Zombies of the World

Zombies menace humanity, yet we barely understand them. There are books that show you how to kill the undead, but this is the first field guide to explain the importance of zombies to us.

Author: Ross Payton

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 1524864625

Category: Humor

Page: 112

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Zombies have plagued humanity's nightmares for centuries, but fortunately, the scientific community has created this detailed and completely serious guide to the undead. Only Zombies of the World tackles this issue and many more, so you might want to read up before a zombie tackles you! Zombies menace humanity, yet we barely understand them. There are books that show you how to kill the undead, but this is the first field guide to explain the importance of zombies to us. Zombies of the World reveals the undead to be a valuable part of our ecosystem and the key to new discoveries in medicine and technology. Zombies of the World uses captivating illustrations to document how evolution has led to a wide variety of species. Few outside the scientific community even realize that creatures like the Egyptian Mummy (Mortifera mumia aegyptus) are actually zombies. Some species are even harmless to humans. The Dancing Zombie (Mortifera immortalis choreographicus) only seeks to thrill humans with elaborate dance routines. Discover how our history has been affected by the undead and what we can learn from “scientific” research. The answer might surprise you!

Monsters of the Market

"Monsters of the Market" investigates modern capitalism through the prism of the body panics it arouses.

Author: David McNally

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004201572

Category: Political Science

Page: 296

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"Monsters of the Market" investigates modern capitalism through the prism of the body panics it arouses. Examining "Frankenstein," Marx s "Capital" and zombie fables from sub-Saharan Africa, it offers a novel account of the cultural and corporeal economy of global capitalism.

The Philosophy of Horror

Just like us.” With the zombies as the primary agents of change, all of the fences have been destroyed. On an allegorical level, it turns out that the most wretched of the earth, that is to say, the exploited and impoverished masses of ...

Author: Thomas Richard Fahy

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 0813125731

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 259

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Sitting on pins and needles, anxiously waiting to see what will happen next, horror audiences crave the fear and exhilaration generated by a terrifying story; their anticipation is palpable. But they also breathe a sigh of relief when the action is over, when they are able to close their books or leave the movie theater. Whether serious, kitschy, frightening, or ridiculous, horror not only arouses the senses but also raises profound questions about fear, safety, justice, and suffering. From literature and urban legends to film and television, horror's ability to thrill has made it an integral part of modern entertainment. Thomas Fahy and twelve other scholars reveal the underlying themes of the genre in The Philosophy of Horror. Examining the evolving role of horror, the contributing authors investigate works such as Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1818), horror films of the 1930s, Stephen King's novels, Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of The Shining (1980), and Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (1960). Also examined are works that have largely been ignored in philosophical circles, including Truman Capote's In Cold Blood (1965), Patrick Süskind's Perfume (1985), and James Purdy's Narrow Rooms (2005). The analysis also extends to contemporary forms of popular horror and "torture-horror" films of the last decade, including Saw (2004), Hostel (2005), The Devil's Rejects (2005), and The Hills Have Eyes (2006), as well as the ongoing popularity of horror on the small screen. The Philosophy of Horror celebrates the strange, compelling, and disturbing elements of horror, drawing on interpretive approaches such as feminist, postcolonial, Marxist, and psychoanalytic criticism. The book invites readers to consider horror's various manifestations and transformations since the late 1700s, probing its social, cultural, and political functions in today's media-hungry society.

The Zombies that Ate the World

A zombie spoof featuring a group of friends on their journey to start a little business of their own...zombie catchers!

Author: Jerry Frissen

Publisher: Humanoids, Incorporated

ISBN: 9781594650833

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 106

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The dead have returned and 'live' amongst the living

An Ethical Guidebook to the Zombie Apocalypse

Whereas first-generation zombies (directly infected by a fungal disease) are irrational and driven solely by their ... The movie is set in a world where zombies are controlled through the use of electronic collars that transform them ...

Author: Bryan Hall

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 135008364X

Category: Philosophy

Page: 240

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When your base camp is overrun by zombies, whom do you save if you cannot save everyone? Is it permissible to sacrifice one survivor to an undead horde in order to save a greater number of the living? Do you have obligations to loved ones who have turned? These are some of the troubling ethical questions you might face in a zombie apocalypse. Bryan Hall uses situations like these to creatively introduce the foundational theories of moral philosophy. Covering major thinkers such as Aristotle, Immanuel Kant, and John Stuart Mill, this is an introduction to Ethics like no other: a practical guidebook for surviving a zombie outbreak with your humanity intact. It shows you why moral reasoning matters as long as you still walk among the living. The book is written entirely from the perspective of someone struggling to survive in a world overrun by the undead. Each chapter begins with graphic art and a “field exercise” that uses a story from this world to illustrate an ethical problem. By considering moral controversies through the unfamiliar context of a zombie apocalypse, the morally irrelevant factors that get in the way of resolving these controversies are removed and you can better answer questions such as: · Do we have a moral obligation to help those less fortunate than ourselves? · Is it ever morally permissible to intentionally kill an innocent person? · Are non-rational but sentient beings morally considerable? Equipped with further reading sections and overviews of the theories that you would usually cover in an introductory Ethics course, this one-of-a-kind primer critically evaluates different procedures for moral action that you can use not only to survive but flourish in an undead world.

