as well as graduate-level students. Parents may also find it helpful, as well as adults who are interested in the child within.


It has only two windows , but these are very bright and clear , and the owner has
them washed many times every day , so that there is no spot upon them . At night
these windows are 176 CHILDREN ' S RHYMES . each inclosed between two.






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Our Children s Songs

OPEN the window and let me in ! " Sputters the petulant rain ; “ I want to splash
down on the carpet , dear , And I can't get through the pane . A CHILD'S
THOUGHT OF GOD . “ Here I've been tapping outside to you ! Why don't you
come , if ...




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Godey s Magazine

And struck their tents to rest for the night There was an immense amount of
business On the broad and trackless plain . for ... our windows our children come
. stylish buggie before the couple appeared ; but Still looking from life's west
windows ...

Author: Louis Antoine Godey





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Godey s Lady s Book

And struck their tents to rest for the night There was an immense amount of
business On the broad and trackless plain ... become of Hester and the
ownership of the And to look from our windows our children come . stylish buggie
before the ...




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The Child of Democracy

I came simply to mix with my pupils about the building above and below. On
mornings in winter the girls with cold feet would find bricks at their desks, which
was a part of my fun. We brought in plants and song birds, and hung our windows

Author: Corydon La Ford



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Our Children are Dying

I have read newspaper stories describing infants who have crawled out of
windows in their home and have fallen to the surface below. As a nurse, I took
care of an infant in the hospital after he fell out of an open second floor window of
his ...

Author: Marietta P. Stanton


ISBN: 9780879756093

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Analyzes the complex factors that have contributed to the U.S.'s high mortality statistics for youth, and points out what steps must be taken to reverse this trend.

Our Children

The Indian Council for Child Welfare set up the first Boys After Care Home in
Delhi in a section of the old reformatory which ... of the Tihar Jail, facing a block
where insane women screamed and gesticulated at them from their barred


Publisher: Publications Division Ministry of Information & Broadcasting

ISBN: 8123025017



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This book is dedicated to the International Year of the Child, and represents a twenty three year involvement in child welfare planning and organisation, both in India and abroad.

Introduction to Windows Programming

To close the hole left by the removal of our popup window , we need to
enumerate all the windows . One by one , we ' ll enumerate all child windows ,
and if a window is visible , we ' ll update ( paint ) it : BOOL FAR PASCAL
EnumProc ChWnd ...

Author: Guy Quedens

Publisher: Pearson Scott Foresman


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These Are Our Children

And it's what they choose and the best thing in the circumstances.' Then he'd
signed heroff work for another fortnight. She continued to stareat the building,
thinking ofthenew women behind those windows. Their turn And asshe today.
began to ...

Author: Julie Maxwell

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1780877137

Category: Fiction

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Florence is pregnant and 99% sure it's her husband's. But it could be Thomas's. Thomas is a neo-natal doctor whose invention could save premature babies. Helen is a midwife grieving for her baby, lost before the technology was invented. This is a novel that explores what love can drive us to do; searingly funny, audaciously smart and devastatingly moving.

The Waite Group s Windows API Bible

... iMessage , wParam , lParam ) ; return ( OL ) ; The function ChildProc ( ) at the
end of Listing 2 - 3 looks similar to the WinProc ( ) function from GENERIC . C .
Any message processing for our child window will be handled in this function .

Author: James L. Conger



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A one-stop reference source to the more than six hundred Windows API functions documents each function, illustrating the uses and capabilities of each with a sample program. Original.

Our Children at Risk

The 5 Worst Environmental Threats to Their Health Lawrie Mott. the next most ...
dust is produced. When children crawl and play on the floor, their hands and ...
Small children may chew on toys, furniture, or window ledges. If swallowed, even

Author: Lawrie Mott



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Discusses the extra vulnerability of children to environmental hazards and the growing evidence of a link between pollution and childhood illnesses. Makes recommendations at both the policy and personal levels for protecting children.

The Eyes of our children

Transoms and mullions should be as narrow and shallow as possible , and blind
boxes should be recessed in the ceiling so that they do not encroach upon the
window area . Where obscured glass is required , fluted glass should be used ...

Author: Nathaniel Bishop Harman




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Take My Children

Suk and Hae Suk were the only children in the chapel. I recognized ... The
younger child was tied to their mother's back, her sister clinging shyly to their
father's leg. ... Curious villagers watched from their windows, their curtains held

Author: Bernice Gottlieb

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1450275478

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Take My Childrenis a story of love that bridges two continents. It is a story of human compassion. It is a story of the courage of parents, who, out of love, ask others to adopt their children ... and of the parents who say they'll take them. It is also the story of a battle to eradicate age-old prejudices, fears and superstitions—a battle that one woman carried through the halls of Congress to move a nation to open its arms to eight children no other country wanted. These innocent, healthy children hadn't lived long enough to become anyone's political enemies. The enemy was ignorance, the children its victims. It all began with a visit from Father Alexander Lee, a priest who served as administrator of a leprosy colony at St. Lazarus Village in Korea. He carried a plea from five of his patients: "Take our children and help them to have a better life." This is a story of love, compassion, determination, and courage. It is a book that is real; because that's the way it happened. —Marvin Scott, Senior Correspondent, WPIX-TV News, New York

Our Children s Burden

There ' s an alley outside my window and boys from the vocational school stand
out there to smoke . Every now and then they start throwing bottles in the
windows . One day this was going on and during the same period I opened the
door and ...

Author: Raymond W. Mack



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Better Health for Our Children Background papers

A reduction of 40 percent in crib- related injuries accompanied the Commission's
programs and regulations regarding children's cribs (56). Children's falls from
windows in multilevel dwellings decreased by 50 percent when New York City ...

Author: United States. Select Panel for the Promotion of Child Health



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Let Our Children Go

There was an outside entrance , and it was on the second floor , too high for Wes
to jump out the window . I put Wes and his father in one room — they slept in the
same bed . My room adjoined theirs , and I dragged the bed across the doorway

Author: Ted Patrick



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Factual stories about a former civil servant from California whose life's mission is to rescue young people who have fallen prey to pseudo-religious cults.


The following stanza from a verse called “ Life ' s Western Window ” reflects the
talent that raged in him : We stand at life ' s west windows And turn not sadly
away , To watch on our children ' s faces The noontide of sparkling day ; But our
sun ...

Author: Willard R. Espy

Publisher: Crown Pub


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Our Children s Keepers

I've made my mistakes but now I've learned and you should just grow up and stop
acting so dumb . ... It was twenty - five dollars a window , " she said , pointing to
the small rectangular colored windows in the brick , glass , and wood hexagonal

Author: Larry Cole

Publisher: New York : Grossman


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