All the Ways the World Will End But Not You

Scene 3: Zombie Apocalypse ABEL MATTERS: Okay, so now that we covered the possibility of an alien invasion, we're going to move on to the next most-likely scenario of our global annihilation...zombies. MEGAN TINDY: I know, I know.

Author: Ian McWethy

Publisher: Stage Partners


Category: Drama


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Let TED talk hosts Megan and Able be your guides to surviving every possible apocalypse. From blatant robot take-overs to dysfunctional zombie survivalist groups, from cute and deadly alien invasions to... blood thirsty kittens? Okay, so the post-apocalypse world will be a little confusing. If we make it. Which we probably won't. But this play will help! We promise. Comedy One-act. 30-35 minutes 10-50 actors, gender flexible

Surviving the Evacuation Book 3 Family

Surviving The Evacuation, Book 3: Family: Billions died.

Author: Frank Tayell

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781500238636

Category: Fiction

Page: 262

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Book 3: FamilyThe undead rose. Nations collapsed. Some people survived. Three months after escaping from London, Bill discovers the true extent of the global war that followed the outbreak. Most of the world has been destroyed, but though ruined farmland and abandoned cities are filled with zombies, there are other survivors and there is a safe haven, so he is told, in a small village on the Irish coast. Before he can go there, he must find and rescue the children. Then he will have to battle his way through the infected wastelands of England and Wales in the hope that their really is a boat waiting for them. Even then, his journey won't be over. When he is told of the sanctuary awaiting them, he also discovers that the scientist who created the virus escaped from New York. In order for any of them to ever truly be safe, Bill will have to head north to confront the man, discover the truth behind the outbreak and finally choose between his old family and his new one. This is the final volume of his journal. Zombies vs The Living Dead The outbreak began in New York. Within days it had spread throughout the world. Nowhere is safe from the undead. As anarchy and civil war took grip across the globe, Britain was quarantined. The press was nationalised, martial law, curfews and rationing were implemented. It wasn't enough. An evacuation was planned. The inland towns and cities of the United Kingdom were to be evacuated to defensive enclaves being built around the coast, the Scottish Highlands, and in the Irish Republic. For George Tull and the other residents of the Waverly-Price Retirement Home, walking to the coast is not an option. Abandoned by the staff, they wait for rescue. It doesn't come. When George leaves the illusory security of The Home and ventures into the nearby village, he finds it deserted. But he is not alone, his unhappy retirement is broken by the undead. George is left with a terrible choice; stay and fight to save the people he loathes, or leave and abandon the woman he has come to love.


Still others will seize on it to prey on their fellow man. Fast paced and written with an eye for detail. You'll really be able to see yourself with the characters in this story. Fighting the fight along with them. Experience Zombies!

Author: R. S. Merritt


ISBN: 9781795670692


Page: 333

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From the Author of "The Zournal" comes a horrifying new series that'll grab you by the throat and take you on a crazy thrill ride through the Apocalypse. In this first book stand with our heroes as Zombies overrun the planet. Watch as normal people have to deal with extraordinary circumstances. How far will they go to protect their loved ones? The Apocalypse will cause some to stand a little taller. They'll need to reach deep within themselves to keep their humanity intact. Others will collapse under the weight of it. Still others will seize on it to prey on their fellow man. Fast paced and written with an eye for detail. You'll really be able to see yourself with the characters in this story. Fighting the fight along with them. Experience Zombies!

The Old Man and the End of the World

This is a must read for anyone who loves sci fi. I cannot wait for book 2!" "I love this series! Zombies and great characters written with so much detail and fun! If you love zombies and a complex story with fascinating people this is it.

Author: William Harrison

Publisher: Independently Published



Page: 390

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The human race is in deep trouble.Mysterious spores are spreading across the Earth, creating the inevitable zombie pandemic. As the plague moves around the world, individuals and groups of people, their cities and their cultures react to the growing disaster.From a grizzled old ex-Marine outside Chicago, to a firefighter in the Siberian Arctic, to a sword wielding school girl in Japan, and many others, their ongoing stories track the unfolding destruction of civilization as ever-increasing hordes of ravenous, naked Infected threaten humanity's very existence!The first in a brand new series, fans of Max Brooks' World War Z and John Ringo's zombie novels will love this book!